Adding FYI notification to Irecruitment workflow

Dear Friends,
I'm new to Workflow.please guide me to add a FYI notification after the final approval in the Irecrutiment Workflow.
For Irecruitment Approval Process I need to FYI to two persons after the final approval.
For this,I'm customizing the Irecruitment Workflow's Process: iRecruitment New Vacancy.
I have created one Message named 'XXX FYI MSG'
Created a new Notification named 'XXX FYI Notifiaction'.
Selected 'approval' as Result Type field.
Selected 'XXX FYI MSG' in the Message Field.
Have selected EXPAND ROLES chk box.
In the ROLES tab,
I have attached the person's name for READ field who is going to view only.
in the Write and Execute field I have added the name of another person who is going to further update/execute if so.
Also I have added 'Approved Flag' attribute to 'XXX FYI Notification'.
I have attached this notification at "access level =20" between SEND APPROVED NOTIFICATION and END in the process diagram.
but while saving to Database I get errors as
Can u please help where the error is...where I'm missing any steps, if any?
Please rectify if I'm wrong:
Instead of creating a new message and notification can I add the names of the FYi'ing persons in the SEND APPROVED NOTIFICATION's ROLES and NODES tab.
waiting for your reply...
with rgds,
DB version is and Apps instance is 11.5.10

You can create the Adhoc role using the following API
l_role_name varchar2(50):='TESTROLE1';
l_role_display_name varchar2(50):='TESTROLE1';
WF_DIRECTORY.CreateAdHocRole (
role_name => l_role_name,
role_display_name => l_role_display_name ,
language => 'AMERICAN'     ,
territory => 'AMERICA' ,
     email_address => null,
     notification_preference => 'MAILHTML'
and associate the users to this role using the following API
l_users varchar2(100):='TESTUSER4 TESTUSER5' ;
WF_DIRECTORY.AddUsersToAdHocRole (
role_name => 'TESTROLE1',
role_users => l_users
separate the user names with the space as given for l_users

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  • Send FYI notification after workflow is approved

    I need to configure the system to trigger an FYI notification after a termination workflow has been approved by all approvers. This notification is based on checking the terminated employee's record for a credit card indicator. The recipient of the email would be the appropriate ER person. The tricky part is that the ER person may have already been involved in the approving of the termination based on the type. Is this even possible through AME? Is this something that needs to be done by a business event? This is in 12.1.3.
    Debra French, HRIP
    Hallmark Cards
    Edited by: DebraFrench on May 3, 2011 2:28 PM

    What is your OS and EBS level?
    Please check below notes and threads for can get more information Wf notification
    Subject: 469822.1 - Oracle Workflow Release 12 Diagnostics
    Subject: 332152.1 - OWF Diagnostics, Solutions and Information
    Control - Workflow: Setup Doc ID: 113664.1
    Oracle Workflow Best Practices Release 12 and Release 11i [ID 453137.1]
    Also check work flow
    Hopw it helps

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    When we checked wf_notification_out table, it says it is sent.
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    So help me understand here... Some system sends an email with an attachment to a SharePoint email-enabled library, saving the attachment. This occurs each morning. You then want the SharePoint library to send you an email after each time this happens?
    Why not just set up an alert on the library instead of workflow? Or have the source system send out the alert as well?

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    Now, requester enters a requisition and the Buyer autocreates this requisition to a Standard Purchase Order and approves it. When approving the PO, Buyer communicates document by transmitting it to his or her email. This way, the approved document can be forwarded to the Supplier from her mailbox.
    Often, the requester and Buyer are one and the same. Then, Buyer gets two notifications – one sent by Oracle automatically and the second with PO in it.
    The company and its Procurement group find the 1st FYI notification unnecessary. Oracle already informs the requester when his purchasing request is approved and this is enough and sufficient. The automated messages to subsequent approvers should be stopped.
    Just looking for your thoughts on how to get this done.

    Pl post details of OS, database and EBS versions.
    Pl see if these MOS Docs can help
    How to suppress FYI email notifications?          [Document 561752.1]
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  • FYI Notification getting canceled while sending notiifcation 2nd time

    Hello Gurus,
    I have a custom workflow which incorporates AME and AME returns 2 of FYI Receivers groups at the end. I have designed the workflow so that It get the approval group from AME and checks if thats the FYI Group or not. If its FYI Group then it sends a FYI Notification to that group and get backs to Get_Next_approver_from_AME function to get the next approval group. After regular approvals, for the 2 FYI groups which it gets at the end, It is sending the FYI notices to groups but while sending the 2nd FYI notice it is canceling the first one. I have tried all the possible solutions setting the "On Revisit" to "loop" instead of "Reset". Can anybody suggest any other solution for this?
    We are on R12 and using WF Builder
    Edited by: user13369509 on Jul 21, 2011 11:24 AM

    Set the 'On Revisit' value to 'Loop' and verify the issue.
    If the value is 'loop' then Workflow Engine simply re executes the pivot activity and all activities that follow in the loop, without resetting, as if they have never been executed before.

  • How to make an notification as FYI notification

    Hi all ,
    I want to create an FYI notification , i am unable to do that . please help.

    You just need to create a notification which does not have a result type associated with it. That's the only difference between a notification that requires a response and one that does not.
    Matt - the ONLY independent resource for Oracle Workflow development
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    Dear All,
    I am facing problem regarding completion notifications in Oraclr r12, when user click the upon completion generated notifications it can only be viewd once, second time user cannot view the notifications.
    I have find that fnd_file_temp table store this information and deleted it.
    Plz help me how to view this URL again.

  • Amend a FYI Notification

    Dear All,
    I hope that you can guide for this issue.
    We have a need to include Absence Details in our FYI Notifications for Absences.
    The Notification that we receive has no details and FYI Recipients do not have an insight of the Absence.
    We tried to include a FYI Group in our AME Configuration.
    By doing so, we managed to send a copy of the Notification for Approval to the FYI.
    However, what we have noticed is that once the Approver acts on this Notification and closes it, the FYI Notification is closed as well.
    We tried to amend the Workflow Notification by setting the Expand Roles Checkbox after some RnD, but still same issue.
    But one thing that we did not do was to bounce the server after setting the Expand Roles Checkbox.
    Pls. advise people

    If you want to send the absence type also along with FYI then take the back up of message and add the fuction (in this func set the attribute with the absence type) to get the absence type before this FYI noti. Use this attribute in your seeded message.
    Note : Before makig ay change to seeded message take its back up.

  • Exception FYI notification in AME for PO requisition

    Hi Consultants,
    We have additional requirement to existing AME setup for Requisition approval process.
    We have 2 rules for Requisition approval process.
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    I have a created a Atttribite(boolean type) to get true if requestor is in position hierarchy or elase False.
    i created a condition on this attribute and added to exsting 2 roles.
    Now it is stoping the approval process and send FYI notification to preprarer saying that no approver found
    Can we send FYI notification to preparer from AME?
    Please advise me

    This feature is only available from 12.1.3. You need to add parameter pNtfFyiDetails=Y to the respective function.
    Please review note 1355465.1 for more details.

  • Cancel FYI notification

    Hi Consultants.
    Does anyone know how to stop the canceling the FYI notification after a atual notification had timed out?
    We have reuirement to send FYI notification after timeout the remider approval notification.
    i addeed FYI notification but when i tested the Workflow FYI notification is sending and it is autoclosed after reminder notification got timeout.
    Please advice me.

    we just need to put all activity revisit as Loop

  • FYI Notification for EIT

    We have a below requirement for EIT Approval and FYI Notification -
    1) Employee will fill their training need in a EIT in self service,
    2) This EIT will go the Manger for Approval.
    3)If Manager Approves it then it will go to the Training department for Approval.
    *4)If Manager rejects it then one FYI Notification should go to the Training Department that Employee Manager has rejected it.*
    Every thing is fine Upto the 3rd point and we can achieve this with AME. However we are not sure how to send the FYI Notification to training department if the Manager rejects the training need for employee.
    Please let me know if you need any other information on my requirement.
    Thanks in advance for your anticipated help!

    Gaurav, Approvals are setup using AME but called using HRSSA workflow. HRSSA workflow checks the approvers only when the response is approved. Once Rejected you can not change the process flow with AME. I am afraid you would have to customize the workflow at the time of Rejection Response.
    When you customize the workflow you have to keep in mind that same approval process is used across all the HRSSA workflows, so if you change all the processes would change.

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