Adding new field in customized table ZPM_QMEL_EXT

Hi all,
My requirement is  to add a new field in ZPM_QMEL_EXT table numeric field no of  months due (ZZ_CO_MON_DUE) .
Its value will be calculated as the # of invoices that were paid vs. what has not been paid and then from there, value of this field will be fetched.It has to be populated during the time of notifcation screen entry (iw51). The logic will be similar to this
                              WHERE GPART EQ WA_QMEL-KUNUM AND
                                    VKONT EQ WA_QMEL-ZZ_VKONT.
        I_DATUM_VON = DUE_DT
        E_MONATE    = NO_MT.
Awaiting your kind help .

There is only one option to include extra field for standard tables that is Append Structure other than we don't have any option.
For Customizing tables we can use Append structure as well as Include Structure.
Rules: Append Structure should be in last in Field column but include structure you can insert in any where it means between the fields.
Delivery class option  and data class will take care automatically while upgrading the sap system one version to Another version.(upgrading).
For that you should maintain the those properties when data base table creation.
i hope the above information may helpful to you.
Best Regards
Sreenivas Pachva

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    I need to change some fields of Custom Infotype. But project is already gone live for 1 country. will making changes to infotype affect for existing live country?
    Safe side....We are thinking Adding new fields in Custom Infotype. & displaying corresponding fields for countries in another tab
    & hiding the old tab.
    Please let me know procedure for  Adding new fields in Custom Infotype for displaying in new tab.
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    Please search. Lot of Threads on this.
    Follow these steps.
    Go to Transaction PM01.
    2) Enter the custom Infotype number which you want to create (Should be a 4 digit number, start with 9).
    3) Select the u2018Employee Infotypeu2019 radio button.
    4) Select the u2018PS Structure Infotypeu2019.
    5) Click on Createu2026 A separate table maintenance window appearsu2026
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    12) Select your Infotype and click on u2018Detailu2019 (magnifying glass) button
    13) Give u2018T591Au2019 as subtype table
    14) Give u2018T591Su2019 as subtype txt tab
    15) Give your subtype field as subtype field
    16) Save and come back to PM01 initial screen
    17) Click on u2018Infotype Characteristicsu2019 u2026 Infotype list screen appears
    18) Click on u2018Changeu2019 (pencil) button
    19) Click on u2018New Entriesu2019
    20) Enter your Infotype number and short text
    21) Here we have to set different Infotype Characteristics as per the requirement. (Better open another session with some standard Infotypeu2019s infotype characteristics screen and use as the reference to fill yours)
    22) Save your entries.
    23) Now the Infotype is created and ready to use.
    24) If you want to change the layout of the Infotype as per your requirementu2026
    25) In the PM01 initial screenu2026Select u2018Screenu2019 radio button and give 2000 as the screen name, then click on edit.
    26) In the next screen.. Select u2018Layout Editoru2019 and click u2018Changeu2019.
    27) Screen default layout appearsu2026here you can design/modify the screen..change the attributes of the fields..etc.
    28) Save and activate. (Donu2019t forget to u2018Activate at every level
    i think u have to select CI_INCLUDE while enhanceing the Standrad Infotype
    The above details are from the following link
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  • Adding new field in the table for Output

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    Hi Refer below link on sdn for adding new Field
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  • Fields missing in SM30 after adding new fields to the table

    Hi ABAPers,
    I added a new field & marked another field as primary key in the table. Then I generated the table maintenance view for the table in SE55 and adjusted Database utility SE14.
    When i saw the table in SM30. The number of fields in the overview screen of SM30 shows less field then existing in table. i.e in my table i have 10 fields(3 primary). in SM30 it shows only 5 fields(3 primary + 2 normal fields)
    In SE51, the overview screen of the table show less fields in the field list..
    I want all the fields in the Table maintenance overview screen. Please suggest me a way forward friends..
    Note: the system is 4.0B.
    Thanks...Suresh Kumar

    You have to re-generate your dialog for SM30 by table maitenance generator.
    - From Se11 go to table maitenance generator
    - Choose update icon
    - Set flags for NEW FIELD
    - Go to expert
    - Set flag to re-generate dynpro
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  • Adding new field to Customer master sales data area sales tab

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to module pool so seeking some help from experts here.
    I have a requirement were in I have to add a new field to the customer master (VB02) sales area data sales tab.
    I found that there is no screen exit.Is there any other way of doing it?
    could you please provide me with a step by step procedure of doing it.
    With Regards,

    How did you look for screen exit? Have you also tried it in BADI? 'Coz normally, adding custom fields to a standard screen has to be implemented in exits.
    I haven't worked with VB* screens yet so I can not give you a some possible exits. But you can do some debugging. I think there's an available code in the net that searches for exits/screen exit (ask Mr.Google). You can also ask him how to search BADI in debugging mode. I remember it's TCode SE24 then look for cl_exithandler class, get_instance method. Then look for exit_name variable.
    Hope this helps.

  • Add a new field in custom table but not show on SM30

    I add a new field in a custom table, did Table Maintenance generator and SE93.  But that field did not show on SM30 screen.  How to make it show on the SM30?

    I think its the Problem with TMG.
    Go to TMG screen delete the old TMG and regenerate the new TMG
    Hope it helps

  • Adding New field in a Table

    Hello Experts,
    I have created a table. I have 3 fields in that table and i hav used that table for 2 months. Now i have added a
    new field( FLAG Field ) values will be 'X' or Blank.  Now when i am using a select query on this table in where condition if i am using Flag = ' ' ,  it is not considering the old records it is fetching values from the day i have added the new field, Kindly provide me a solution
    Thanks & Regards,

    then you forgot to set the INITIALIIZE flag for your new field in SE11.

  • Adding New Field in FKKVKP table

    Hi Friends,
    I have to Include a new field in the Standard DB table FKKVKP.
    Is there any alternative available other than Customizing Includes and Append Structures.
    If not, which will be the best way to add the new field ?
    Kindly suggest me a solution for this Issue.
    Our systems are going to undergo Upgrade in few months from 4.7 version to ECC 6.0.
    Thanks & Regards,

    There is only one option to include extra field for standard tables that is Append Structure other than we don't have any option.
    For Customizing tables we can use Append structure as well as Include Structure.
    Rules: Append Structure should be in last in Field column but include structure you can insert in any where it means between the fields.
    Delivery class option  and data class will take care automatically while upgrading the sap system one version to Another version.(upgrading).
    For that you should maintain the those properties when data base table creation.
    i hope the above information may helpful to you.
    Best Regards
    Sreenivas Pachva

  • Adding New Fields to Customer Complaint Transaction

    after creating the fields in the wizard of transaction EEWB , its showing the following error "System Type OLTP with Role DEV is not specified correctly"
    please guide me

    Hi Shashi,
    The error you have mentioned says System type is OLTP, change it to CRM system. Just delete the existing entry and create a new one rather than changing it.
    Also check whether you have entered the correct logical system.
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  • Adding a new field to the table

    Hello friends,
    I have a custom table and is in  use from a long time now.
    Now i need to add a new field to that table.
    1 - can i go directly to the change mode and then add it or is their any other way that needs to be followed.
    2 - once added do i need to go to SE14 and do something thr for the changes done to the table.
    This table also has a table Maintenence generator. Do I need to do something thr.

    Check whether the change in ur custom table is going to impact any Custom program or not.
    If its so then adjust ur ABAP code so as to fit with the new table.
    Decide whether this field is going to be aprt of primary key or simple field.
    Is there any data present in ur custom table already?

  • Adding a new field in QM02 table control

    Hi Gurus,
    I have the requirement to add a new field in a table control in QM02.I have added the field in the view VIQMMA but I dont know how it can be added in screen.
    Is it possible through some SPRO customization?

    Hi Rajat,
    Welcome to SCN. I am not sure add to table control . Please have a look to add custom fields
    1. QQMA0001-incorporate additional data in notification header
    2.QQMA0008-additional data on the details screen fro notification item
    3.QQMA0010 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Cause
    4.QQMA0011 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Task
    5.QQMA0012 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Activit
    If you need a custom tab then this is the procedure
    1) SPRO,Quality management,Notification,Overview of notification types, Select the notification  and 90 give the customer specific screen area
    2) function group XQQM ,create the screen under screens tab number 0090.
    Check this if need this and check and post.

  • Adding New Field in table control

    Hi all,
    I am going to add one new field in existing table control ,which already contains nearly 20 fields, so my field should be21st field,
    here when I am going to add new field , I need to add the field from work are from the same program. So , I am  selecting the option Get from Program, here I am getting the error the field  does not exist in the generated version of the program.
    Siddivinesh Jogu

      I think you forgot to activate the program after creating the new field in the internalt able so first ensure the program is properly activated and then try the same.

  • Possibility of adding new fields to migo transaction

    Is there a possiblity of adding new fields in migo transaction so that we can enter the base price of items in po.
    Also Can we send mail to relevant authorization if there is difference in price entered in the po and the value entered in GR

    Hi, You can use BADI 'MB_MIGO_BADI' for adding custom fields at item as well as header level .
    or Check SAP Note 339448 - MIGO: settings of table control
    2-You can not do any thing related to price in MIGO, since you cannot enter any manual values in MIGO, it will always pull from PO or MIRO (in case of Imports).

  • How  to implement PCCD001 exit for new field in AENR table

    Dear experts,
    I am implementing PCCD0001 exit for a new field in AENR table secnario below.
    Tcode CC31/CC32/CC33 required additional field which stores value in AENR table. in AENR in implemented include(CI_AENR) and added new field. After i implemnted PCCD0001 screen exit for CC31/CC32/CC33.
    in that two function exit are there, one for passing data to  screen EXIT_SAPMC29C_001
    another for getting data from screen EXIT_SAPMC29C_002.
    which table or structure i use to place field in screen exit to pass data to EXIT_SAPMC29C_002, in this function i don't have import parameter.
    Adv. thanks,

    Hi sekhar,
    Your Requirement can be implemented by OVS(Object Value selector) This is the custom search help .So that you can define on what basis the value has to be fetched.
    Look at the below link
    You need to use the component WDR_OVS.
    It has 3 phases
    In phase 1
         You will fetch the value from input field to F4 help dialog box.
    In phase 2
         You will generate the search results , in this phase look for the input value given in field 2 and accordingly generate search result for the field 3.
    In phase 3
         The selected value will be returned to the original screen.
    Karthiheyan M

  • Adding new fields to assignment block, what are the steps to do this.

    CRM 7.
    Could someone tell me what the steps are to add new fields to specifdic assignment block. Assume that these fields do not already exist in any given structure/table.
    My understanding is that I need to use transaction EEWB and then somehow use the component  "BSP_DLC_FS" and view "factsheet". But having never used EEWB before I'ma tad lost.  I'm in EEWB and have crfeated a project and believe that I now need to create an extension. When doing this I am displayed a box with 4 fields, being: Name, Description, EEW Bus object and Extension type. What are my next steps?
    I assume that the EEW bus object is 'BUPA' and the extension type is 'ADD_NEW_FIELDS'. However, how do I know for sure that the EEW bus object should be 'BUPA', bearing in mind that I'm adding new fields to the Account (BP) main address communication data Assignemnt block?.
    I wondered if anyone has a link to any guide docuemnt about how to do this?.
    Any help would be very much appreciated.
    I attempted to use EEWB to add new fields to BUPA but am hitting the error: BDT-DC is Not Prepared for This Application Object
    On searching I can see that there are ways around this, via SM30 against table/view V_TBZ1_DC, changing the BDT BC settings, whatever they are. But it gives me a warning when this happens and mentions that only SAP are allowed to do this, but it will allow me to create a transport if I press on past this. Should I need to make this change though, or have I just done something wrong within EEWB I wonder.

    Hi Jason,
    You can try using Application Enhancement Tool (AET) to create new fields instead of EEWB,
    Best Regards,

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