ALE IDOC Transfering Material Master From One Client to Another Client

I am using ALE Idoc transfering material master from one client to another client with MATMAS msgtype the details of Idoc received on receiver side is showing message i.e no Idoc is selected at receiving side after passing partner number in WE02 transaction.
As I am new to ALE/IDOCS , I am transferring material master from one client to another client with in same system on IDES using ALE/Idocs the details of IDOC received on receiver side is showing message i.e no IDOC is selected at receiving side after passing partner number in WE02 transaction and showing current status 51 instead of 53  i.e no details of IDOC is received at receiver side  using MATMAS Message-Type. It is <removed by moderator>
Kindly provide solution.
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Hello Naveen,
If the connection is available (test with SM59 + Connection identifier),
after choosing your Connection you can test the connection:
you might find the idocs with the daate when they where sent in SM58:
The message says in this case there was no service, there might also be other errors like "wrong password" and so on.
After solving the error, you can restart sending the idoc from this screen.
Hope this helps .

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    For the stock transfer within two plants in the same company code, Accounting document gets generated on doing goods issue.
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    After that its stock in transit for the receiving plant and by doing goods receipt you are just taking goods in so the accoun ting document does not get generated again while doing GRN.
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  • Transferring email addresses from one account to another

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    My wife and I are currently in the process of moving from Florida to Maryland because of the current job market and economy situation.  As always...the moving process has been a "blast".  For at least a few months we will be "between" homes and will be staying with friends.  Because of this we had to cancel our FiOS service (which I did last week and it will be shutting off sometime today).  Since we've been very please with the actual service FiOS provides we have (or maybe I should say "had") every intention of signing back up with Verizon once we're in a new home in the Maryland area.
    So here's where the trouble comes into play...I contacted Verizon to see if it would be possible to somehow transfer our existing email addresses from our account to my friend's account (the person I'm staying with).  You would've thought I was asking for a year's worth fo free service.  Initially I was told by customer service that this can't be done.  They explained that an email address is like a phone number and two separate accounts cannot have the same email address.  Thanks for the newsflash!  I explained again that what I wanted to do was move my email addresses so they would now be associated with my friends account.  This didn't seem like such a horrible request considering my friend pays for FiOS service and with that gets 9 available email addresses....and was only using 2 of them.  She ultimately just told me it was something that couldn't be done.  But she did inform me of the "Verizon Your Domain" service that would allow current FiOS subscribers to associate their email account with a new domain name that you create.  It would cost $20 per year and would allow you to keep your email if you canceled FiOS service.  This sounded like an ok option.
    But still -- I was curious why I couldn't transfer email addresses.  So I then contacted technical support.  This time it was explained to me that an email address was like a social security #.  It couldn't just be given to another person.  Great analogies in use at Verizon....I give them that.  I told the guy I was a fellow "techie" and asked him for a more detailed explanation.  That's when it got good.  That's what killed me.  He spent all this time talking about ACL's and routing and how email addresses couldn't be moved because "you're talking about 2 million addresses".  Long and short he was trying to say the Verizon email system was just too complex.  Finally I told him that it had to be something that could be done....and his exact words were "well sure it can be done...but we're not going to do it if you're not paying for a service".  Wow!  Great response!  I've been a paying customer of FiOS for about two years.  I've had some form of service with Verizon for about 15 years (from phone service to mobile service with V-Wireless).  I fully understand that I'm no longer paying for FiOS service.  But my friend is.  And he has 7 email accounts he's not using.  So why couldn't they be moved?  Because the system is too complex?  Give me a break.  Like this guy finally boils down to money.
    Finally I gave up.  I told my wife that we'd just have to deal with switching to a new email address.  Life will move on.  She wanted to try the "Verizon Your Domain" option though.  She started doing the process online...had some questions....and decided to call customer service.  She got transferred around to three different people...the last of which told her "you need to call a different department" and then CLICK. 
    Great, great job Verizon.  All I ask is if someone could give me some sort of response that makes sense.  If you just don't want to offer the transfer option then tell me. 
    I expect to be in a new home within a month or two.  And suddenly Comcast is looking very good.

    spacedebris wrote:
    Well, CS was right when they said that Verizon cannot transfer your email to another account. In order to do that they would have to overwrite the email of your friend ( I dont think your friend would apreciate that ). This is due to a limitation on the email system.
    However, you may have another option. If you are going to be getting Verizon service again in the realitivly near future (4-8 weeks or so), Then after your acount is closed, contact tech support. If you get the right agent they will "enable" your email. That way you can continue to use it even though you dont have service any more. Now they cant do this for long but for temporary it can be done. Then once you get your service back, they can then move your existing email to your new account. (this can now be done as they will overwrite your new email with your old).
    Now if your going to be without Verizon service for more than a couple months, you may be out of luck but this is one option
    umm, oh bhoy!
    In fact, a "repoint" of an email address CAN be completed onto another account AND it does not overwrite anything on the receiving account.    Each acount, whether its a FiOS account or a copper account, has an account number.   The email address is assigned to the account number.    The email address can be "repointed" from one account to another, as an 'add-on' to the new account, then it can be 'repointed' back to another account later.    HOWEVER, the contract does say that you must have a valid account.  AND, Verizon cannot (no company can) allow you to manipulate someone else's account.  
    as to the "after your acount is closed, contact tech support. If you get the right agent they will "enable" your email", well, the fact is that the account has to be provisioned to an address.   So, though I have come accross accounts that seemed to still be "on" after the listed close date, it was not something that verizon's tier 1 tech support can effect (that's who you get on the phone when you call tech support) (note that 'sales' could not do this for you, either)   So good luck with that.
    What happens is that Verizon will not allow anyone to take your email addresses for at least 6 months. 
      Before you cancelled you may have had an option to have a notice auto-replied to any email that gets sent to your email address, for a limited amount of time, like they can do with a telephone number ("this number has been changed to . . . . . ")  that "this email address is temporarily suspended, or something. . . . I said MAY have had the opportunity. .. .   but if it was me, I would get to where you are going and make sure they have Verizon internet account already   and have them call verizon tech support (so they can verify their account info)  with you standing there so that you can verify your old account info and immediately and plainly ask if you can have an email "repoint" done for you.   
    my .02

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    I am having problems trasferring my itunes library from my PC to my laptop. I transferred all the downloaded music, "MY MUSIC" from one computer to the other, and the laptop's itunes picked those songs up. When I connected my ipod to my lap top, when selecting "transfer purchased music", itunes only imports the music that I have purchased at the itunes store. ** What I can't get imported to my laptop are the 500 CDs (5000 songs) that I downloaded onto my PC's itunes.

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    What is the best way to do this? I have about 500 video clips that I want to move from one computer to another. I've tried using the export function in iPhoto but all I get upon transfer is a single frame of the movie. I keep the files on an external HD but I can't find where they are stored. I see the iPhoto app to open but not the original files. Additionally, whenever I do locate these files, how can I get them transferred with the keywords assigned to them? TIA! Going from a MBP running 10.6.8 to a MBA running 10.8.2

    I'm not sure you can assign keywords to a movie on export, as these are written to the exif metadata of a photo and most video has no such metadata.
    You say you've tried the export function in iPhoto, but what settings have you used? Exporting with the Kind set to Original should yield the videos.

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    Anyone know how to transfer previously established ratings from one computer to another? Is there a file that contains this data? Thx.

    Yeah there is a file that contants this data. It is located in the iTunes Music folder. There is a file that have an exension of .xml. Transfer that to your new computer on the desktop. Go to iTunes and File>Import. Locate that file in your desktop and select it.

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    (I tried using the search feature but nothing came up..)
    Currently I have a laptop that is set up for itunes. What do I need to do to transfer the information from that laptop to another one? Is there any step by step instruction that I can find and use to help me with this process?

    You don’t transfer iTunes accounts.
    You can transfer your purchases from the store to another computer.
    Copy the /My music/*iTunes folder* from one computer to the other.

  • Transferring itunes downloads from one computer to another

    Does anyone know how to transfer songs from one itunes account on one computer to newer version of same account on another computer? I've tried using my ipod but my newer computer with the newer itunes won't allow for the syncing.... Need help

    Copy them to a cd, flash drive, dvd, external drive,etc, then copy them to the other computer.
    USe your backup copy to copy them to your other computer.
    E-mail them to yourself.

  • Transfering ipod info from one computer to another

    I am moving and currently all my ipod information and itunes is on a room mates computer. How do I transfer all my information from their computer to another computer? Please Help.
    dell   Windows XP  

    take a look at this.. its one option

  • Transferring all data from one computer to another

    I have an iMac and a Macbook Pro - I would like to completely switch the data on the two computers.  In other words, I'd like to put everything that is on my macbook on the iMac, and vise versa.  I have backed both computers up using Time Machine, but I'm not sure what the best way is to do the swapover.  Any ideas?  I want to do more than just add the data from one to another, I want to completely wipe out the imac and install the macbook data on it, and completely wipe out the macbook and install the iMac data.  Any ideas?

    What I would do is to move all the apps music and other media to the new cmputer.  Make sure the computer is authorized for the iTunes account(s) and iTunes logged into the progler account. Then connect the iPod to the computer and make a backup by right clicking on the iPod under Devices in iTunes and select Back Up.  Restore the iPod from that backup.

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    I have recently purchased a 4th gen i Pod nano to upgrade from my old 2nd gen iPod because I ran out of space on my 2nd gen. My computer crashed a few months ago and I noticed that only my purchased music can be transferred to my 4th gen, but my CD music was no longer on my computer and I cannot transfer my CD music that is on my 2nd gen over to my 4th gen. Is there a way to be able transfer that music without having to go through the process over again, because I no longer have my CD's so I hope that there is a way to put my music where I need it to be.

    Hello there,
    Welcome to the forums. One way to get all that music back to your library and eventually onto your new 4th generation nano is to rip the music off of your 2nd generation iPod and onto iTunes. More help can be obtained through the link below, which offers a few different methods for completing this task. Once you do that, you are free to sync that music to your new iPod. Hope this helps. s-mac-os-x/

  • Transferring a project from one computer to another

    I just got a new iMac and I want to transfer a FCE project in progress from my old computer to my new one. How do I do this? If I just drag the project icon to the new computer, will all the video files come with it?
    Also, the old computer has FCE 3.0 and the new one has 3.5. Any potential problems there?
    iMac Intel Core Duo 2   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    Easiest way is to network your 2 Macs together, or put your old Mac in Target Disk Mode and connect it to your new Mac via FW. Then copy the appropriate folders & files from your old Mac to your new Mac.
    On your new Mac, check to see if you have a folder named Final Cut Express Documents in your username/Documents folder. If it's already there, open it and check to see if there are folders called Capture Scratch and Autosave Vault in it. If not, create the folders; make sure the names are exact.
    Open a new Finder window, go to your old Mac's HD and find your old Final Cut Express Documents folder. Drag whatever files (files only, not the folders) that are there; most of the time that is where your FCE project files are located (unless you specifically saved them elsewhere). Then open the Capture Scratch folder and drag the contents to the Capture Scratch folder on your new Mac; do likewise with the content of the old Autosave Vault folder.
    You can ignore the render and cache folders; FCE will have to rebuild the contents on your new Mac anyway, so it would be a waste of time to copy all that stuff over to your new Mac.
    Also remember to copy over any other source media files you used in your projects - music, photos etc.
    After everything is on your new Mac, disconnect your old Mac, start up FCE on your new Mac, go into System Settings and make sure your FCE scratch disks location is set to your new Final Cut Express Documents folder. Next, open your project file (do File > Open and find your project file). You will probably have to reconnect media the first time you open your project. After that, things should work.
    Just don't delete the material from your old Mac until you are satisfied that everything in your project is working properly on your new Mac.

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