Adding a tick box on checkout form to let people opt out of email listing

hey guys ive set up a shopping site and have added an extra tick box at the bottom of the check out page to let people opt out the emailing listings if they choose to.
Problem is I dont think the result of the tick shows up on my orders invoice inside the admin or email invoice sent to me when an Order is placed, meaning I dont know if I have permission to send out emails to old customers in the future.
this is the look
code looks like this
<div class="checkbox">
<input type="checkbox" id="EmailOptOut" value="1" name="EmailOptOut" />
<label for="EmailOptOut">Please tick box if you would NOT like to receive future promotional emails.</label></div>
<div class="item"><input type="submit" class="cat_button" id="catwebformbutton" value="Submit" /> </div>
<div class="item"><br />
<div class="item"><br />
Can I add the result to my default email or order results?

Thank you for posting.
You can add {tag_formsummary}to the workflow notification email under system emails. You will then get the complete webform summary in the notification email.
Aishvarya Raj Rastogi

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    Thanks for your response, but copying and pasting creates a link. If the user places a check mark in one of the boxes, all the rest of the boxes will have a check mark also. I will research this some more.
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    RodneyA wrote:
    If you got the OpenType font "Garamond Premier Pro" with Indesign (it comes as a freebie with recent versions of the software on the Mac, at least, so you may well have it) it has a nice checkbox character, including one with a check in it that you can use for a sample if you want, and a check with no box at all.
    Thanks. I've now managed to create a paragraph style with those checkboxes
    I'm using InDesign CS4 on a Mac, but there's no font by the name of "Garamond premier pro". The closest I get is "Adobe Garamond pro" -is that what you meant?
    Since I have a lot to learn I ordered the Real world Adobe InDesign CS4 book. From what I hear it should be good for newbies and more experienced users alike, but until I receive it I need to figure out how to do some other layout styles in my document. It would help immensely if I could download one or several templates with pre-defined paragraph styles suitable for a questionnaire. Any websites where I can get that sort of thing?

  • How do i create a multi part checkout form for my ecommerce checkout?

    Hey Guys,
    I was following this video on creating multi-part forms:
    I'm trying to set this up on my checkout page (order_registration-us.html), but it seems BC does not let me do this. Upon submit, i am not sent to the step 2 form, but rather, i am given a receipt for the order. How do i setup the multi part form? Your help is greatly appreciated!

    You can not do that on that form as that form is looking to process eCommerce sales.
    Better question is why?
    In modern UI and UX design and methadology multi step forms are to be avoided, why do you need so many fields? IS your form one field at a time going down the website?
    If that is the case then you should look to design your forms to have multiple coloulmns and be smarter. Combining first and last name fields into the FullName field for example.
    Hiding the shipping fields and have a tick box and javascript to say "shipping same as billing" and so on.

  • How do I add a field to my Online Store Checkout Form

    None of the webforms for my site, to include one named Online Shop Purchase Form, actually match my currently live store checkout form. I've found the live content under:
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    I want to begin capturing additional data about my customers by adding a new dropdown field that asks some basic questions. Can I simply add these fields directly into the HTML? Do I just make up my own "input name" and "id" for these fields? Do I have to change something else so I can see this data in my reporting?

    You need to add the custom field within the form details via site manager -> web form.  From here add the additional fields as required. 
    Then go into your registration - buy layout and remove the current form.  Re-insert a fresh copy into the layout to view your latest changes of the form. 
    Kind regards,

  • Acrobat 9 hangs when adding a text box

    It seems that any installation of Acrobat 9 I have come across, Acrobat hangs when adding a text box from "Forms>Add or Edit Fields".
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    Textbox takes few extra seconds to establish himself, but it never hangs for me. Did you tried to click-n-drag to create Textbox?

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    I am using the 30 day trial of Adobe Acrobat XP Pro to see if it can be used for a Membership Application Form for the 1st year of membership. This 1st year  has a pro-rata membership fee per month left in the year of application along with a pro-rata postage fee for non-UK members. All of the input will be via basic text boxes with the exception of the application date and overseas postage for which I have created 3 dropdown boxes, one for Day, one for Month and one forYear and for the 2 tick boxes which are there for the applicant to say if they want 2 other options which have a cost attached to them.  I want to populate 2 text boxes from the Month lookup. One of these is for the pro-rata membership fee and the other for the pro-rata overseas postage. The other 2 optional items will be text boxes populated from the tick boxes. Having populated these 4 text boxes I then want to have them automatically summed to give the total to be sent by the applicant.
    I have searched many forums and tried many of the suggested ways of doing it and none of the 4 text boxes are populated.
    Are you able to help me with this?
    Many thanks

    The script solution provided is a "custom calculation JavaScript" not a "simplified field notation".
    The comment at the top of the code:
    // Custom calculate script for text field
    should help clarify the placement location for the code.
    Simplified field notation has a number of specific restrictions. One is that the provided data must be numeric data only.

  • Alert Box on tabular form

    I have a tabular form with only one column, and the column is NOT NULL ENABLE.
    So may I know is it possible to show an alert box in tabular form if user didn’t fulfill the required field?
    In fact, I have created a new button and hide the main button already.
    And I have already added JavaScript in region’s footer, however, the alert box still popup even when I have already key in data in the required field. It is because I can’t able point the new button to the field which is NOT NULL ENABLE.
    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Hi Gus,
    Create a normal submit button - in my example, this is called "SUBMIT". When it's created, edit it attributes and change the following:
    Target is a: URL
    URL Target: javascript:notNull('f03');
    Then add the following to the form region's Region Header:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function notNull(fld)
    var flds = document.getElementsByName(fld);
    var f;
    var e = 0;
    if (flds)
      for (var k = 0; k < flds.length; k++)
       f = flds[k];
       if (f.value == "") = "yellow";
        e = 1;
       else = "white";
    if (e == 1)
      alert("Highlighted fields are required!");
    </script>In this example, the column I'm validating is "f03" but check doing a View Source on your page to get the right "name" attribute for your column.

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    Create a checkbox on your InfoPath form and set it to required. This way the user needs to check it before he / she is able to submit the form. If required doesn't cut it, just add a validation to the checkbox, so it needs to be

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    Was your document previously a Pages '09 document that you opened in Pages 5? Because Pages 5 can damage older files.
    When you say overwrite do you mean the text ia actually on top of your previous material, which is underneath?
    If you click in the text is everything selected?
    To save back to older version:
    Menu > Export > Pages '09

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    I am hoping someone can help me make what I want to happen, happen if certain check boxes are ticked withing the dialogue box
    right now I can see on the console print that the tick box turns the value from false to true but the OK button is also un-hiding all my fields rather than just the ones where the value has turned to true. What am I missing here
    //Create a Dialogue box for staff to state how many of the account owners are in branch in order for the names to show in the signing section
    var Signors =
        DoDialog: function(){return app.execDialog(this);},
        initialize: function(dialog)
            var dlgInit =
                    "Chk2": this.bChk2,
                    "Chk3": this.bChk3,
                    "Chk4": this.bChk4,
        commit: function(dialog)
            var oRslt =;
            this.bChk2 = oRslt["Chk2"];
            this.bChk3 = oRslt["Chk3"];
            this.bChk4 = oRslt["Chk4"];
            name: "Signors",
                    type: "view",
                            type: "view",
                            char_height: 10,
                                    type: "static_text",
                                    item_id: "stat",
                                    name: "Who is here to sign:",
                                    char_width: 15,
                                    alignment: "align_fill",
                                    font: "dialog",
                                    type: "view",
                                    char_width: 8,
                                    char_height: 8,
                                    align_children: "align_top",
                                            type: "view",
                                            char_width: 8,
                                            char_height: 8,
                                                    type: "check_box",
                                                    item_id: "Chk2",
                                                    name: "Primary Applicant",
                                                    type: "check_box",
                                                    item_id: "Chk3",
                                                    name: "Associate 1",
                                                    type: "check_box",
                                                    item_id: "Chk4",
                                                    name: "Associate 2",
                            type: "ok_cancel",
    // did the value change when ticked - lets check
    Signors.bChk2 = false;
    Signors.bChk3 = false;
    Signors.bChk4 = false;
    if("ok" == Signors.DoDialog())
        if (Signors.bChk2 = true)
    getField("Signor1").hidden = false;
    getField("Staff1").hidden = false;
    getField("Date1").hidden = false;
    getField("Date2").hidden = false;
    if (Signors.bChk3 = true)
    getField("Signor2").hidden = false;
    getField("Staff2").hidden = false;
    getField("Date3").hidden = false;
    getField("Date4").hidden = false;
    if (Signors.bChk4 = true)
    getField("Signor3").hidden = false;
    getField("Staff3").hidden = false;
    getField("Date5").hidden = false;
    getField("Date6").hidden = false;
        console.println("Chk2:" + Signors.bChk2);
        console.println("Chk3:" + Signors.bChk3);
        console.println("Chk4:" + Signors.bChk4);
        console.println("Chk5:" + Signors.bChk5);
    //console.println shows if bChk.. is true or false
        console.println("Chk2:" + Signors.bChk2);
        console.println("Chk3:" + Signors.bChk3);
        console.println("Chk4:" + Signors.bChk4);
        console.println("Chk5:" + Signors.bChk5);
    //Yeah, confirmed values have changed, now show fields based on staff input
    //was primary applicant ticked
    doWhatIWant: function(results) {
    if (results [Signors.bChk2] = true)
    getField("Signor1").hidden = false;
    getField("Staff1").hidden = false;
    getField("Date1").hidden = false;
    getField("Date2").hidden = false;
    //was Associate 1 ticked
    if (results [Signors.bChk3] = true)
    getField("Signor2").hidden = false;
    getField("Staff2").hidden = false;
    getField("Date3").hidden = false;
    getField("Date4").hidden = false;
    //was Associate 2 ticked
    if (Signors.bChk4 = true)
    getField("Signor3").hidden = false;
    if (Signors.bChk4 = true)  
    ("Staff3").hidden = false;
    if (Signors.bChk4 = true)
    ("Date5").hidden = false;
    if (Signors.bChk4 = true)
    ("Date6").hidden = false;

    You're missing some curly brackets, using the incorrect equality operator, and using the long deprecated field.hidden property. Try this:
    if ("ok" == Signors.DoDialog()) {
        if (Signors.bChk2) {
            getField("Signor1").display = display.visible;
            getField("Staff1").display = display.visible;
            getField("Date1").display = display.visible;
            getField("Date2").display = display.visible;
        if (Signors.bChk3) {
            getField("Signor2").display = display.visible;
            getField("Staff2").display = display.visible;
            getField("Date3").display = display.visible;
            getField("Date4").display = display.visible;
        if (Signors.bChk4) {
            getField("Signor3").display = display.visible;
            getField("Staff3").display = display.visible;
            getField("Date5").display = display.visible;
            getField("Date6").display = display.visible;
        console.println("Chk2:" + Signors.bChk2);
        console.println("Chk3:" + Signors.bChk3);
        console.println("Chk4:" + Signors.bChk4);
        console.println("Chk5:" + Signors.bChk5);
    I don't know if that will deal with all of the problems, but it's a good start.

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