All open PDFs save to RTF

Wondering if anyone knows a javascript I could run to save all open PDFs as RTF with images.
File>Save As> RTF (settings include images)
Save to same folder

Yes, there is the output option, I was looking for the first command sequence.
Basically, I just set it up to a basic task that doesn't affect the file.
Select the folder
And the output options give me the result

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  • How can you minimize all open pdf files at once in Acrobat 10?

    My company just switched us to Acrobat 10 from 6.  Now if I have a number of pdf files open I have to minimize each of them individually.  Before all you did was click the minimize button and the program just minimized to the taskbar.  How do you do that in Acrobat 10?  The Help link is of no use in the program.  Maybe this can't be done any longer.  If not, pretty stupid.

    Use the menu Window > Minimize All Windows

  • Applescript Open PDF save as JPG

    I can do a batch process in Photoshop pretty easily, but I need it be a little more robust.
    I want to grab a folder full of PDFs then open each PDF in Photoshop. Then check to the width and height of the document. If the file is wider than it is tall it runs one Photoshop action. If it is taller than it is wide, it runs another action.
    Thoughts on how to accomplish this?

    Kirk, have a very brief look at fit image. I must say I've never used this feature before and Im a long time user of PS. I've coded what I think it does you will have to test and see for yourself. I have also moved a few things about as they did not need to be part of the repeat loop in PS. Also included convert to RGB color space as files are to be for web. Can you also check PS's pref's file handling set append file extension to always and lower case if it is not already.
    property fitImage : 1280 / 854 -- Your fit image scale.
    set tempFolderName to "Converted to RGB JPEG"
    set inputFolder to choose folder
    tell application "Finder"
    set filesList to (files of inputFolder whose file type is "PDF " or name extension is "pdf")
    if (not (exists folder ((inputFolder as string) & tempFolderName))) then
    set outputFolder to make new folder at inputFolder with properties {name:tempFolderName}
    set outputFolder to folder ((inputFolder as string) & tempFolderName)
    end if
    end tell
    tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS" -- Moved out of repeat loop only need to do this once.
    set UserPrefs to properties of settings -- Record user settings
    set ruler units of settings to pixel units -- Easier to use for web stuff
    set background color to {class:RGB color, red:255, green:255, blue:255}
    end tell
    repeat with aFile in filesList
    set fileIndex to 0
    tell application "Finder"
    set theFile to aFile as alias
    set theFileName to name of theFile
    end tell
    tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS"
    set display dialogs to never
    open theFile as PDF with options {class:PDF open options, mode:CMYK, resolution:300, use antialias:true, constrain proportions:true}
    set docRef to the current document
    tell docRef
    if (mode of docRef is not RGB) then
    change mode docRef to RGB
    end if
    set docHeight to height of docRef
    set docWidth to width of docRef
    if (docHeight > docWidth) then -- This is what I think fit image does.
    set imagePro to (docHeight / docWidth)
    if imagePro < fitImage then
    resize image width 854 resolution 72
    resize image height 1280 resolution 72
    end if
    end if
    if (docWidth > docHeight) then
    set imagePro to (docWidth / docHeight)
    if imagePro < fitImage then
    resize image height 854 resolution 72
    resize image width 1280 resolution 72
    end if
    end if
    set docName to name of docRef
    set docBaseName to getBaseName(docName) of me
    set newFileName to (outputFolder as string) & docBaseName
    end tell
    save docRef in file newFileName as JPEG with options ¬
    {class:JPEG save options, embed color profile:true, format options:optimized, matte:background color matte, quality:9} ¬
    appending lowercase extension with copying
    close current document without saving
    end tell
    end repeat
    tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS" -- Reset changed user settings after repeat loop.
    set ruler units of settings to ruler units of UserPrefs
    end tell
    on getBaseName(fName)
    set baseName to fName
    repeat with idx from 1 to (length of fName)
    if (item idx of fName = ".") then
    set baseName to (items 1 thru (idx - 1) of fName) as string
    exit repeat
    end if
    end repeat
    return baseName
    end getBaseName

  • Cannot open PDF-files, "not a right win32 program"

    All my PDF-files have the wrong logo. Instead of the PDF logo the have a small Excel logo down in the right corner.
    If I try to open it is says it is not a right win32 program. I need help with this.
    I downloaded Adobe Reader X today and it did not help. In Reader X there is an option for open files and there it is no problem. All open pdf-files have the right logo in there but the same file anyplace else have abovementioned problem and can not open.

    I opened one of the PDF files in notepad and these are the first couple lines:
    瀖ᕁމጿ␠씴豈䧉筩롈ꓳ劏ꎯ僪뚢頟뻏즏谀㿃夑퀉꟠鲲쮂⫉笿褡밤籞冁탁ӓ轸뿐笼ⵆ횰䄌ඁ淥ة寨闤⬅鳦팥링빨嬄敎უ婏㣴ً鮓ࣿꢚ㑀녲莒඼ိȆ䕇纍쉉籶뺝갞伐쮠᥏﯒넉釖ȓ겴☧ ἣ秵駻�䣞띰㖔流羀籔朼敨ꢉ糶당⬤俉膇䄐惡�ಹꛖ鍡恡ⱶᶜ�堷﹑ﱌ僿걄뎔æ䋷귪⛢⫐䅪䉙὿烶ꖆ႟ᗔ瘞狻틫儩六잶覱낵듘盋崾�ᦜ㺆௹뻹燴ឋ騙쬄ꏿ뽒煹�钼뇲腎稦ꃲ㈃沒ꔈ뺐뛽첑䘶畱䍣紻 ⁜哠鳾

  • I keep trying to print an adobe pdf-and today all of a sudden they wont print and instead opens a "save-as" MS word window

    i keep trying to print an adobe pdf-and today all of a sudden they wont print and instead opens a "save-as" MS word window prompting me to do that instead of simply printing

    Look in the print menu (more than likely under "Advanced") and deselect the box that says "Print to file".

  • Why can i NOT open PDF on Iphone4s all of a sudden

    I used to be able to retrieve all PDFs and other downloadable folders sent to my email on my IPHONE4s but they suddenly STOPPED opening saying either "portable document" or UNABle to download doc
    It's NOT YAHOO, because i can get the downloads as always on my home computer,,,so what happened??
    What to do?

    Hello Jean Carney,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    I understand that you are receiving PDF documents in email on your iPhone, but are unable to open and view them. In this situation, I would recommend reading over the attached article for information on how to open PDFs from Mail using iBooks. If this is the process you are going through and it is not successful, please let me know which part in the process is not working as the article would suggest. 
    iBooks: Viewing, syncing, saving, and printing PDFs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support
    Opening PDFs with iBooks
    You can open PDF documents, such as a PDF attached to an email, with iBooks:
    When you view a PDF email attachment, tap the Share button in the upper-right corner.
    Tap Open in iBooks to open the attachment. iBooks will open, and you can view your PDF.
    When you use iBooks to open a PDF, iBooks will automatically save a copy of the PDF to your iBooks PDF shelf. These PDFs will sync to your iTunes Book library the next time you sync your device with iTunes.
    Have a great day,

  • Firefox keep asking to open or save pdf files which are already in my disk.

    Hi all,
    Firefox build in function to open pdf files was working ok.
    Lately when i try to open a .PDF file which is already in my disk i get a window asking me :
    "What should firefox do with this file?
    -Open with (firefox default)
    -Save the file"
    Since the .PDF is already in my disk , i want to open it but firefox keeps asking in that window so i have to cancel and a new blank tab stays there.
    What should i do to open the .PDF file?
    BTW,i tried to delete the mimetypes.rdf file as read on a message here in order to Reset download actions but in vain.
    Thank you for your time reading this.

    Hi cor-el,
    I used your suggestions and i have the below results:
    "''You can change the action for Portable Document Format (PDF) from Preview in Firefox to use another application like the Adobe Reader or set to Always Ask in "Firefox > Options/Preferences > Applications''"
    This is not satisfactory because i don't want to use it.I just want the internal viewer for PDF's of Firefox.
    ''"You can set the pdfjs.disabled pref to true on the about:config page to disable the build-in PDF viewer."''
    I set the pdfjs.disabled pref to true and after firefox restart it kept opening empty tabs (weird)
    ''"You can check the value of the plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types pref on the about:config page and remove the application/pdf part if present or reset the pref to the default via the right-click context menu."''
    I did that and just keeps me asking in new tabs what to do with pdf (open or save)
    Then i thought maybe another addon conflicted with firefox PDF viewer so i started it in safe mode.Tried to open a pdf and started to open empty tabs...
    Finally i installed [ this] addon and pdf open ok now.
    Still i had to use an addon to make them open.
    It was running correctly with out add on.
    Is there something else to try since i dont want addon?
    Firefox pdf internal viewer was very satisfactory for me...
    Thank you for your time reading this.

  • Open PDFs, Edit Them, Save Them?

    Does Apple Pages allow you to open PDF files, edit the text in them, then save them out again as a PDF? I imagine that it can't, but this would be a very useful feature if it can.

    I don't know what is your purpose with PDF documents related to Pages, but :
    - You can open PDF documents produced by Pages with Preview and insert comments or «post-it» yellow styled comments. You can also make red circles to signal what has to be changed and so on. Once it's done, save your PDF modified in Preview, and send it for collaborative work. Beware, all you comments cannot be edited afterwards.
    Now, back to Pages: if you want to use it in a collaborative way, add Comments. Select something on the page of the Pages document, Menu Insert>Comment. Then send your Pages document (for example zipped) to your buddy equipped with Pages.
    iMac G5 PPC 2,1 Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

  • Safari 7: Open .pdf in new tab / save .pdf as...

    Hi All,
    This is driving me crazy. There used to be an option to open .pdf files in a new tab if the .pdf file was in a separate pane on the website. This would allow you to open it and then save the file. Now, the only option seems to be "Open with" which is a pain. Is there a way I can simply right click on the pdf in its pane and save or open in new tab? See attached screenshot for example.

    Try Comand click

  • Error while Open and save pdf using Adobe library

    I m using adobe library to open and save PDF using VC++ MFC .
    as given samples are working for me all are using console application to accomplish this task.
    But when i tried to use same functions to open and save PDF from DOC/VIEW application it gives me an error.
    it is a strange problem that I don't understand. If I compile the following code (Visual C++ 2000 Express Edition) I get an error message: "Unhandled exception at 0x0041183f in test.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000004."
    For your reference when I simply  create one function and one menu and called that function from menu.
    Please see the code is given below.
    The code is given below
    void CPDF_MFCDoc::OnPdfOpen()
        // TODO: Add your command handler code here
    #define PDF_FNAME1  "C:/Test.pdf"
    void OpenPDF()
         PDDoc pdDoc= NULL;
         ASErrorCode errCode = 0;
            pdDoc1 = MyPDDocOpen(PDF_FNAME1);
            errCode = ERRORCODE;
    It gives me an error as.
    Unhandled exception at 0x004075b1 in PDF_MFC.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000024.
    But when same thing I was complied from console ,it works.
    Working code is given below.
    #define PDF_FNAME1  "C:/Test.pdf"
    void MainProc(int argc, char **argv )
         PDDoc pdDoc= NULL,
         ASErrorCode errCode = 0;
                 pdDoc1 = MyPDDocOpen(PDF_FNAME1);
            errCode = ERRORCODE;
    PDDoc MyPDDocOpen(char *fileName)
        ASFileSys asFileSys = ASGetDefaultFileSys();
        volatile ASPathName asPathName    = NULL;
        volatile PDDoc        pdDoc        = NULL;
            /* Create asPathName from file.*/
            #if MAC_PLATFORM
            asPathName = GetMacPath(fileName);
            asPathName = ASFileSysCreatePathName(asFileSys, ASAtomFromString("Cstring"), fileName, 0);
            /* Open pdDoc from asPathName.*/
            pdDoc = PDDocOpen(asPathName, NULL, NULL, true);
            fprintf(stdout, "Successfully opened %s\n", fileName);
            fprintf(stderr, "Unable to open %s\n", fileName);
            pdDoc = NULL;
        /* Release asPathName.*/
        if (asPathName)
            ASFileSysReleasePath(asFileSys, asPathName);
        return pdDoc;

    Yes ,I have it , I think when i tried to open or save any document "ASGetDefaultFileSys()" function not able to get file it raise an error , can you please help me out . where I m wrong.
    Why this "ASGetDefaultFileSys()" function raise as "Access violation error" .
    Please help me.

  • I cannot open or save pdf's from a https link

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. I have Acrobat reader 9 and IE8, and ever since one of these was updated (not sure which one) I have been unable to open or save https pdf's. Every now and then it works, but more often than not nothing happens. It always works if I copy the shortcut to a new page and change https to http, but I download lots of these and this is not a suitable work-around. The download screen sits on 0% downloading and nothing happens. Thanks in anticipation!

    Thanks for the suggestion, but perhaps I should have been more specific. I use a specific website that allows me to run reports which are then created as pdf files. The company that owns the website has no problems with saving and opening the pdf files, and I really do not want to resort to another app when I know it should be possible. What I have now done in IE8 is to display all websites in compatibility vew (not sure if that helps, seeing as the website I use is compatible with IE8), added the website to my trusted sites zone, and ticked "require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone".  This has sorted out 90% of the problem - I still get pdf files that I have to open via copy shortcut, but not so many. It would be great if I could sort out the last 10% though.

  • Why did 3 different hyperlinks all open to same pdf?

    I double checked to make sure in the inspector that all of my hyperlinks were linked to three different pdf files, however, when the site was published, all three pdf files opened to the same one, which happened to be the first one that was linked.

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. I've gotten that with hyperlinks to pages before. Go thru the linking again and this time do a save of the domain file, activate the links in iWeb and try there. Also you can publish to a folder on the desktop and run the site locally and see if the links work as expected. Quicker than publishing to the server to check the links.

  • RE: [Adobe Reader] when i open pdf file it open all the pages but some pages give error massage (there was error processing a page,there was a problem reading this document 110) but if i open this page which give me error with google chrome it's work ? i

    HelloThank's for your helpsI hope this document is helpfulBest Regards,
    Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 17:10:17 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject:  when i open pdf file it open all the pages but some pages give error massage (there was error processing a page,there was a problem reading this document 110) but if i open this page which give me error with google chrome it's work ? if you can help me th
        when i open pdf file it open all the pages but some pages give error massage (there was error processing a page,there was a problem reading this document 110) but if i open this page which give me error with google chrome it's work ? if you can help m
        created by Anoop9178 in Adobe Reader - View the full discussion
    Would it be possible for you to share the document?
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    thank's for reply and your help
    i did the step's that you told me but  i still have the same problem
                                     i have the latest v.11.0.7
    i disable the protected mode

  • Save As Dialog Not Showing when opening pdf from Outlook 2010

    I have recently had to change the default documents folder on a windows 7 machine (Right Click Documents, properties,  include folder, set save location). Since this change, when opening an attached pdf document in outlook 2010 and viewing with adobe reader, if i click Save as from the file menu, no os dialog appears and therefore user cannot choose a place to save the document.
    As a work around the user can right click the attachment save the docment to a location, once opened, ther save as dialog is usable.
    I have uninstalled and re-installed reader to the laterst version, but with no luck.
    Any ideas?
    Jason Congerton

    This looks like a new behavior of Outlook 2010 and isn't specific to PDFs. You will need to "save as" the document. There is a thread at Microsoft forums about this with some possible workarounds: 3ed1dacf96/

  • FF 6.0 doesn't open pdf-links, after clicking on "open pdf" error message says file not supported or damaged. IE opens file all right. Please advice.

    Firefox 6.0 doesn't open pdf-links after clicking on "open pdf". I frequently need to do literature searches and I need to view pdf files in the browser. After clicking on the pdf - link of a file the main options are to open or download the pdf. Every time I try to open a pdf-file a blank page and an error message appears saying the file would not be supported or is damaged. IE, however, opens the file all right. I tried various changes in the security and cookie settings without success. Please advice.

    Hi SGckc,
    This document is almost certainly a dynamic XFA form. Unfortunately, our mobile Reader does not support displaying or filling such forms. The application that produces this form embeds this message into the document so that non-supportive viewers (like ours) will display this "error" page when the document opens. I do realize that this is confusing and I would like to add some additional detection to our Reader for this case. However, we've avoided doing this for fear of confusing users even further. Your feedback helps though. Hopefully we'll find a way to detect this case and present a better message to the user like: This form is not supported by the mobile version of the Adobe Reader. Please open and fill it on the non-mobile version of the Adobe Reader for Windows, Linux or Mac OSX.
    Thank you for contacting us!

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