Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 transfer license from mac to windows

In 2011, I bought a license 'adobe Creative Suite 5.5' (students) for a mac.
My Macbook crashed again and I want to switch to a PC.
Is it possible to switch my license from mac to windows?

No. that only applies to "current" versions, meaning CS6. You will have to buy the commercial CS6 upgrade and make the switch or just buy a new license if you are still eligible for S&T pricing.

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    I had all my software, including my ‘Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium’ removed from my MacPro (OSX 10.10.2) by a Computer technician after I had inadvertently installed some malware.
    Now I can’t reinstall my CS4 because the installer software wants me to identify the product from which I am upgrading, but mine isn’t on the list. The old product from which I am upgrading is called ‘Adobe Design Collection’. Furthermore, it has 4 serial numbers (one each for Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat and Illustrator), not just one, as the installer requires.
    I know this can be done, as I have had it working for a long time. Am I doing something wrong now?

    Contact support be web chat and have them generate a working temporary serial/ challenge code for the install.

  • Is ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE 4 DESIGN PREMIUM WIN UE compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1?

    Is ADOBE® CREATIVE SUITE® 4 DESIGN PREMIUM WIN UE compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1?

    Yes/No/perhaps/maybe? You won't know until you try. Windows programs are generally backward compatible, but of course there most definitely will be specific problems like needing to manually adjust user permissions or getting things like printing functions to work.

  • Trouble finding my Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium CS5 license

    I am having trouble to find my creative suite web premium cs5 license. I work at a global company and my IT technicians are asking me for this, so they can re-install my web premium suite. I already tried to recover from my history, but it seems that the purchase is not available for visualization. I bought the suite on March 2011. Can anyone please help me to find it? Thanks a lot.

    Direct Download Links for Adobe Software

  • Adobe Creative Suites for PC... and Mac?

    I have 2005 edition of Adobe Creative Suite and it was purchased at the time for my work computer, which is PC. I really like to work at home now and made the conversion to iMac 10 mos ago. Didn't have the moolah to buy a whole new set of software as it is pretty $$$. Still struggling in the Mac world and studying these forums, am I reading correctly that newer macs can read all software?
    Can I load my Adobe Photoshop CS and the rest of the suites on this???
    Please tell me there is a way!!!

    You'll need to get Virtual PC to run Windows in your Mac and through them run CS. About Virtual PC look here: and use the search box of the Forum (there's plenty of information).However you won't get equal performance...
    PS: I once asked Adobe to "switch" my license from PC to Mac and they said they couldn't.From what I understand this is the same everywhere.I wish it would change...

  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Standard compatible with MAC OS 10.10.2?

    I have the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Standard, but when I need to print from Adobe illustrator CS3 it will popup the following error
    Anyone can help?

    You are welcome, Priscilla.
    If you have upgraded to Yosemite without reinstalling CS3, you may uninstall in the same way as you normally uninstall, then install again in the same way as when you first installed it. You may rn the Cleanar Tool in between, to be on the safe side with regard to strange things lingering, but it should be unnecessary if everything has worked before the Yosemite upgrade.
    As mentioned, you should update your CS3:
    Concerning drivers I have no clue, I am afraid, being too silly to use a Mac.

  • Is Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design standard compatible with mac yosemite OS X?

    My Mac OS X is Version 10.6.8 and I want to update the software to yosemite! Now I´m worried if all my programs from Adobe Creative Suite 6: Design Standard still works with Yosemite? or If i will have troubles or if I have to install all the programs again?!

    Same question, same answer: You won't know until you try. There are some known issues with Yosemite compatibility in any Adobe program, including CC products, but the specifics will depend on the details. Either way, make sure to deactivate before upgrading and then reinstall CS6 afterwards.

  • Purchase of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection with 32-bit Windows system

    I have issued an order for the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection. However, I just realized that Premiere Pro CS5.5 and AfterEffect CS5.5 will not run on my computer since my system is only running on Windows 7 32-bit.
    I am wondering if it is possible for me to use the CS5.5 Key to install Premiere Pro CS4 and AfterEffect CS4?
    Or, I would have to purchase them separately?

    All explained in the FAQ:

  • HT1461 transfer space from mac to windows

    I want to transfer disk space from Mac to windows. We use Bootcmp and the space on the computer is available to the Mac side only. Please help.

    Buy a copy of Paragon Camp Tune.

  • Port license from Mac to Windows

    I have an activated copy of MS5 and Adobe 9 for Mac. Before I deactivate these for a new Marketing Director, I would like to know if I can port this license information over to Windows.

    Yes, you can trade in an existing permanent licnese for CS3 or above to get a discount on the first year. Refer to

  • Problems with Re-Installation of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Standard (update from Premium)?

    Dear Community, after having initialized my Harddisk and upgraded my iMac to OS X Yosemite Vers 110.10.2 I found out that my CD both from the Original CS Premium and the update to CS 5 Design Standard I now cannot load these applications anymore. The direct contact to Adobe support is very irritating as they guide you through all sorts of pages w/o giving the possibility of a direct access to support.
    Are there anybody out there who encountered the same kind of problem and is there a way to fix that problem one way or another. I need urgent help desperately. Tis for you support

    I'm sorry to add to your frustration, but you've posted this in the Audition (Audio application) forum.  You'll do better in the forum discussing the products you use though, for installation issues, I'm very sorry to say you may have to brave the dreaded Customer Support--these are mainly user to user forums.

  • How do I de-activate Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard from my hard drive that crashed?

    My internal hard drive on my Macbook crashed yesterday. I'm currently waiting for a new hard drive to come from Newegg (WD 500 GB). The guy at Apple told me I will need to de-activate CS5.5 so that I can re-install it on my new hard drive since I'm not going to recover anything from the one that crashed. How do I deactivate the version that I bought only a week ago so that I can install it once my new hard drive comes?

    You can't, but it may not matter.
    First off, you get two activations before there's a problem. Secondly, there may well be enough information on that machine that Adobe's servers will recognize it as the same machine and not hit you with a new activation.
    How do I know? I just went through the same thing. Harddrive crashed and I had to reinstall everything. CS5 and CS5.5 both activated successfully and I had already used my two activations since I have them on my laptop as well.
    In short, don't sweat it. Even if you get an activation denied message, you'll get a phone number to call. You can explain the problem and they'll reset the activation counter for you.

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium is compatible with Windows 8?

    Anyone knows?

    As always: You won't know until you try. Per se there is nothing that should prevent the programs from functioning, but there may be compatibility issues that may necessitate some fiddling e.g. with compatibility modes.

  • Is Adobe Creative Suite (the first one circa 2005) compatible with Windows 8?

    Also, Microsoft allows you to lease their Office products on a monthly basis. Does Adobe do anything like this, or do you have to buy the product outright? Thanks in advance,

    Yes/No/perhaps/maybe? You won't know until you try. Windows programs are generally backward compatible, but of course there most definitely will be specific problems like needing to manually adjust user permissions or getting things like printing functions to work.

  • Transfer virus from Mac to Windows?

    My work computer running Windows XP just got a virus/trogan. It's called Antivirus Live and apparently it's transferred via pdf files. The only pdf I've opened in recent memory is one from my partner who was using a Macbook running Snow Leopard. She does not have Windows installed on her Mac. The pdf was created on the Mac from a Pages file and had not been edited on any other computer before she sent it to me.
    So, can Macs be a 'carrier' of viruses and infect Windows machines? If so, how do I get rid of it on the Mac so that it doesn't continue to infect Windows machines?

    Antivirus Live infections are not transferred via PDF unless there's a very new version of this malware that I haven't seen nor heard about.
    Did you respond to any "virus" warnings on your Windows system recently? Antivirus Live (and it's many, many sibling versions) is contracted by a Windows user who while surfing the web sees the fake "virus warning" that the developers make pop up by hacking or tagging onto other web sites. The user, being fooled by the popup into thinking their system has viruses, then mistakenly downloads and install this "antivirus software" which is in and of itself is malware. The only way a PDF file could be involved would be if someone were to disguise the installer as a PDF file and so entice to get the user to run it.
    Macs be a 'carrier' of viruses and infect Windows machines?
    Only if a Mac user were to deliberately send an malware file to a Windows user. This could be done by trickery, making the user thing that the file was something another user might want, but as of today there have been no confirmed reports of any virus (other than the Word macro virus) or worm that can infect Mac OS X, much less transmit themselves to a Windows system.
    Hope this helps clear things up.

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