Airport router not seeing Linksys range expander

I have the Linksys WRE54G range expander. I have everything setup on the device. I can't figure out how to tie it into my Apple Airport Extreme router. any suggestions, comments?
John Gerard

The AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS) cannot extend or be extended by a non-AirPort router. There is only a very few cases where this has been true back with the 802.11g AirPort Express and the Linksys WRT-54GL model ... and a few others as well, but not the Linksys that you have currently.

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  • Original Airport card not seeing Linksys WRT54GX

    Switched out my BEFW11S4 for a WRT54GX, on the old router I just changed my preamble to long and the iBook saw it, nothing I do seems to change it so my iBook can see this router.
    It can see two of the neighbors routers and my old one (when I plug it back in) in the airport list, the new router has both B and G enabled, I've tried messing with the basic rates and preamble.

    actually, it works intermittently, sometimes it sees it, sometimes not, the router must be toggling some settings or something, if anyone know optimal network density, beacon, etc. settings can you link it here.

  • 1 laptop in the house not using wre54g range expander - help!

    I have a Linksys wireless router that works great when in range, but was weaker in certain parts of the house, so I recently picked up the wre54g range expander and life is good for 2 out of 3 computers.  I have 2 laptops running Windows XP, latest service pack (1 IBM, the other Dell) and both of these laptops utilize the range expander.  My Sony Vaio laptop is running Windows Vista 64bit with latest service pack and it does not seem to connect using the range expander, but rather the weaker wireless router connection.  Additionally, the connection drops frequently to the router, not sure if it is because the signal is weak or some other issue.  The Sony has a built in wireless card by Atheros model AR928x, latest driver version  I also updated the wre54g firmware to the latest version yesterday, but it didn't make a difference.  All 3 laptops connect using the same WEP key, although I have tried different keys and there was no difference.  This is really frustrating and am not sure what to try next.  Some questions:
    1)When I search or connect to wireless networks, I only see the one netwok (not one for the router and another for the extender), so I cannot manually connect to the extender.  Is this the way it is supposed to be?  I'm guessing yes since my other 2 laptops on XP are the same.
    2)Is there a way to force a connection through the extender?
    3)Are there any compatibility issues with Vista?  i searched the forum and read lots of threads, but nothing found on this.
    Any help is appreciated, would really like to get this fixed!
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    Whats the Model number of your Linksys Router? 
    Whats the wireless settings you have setup on your Router? 
    A: Not sure what settings you are referring to.  Am using WEP security.
    First of all whats the Distance between the Range Expander and the Router? When you try to Connect to your wireless network on your Vista computer are you getting any kind of error message? 
    A: Distance is about 25 feet.  Don't get any errors, just get poor signa and frequent signal drops/disconnects.  As I stated, it works fine for my other 2 laptops, so I don't see how it is a configuration problem between the router and the extender, but am open to suggestions.  Is it possible that the wireless network setting is cached with the wireless router connection and therefore not picking up the extender connection?  Not sure how it differentiates between the 2.
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  • Safari won't connect to Linksys Range Expander

    Hope some one can end my sleepless nights...
    I have read the posts on this forum for this type of problem and have followed the advice given but still can't get my neighbours Mac laptop to connect to my wireless network
    I have a Desktop PC running windows XP and two laptops running xp and vista. The network is a Belkin ADSL+2 modum and Netgear Wireless Rangemax router WPN824 which is wired by Ethernet to the PC while the Laptops hook into the network wirelessly. I am running WEP encryption on the router.
    I hooked up the Linksys WRE54G Range Expander and finally got it confugured on my network and placed it on the edge of my signal but my neighbour has a Mac and can't piggy back. The airport say it is connected to my network but we can't open a page and get on the web. Interestingly she is able to hook up to my router when in my unit with the Airport using the WEP password and I can take my laptop in her unit and connect automatically to my network thru the RE as the signal is excellent.
    After searching various threads here and forums elsewhere I configured the Mac's IPv4 to "Use DHCP with manual address" I assigned an IP address of (as advised in the posts) , applied and rebooted - no luck! I have searched all types of sites for any information as I am only a novice
    My router is the DHCP Server and has an IP of and subnet Mask of It's starting IP address is and ends with The Ip address of the Range expander is and the subnet mask is the same while the gateway is (router IP) It has WEP encryption enabled using the same keys as the router. Didn't know how to ping using the Mac so no info there sorry.
    When we assigned an IP address in the ethernet settings on the mac we configured IPv4 "Using DHCP with manual address" as per advice from other posts. We then only had the option to set an IP address and nothing else.
    When we go to "Network" we have a green light next to AirPort and it says "Airport is connected to the network JLay (my SSID). You are connected to the internet via AirPort".
    We tried various other types of configurations with IPv4 but nothing works
    Any advice is appreciated as I've now hit a brick wall

    Seems that I needed to type in the DNS server address ( when I configured IPv4 manually. I used an IP address for the MAC (as suggested) and same subnet mask as the router and used the IP address for the router in the router box.
    What a relief!

  • Linksys Range Expander With Time Capsule

    I have a time capsule that I use to wirelessly connect to my Mac.
    My wife has a PC some distance away.
    I have a Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander Model No. WRE54G V3
    Is there any problem in using it with the time capsule to connect to my
    wife's PC?
    The AirPort Utility says that the time capsule IP address is
    Is this all I need to know?

    Hi… If you get limited or no connectivity, it can be the issue with Wireless Security. Make sure that you router and Range Expander are on same SSID and wireless channel and wireless security settings are same.

  • Airport Express suddenly flash yellow, Airport utility not seeing

    I use an Airport Express to extend my network
    Primary base station is an Extreme  (Not a dual channel Extreme, late model 2009 I believe).
    The Express extends the range of my b/g/n network
    Tonight i noticed the Express is flashing yellow- had been solid green. nothing disturbed, no change, not unplugged so I don't know why it lost the connection
    Airport utilty 6.1 does not see the Express
    I unplugged the Express, replugged it in
    No green
    What do I do?
    Apple tech support helped me set up over a year ago... I am not that expert with networking.
    All I recall is that it is not set up in bridge mode.
    Can someone walk me through this?
    Is the Express simply kaput?
    Thank you

    I've had the same problem! I have an Airport Extreme, and an older AExpress. In the past I've had them working together, with the AExpress as a relay. However now I've tried everything - hard reset, WEP security, 802.11n-g-compatible, deleting and re-entering the WDS remote address, allow MAC Address access control, re-uploading the firmware, etc - and this is what always happens:
    - both stations are showing up in Airport Utility, as separate networks
    - I check the settings on the AExtreme to verify
    - I nervously click the Base Station, and Manual Setup
    - I fine-tune the settings, then click Update
    - upon Rescan NOTHING SHOWS UP. NOTHING. Neither station.
    - I restart Airport Utility and Rescan. NOTHING.
    - I restart my computer... voila! they both show up again... back at Step 1
    Is my AExpress dead?

  • Airport Express doesn' see Linksys Network

    I have 5 AX units. All are the newer "n" flavor. Three are connected by ethernet and 2 by wifi. The two that are wifi are set up to join a wireless network.
    A wifi G-only network using WPA2 personal is created by a Linksys WRT54GS (version 6, with up to date firmware)
    My problem is that none of the wireless AX units see the Linksys wireless network. My Apple TV (v2) which is located next to the aiport express does , however, see the Lihksys networks with no problem. I have done sort of a work around by having one of the AX units create a wirelss network, but its not optimally situated and the signal is not particularly strong (large house).

    Bob -- thank you for your interest
    Should also have noted that all the express devices are running firmware 7.6.1
    I open the Airport utility, double click on the AX unit that I want to setup. This brings up the configuration screen. I click on the "Wireless" tab. "Wireless mode" shows that it is already setup to join a wireless network. When I click on the "Wireless Network name" it shows the "n" network created by another AX device, a "g" network in my basement, an unknown network, and even my neighbors network across the street. But not the G network created by my Linksys.
    I have similar issues with the other wireless AX device, same problem. And this one is ten feet from the Linksys with only an interior wall separating the two devices.
    Both wireless AX units do connect wirelessly, just not to the linksys network that has the strongest signal in that part of the house.
    I'll also note that there is only one router in the network handing out IP addresses, an Actiontec unit in the basement. The Linksys is set up at a fixed IP of with DHCP disabled so that it is acting as a switch and wireless access point and not a router (this is how Linksys says to configure it for this purpose). Again, other devices connect fine and the network is solid. At times there have have been upwards of 30 devices connected to the network with no problems (most via ethernet)
    As I noted, this AX unit is next to an Apple TV. The apple TV sees the Linksys network with no problem. Other devices in the house (ipad, laptop) connect to the linksys with no problem.
    Thanks again, Carlos

  • Moved house - Now Airport Extreme not finding Linksys

    So I've been trying to figure this out but am not too versed in wireless stuff. We just moved house. Previously the Airport Extreme worked fine on both our iMac and my work MacBook connecting wirelessly to our Linksys (through Cox) modem.
    Now we can see other networks through our AIrport (all password protected) but cannot see our own. ***? Help. We live iwthin 6 blocks of a train line, does that have anythign to do with it?
    THanks in advance for your time.

    Hello cid_thekid. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    Just to make sure I understand your current network configuration, by AirPort Extreme, do you mean the wireless cards in your Macs or the base station. If it's the former, is your network configuration something like the following?
    Cable modem > (Ethernet cable) > (Internet port) Linksys > (wireless) > Macs
    Do you have the Linksys' wireless network set up as "closed?" That is, did you disable it from broadcasting it's SSID (network name)? Which encryption are your running: WEP or WPA?

  • Can I use the airport express as a repeater/range expander but without being connected to the modem with the ethernet cable?

    I have a mac pro (2010 mid) to set up the airport

    My 2003 Airport Extreme I guess does not provide this "enable extension of other Wireless Device" option in Airport Untility under "Wireless",  because it is too old?
    Correct. You will need one of the "square" AirPort Extreme versions if you want to do this.
    Another question, do I need to buy a new Airport Extreme to be able to extend my Wi-Fi signal with the New Airport Express I just bought?
    Yes, or another new AirPort Express. But, you cannot connect a hard drive to an AirPort Express. You can with an AirPort Extreme in case you were planning to add a hard drive.
    One last question, I believe I understood that if I have the new Airport Extreme and use it with my Airport Express to extend the Wi-Fi Signal, I will be able to do this without my DSL Ethernet cable connected to the Airport Express?
    The DSL cable will need to be connected to the AirPort that you designate as the "main" router on the network....assuming that you want to be able to connect to the Internet.
    The other AirPort will connect using wireless only....assuming that it is located where it can get a good wireless signal.


    I have a TM Airport network with an iMac and MacBook Air all working fine. Would like to have Windows7 computer show in SHARED section of Finder. Windows computer is able to use WiFi Airport connection to get online. But does not showing as SHARED.
    What WINDOWS and MAC settings are needed to see Windows computer in SHARED?

    First, can other Windows PCs access the share that you created on this PC? ... or is it just your Mac that cannot?
    If it's just the Mac, then please try adding the Windows's Workgroup name that you are using in the Mac's System Preferences > Network > WINS tab. Be sure to enter it exactly as it is defined for the PCs. For example, if the Workgroup name is: WORKGROUP, enter it that way on the Mac.
    The NetBIOS Name field should already be pre-populated with your Mac's Computer Name.
    The WINS Servers field would only be required if you are running a WINS server.

  • IBook G4 and Airport - does not see other Macs on network

    Hi. My iBook G4 (1 gHz, 768 meg, OS 10.4.10) has a networking issue. I can easily connnect online via the Airport card to our Belkin 54g router, to which my G4/733 and G5/2gHz are also connected (hard-wired). As I said, I can connect to the internet with no problem...but cannot see the other computers, nor print to a shared printer! And they cannot see the iBook! when I turn off Airport, and hook up the iBook with a wire, everything works fine, and everyone can see everyone else. This points to some sort of Airport setup thing...any suggestions?

    I don't have tiger, so I don't know how different it is from panther;
    so have you turned on the correct sharing in your sys preferences,
    have you created a computer to computer network (using airport),
    have you tried to connect using the network or _connect to server menu_ choice to one of the other computer that you have a user name and password for?
    It seems to take a minute or two for the other computer(s) to show up in the network window, so maybe you just aren't waiting long enough? or maybe it's a tiger difference.
    I just checked to see if I could connect myself to another computer here, using airport and a belkin 54g router. both computers are wireless G4 ibooks and I created a network, named it, and selected it from the drop down menu choice on both computers and I can access either one from the other, but I have to have a login name and password to do so. those have to be the same as one that is on the computer you are wanting to access.

  • AirPort Extreme not seeing USB HD, time machine failure

    I can't see my USB HD that I have connected to my base station. It works fine if I connect the HD directly to my computer. I have the drive sectioned into 2 partitions. One is formatted as MacOSX Extended (Journaled) for backing up my MacBook Pro via Time Machine, and the other is formatted at MS-DOS FAT32 so I can use it to transfer files between my Macs and my Windows machine. Everything was working fine for a while. Then my MacBook Pro couldn't find the HD connected to the base station. The only drive that would come up was the MS-DOS partition. I get a blinking amber light on my base station now with an alert that the disk needs repair and to connect it directly to the computer to repair it. If I disconnect the HD the light turn back to green. I re-partitioned the external hard drive and re-connected it to my base station. Now my Airport icon doesn't appear at all in the left sidebar. I re-formatted and re-connected the drive a couple different times. I tried formatting the drives differently, not partitioning the drive, etc. and nothing seems to work. I can't get the HD to show up again if it's connected to the base station, although if I connect it directly to my computer everything is fine. Therefore, I'm guessing it's not actually a problem with the HD, it's a problem with the base station reading the HD. I really want to set this up with 2 partitions so I can use part of it to back up my laptop via time machine. That was actually the whole point of purchasing the 500GB HD. The HD is a 500GB SimpleTech. Does anyone out there have any help or suggestions????? :-S

    Oh cool. That's interesting. I'm going to reformat my entire external HD as MacOS Extended and use it all as extra storage then.
    One more question. If I got a time capsule, then I actually wouldn't need my Airport Extreme base station right? So I could set up a time capsule in place of the Extreme and still attach my 500GB external to the Capsule as a network storage device. Correct? So it's another thing to buy, but I would gain a lot of extra storage space and I would have something I could rely on for backup.

  • Airport Utility not seeing AEBS or Express

    I connect to a Time Capsule via ethernet, firmware 7.3.1, AU 5.3.1. This base station runs WPA2 with another n AEBS as an extender. Connected to the Time capsule via ethernet is a g network of an older AEBS and two Expresses. The visibility of all or any of these units In Airport Utility is spasmodic. Using my Mac's ethernet connection I can often only see the Time Capsule, not it's slave AEBS or the g network. If I connect via Airport then some, and occasionally all the base stations will appear. Connection from client computers (some n, some g) to either airport network is also spasmodic and certainly slow. Could this be the WPA encryption? - I read somewhere that WEP was faster, if less secure. Why should ceain bases only appear over an airport connection? I thought ethernet was supposed to be the most reliable.

    I've had the same problem! I have an Airport Extreme, and an older AExpress. In the past I've had them working together, with the AExpress as a relay. However now I've tried everything - hard reset, WEP security, 802.11n-g-compatible, deleting and re-entering the WDS remote address, allow MAC Address access control, re-uploading the firmware, etc - and this is what always happens:
    - both stations are showing up in Airport Utility, as separate networks
    - I check the settings on the AExtreme to verify
    - I nervously click the Base Station, and Manual Setup
    - I fine-tune the settings, then click Update
    - upon Rescan NOTHING SHOWS UP. NOTHING. Neither station.
    - I restart Airport Utility and Rescan. NOTHING.
    - I restart my computer... voila! they both show up again... back at Step 1
    Is my AExpress dead?

  • Airport Utility not seeing Airport Express base station

    Since I got access to cable internet a few days ago, I've been using my Airport Express base station with no problems on my MacBook. Today I tried to set up my roommate's PC (she has Vista, if that matters) so she can get online. So we downloaded the AE Utility for Windows, then reset both the modem and the AE base about two times, but her computer won't see the Express base at all when it scans.
    Any ideas? Do we need to go into her Network preferences on the Control Panel or something? I've been through the manual but it wasn't much help. Sorry this is such a basic question, thanks for all helpful suggestions!

    You had everything working properly.
    There was no need for her to have Airport Utility on her computer as the Airport Base station was already set up.
    Set your system up the way it was and then on her computer, just have her join the network.
    Do not use Airport Utility for anything on her computer.

  • Airport Extreme Not Seeing Hard Drives

    When I first installed Leopard, everything worked great, no issues with APEn connection or with my USB drive attached to it. Because transfer speeds are terribly slow to the hard drive (only 0.5-1 MBps when 802.11n should theoretically be getting me up to 16MBps - another issue entirely that I've yet to fix), I decided to unplug the network drive and simply plug it into my MBP to transfer things from it to a new hard drive I've got.
    The problems only started the next day, when I went to plug the network drive back into the APEn, and it didn't show up. Figuring some settings just got a little mixed up, I went into Airport Utility, and saw that the APEn no longer even recognizes that the drive is plugged into it, it doesn't show up in the list of drives at all.
    I figured it was a drive issue, so I plugged it back into my MBP, repaired the drive so it came out clean, and tried again, but still nothing showing on the APEn (even though the drive was spinning away as usual).
    I then figured it must be a USB problem on the APEn, but when I plugged in my printer as a test, it worked flawlessly. My last idea was a problem with the USB cable itself, but the cable works fine using the drive with my laptop, so that's a no go too.
    I keep the other drive at work during the week, but I want to bring it home tomorrow to test it out, see if it's the APEn or the drive that isn't playing nice. However, just to be sure, I tested 2 different USB flash drives, neither of which was reported as seen by the APEn.
    Is anybody else seeing this problem, where the APEn simply isn't even recognizing hard drives plugged into it?

    I admit... this one has me baffled... Like I have done numerous times, I restarted the base station with the hard drive plugged in, and all the sudden it showed up! I didn't have to touch the firmware as others recommended, it simply just started to work again.
    The only thing that I can think of is that when I'd restarted in the past, it must have always been the choice of the APEn, when it had crashed for one reason or another, never me telling it to restart on my own with nothing otherwise going wrong (It even took my MBP down with it with kernel panics 4 times in one night... yet only when using torrents, though I'd never had any issues previously).
    Even my speed issue was fixed, giving me up to 3 MBps by my calculations... for about 30 seconds... For some reason as soon as I hit a corrupted part of one file (transferring from APEn HD to MBP), it brought down the entire network, being unable to copy that single file. Now after restarting everything, I'm back to getting wimpy sub-1 MBps speeds... On that front, or on keeping this whole affair from starting over, has anybody got any recommendations for good "housekeeping"?

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