After upgrading to Snow Leopard I can't use software update or firefox, and the internet is slow

I'm getting big problems. After installing Mac OS X Leopard from my usb, I had to since my disk drive stopped working, I had the following problems.  1) Firefox stopped working.  2) Software Update stopped working 3) Chrome runs really slow.  4) Safari stopped working 5) Even on Chrome I can't access any email, including; gmail; hotmail; yahoo; etc...  
When software update loads it says checking... but it stays at 10% for at least 1 hr.  I reinstalled SL once and it did something different, suddenly my wifi stopped working, and rapidly fluxtuated. 
What the heck is going on?

Yes LS needs a update to work with the changes in 10.6.8, so does Parallels.
Read my backup, bootable clones, troubleshooting, performance, wifi security and restore info/advice here

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    Hello Brad:
    First, forget about a virus. There are NO documented viruses that affect a Mac running OS X - none.
    Do you have about 10-15% of the HD free at all times?
    Open activity monitor and see what is taking the processor capacity.

  • After upgrading to Snow Leopard, I can not log into the computer. What Can I do?

    after upgrading to Snow Leopard, I can not log into the computer. What Can I do?

    SqueezeAce wrote:
    after upgrading to Snow Leopard, I can not log into the computer. What Can I do?
    Stick the 10.6 disk into the machine and reboot holding the option/alt key down on a wired/built in keyboard.
    On the second screen, under the Utilities menu is a Password Reset, use it.
    Step by Step to fix your Mac
    What this will do is reset the password and the user account permissions in the process.
    You might have problems with Keychain afterwards, to fix that.
    If your still having trouble, look through these User Tips er_page=50

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    I believe you are seeing a kernel panic.
    "You need to restart your computer" (kernel panic) message appears (Mac OS X v10.5, 10.6)
    The X Lab: Resolving Kernel Panics

  • After upgrading to Snow Leopard I can no longer log in

    Initial installation went fine. Things looked operational. Even did a firmware upgrade of the Keyboard. Then I rebooted and have had probs ever since.
    Got the "Unable to log into the user account <user name> at this time" ..."because an error occurred"
    Power-off and restart from the Snow leopard disk to check things out with disk utility.
    Disk was fine, only notable unfixable thing was a "SUID file" "System/Library/CoreS"... (something) That has "been modified and will not be repaired"
    I also reset passwords (to original ones, so no real change)
    Now the problem seems to have expanded to just getting a splash screen on startup (no log-in box), needing to power off to stop things, and not getting anywhere. This has made for an interesting day.
    From what I'm reading, I should mention FileVault was/is operational at the time of the OS upgrade. And this was an upgrade from Tiger (OS 10.4.11)

    (According to Apple Support that product - MC210Z/A - is the right one for those who want to go from Tiger to Snow Leopard and didn't buy Leopard)
    OK, another round of checking (and not being able to fix) permissions on file: "SUID System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ nt"
    Reset admin password (to same original password) within utilities. Reset then save.
    reset PRAM (OptControl+P+RPower, through 2x chimes)
    power out
    attempt to go in through that admin account. (Get spinning beach ball)

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    I'm on a MacBook Pro, Snow Leopard, 10.6.8

    Hello and welcome to Apple Discussions.
    Could you tell us what scanner you have and what application you are using to scan them. Could you also state what application you are using to view the TIFF files.
    Note that if you are using Preview/Image Capture, the Overview pane lets you change the scanning format from TIFF to other formats, such as JPEG, PNG and GIF. Wondering if you still get a blank square if you can use one of these formats?
    Also, if you look at the file in Finder with the view set to Icons, does it also show as a blank square?

  • ICal Duplicate Events After Upgrading to Snow Leopard

    After upgrading to Snow Leopard, I noticed almost all my Events were duplicated. The Duplicates were collected from all calendars and are in one of the Calendars (Paul Events). Strangely a new Calendar (Paul Events 2) was created, but deleting this Calendar did not help. Additionally a previously deleted Calendar from months ago was re installed.
    I have a MobileMe account that syncs automatically.
    Did this happen to anyone else. I am still developing a solution to get rid of the duplicate events, but don't have one yet.

    A lot of Duplicate Events, too.
    After the Snow Leopard upgrade, performed 10/19/09, and the immediate update to OSX 10.6.1, I wanted to sync my iPod Touch 2G.
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    Also, over the past 18 months of MBP ownership, my alarms for each event have increased to about 8 (they sound once, but I have to clear each of them on my computer screen), And my Contact notes, have doubled+ (as if Copy + Paste were used), with many spaces, and some of the information lost.
    I was hoping for a Contacts & Calendar that would match the stability of my retired Windows Mobile Dell Axim X50v, before it took a virus, spread it to my Gateway desktop, completely destroying it (the desktop is NO MORE (couldn't be fixed) and I've retired the Axim).
    What is the solution?

  • Can't open Pages after upgrading to snow leopard on 10.6.8

    Can't open Pages after upgrading to snow leopard on 10.6.8

    Has Spotlight finished its indexing?  Check in the upper right.  If you get just the search field, it has, if it says its indexing, you have to wait before you can use anything.

  • After upgrading from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, the text preference, Middle Eastern, causes Photoshop CS6 to slow down.  Can this be fixed?

    After upgrading from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, and setting the text preference, Middle Eastern, causes Photoshop CS6 to slow down.  Can this be fixed?

    I'm Win, not Mac, but I do have a couple saved messages
    Mac 10.8.3 Bug w/Encore and BluRay
    -create folder not ISO

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    Everyone in my household who has upgraded to Snow Leopard has had the same problems with program crashes and the computer "forgetting" registration codes.
    In fact, after re-entering codes, and then upgrading to 10.6.1, we had to re-enter them again because it forgot (again) that we had bought/registered the software. It was a lot of fun digging through old emails and such looking for the codes, let me tell you.
    I'm pulling a Vista and downgrading my computer back to 10.5.x. That was stable and remembered my software, at least.

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    After upgrading to snow leopard my MacBook Pro will freeze when I go to system Pref or it has been running for 40 minutes-making it impossible to close app's or power off frustrated. What fix can I download?

  • I have a big problem with Lion and PGP. After upgrading from snow leopard to lion I cannot access my PGP drive which was generated under snow leopard. PGP does not start but gives a notion that lion cannot work with my PGP version. Solution?

    After upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion I cannot access a PGP drive which was generated under snow leopard. PGP does not start. When I try to start I just receive a message that Lion cannot work with PGP. How can I now access important and confifential informatio which I have stored in PGP (snow leopard). Do I have to move back to snow leopard. If so, how can I do this? 

    If you have this product,
    you have to go back to Snow Leopard.
    To re-install SL, back up your home directory, format and re-install.

  • GCC Elite 21n+ Printer Stop working after Upgrade to Snow Leopard

    GCC Elite 21n+ B&W Laser Printer no longer works after upgrading to Snow Leopard 10.6.2.
    A back-up HP 2015DN Printer works intermittently. It will not work with ethernet cable connected to Net Gear Ethernet Hub (model FS105). But will work most of the time when ethernet cable is connected directly to back of computer.
    Back to GCC printer. Just cannot get it to work.
    But I cannot figure out what the IP address is for the GCC printer. Tried
    See post ( Still did not work.
    GCC tech have this work around. Here is what I received from GCC via email.
    +At 01/02/2010 12:21 AM we wrote -+
    +Since Apple has made the decision to eliminate Appletalk from it's Operating System, you are now forced to set the printer up over TCP/IP. Please keep in mind that GCC has never provided drivers for the Mac. We use the Apple Built in Print Driver. We do provide an OS X PPD Installer located on our website that I recommend you download, unstuff, install, reboot your Mac, then add the printer. You can find the Installer at Click on the Model of your printer and download the OS X Installer. DO NOT download the Applications Folder.+
    +You will need to set the printer up over TCP/IP, which means you will need to pull the IP Address of the printer from the Printers Configuration Page. Once you've done that, please do the following:+
    +You can add the printer over IP, that should work fine. Here are some steps for you to take.+
    +1) Select 'System Preferences...' (4th item) from the 'Apple' menu. The 'System Preference' panel will appear as a new window.+
    +2) Click on 'Print & Fax' icon (second row 'Hardware', second icon from right side). The 'System Preferences' panel will change into the 'Print & Fax' panel without opening a new window.+
    +3) Click on the '+' button to add a printer (2/3 the way down on the left side on the 'Print & Fax' panel). The 'Add Printer' dialog will open in a new window.+
    +4) Select the 'IP' icon in the top row of the 'Add Printer' dialog.+
    +5) Next to 'Protocol' select LPD Line Printer Daemon.+
    +6) Next to 'Address' type in the IP address you assigned to the printer. The Mac should prompt "complete and valid address".+
    +7) (Optionally) Next to 'Name' set the name of the printer to something friendlier. Normally it defaults to the IP address enter in the previous step. The 'Name' is what the printer is called in the print dialog.+
    +8) (Optionally) Next to 'Print Using' change/verify the PPD.+
    +9) Click 'Add' in the bottom right corner. After a few moments the 'Add Printer' dialog will close.+
    +10) The printer added in the previous step will appear in the list on the left side of the 'Print & Fax' panel. Click on the close box in the left-top of the 'Print & Fax' panel.+
    +11) Done. You should be ready to print.+
    Still cannot get the GCC printer to work or discover its IP address. Printer's Configuration page says
    TCP/IP: Enabled IP address: Unknown subnet Mask
    When I download the Drivers from GCC Web Site I only get a Text Document with loads of meaningless
    gibberish. There is nothing to unstuff and install.
    All worked well with OS 10.5.
    Thanks for shedding any light.
    John L.

    Hello John,
    At this stage you will not be able to get this to print until the printer has a valid IP address. According to your post, the IP address setting is enabled but the actual IP address is unknown. This is most likely a result of the GCC being set to DHCP but if there is no DHCP server or router capable of assigning the printer an IP address, then it will not get a valid address.
    So, the first thing I recommend is you check the documentation for manually setting an IP address into the printer. This address needs to be in the same subnet as your Mac. If you check System Preferences > Network on the Mac, you will see your IP address and subnet mask. If the subnet mask is set to, then you subnet will be the first three sets of numbers. For example, a device with an IP address of and a subnet mask of has a subnet of and a network address of 12. Ideally, so that other devices can communicate with this device, they also need a subnet of 192.168.1 but a different network address, any number between 1 and 250 but one that is not already being used by another device, such as 12 in this example.
    Once you have the IP address set in the printer, then you add the printer as the GCC tech stated, using IP > LPD for the protocol. Note that you will only need to enter the IP address, such as as per your post example. Don't enter any other numbers, such as the 9300 port reference you have tried already the colon after the IP address followed by the 9300).
    For the Print Using, you can use Generic PostScript to begin with as a test. If you then wanted to use the GCC PPD, then the link is okay. When you select the 21+n the next page shows the 21+ installer for OS 9 and OS X. This is a stuffit packed file so you will need some form of Stuffit (Stuffit Expander is a free download) to unpack the file first. Once unpacked, there is most likely an installer that you run. This will copy the PPD files for the printer to the appropriate folder.
    Hope this helps. Please reply if you require more help.

  • Numbers do not accept negative values after upgrading to Snow Leopard

    I have iWork 9 installed in Leopard, and after upgrading to Snow Leopard, Numbers don't accept negative values, e.g. -141. They are defined as text and are aligned left in the cell, even if the cell is defined for numbers. Positive values are defined as numbers and aligned right.
    All my statistics are wrong now. I don't where to find a sollution. Need to fix this asap.

    I may guarantee that the cell contains a standard minus symbol.
    I entered in the Index.xml to see if something was odd.
    All is perfect.
    I can't imagine that the OP replaced deliberately a wrong char by a correct one before sending the file to my mailbox.
    And I repeat,
    (1) in the file which I received, the cell was really treated as a text one.
    (2) on my machine, on the OP's alternate machine, on the OP's alternate user account, resetting the cell's status to numbers apply well.
    So, if a third party component is the culprit, it would be easy to identify: it must be in one of the user account able to receive third party items which means
    <userAccount>:Library:Address Book Plug-Ins
    <userAccount>:Library:Contextual Menu Items
    <userAccount>:Library:Scripting Additions
    But from my point of view it would be more efficient to try to search a culprit in the
    <userAccount>:Library:Caches folder.
    An efficient tip would be to compress every subfolder of this folder as a .zip file and trash the original file.
    Reboot so that the account restarts without the caches.
    If th account continue to fail, my idea was bad.
    If it behaves well, the culprit was one of the caches.
    unpack them one by one so you will get the wrongdoer.
    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) mardi 8 septembre 2009 18:50:27

  • TS2998 After upgrading to Snow Leopard, Mail will not let me archive any mail. All archived messages re-appear in my inbox (I have tried archiving and placing in the trash bin).

    After upgrading to Snow Leopard, Mail will not let me archive any mail. All archived messages re-appear in my inbox (I have tried archiving and placing in the trash bin). How do i regain control of my inbox?

    The main differences that can cause a problem are scripting additions (64-bit vs 32-bit and security reasons) and the usage of dates (it is not as forgiving). AppleScript itself is basically the same, so if empty paragraphs are what caused your problems the update would have just been a coincidence.

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