After upgrading to firefox 7, I can't use many of the features on my schools secure website. So, how do I install a previous version of firefox?

After upgrading to firefox 8, I can't use many of the functions on my schools website like opening the textbook and sending emails. I spoke the school's tech. support & they informed me that my version of firefox was not compatible with their system. So, how do I install a previous version of firefox (firefox 6 to be exact)?

You can download Firefox 6.0.2 for Mac OS X 10.5 from
Backup your '''Profiles''' folder before new installation.
edit: replaced random third-party download site link.

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    Hi there.
    I got my iPhone about 4-5 months ago in South Africa. I love the hardware, I love the way it looks, what you can do with it, etc. But there's one thing I find really really annoying, and that is the fact that I can't use the phone features that users in other countries have access to.
    No, I haven't run into any technical problems.
    The problem is that we have hardly anything available in our iTunes store. I invite you to switch your iTunes browser to the South Africa store and check it out... Yup, that's right, we have no music, movies, TV shows, podcasts or audiobooks. So what do we have? Some apps... yep some, but from the looks of it a greatly reduced list. Many apps I've found links to on the net, which people recommended, are simply not in our store. Even free apps, for example Google Earth.
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    I need to find out who I can contact at Apple to reason with regarding the content of our iTunes store. I find it unacceptable that people who hack their phones have a FAR better experience than people who do the right thing. So, if you work at Apple and read this or you know someone at Apple that could perhaps help me find the correct person/people to talk to about this, then please please send me a mail with the appropriate details. My email address is [email protected] (yes, I'll even post my email address on a public forum )
    I don't think I am being unreasonable to expect a good level of service for a high end product, and at this point I am really unhappy with the service. Not the customer support etc, in fact the people I've had contact with are helpful, except that they cannot provide me with the information I need.
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    Hi there.
    Thank you neuroanatomist for the info on creating a ringtone. I'll try it.
    I should perhaps have mentioned that I have tried all the official channels, including contacting support and sending feedback over the last couple of months. The support people sympathise but can't really help me and I haven't received anything w.r.t. the feedback I have sent, more than once.
    I'm now turning to the other users in the hope that someone can get me into contact with a person/people inside Apple that might be able to shed more light on this.
    I've already contacted our local distributors and my mobile phone provider and they have told me that it is Apple and only Apple who decide what is available in the store.
    W.r.t. licensing etc, I suspect that there may be some legalities involved here, however it's not like we are on a different planet - we get the same DVDs and movies and TV programs here as everywhere else - just not on the iTunes store... So once again everything points back to Apple and not to local laws. As far as I know our laws w.r.t. media are pretty standard and mostly based on UK law, but I am no legal expert.
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    Take care,

  • After upgrading to Snow Leopard I can't use software update or firefox, and the internet is slow

    I'm getting big problems. After installing Mac OS X Leopard from my usb, I had to since my disk drive stopped working, I had the following problems.  1) Firefox stopped working.  2) Software Update stopped working 3) Chrome runs really slow.  4) Safari stopped working 5) Even on Chrome I can't access any email, including; gmail; hotmail; yahoo; etc...  
    When software update loads it says checking... but it stays at 10% for at least 1 hr.  I reinstalled SL once and it did something different, suddenly my wifi stopped working, and rapidly fluxtuated. 
    What the heck is going on?

    Yes LS needs a update to work with the changes in 10.6.8, so does Parallels.
    Read my backup, bootable clones, troubleshooting, performance, wifi security and restore info/advice here

  • How can I use most of the features of firefox 5 without changing the appearance of my browser?

    I just downloaded the new version of firefox, and everything seems great except for the new layout and the change in general appearance. It is less streamlined and more distracting. I do not like the blocky look of the buttons or the lack of division between sections. Is there a way to keep the changes in the way firefox 5 works without the change in appearance?
    If there is not, how can I reload the old version of firefox until one I like better is released?

    See items 1- 10 in
    You can make Firefox 4.0.1 and '''Firefox 5.0''' look like Firefox 3.6.17, see numbered items 1-10 in the following topic [ Fix Firefox 4.0 toolbar user interface, problems (Make Firefox 4.0 look like 3.6)]
    I would try to stick with the silhouette gray/black buttons, but since it already bothers you at least stick to a theme or style limited to the ones on the toolbars (not the dialogs, which would be too wasteful) see item #48
    * [ Strata XP] (Theme (buttons), 13.3KB), replaces silhouette toolbar icons with color. Icons are smaller and perhaps less distinguishable.

  • How do I install a previous version of Firefox? I lost all my Norton passwords and bookmarks with Firefox 25.

    I have a PC and use Microsoft 7. Myy husband switched to Firefox 25 and still has his Norton bookmarks and passwords but I received a message saying Firefox 25 is incompatible. What can I do?

    hello linda, according to norton the toolbar is already compatible with all firefox versions up to the currently released version. please run the norton liveupdate utility repeatedly & until all components are up-to-date. in addition make sure that the toolbar is enabled under ''firefox > addons > extension'' afterwards.
    for more information please refer to

  • Can't get past home page of instructables after upgrading to firefox 13

    I can load the home page, but if i click on anything past it, it acts like it continually loads, nothing comes up on the page, it sticks at "Transferring data from" or "Read" it seems to only have happened after upgrading to firefox 13. I have an old version of firefox aurora that came with the tor browser suite and tried instructables on there. worked perfect, and i was going to instructables on a regular basis before the update, so it's gotta be from the update right? what can i do to fix it?
    P.S. It's not just the specific URL under "URL of affected site" because none of the pages will load after the home page.

    did that solve the issue? i still believe it has more likely to do something with faulty cache (maybe the restart of the browser really triggered it );
    if it was an issue with dns prefetching it would be rather strage since you already were on the domain & wouldn't have had to resolve the domain for the subsites again. and since the server, your isp or your local hardware might not support ipv6 fully yet, it can always cause some glitches too...

  • After upgrading to Firefox 8.0.1, now on at least one website I use, it limits the number of characters that I can type in a text box to 275, is there a way to fix this?

    After upgrading to Firefox 8.0.1, now on at least one website I use, it limits the number of characters that I can type in a text box to 275, is there a way to fix this?

    That may be part of the coding that the web page is using.

  • After upgrading to Firefox 4, I can't log in into my bank account.

    After upgrading to 4.x I can no longer log into my TD Bank online account. I'm working with differente Mac computers, all intel based, with different specs. None of them can log in, except the only one which still uses Firefox 3.
    The page loads well, but when being prompted to wrote my card's number and my pass, after clickin' the "submit" button, firefox immediately jumps back to any previous page I loaded before the bank's page, so I've never have a chance to log in. All other browsers does not have this same problem (I'm also using Opera, IE and Safari), and different types of Macs, desktops an laps, all with the same result.

    This one works in FF 4 and beyond:

  • What can I do about this: After upgrading to firefox 6, I get this error. TypeError: Components.classes[cid] is undefined???

    What can I do about this:
    After upgrading to firefox 6, I get this error.
    When I click to open Firefox, A box open with the following error:
    JAVASCRIPT Application
    TypeError: Components.classes[cid] is undefined?
    After I click close on the box, then Firefox will start. I really just want to get the error fixed so that when I want firefox open, I don't have to see this box anymore.

    You need to figure out which add-on is causing that error and disable it until the developer of that add-on fixes it. There may be an error message about that in the Error Console, accessed through the Web Developer menu item or through {Ctrl + Shft + J}.
    Also see this: <br />

  • After upgrading to FireFox 7 on Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, I can't load the games in Google Plus.

    Long time user of Firefox, but recently I've been having problem. After upgrading to FireFox 7 on my laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), none of the game in Google+ will load. One game pop up a screen saying cookie acceptance is disabled even though it is enabled. One game just won't load at all, but will not give any error message. I installed Adobe Flash as well, still not working. Previous version of firefox works fine without a problem. Also, I recently reinstall Windows and fresh copy of Firefox 7, still the same problem.

    Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.
    "Clear the Cache":
    * Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    "Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:
    * Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.

  • After upgrade to Firefox 6, certain sites can no longer be loaded.

    After upgrading from Firefox 5 to FF 6, certain sites will no longer load. These sites both use Typepad and that seems to be where FF6 hangs. Have not had this problem with FF5. Tried clearing cache, deleting bookmarks (to sites that won't load), and typing in address. That doesn't help. Sometimes, the sites load partly (i.e. with only words, no images); other times, load after a long time (several minutes); most often will not load at all.

    I've only one hint to you, cause I've mot on Mac-Server.
    With 10.7 Apple have switched from Samba (maybe due to licence problems with GPL based stuff) to a own protocol called "XSMB"
    This had caused problems with some NAS systems too.
    Eventually someone have a glue to solve that, as several users have problems with SMB shares since that.

  • After upgrading to firefox 4 i can't activate the pacman extension in addons so i'm back with firefox 3,6. any ideas?

    while using firefox 3.6 i downloaded and played pacman which i activated by clicking on 'tools' and then 'pacman'. after upgrading to firefox 4 i was unable to activate pacman although clicking on 'addons' showed it to installed. so i'm back with 3.6 -- and pacman. any ideas?

    This one works in FF 4 and beyond:

  • I'm having a potpourri/Hat-Trick of issues after upgrading to Firefox 7.0.1

    The only reason I'm asking is because the three new issues occurred immediately after upgrading from the last install of Firefox to the newest release, Firefox 7.0.1
    The first: for some reason I have to go to about:config to reset the "Close Tabs" part from 3 to the default 1 setting...which is having a Close Tab "X" on the tab. It means I have to right-click and select the bottom option on the drop down menu to close tabs I'm through with using.
    The second: Most of the time Google Videos will not function on 3rd party web sites (Like "Documentary Storm"). I have to redirect to the Google Video webpage to watch Google featured documentaries that have been embedded in some documentary sites.
    There are now more frequent error messages of "Not Responding" on websites...the screen locks up for a few seconds before going backwards or forwards (On "The Chive", "The Brigade", and many other picture or video oriented websites.) The scroll bar on the right side of the screen is also locking up which means the "Not Responding" error message is popping up for this also.
    All of these are different from each other and at first thought would be issues I need to take up with tech support for the different programs I use. That is my next step, but I was very curious if anybody else was having similiar problems after upgrading to Firefox 7.0.1.
    I'm not sure if a couple things might be set off by incompatible Addons. None of the symptoms jive with known incompatibility problems with 7.0.1. and with none of my Addons either. It was just very coincidental things went awry in 3 different areas that had worked 10 minutes previous to the upgrade.
    Any ideas or similarity with other folk's upgrade issues?
    Thanks tons for any advice given! Hoping it's something ridiculously easy. : /
    Oh yeah...all other programs are up to date. Freakishly OCD about keeping current with programs.

    Thank you for describing the problems so well. I also have been going nuts trying to restore my Itunes Library to its original (or acceptable) condition. I have a 5th gen 30G Video with about 4250 songs on it. After downloading 7 I found that every song in my Library had been dulplicated or triplicated. Then, a day latr, when I had downloaded album art, I discovered that every other song in any album I had downloaded (from Itunes or my own cd)prior to perhaps version 5 or version 6 could not be found. Luckily, I had an generation 4 Ipod with the original Library and I was able to download that to my external harddrive. I have spending pointless, arduous hours pointing Itunes to the correct file. Its faster to re-download the CD. Of course, I can't do that for any music I had bought from Itunes directly. Its weird because the name of the song is in Itunes, just the file can't be found. And why every other file? When I go into earlier (6 and before)Itunes Libraries, the music files are missing from them. Where did they go? When I try to sync my Ipod with Itunes, it takes forever because Itunes is searching for the missing files. I have tried to ask Apple support directly but I have gotten no response. Very, very frustrating! Any headway with your problems? Lisa

  • Cannot view OWA email - after upgrade to Firefox 5.0, Outlook Web Access displays ASCII characters (garbage) in message body. Same issue with multiple servers.

    Email body of HTML or RTF messages are rendered in ASCII characters after upgrading to Firefox 5 when viewing email in MS Outlook Web Access (OWA) light from MS Exchange 2007 servers. Issue is repeatable with two entirely different Exchange systems.
    Text email renders OK. Work around is to forward email (in use MS-IE).

    You are welcome. I'm glad you got it back up.
    (1) You say you did the symbolic link. I will assume this is set correctly; it's very important that it is.
    (2) I don't know what you mean by "Been feeding the [email protected] for several weeks now, 700 emails each day at least." After the initial training period, SpamAssassin doesn't learn from mail it has already processed correctly. At this point, you only need to teach SpamAssassin when it is wrong. [email protected] should only be getting spam that is being passed as clean. Likewise, [email protected] should only be getting legitimate mail that is being flagged as junk. You are redirecting mail to both [email protected] and [email protected] ... right? SpamAssassin needs both.
    (3) Next, as I said before, you need to implement those "Frontline spam defense for Mac OS X Server." Once you have that done and issue "postfix reload" you can look at your SMTP log in Server Admin and watch as Postfix blocks one piece of junk mail after another. It's kind of cool.
    (4) Add some SARE rules:
    Visit and download the following rules:
    Visit and download the following rules:
    Copy these rules to /etc/mail/spamassassin/
    Then stop and restart mail services.
    There are other things you can do, and you'll find differing opinions about such things. In general, I think implementing the "Frontline spam defense for Mac OS X Server" and adding the SARE rules will help a lot. Good luck!

  • Bookmarks don't work after upgrading to Firefox 5.0

    My bookmarks don't work after upgrading to Firefox 5.o. Please help! The icons no longer show and instead there is a blank paper with the top right corner folded. I can't even bookmark new pages! I tried reinstalling the program and that didn't work. Please help!

    Your bookmarks file may be corrupt. Navigate to /[UserName]/AppData/Local/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/[profile_name]. Either rename places.sqlite to places.sqlite.corrupt (or whatever) in case this isn't the problem, or delete places.sqlite. Start/Restart Firefox. The icons for sites that have a favicon should return after you visit each site.

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