Allowing Mac to continue working with closed lid?

Is there any way to allow Mac to continue working and doing whatever it's been doing with a closed lid? I tried Caffeine and NoSleep but no luck and whenever I close the lid, it goes to power saving mode, disconnects me from WiFi and stops the HDMI output. As a consequence, whenever I want to download a bigger file or watch something on my TV via HDMI, the laptop has to remain ever so slightly open. Any way to fix it, be it through 3rd party apps or some terminal mumbo-jumbo?

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  • Would Qosmio G50 overheat while working with closed lid?

    If I work with the lid closed (i.e. switch on with the remote control) so that I just use two external monitors, will the G50 overheat or like other dockable laptops it's quite happy working like this?
    Anybody know?
    Thanks in advance.

    Why should the Qosmio overheat?
    I mean I dont see any connection between overeating and closed or opened lid
    The cooling ventilators are placed at the bottom of the unit and the air blow out from the notebooks side so its not matter if the lid has been closed or not
    The notebook should not overheat

  • A weird 'person sitting at a laptop ' icon pops up suspending the use of my Mac. I see a countdown for 3 minutes and a line of letters to type in to allow me to continue working. I have 2 minutes to work. Help. What is this!

    A weird 'person sitting at a laptop ' icon pops up suspending the use of my Mac. I see a countdown for 3 minutes and a line of letters to type in to allow me to continue working. I have 2 minutes to work. Help. What is this!

    Hate to say it. I isolated this to only be happening with email/Mail program. Then ran Sophos Virus detector on it and it did show a trojan virus in my email spam folder. I eliminated it ; ran disk utility a couple of times and  I am good now. Spent the whole day on it though before I thought of using a virus scan... as soon as I started running sophos it stopped sending me the two minute timer as well--so just opening the virus software was able to disengage whatever was happening. My computer is all mac --no PC interface added at all. Hope that was that. Thank you for responding.

  • Charging iPhone with closed lid on mbp

    I've been researching, but found nothing this specific so far. Related links:
    - - This says it may or may not charge
    - -closed.html - This says it should work since Leopard and if it's not working to reset the SMC should fix it (I haven't tried yet):
    - This is not the same model, but for him it seems to not work anyway
    - Suggests for dealing with closed lid, but requires external display, among other things that don't come to this case (or so I guess)
    To me, experience showed that closing the lid with the iPhone already connected works fine. I'm using a macbook pro 2009, as already hinted elsewhere. It's 13'' if that makes any difference.
    But if I have the computer sleeping in the bag and want to just plug the iPhone for charging convenience, then it doesn't work. I have to remove it, open the lid, wait for charging to begin, then I can safely close, sleep, put it back on the bag, and it will be charging.
    So I wonder how this is supposed to work, and if I can "fix" this behavior. Anyone knows?

    I actually solved it on my own luck. Oddly enough, just need to remove and re-plug.
    Here, this is a small chart:
    1- Computer with lid open, up and running with energy - whatever AC or not.
    normal behavior, everything as expected: plug in iPhone it starts charging.
    2- Computer with closed lid, sleeping as blinking light indicate and plugged in AC power.
    normal behavior, everything as expected: plug in iPhone it starts charging.
    3- Computer with closed lid for long time, unplugged from AC power, no cables on it whatsoever.
    plug in iPhone - nothing happens.
    unplug it and plug in again in either port - it starts charging!
    If you close the lid and don't wait it gets to sleep (that is, white blinking light - if you want to be sure, wait till the computer cools down, if it was hot - that's sleep mode) you'll get normal behavior right on the first plug time. The trick of plugging again seem to work always from my tests. So this is a undocumented feature that took me freaking long enough to uncover!
    Now it's aight!

  • WP Greek Century in Mac doesn't work with Dreamweaver

    I am a many year PC user and have finally made the leap too Mac and its another learning curve .. That said, in Dreamweaver and in Mac, WP Greek Century does not work!  I have reloaded the font and all I see is the alpha #.   If I load it into any browser, it still will not read greek.  My old PC didn't have a problem with this.  Some of the download sites say that this font, WP Greek Century, works with both PC and Mac.  The one odd spin to all this is that this greek font works in Fireworks ... Is there anything I can do to make it work in Dreamweaver?  Please advise and thanks.  Mark
    ps.  I called Apple support and they could not help.

    Thanks for your reply and I was afraid that this might the answer.  Looks
    like I'm going to have to go back and fix a bunch of documents. Appreciate
    your help in this matter.  Mark
    From:   SnakEyez02 <[email protected]>
    To:     Marcusb B <[email protected]>
    Date:   02/13/2012 09:20 PM
    Subject:        WP Greek Century in Mac doesn't work with
    Re: WP Greek Century in Mac doesn't work with Dreamweaver
    created by SnakEyez02 in Dreamweaver - View the full discussion
    Fonts don't work on the web like they do in print.  Any font you use on a
    website will require that the end user have that same font installed on
    their system.
    I did try to load that font from a free source (assuming this is how you
    got it).  It is a PC TrueType and doesn't appear to work at all on the
    Mac.  Now if you are looking for just a few characters you can code this
    into the HTML:
    .html .  As far as other fonts, this greek font seems to work on Mac: .  But again, it's not a web-font
    so you won't be legally allowed to use it on web pages, and it will only
    work if the end user has that font installed on their system, unlike the
    HTML entities previously linked.
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  • When i update my iPhone 4s through iOS 7 with my mac, i tunes told me that an upgrade was necessary to sync with the new iOS 7 and of course i updated my iTunes to the ultimate version but my mac didn't work with this version of i tunes. What can i do

    when i update my iPhone 4s through iOS 7 with my mac, i tunes told me that an upgrade was necessary to sync with the new iOS 7 and of course i updated my iTunes to the ultimate version but my mac didn't work with this version of i tunes. What can i do

    Only option is upgrading your Mac's OSX, since Apple will not allow iOS to go backwards.
    Snow Leopard/10.6.x Requirements...
    General requirements
       * Mac computer with an Intel processor
        * 1GB of memory (I say 4GB at least, more if you can afford it)
        * 5GB of available disk space (I say 30GB at least)
        * DVD drive for installation
        * Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.
        * Some features require Apple’s MobileMe service; fees and terms apply.
    Which apps work with Mac OS X 10.6?...
    Call Apple the US: 1-800-MY-APPLE. Or Support... 1-800-275-2273
    Other countries...
    It looks like they might still have it...

  • Weak WLAN connection with closed lid!!

    Hi out there,
    I use this MacBook Pro (which I've got recently, nice machine btw) mostly at home driving an external monitor and with closed lid.
    I notice now ,that WLAN (driven by an Airport satellite, white) is weak, tumbling and going in and out frequently. Other machines in my house, sitting much farther away, have no problems (some, but not all are pfui Windows however).
    My impression is, that with a closed lid, the antenna in the Macbook is somehow "hindered", because with the lid open, its oK.
    Any idea what I could do? Is there an external antenna for the book to improve reception?
    I use a Dr. Bott antenna already on the Airport module.
    Would it help to upgrade to 10.5 (which I would not like to do)?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi sig
    thanksalot, it took awhile until the stuff came over to old Germany, but its working like a charm and the rate US$ to Euro is very favourable indeed (smile)
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  • Sharepoint list dataheet view error "Cannot connect to the server at this time. You can continue working with this list, but some data may not be available"

    I have a List which is having around 14000 items in it.while opening that list in datasheet view it is giving error .
    Below is a summary of the issue:
    After selecting datasheet view beow error occurs:
        "Cannot connect to the server at this time.  You can continue working with this list, but some data may not be available."
        "Unable to retrieve all data."
        The item counts displays say 100 out of 14000 items.
    Exporting List to excel is giving only 2000 records out of 14000 records.
    Other Observations   -  
    This is happening to only one list on the site .There are other lists in the site whose no. of records is equal to 8000 to 9000.They are working absolutely fine without any error.
    Also, If I am saving this list as a template and creating another list with it ,then it is working absolutely fine with 14000 records,so the issue does not seem to be related with no. of records as the template list is working fine.
    I have checked the Alternate access mapping setting ,its fine.
    It should not be related to lookup,datefield or any other column as the list created from it template is working fine with all these columns.
    I checked below links also ,but doesn't seem to work in my case.

    I have spent two days to resolve this issue. Microsoft has released two KBs with reference to this issue...but are not appearing in search results at the top.
    I am sharing my finding.
    1. First install the
    KB2552989 (Hopefully you might have already installed it. The KB detetcts it and informs the user.)
    2. Then update registry by adding new key for data fetch timeout as mentioned inKB2553007
    These two steps resolved the issue in our environment. Hope it might help others as well.
    Pradip T. ------------- MCTS(SharePoint 2010/Web)|MCPD(Web Development)

  • Advice about using the laptop with closed lid while connected to external display

    Hello all HP forum members!
    I have an ENVY 17 with Win8.1 64bit, a great laptop, but I need an advice about using it while connected via HDMI cable to an external display (TV).
    When I play heavy 3D games, the computer produces more heat than usual (of course this is normal), but doing so with closed lid, could this harm the  display in some way, as a result of the heat?

    Hi @VVel ,
    Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. It is a great site for information and questions. I have looked into your issue about your HP ENVY 17 Notebook and issue with keeping the Notebook on while closing the lid. Here is a document on changing the Power option.
    Control Panel - Power Options - upper left - Choose what closing the lid does.
    Change Plan Settings and also check Advanced Settings. Make sure you do this for both battery and power.
    Hope this helps.
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  • Can the MacBook safely be used with closed lid ?

    I'm wondering if the MacBook and MacBook Pro can be used safely with closed lid when connected to an external display. I know in the past there was an heat issue.
    Many thanks

    It says you can, right in the manual:
    Using Your MacBook with the Display Closed
    You can use your MacBook with the display closed if the computer is connected to an
    external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
    Important: To use your MacBook with the display closed, the MacBook must be
    plugged into a functioning power outlet.
    To operate your computer with an external monitor attached and the display closed:
    1 Connect a USB keyboard and mouse to your MacBook.
    2 Connect the power adapter to the MacBook and a power outlet. Check that the power
    adapter light is on.
    3 Close the MacBook display to put the computer to sleep.
    4 Follow the steps in the previous section to connect your MacBook to an external
    5 Wait a few seconds and then press any key on the external keyboard to wake the

  • Will the mac mini definitely work with a 50 hertz tv?

    Just wondering if the mac mini will work with a 50 hertz tv

    Yep - just go to the System Preferences and choose display and hit 'detect display' which will give you 1080x and other TV resolution options (assuming you have a modern LCD or similar).
    You should then be able to select 50 or 60 hz.

  • Firefox 3.6.27 (Mac) doesn't work with Google Blogger's Blog Archive links?

    I noticed this just started happening about week ago. Firefox 3.6.27 (Mac) doesn't work with Google Blogger when clicking in the Blog Archive sidebar links. I can't upgrade because I'm using a PowerMac. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!

    I press the combination after having some of the document's text selected, otherwise there wouldn't be anything to apply the paragraph style in the first place. But the real thing is I do the exact same with other paragraph styles combinations (Cmd+Alt+1, Cmd+Alt+2, Cmd+Alt+4, Cmd+Alt+5...) and it works. In Safari, even the one I'm interested in works (Cmd+Alt+3). The natural solution, it appears to me, would be a shortcut conflict, but I can't manage to find it, not even disabling my four add-ons (Adblock Plus, bookmarks-deiconizer, Customizable Shortcuts, YouTube to MP3). The Google forums are not finding a solution either. Anyway, thank you for trying.

  • Working Flex 2-14 with external monitor an keyboard with closed lid

    Hi everybody, at home I have an USB-3-Hub for my Flex 2-14 where LAN, external Monitor, external Keyboard, Mouse, Sound, BlueRay and so on is plugged in. So the main time I use the Flex 2-14 at my Desk at Home with this usb-hub like a docking station.  The main difference to a real docking station is, that I have to open the lid everytime to push the power button. When running, I configured Windows 8.1 in the way, that I can close the lid without consequences, but I search for a way to turn in on without opening the lid before. Also wake on Keyboard or even wake on mouse could be an alternative, but I also didn't find a way to aktivate that (neither in the bios, nor in Windows 8.1). An other alternative may be to turn it on because of opening the lid (because in Windows there ist is possibility to shut it down when closing it, so truning it on and off without pressing any button may be another possibility, but I also didnt find a soultion for that. Somebody out there who can help me? Thnx! 

    It seems that the latest version of OS-XLion (10.7.2) now prevents the use of portable computers (such as my MacBookpro) in a vertical docking station such as the Henge Docks unit I have beenusing for the past few months.
    To operate the MBP in ‘clamshell mode’ nowrequires the external monitor, wired keyboard, and mouse to be connected before the computer is closed,otherwise it will not recognize the external monitor etc.:
    This means that it cannot be closed theninserted into the dock, then be expected to work with an external display…
    I contacted Apple support about this, the person I spoke with seemedknowledgeable enough and agreed that apparently the only way around this wouldbe to reverse the OS updates, which I do not want to do either. They suggestedI send feedback via the Apple website, which I have done.
    Any other Henge Docks users out there experiencing the same issue?

  • PowerBook hangs on waking with closed lid with 10.4.8

    Since updating to 10.4.8 (PPC combo), I have the problem that on plugging in USB mouse, keyboard, DVI-screen and the power plug with the lid of my powerbook 12'' 1,5GHz SD 80GB closed, the external screen awakes and shows a blank blue screen. No mouse, no further reaction. Disconnecting everything, the pb falls asleep again, but is not accessible after (awaking on opening lid with all connections off shows black screen). I have enabled the security option that you have to provide your user name and password to access the computer.
    This happens occasionally, also with a VGA screen, with or without ethernet connectivity. The only thing that seems to work is to force quit the computer!
    The strange thing is that it worked for all other 10.4 versions before. It seems to me that the log-in window is not loaded...
    Is there anybody experiencing the same problem? Any work arounds?
    PowerBook G4 12'' SD 1,5GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    This isn't really a hack, or even an intentional thing, but it might be a solution.
    I noticed last night that when I closed my MBP lid, it didn't go to sleep. Not only did the light not start blinking, the system was still up and running on my external monitor. I did a restart. Tried again, with no external monitor. Same thing. No sleepy.
    I then turned off all 3rd party software in my login items. Sure enough, went to sleep. Turns out it was Temperature Monitor, a program that checks the temps of your sensors. I had had the HD sensor set to check every 10 seconds, so they couldn't go to sleep. I am not suggesting this is a good idea, but it might work for what you want it for, at least now and then. I removed it from my login items, re-set the frequency to every 10 minutes, and it slept fine. I want it to sleep when the lid is closed, to avoid the chance of overheating it, which is probably why that setting is not included in the OS.

  • How to make Macbook work with closed display?

    I need to make MacBook to be closed (display) most of the time and work with external monitor, keyboard and mouse (actually trackball as I have been hating any type of mice since 1998 and not using it even at work).
    Now I do not like mediocre resolution of small MacBook display and I prefer my 20 inch wide monitor. Also the keyboard is rather for quick work in small areas like restroom rather than comfortable work on big desk (I hate notebook keyboards either as they make me feel claustrophobic and crunching my fingers).
    Considering recent buzz on Mac Mini not living for too long into future I would love to find alternative solution (meaning I do not want computer with display and keyboard in one and I do not have needs of spending few thousand of dollars for big metal case good for feeding and breeding birds I have ergonomics demands, but not higg performnce processing needs.
    So can you tell me how I make Apple notebook being closed (and perhaps squashed by monitor stand) behave like a CPU box?

    Thnaks, but I am not interested in bluethooth/wireless solution. That minimum of cable to reach CPU does not bother me and I do not buy big monitor to work on my computer from adjacent room. I just need space for more windows and I think Apple did great job having USB Hub on keyboard that allows stringing mouse and keayoboard with one cable to CPU.
    Also I haven't heard of wireless KVM and I use such solution. This is not my only computer as I run home network and two of them in my room are supposed to share keyboard, mouse and monitor. So far I was successful to run this setup, but I need inexpensive plain CPU from Apple to be able to find comfortable solution to work.
    Well I could drop the other computer if Apple managed to provide everything that I need (how about Safari properly working with Citrix client and Remote Desktop to Windows as I do not want Firefox on Apple computer? Only Firefox fixes the problems with this software).

Maybe you are looking for

  • Iphoto not opening in my iMac

    I'm using OS X 10.9.2 and no upgrades in the App Store.... When I try to open it, it shows "You can't open the "iPhoto" app because it is not compatible con this type of Mac. Could someone help me? Thx!!

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  • Youtube videos really pixelated when resuming or fast forwarding

    Since a day or 2 now, the youtube videos get Veeeery pixelated, it affects any video, when it should be looking like this it looks like this , It's VERY annoying, i already tried to disable all the exte