Adobe Acrobat Standard XI: Why prompted to save file when nothing changed?

I have Adobe Acrobat Standard as the default PDF reader. I PDF printed a page from a website. Then I clicked to open the PDF. After I finished viewing the file, I closed the window. Adobe Acrobat prompts me to save: Yes, No, Cancel. Since I changed absolutly nothing, I am puzzled why Adobe Acrobat's save dialog thinks there are changes and askes me whether I want to save the changes.
I have repeated opening and closing the PDFseveral times.
Then, I tried opening and closing another PDF, and it just closes without prompting to save.
Why do I get different behaviors on different PDFs? And can I control the behavior to get or not get the save prompt when there are no changes?

I like that Adobe Acrobat will correct problems, then ask you whether to save.
In the case of this file, I click Yes to save. Then the next time I open and close the file, it asks again, and I click Yes to save. Adobe Acrobat always does it with this file.
With another file, Adobe Acrobat (AA) does not prompt, unless I change the file.
I don't know which difference matters. AA created both PDFs. The problem file was a print from a webpage. The good file (that closes without prompting) was created from a scanner.
I tried PDF printing this page (i.e. the page on which I am composing my response to your message). Then, I opened and closed the PDF, and was prompted to save.
Seems like if AA corrected the problem, and I saved, AA should not have to correct the problem again (if that is what's happening). Also, if AA made the PDF in the first place, there should be no problems with the PDFto correct.
You know what? I just tried printing another website and same prompting everytime I close.
I've been using Chrome. I tried printing with Internet Explorer, and no problem of prompting when closing.
Hmm. I just tried PDF printing from FireFox. No problem here either.
Well, Now I suppose I just leave it for Google and Adobe to work out, if they care to.
I just tried opening the problem file in AA and PDF printing from it. This seems to have cleaned the file. The second PDF file has no problem opening and closing.
I've got an idea. I just went to the address bar in Chrome and typed "Chrome://plugins". That's the only way I know to get to the Chrome plugins. I saw that I have BOTH the Chrome built-in PDF Reader  AND the Adobe Create plugins enabled. I disabled the Chrome PDF Reader so ONLY the Adobe Create plugin is enabled.
I printed this webpage again (the webpage you are reading). This time, there was no problem opening and closing the PDF, no prompts to save.
However, now online PDFs will not display in Chrome. Instead, Chrome offers to download the PDF.
I went back to the plugins and found Adobe Reader disabled. I enabled Adobe Reader so now I have both Adobe Reader and Adobe Create plugins enabled.
The problem came back.
I don't know who would fix this, Adobe or Chrome, but would be nice to "have my cake and eat it, too" meaning, not have to muck with the plugins to AA-print clean PDFs from Chrome, and then muck again with the plugins to display PDFs in Chrome.
I tried FireFox. Displays PDFs, and AA-prints PDFs that are clean (i.e. no prompt on closing from AA).
Well, that is enough (maybe more than enough) from me on this. I'll monitor this discussion in case anyone comments.

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    Distiller remains in Acrobat Standard; it is the engine behind the
    Adobe PDF printer, and you can run it separately. It differs from the
    Pro version in not having watched folders and some pre-press features.
    Aandi Inston

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    Other users on my network are not encountering this issue, however some are running a different mix of Office and Acrobat. (Such as Office 2010  and Acrobat X, etc)
    I've researched this issue for prior versions of Acrobat and tried to applied the same resolutions for this issue without a positive result. So far I have been unable to find any solutions for this issue dealing with XI. 
    Has anyone else run ino this issue with Acrobat Standard XI? If so what did you do to resolve the issue? Thank you for any help that you can give me.
    Here is the basic setup that his computer is running:
    Windows 7 Profesional 64 bit
    Microsoft Office 2013 Professional
    Adobe Acrobat Standard XI
    Internet Explorer 9
    Also my user is has full Admin rights to his workstation and has the appropriate security rights to the folders he is trying to save the signed document to.

    I would like to confirm the exact same message is happening with us.
    Several users have been receiving the error message shown below when trying to save PDF’s to their desktop or other server.
    We are experiencing the issue with earlier versions of Acrobat (8 & 9) as well.
    This is only started happening this week?

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    Try these steps to see if things are working at all. If they work, then it is a process of going one step at a time until the problem is isolated.
    1. Print a simple file to the Adobe PDF printer with print-to-file selected.
    2. Open the file created in (1) in Distiller and see if the conversion completes.
    If (2) is unsuccessful, you will get errors in the Distiller window indicating the problem. With success, the next step is to check if AcroTray is running, so simply print without using print-to-file. If it does not work, then look for AcroTray.exe in your Distiller folder. This application must be working if the print to Adobe PDF is to work correctly.

  • How do I customize Adobe Acrobat Standard DC or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to do what I'd like?  Actually this a multiple-question inquiry.

    Note, I was unable to find a "How TO", Tutorial, or FAQ relevant to the following questions.
    For instance, how do I easily append to an existing PDF with minimum clicks (which I could do with an earlier version of Acrobat Standard)?
    I'm using a 30-day trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to scan documents and in certain situations, append to existing PDFs.
    I'd prefer to trial the Adobe Acrobat Standard vs. Pro DC because that's what I intend to purchase.  I'd prefer to not get accustomed to Pro if Standard is very different.
    1.  After selecting Edit > Preferences and specifying certain defaults, most take effect as suspected but some do not, like the one's I'm going to elaborate on below.  Why?
    2. Alternatively, is there a Tool or a way to create a local customized Profile and default to that Profile to avoid having to repeat the following steps?
       This should not be confused with the online Profile (or Communities Profile) whereby one states one's Name etc.
    > Create
       > PDF from scanner
         > Custom scan
           > Color Mode: Black and White
           > Append to existing file
             > Browse
               > Select file
                 > Scan
    This is a cumbersome task to repeat each time I'm ready to scan.  Using an earlier version of Acrobat Standard, I'd simply double-click the PDF I wished to append to,
    Acrobat would default to the appropriate scanner, and know that I wished to append to an existing file without me having to select that option.  Presently it doesn't appear to be that easy/simple.
    Perhaps it is (or can be with guidance).  Please assist.
    3. Please find attached the following snapshots/images... CORRECTION, IF ADOBE SUPPORT CONTACTS ME ABOUT THIS, I'LL GLADLY FORWARD SCREENSHOTS.
       Meaning, there does not appear to be a way to include screenshots on Forums.
    3a See Error.  Is there a way to get a more accurate description of the error (i.e., turn on debugging etc.)?
    3b When Creating a PDF, the prompts still seen after clicking "Configure Presets" and changing Color Mode from AutoDetect to Black and White.  Why?
    3c Custom Scan Input, where I changed Color Mode from AutoDetect to Black and White and why I must also tell Acrobat to append AND to browse to a pre-defined default location?
    4. Must I be "Logged in" to use the product?  The first time launching it, I was prompted to login using the credentials used to create the account and download the product.  Now when using the product it appears to be automatically "Logged in" or online.  I would prefer to use it in an "offline mode" if there is such a thing.
    5. Once the product is purchased, what are my support options?  Can questions be answered or issues resolved with a phone call or are they limited to the Acrobat Forum(s) and/or Adobe Communities?  Even after clicking "Ready to contact us?  Start here." I'm only given the Forum option (over and over) vs. Chat vs. Email Support etc.
    If I've posted these inquiries to the wrong Forum or Discussion, if prudent, please collectively relocate them.  Regardless, please advise.  Thanks!

    uninstall all acrobat/reader versions and retry installing.
    or check your log files for more specific help, Troubleshoot install issues with log files | CS5, CS5.5, CS6

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    c.  Right click on the ethernet controller and click "Update Driver"
    d.  Click "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)"
    e.  Click "Dont search.  I will choose the driver to install."
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    i.  You will get messages saying that Windows cannot verify that the driver matches your hardware, and that the driver is not WHQL certified.  Ignore these and click "Continue"/"Install Anyways" and your RealTek RTL8169/8110 ethernet adapter will spring to life
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    I am updating a project, that I did not original work on, that was developed using Acrobat 7.0 and Distiller 7.0. It added the ability to save report files in PDF format and to digitally sign them. Besides the files generated by the SDK there are other files that were generated and edited by Acrobat 7.0 and Distiller 7.0. Files ending in .js looks like I just need a text editor and .api is generated by the SDK. Then I have files templates BlankPageDoc.pdf,, TempDoc.pdf that were generate by Distiller. Then I have another file with the extension .joboptions that I don't know how it was generated.
    So do I need Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro to update this project for 8.0 and 9.0? I know I need Adobe Acrobat Standard to run it but will I need something in Pro for development?

    Pro certainly includes various tools not found in Standard that you may find useful.

  • How can I determine which machines have activated Adobe Acrobat Standard 9?

    How can I determine which machines have activated Adobe Acrobat Standard 9?

    Hi jrector3,
    You need to go to the respective machines and launch Acrobat and check if it prompts for serial number.
    You can also go to the help menu and check if 'Deactivate' option is highlighted.

  • Reinstall Adobe Acrobat Standard 9

    I recently had a hardware malfunction and had to replace my Surface Pro. I purchased Adobe Acrobat Standard 9 and want to reinstall it on the new tablet but cannot find a link to the installation files. I have the serial number in my Adobe account but can only find install files for updates.
    Can anyone direct me to the full installation link for Standard 9?

    During the install of an upgrade, you should be asked for the serial number of the previous version. You should always keep backups of downloaded software and the serial numbers. As long as you registered, Adobe should be able to help you with the serial number. I am not sure why the Std version is not available for download. The Pro version is with a little searching. Though not said, I wonder if the Pro version would install with the Standard SN and work as standard -- I really don't know, but some software vendors wrap all of the versions into a single distribution and the only difference comes with the serial number.

  • Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.x crashes when adding large format jpegs

    I am using Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.x and when I attempt to add a large scale jpg to a pdf, the program crashes.  Is there a limit to the photo size dimensions?  My smaller format photos (8.5 x 11) add just fine to the pdf, but when I attempt to add my larger (35" x 50") photos, the program crashes.

    I recently ran into this with a bitmap in a 265 page document. I copied the bitmap to IrfanView and then back (I think that was the step -- I am already forgetting) and the copied it back. The problem went away. My student may look a bit more at the file -- I asked so I could give a more definitive comment here.
    The result I had suggests that it is a problem in WORD or the bitmap that WORD was using. Why WORD can deal with it and not Acrobat, I am not sure. However, when printing to the Adobe PDF printer there was not a problem, just with PDF Maker.

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    When I try to install Adobe Acrobat Standard 9, I get an error that says I need IE6 or greater and the install will not finish.  I have IE9.  Why doesn't it recognize that I have IE9, and how do I get around this?  Thanks.
    Update:  I have since installed IE10, and am still having the same problem.

    Awesome suggestiont. Your solution worked perfectly and it was a breeze. Thanks!!

  • Adobe Acrobat Standard -vs- Adobe Acrobat Pro (for large PDF files)

    I need to make a PDF from approximately 600 photos. Is the application Adobe Acrobat Standard competent to achieve this task? Or is it preferable to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro and why?

    Neither has particular limits relevant to this.
    If you are making for professional publishing, Acrobat Pro contains print production tools.
    However, be aware that YOU DO NOT LAY OUT DOCUMENTS OR MAKE BOOKS IN ACROBAT. Sorry to be emphatic, but some people have received the view that it replaces Word, InDesign, Publisher or whatever. It doesn't.

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