AND/OR + some nulls in filter

I'm running into another problem with the AND/OR filter.
The filter for selecting from object "a" and joining to objects b, c & d
(b.theid==2 || c.theid==2 || d.theid==3) && active=="Y"
The SQL that gets generated is:
SELECT <...>
FROM b t1, d t3, a t0, c t2
WHERE ((((t1.theid = 2 AND = OR (t2.theid = 2 AND t0.cid
= OR (t3.theid = 3 AND t0.did = AND = 'Y')
This returns a number of instances of the same a object when some of the
OR clauses do not match. For example, if there's no record
with d.theid=3, then it will do a full join on table d.
Do I need to specify something else to flag these as potentially null
fields so that the filter parser adds that check in? The following SQL
query works
ok if I add some checks for NULL on those join fields:
SELECT <...>
FROM b t1, d t3, a t0, c t2
WHERE ((((t1.theid = 2 AND = OR IS NULL) OR
(t2.theid = 2 AND t0.cid = OR t0.cid IS NULL)) OR (t3.theid = 3
AND t0.did = OR t0.did IS NULL)) AND = 'Y')
Mike Bridge

Hi D,
Thank you for your answer.
I have seriously thought about that solution; but I don't think it's a smart way to do it.
If i do it like that, i need to copy the whole table and paste it inside the if statements.
I have two xml elements that I need to make the decisions on. POH_PO_TYPE & CP_RELEASE_NUM.
CP_RELEASE_NUM can be: '' or N
THEN show table (which contains the whole PO).
It shall show the content of the PO in any of these cases.
BR Kenneth

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    Hi Visahk,
    Maybe I did not explain my issue very good. 
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    to my SQL query, the user is prompted to enter a price range before seeing any data.
    Ok for that what you can do is to set allow null value property for the parameters.
    Then set NULL as default value for parameters in parameter properties tab
    and make the query as below
    WHERE price BETWEEN @StartPrice AND @EndPrice
    OR (@StartPrice IS NULL AND @EndPrice IS NULL)
    and then report will get executed without waiting for any prompt and user may change values at a later stage and rerun it
    Please Mark This As Answer if it helps to solve the issue Visakh ----------------------------

  • Createrow() with some null values for attributes errors out

    I am trying to insert rows from one table to another table.
    I get all the values from source table to be inserted into the destination table and set the row attributes as required.
                  Row newrow = (Row)MAToolingVO.createRow();
                  newrow.setAttribute("InventoryItemId", new Number(InvItemId));
                  newrow.setAttribute("OrganizationId", new Number(102));
                  newrow.setAttribute("Machine", new Number(Machine));
                  newrow.setAttribute("SetNumber", new Number(SetNumber));
                  newrow.setAttribute("ToolSequence", tseqNum);  
                  newrow.setAttribute("FamilyCode", Family);                
                  newrow.setAttribute("ClassCode", Class1);                              
                  newrow.setAttribute("ToolingItem", ToolingItem);                                            
                  newrow.setAttribute("ToolingItemId", ToolingItemId);                                                          
                  newrow.setAttribute("Description", ToolingDesc);
    ///added these rows because it was throwing NPE , --these are user inputs, they should be null at the time of row creation  and user can save them null too.                                                          
                  newrow.setAttribute("InsertDesc", "-");    
                  newrow.setAttribute("Grade", "-");                                                                                      
                  newrow.setAttribute("ExtraLength", new Number(0));                                                                        
                  newrow.setAttribute("ToolLength", new Number(0));               
    //after adding these rows, NPE is gone, but it still doesnt commit to the database. WHY ?
                   poRow.setAttribute("CheckBox", Boolean.TRUE);
    If user enters values in all the fields : InsertDesc, grade, ExtraLength, ToolLength , then row gets commited to db, else not.
    Also none of the fields are mandatory and can be null.
    please suggest.

    any one on this please ?
    when i create new row, columns for primary keys and other values get set correctly, but if user doesnt input some value in text fields of newly created row, they dont get saved to the db.
    I even tried defaulting some values to the optional attributes, but still doesnt work.

  • Export with all objects and only some table data

    can we use exclude and include both at a time.Because I want export full schema but data required only some 5 table, Is it possible.
    please share expdp and impdp query.

    can we use exclude and include both at a time.No, EXCLUDE and INCLUDE are mutually exclusive.
    I want export full schema but data required only some 5 table, Is it possible.You can make 2 separate Exports:
    - *1.* With the metadata only, by using the parameter below:
    CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY- *2.* With the Data of the 5 Tables.
    The _1st Export_ will let you have all the Objects of the Schema but you won't have any rows.
    For this _2nd Export_, you may use the INCLUDE parameter so as to select the 5 Tables for which you need Datas. As previously posted, the QUERY parameter let you apply a filter on the rows for each Tables. By that way you'll have only an extract of the content of the 5 Tables.
    NB: The use of a Parameter File is recommended so as to manage better all the Parameters you need, and avoid some troubles with some special characters.
    Hope this help.
    Best regards,
    Edited by: Lubiez Jean-Valentin on Apr 19, 2011 5:43 PM

  • Exel to SQL DFTask loads some Null records

    I have an SSIS package to import Excel data into SQL. When I look at Excel I dont see ANY Null rows. However when I run the SSIS package and check SQL, It loads some NULL RECORDS IN SQL. WHy is that It loads Null records in SQL, When i cannot see the Null
    recs In Excel?

    That's because the person who created the Excel file and added the data to it pressed the "Enter" key on some of the empty cells under that specific column. In excel, such a row might look like any other empty, non-data row but for SSIS, its an
    actual data row except that it doesn't have any value. SSIS treats a missing data value as a DBNULL and that's what you saw.
    There are multiple ways of fixing this. 
    1. Educate the creator of the excel to be more careful at the time of data entry.
    2. Make that target column in the DB table as NOT NULL. 
    3. Handle such "empty" data values as exception inside your SSIS (using a data flow task and ignoring such rows).
    4. Switch to using CSV file format instead of excel format.
    5. All of the above :)
    Hope this helps.

  • Duplicate content of region fields in the region and keep some fields

    duplicate content of region fields in the region and keep some fields displayed in this region and some not.
    Our customer wants to duplicate the content of the region fields and 3 fields of this region (one of them is the key from the table ) have to be shown empty and have to be recreated when he does the next commit. The other 25 fields have to be filled with the content before. (I have to do a commit before I show the region again without these three fields)
    What I did:
    When I have a botton with request CHANGE then APEX does the change without emptying the fields. I tried to make processes on this request which should empty my three fields, but the processes never fire (I see it in the debug and I don't know why, I putted them on every process point for testing)
    The second try:
    On my button with request CHANGE , I filled the 'set these items ' with my three fields and the 'with these items' with 2 commas ,, to set these items null.
    I do no claer cache, but APEX empties the hole region.
    Can you help me??
    Thanks Uta

    Hi Uta,
    OK - This is what I did:
    1 - Page 15
    On the EMPNO column, I have a link to page 18. I set P18_EMPNO to #EMPNO#. I assume that you already have this functionality to link from the report page to the form page. There are no changes required to this page.
    2 - Page 18
    I have created a hidden field called "P18_EMPNO_COPY". There are no special settings for this item - I've just put it at the bottom of the region containing all of the other items
    I have created a button called "P18_COPY". This has a Conditional Display set with a Condition Type of Value of Item in Expression 1 IS NOT NULL and Expression 1 of P18_EMPNO. This has an Option URL Redirect set for it with the following settings:
    Target is a - Page
    Page - 18
    Set These Items - P18_EMPNO,P18_EMPNO_COPY
    With These Values - ,&P18_EMPNO.
    I have created a Process to run "On Load - After Header". The PL/SQL code for this is:
    emp_rec EMP%ROWTYPE;
    :P18_EMPNO := NULL;
    :P18_JOB := emp_rec.JOB;
    :P18_MGR := emp_rec.MGR;
    :P18_SAL := emp_rec.SAL;
    :P18_DEPTNO := emp_rec.DEPTNO;
    This has a Conditional Processing Condition Type of "Value of Item in Expression 1 is NOT NULL" and Expression 1 shows P18_EMPNO_COPY
    Finally, for each field, I have added in a Default Value that points to itself (For example, the P18_JOB field has a Default Value of :P18_JOB) with a Default Value Type of PL/SQL Expression.
    Obviously you will need to replace the field and item names with those for your table and form.
    This process does the following:
    1 - The user clicks the link in the report on page 15. P18_EMPNO gets populated with the EMPNO value of the item select.
    2 - Page 18 is loaded with the data relating to the record with the ID found in P18_EMPNO
    3 - The Copy button is displayed only if P18_EMPNO contains a value
    4 - The user clicks the Copy button
    5 - The P18_EMPNO value is copied into P18_EMPNO_COPY and P18_EMPNO is blanked out
    6 - The page is submitted with these changes. When it reloads, the new process kicks in
    7 - This process will:
    (A) Create a variable based on the record structure for the EMP table
    (B) Fill this variable with the data in the table for the ID that's now in P18_EMPNO_COPY
    (C) Set the session state values for the fields that need to be repopulated with the data now retrieved into the variable
    (D) Clear the P18_EMPNO session state value
    8 - When the page starts to load the form, it will see that there is no P18_EMPNO value and, therefore, will not bring in any information from the table. However, as we have now set the Default Value settings for each field, this will force it to retrieve the values we've stored using the new process and display these values in the form.
    I think I've detailed everything - if this doesn't work, please let me know!

  • Why the fifa 2014 apps suddenly started and after some seconds stopped "the window of the game minimized to the desktop toolbar

    Hello to you
    I have download game apps fifa 2014 from the app store of windows 8.1 32x  on my laptop.
     However, the game started to the mane screen and stopped suddenly.
     The window of the game minimized to the manager toolbar on desktop and win I click on it the game work from the beginning and stopped like the first time and didn't work  
    Why the fifa 2014 apps suddenly started and after some seconds stopped "the window of the game minimized to the desktop toolbar  
       System Information Report
                    نظام التشغيل        Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro
                    المعالج المركزي        Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz
                    اسم المستخدم        amjad
                    وصلة الفيديو        Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
                    ذاكرة الفيديو        1.15 GB
                    دقة الشاشة        1366 x 768
                    إجمالي الذاكرة        2.67 GB
                    الذاكرة الحرة        1.05 GB
                    مساحة القرص الصلب        296.54 GB
                    المساحة الحرة        176.65 GB
                    الفأرة        Samsung PS/2 Port Input Device
                    لوحة المفاتيح        Standard PS/2 Keyboard
    نظام الكمبيوتر        
                    اسم الكمبيوتر        SUMSUNG-I3
                    اسم المستخدم        [email protected]
                    المنظمة        N/A
    نظام التشغيل        
                    اسم نظام التشغيل        Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro
                    إصدار نظام التشغيل        6.3.9600
                    معرّف المنتج        00261-50000-00000-AA602
                    وقت تشغيل النظام        17/06/2014 23:34:21
                    إصدار الأنترنت إكسبلورر        11.0.9600.17126
                    DirectX إصدار        DirectX 11
                    OpenGL إصدار        6.3.9600.16384 (winblue_rtm.130821-1623)
                    أقصى حجم        682 MB
                    الحجم الحالي        104 MB
                    الحالة        OK
    المعالج المركزي        
                    اسم المعالج        Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz
                    اسم الكود        N/A
                    المنتج        GenuineIntel
                    السرعة الحالية        2200 Mhz
                    أقصى سرعة        2200 Mhz
                    Voltage        1.2V
                    الساعة الخارجية        100 Mhz
                    الرقم التسلسل        BFEBFBFF000206A7
                    معرّف المعالج        x64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
                    مأخذ التوصيل        CPU
                    L1-Cache        64 KB
                    L2-Cache        256 KB
                    L3-Cache        3072 KB
    اللوحة الأم        
                    الطراز        300E4A/300E5A/300E7A
                    المنتج        SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
                    الرقم التسلسل        123490EN400015
                    BIOS اسم        Phoenix SecureCore-Tiano(tm) NB Version 2.1 01QA
                    BIOS منتج        Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
                    SMBIOS إصدار        01QA
                    BIOS تاريخ        05/09/2011
    BIOS ميزات        
                    PCI is supported        نعم
                    BIOS is Upgradable (Flash)        نعم
                    BIOS shadowing is allowed        نعم
                    Boot from CD is supported        نعم
                    Selectable Boot is supported        نعم
                    EDD (Enhanced Disk Drive) Specification is supported        نعم
                    Int 5h, Print Screen Service is supported        نعم
                    Int 9h, 8042 Keyboard services are supported        نعم
                    Int 14h, Serial Services are supported        نعم
                    Int 17h, printer services are supported        نعم
                    Int 10h, CGA/Mono Video Services are supported        نعم
                    NEC PC-98        نعم
                    ACPI supported        نعم
                    USB Legacy is supported        نعم
    مورد الذاكرة        
                    إجمالي الذاكرة        2.67 GB
                    الذاكرة المستخدمة        1.62 GB
                    الذاكرة الحرة        1.05 GB
                    استخدام الذاكرة        60%
    الذاكرة الفعلية        
                    صرف الذاكرة        BANK 0
                    الوصف        Physical Memory 0
                    محدد الجهاز        ChannelA-DIMM0
                    المساحة        2.00 GB
                    السرعة        1333 Mhz
                    المنتج        Hynix/Hyundai
                    عرض البيانات        64 bit
                    نوع الذاكرة        Unknown
                    عامل النموذج        SODIMM
    الذاكرة الفعلية        
                    صرف الذاكرة        BANK 2
                    الوصف        Physical Memory 2
                    محدد الجهاز        ChannelB-DIMM0
                    المساحة        2.00 GB
                    السرعة        1333 Mhz
                    المنتج        Hynix/Hyundai
                    عرض البيانات        64 bit
                    نوع الذاكرة        Unknown
                    عامل النموذج        SODIMM
    الأقراص الصلبة        
                    الاسم        SAMSUNG HM321HI
                    نوع الوسائط        Fixed hard disk media
                    الحجم الكلي        298.09 GB
                    نوع الواجهة        IDE
                    عدد الأقراص        3
                    إجمالي الأسطوانات        38913
                    إجمالي الكليّة        255
                    إجمالي القطاعات        625137345
                    مجموع المسارات        9922815
                    المسارات لكل اسطوانة        255
                    بايت لكل قطاع        512
                    قطاعات لكل مسار        63
                    S.M.A.R.T دعم        نعم
                    درجة الحرارة الحالية        0C (32F)
    CD-ROM Drive        
                    الاسم        TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN-208BB
                    القرص        E:
                    معدل النقل        -1
                    الحالة        OK
    IDE تحكم        
                    الاسم        Standard SATA AHCI Controller
                    المنتج        Standard SATA AHCI Controller
                    الحالة        OK
    وصلة الفيديو        
                    الاسم        Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
                    معالج فيديو        Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
                    المنتج        Intel Corporation
                    فيديو فن العمارة        VGA
                    DAC نوع        Internal
                    حجم الذاكرة        1.15 GB
                    نوع الذاكرة        Unknown
                    وضع الفيديو        1366 x 768 x 4294967296 colors
                    معدل التحديث الحالي        60 Hz
                    إصدار التعريف
                    سجل الأحداث        29/01/2014
    جهاز العرض        
                    الاسم        Generic PnP Monitor
                    ارتفاع الشاشة        768
                    عرض الشاشة        1366
                    الحالة        OK
                    اسم المنتج        Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
                    اسم الخدمة        RTL8168
                    المنتج        Realtek
                    MAC عنوان        NULL
                    اسم المنتج        Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 130
                    اسم الخدمة        NETwNs32
                    المنتج        Intel Corporation
                    MAC عنوان        DC:A9:71:7A:A9:3B
    Local Area Connection        
                    اسم المنتج        TAP-Windows Adapter V9
                    اسم الخدمة        tap0901
                    المنتج        TAP-Windows Provider V9
                    MAC عنوان        NULL
    أجهزة الصوت        
                    الاسم        صوت الشاشة من Intel(R)‎‎‎
                    المنتج        Intel(R) Corporation
                    الحالة        OK
                    الاسم        Samsung PS/2 Port Input Device
                    المنتج        ELAN
                    الأزرار        0
                    الحالة        OK
    لوحة المفاتيح        
                    الاسم        Standard PS/2 Keyboard
                    الوصف        Enhanced (101- or 102-key)
                    وظائف المفاتيح        12
                    الحالة        OK
    USB أداة تحكم        
                    اسم المنتج        Intel(R) 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 1C2D
                    المنتج        Intel
                    بروتوكول معتمد        Universal Serial Bus
                    الحالة        OK
    USB أداة تحكم        
                    اسم المنتج        Intel(R) 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 1C26
                    المنتج        Intel
                    بروتوكول معتمد        Universal Serial Bus
                    الحالة        OK
    System requirements
    OS: Windows 8
    CPU:  1.8G core2duo
    RAM: 1G
    GPU: NVidia card 7800 GT+ with 512M+ vram
    This game is not fully optimized to work with some ATI GPU cards.
    Keyboard support is not available.
    try to contact game manufactured, maybe your GPU doesn't meet requirement

  • How to detect window close event and do some task before exiting

    Anyone knows how to detect window close event and do some task before exiting ?
    Go to Solution.
    window close event.JPG ‏34 KB

    Yes .You can discard the panel close event by passing "TRUE" boolean value to the "discard ?" terminal which is lied in the right side of that panel close(filter) event.& It will work in executables.  See attached picture.
    Panel Close.JPG ‏12 KB

  • Problem with installing and running some applications or drivers

    When installing and installing some items, towards the end of the installation I get this message:
    *was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it or contact product's vendor for update*
    The end result is that some things do not seem to work properly, such as my HP printer. Would anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    Thank you for your response. Originally, I had a problem with Airport and ended up reinstalling Snow Leopard. Since then, when downloading upgrades etc, such as HP printer drivers, iTunes etc., towards the end of the download when its running the script, I get this message: /System/Library/Extensions/comcy_driver_USBDevice.kext
    +was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it or contact product's vendor for update+
    Sometimes, the download hangs and is unable to complete. The main problem I've encountered so far with an application is when I use the printer to scan an image via Preview, it's blank: there's nothing there.

  • MySQL using Is Null and Is Not Null

    I am using mySQL and PHP to design a web site. On one of the
    pages I want to able to display a list of records based on a date
    field either having a date inputted or not having a date inputted.
    I want the user to be able to select these options on the page via
    a list box as below
    Label Value
    Open Is Null
    Closed Is Not Null
    However I can not seem to get this to work (sql below), is
    the syntax correct and should it be a GET or POST variable eg
    $_POST['ListBox']. Hope this makes sense.
    SELECT *
    FROM tbltable
    WHERE datefield variable

    Change the order of your conditions
    SELECT name,
           CASE WHEN creditcard IS NULL AND credit_used IS NULL THEN
             'Sell both'
           WHEN creditcard IS NULL THEN
             'Sell Card'
           WHEN credit_used IS NULL THEN
             'Sell Credit'
             'No Action'
           END "Action"
      FROM customers;

  • Hi all.When pressed play and make some changes in loop (eg fade in fade out) are very slow to implement, and also the loops from the library are very slow to play, corrects the somewhat self so is the Logic??

    hi all.When pressed play and make some changes in loop (eg fade in fade out) are very slow to implement, and also the loops from the library are very slow to play, corrects the somewhat self so is the Logic??

    Hey there Logic Pro21,
    It sounds like you are seeing some odd performance issues with Logic Pro X. I recommend these troubleshooting steps specifically from the following article to help troubleshoot what is happening:
    Logic Pro X: Troubleshooting basics
    Verify that your computer meets the system requirements for Logic Pro X
    See Logic Pro X Technical Specifications.
    Test using the computer's built-in audio hardware
    If you use external audio hardware, try setting Logic Pro X to use the built-in audio hardware on your computer. Choose Logic Pro X > Preferences > Audio from the main menu and click the Devices tab. Choose the built in audio hardware from the Input Device and Output Device pop-up menus. If the issue is resolved using built-in audio, refer to the manufacturer of your audio interface.
    Start Logic with a different project template
    Sometimes project files can become damaged, causing unexpected behavior in Logic. If you use a template, damage to the template can cause unexpected results with any project subsequently created from it. To create a completely fresh project choose File > New from Template and select Empty Project in the template selector window. Test to see if the issue is resolved in the new project.
    Sometimes, issues with the data in a project can be repaired. Open an affected project and open the Project Information window with the Project Information key command. Click Reorganize Memory to attempt to repair the project. When you reorganize memory, the current project is checked for any signs of damage, structural problems, and unused blocks. If any unused blocks are found, you will be able to remove these, and repair the project. Project memory is also reorganized automatically after saving or opening a project.
    Delete the user preferences
    You can resolve many issues by restoring Logic Pro X back to its original settings. This will not impact your media files. To reset your Logic Pro X user preference settings to their original state, do the following:
    In the Finder, choose Go to Folder from the Go menu.
    Type ~/Library/Preferences in the "Go to the folder" field.
    Press the Go button.
    Remove the file from the Preferences folder. Note that if you have programmed any custom key commands, this will reset them to the defaults. You may wish to export your custom key command as a preset before performing this step. See the Logic Pro X User Manual for details on how to do this. If you are having trouble with a control surface in Logic Pro X, then you may also wish to delete the file from the preferences folder.
    If you have upgraded from an earlier version of Logic Pro, you should also remove~/Library/Preferences/Logic/
    Restart the computer.
    Isolate an issue by using another user account
    For more information see Isolating an issue by using another user account.
    Reinstall Logic Pro X
    Another approach you might consider is reinstalling Logic Pro X. To do this effectively, you need to remove the application, then reinstall Logic Pro X. You don't have to remove everything that was installed with Logic Pro X. Follow the steps below to completely reinstall a fresh copy of Logic Pro X.
    In the Finder, choose Applications from the Go menu.
    Locate the Logic Pro X application and drag it to the trash.
    Open the Mac App Store
    Click the Purchases button in the Mac App Store toolbar.
    Sign in to the Mac App Store using the Apple ID you first used to purchase Logic Pro X.
    Look for Logic Pro X in the list of purchased applications in the App Store. If you don't see Logic Pro X in the list, make sure it's not hidden. See Mac App Store: Hiding and unhiding purchases for more information.
    Click Install to download and install Logic Pro X.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • HT1918 I can't seem to update my apps or make any purchases on from my account. Nothing has changed with my credit card information and for some reason the iTunes Store tells me my information is incorrect. What do I do?

    I can't seem to update my apps or make any purchases on from my account. Nothing has changed with my credit card information and for some reason the iTunes Store tells me my information is incorrect. What do I do?

    Yes, it's frustrating.
    I don't have my iPod with me but, as I recall, the change is done in Settings/Store.  That change will apply to NEW purchases.  However, be aware that all purchases are permanently associated with the Apple ID that was originally used.  Generally, it's only a problem when you need to update an app.  IF you do your updating from iTunes and your logged in to the "wrong" ID, you'll need to log out and back in again.  It's easier from the iPod as you do not need to log out/in but you do need to know the password.
    Unfortunately, you can not merge IDs nor can you transfer purchases from one ID to another.  Go here to find out exactly what you have.  I have the same problem so I deliberately made both passwords identical to make things slightly easier for me.

  • Config. a New MBP and Wanting Some Advice.

    (I apologize for the spelling errors ahead of time, but I need to hit the sack. However, I wanted to get this out since I do need to make a final decision on the new MBP early am. Getting feedback, other people's experiences, pointing out my crazy way of thinking, etc. all help me.)
    I am configuring a new 17" MBP. I have a ton of questions mostly because I stopped updating the OS at Tiger 10.4.11. Due to being accepted into a of architecture, panning, and preservation earlier than I thought, I will not be able to do what I was planning. that was learning Leopard on a friend's computer while taking what I thought was my last upper division course and having the basics of that OS, and having SL on the new 17" MPB for school. which I am now starting 4 months before I thought.
    I stopped at the Tiger version because Macs were real hard for me to learn and I am still probably way behind what most kids can do. (Oh, just out of the blue, what does it mean when Apple uses OS X a lot? (Are all of the Operating Systems OS X or how does that work?)
    Any feeling on skipping over Leopard and getting a Mac with SL installed, if indeed that is what they are now doing.
    I could go of on some more technical questions but I am going to not make this too long and ask m last question about the iPods. When they fist came out, I tried one and I broke it. it told me to install this software on the Pod but it already had it installed on it and I could not get it to work after that. The second time, I was exercising with it and I guess the jogging on the treadmill was too hard on the hard drive and it was out flat and cold as ice.
    So, I just switched t my old FM Sony and used that but I would like to get an iPod with the new Mac and hopefully use it with iTunes to download the thousands of songs I have purchased o iTunes onto the iPod. Any suggestions on how to learn using it? I am sure it is simple for most of you and you guys are laughing at me, but am serious, there has got to be another person out there, who did not grasp how to use it like the rest of the world.
    Also, I have never understood why Apple does not come with a practical Owner's Manual? Every time I look up something it is not there or has such little written about that are, it does me no good. I have heard about the Missing manuals and that they have one coming out for th iPods.
    any recommendation on an iPod for a beginner? Not something too large but comfortable, holds up to a clumsy big person, like I hope my MacBook Pro will. What is the name of the one you recommend and anything else as far as ear plugs or security straps that will help me keep it intact for awhile? Any resources that yo know of that is a good resource? Any on here in a section some people have sent me to but I cannot seem to find the Article section in the Apple Support area but I know there are a lot of good articles on how to do a lot of stuff somewhere. maybe it is not as organized as I assumed it was. it seems so good, I wold even like to have it on hard copy here at my desk, but probably copyright problems there.
    thanks for any recommendations and accessories for the iPod. I do not really have thousands and thousands of music I would like to download into m iPod.
    I'll sneak one last one in here, are the Macs with 2 graphics architecture really something that is needed, or maybe I do not understand how the 2 that are used-NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated and NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT discrete graphics processors used all the time when needed (which is determined by the software like games, architecture apps, etc.? I know in my are I will need this for sure but I just do not understand it like I should. I will read up on it but if anybody has any "bits and pieces" that could help me understand why the average "Joe" would get a notebook with this intense graphic ability, I just do not understand.
    I also understand that you can turn them on and off or use one or two, but is this something the user can do or the notebook does? I was also wondering if these intense graphic cards draw from their own dedicated power or what? Is this e of the reasons why the new MBP give one the ability to put up to 8 GB of pretty intense RAM in this machine.
    the 13 MBP does not have both graphic cards, right? But it will take up to 8 GB of RAM. I am not getting something or my technology skills need to be worked on.
    The mini display port which seems like most notebooks are installing now, allows for pure digital connection to external displays. Can somebody give me a few examples of what this would be? Are they talking about larger displays that work off of the notebook but sit o your desk or can be used to watch a movie? I am not familiar with the term "pure digital.
    OK, thanks a ton. Sorry again if it is not clear but I need to it the sack. I really appreciate being able to come to a place like this and get some pro help.
    BTW, if anybody has come across some rude or strange posts using this Profile Name, I have been having trouble with my 2 sons doing this stuff. I have a rule that all computers are open to anybody as long as they ask if they can use it and do not snoop around looking for personal stuff. One of them found this site and ...well, long story but I am trying to deal with it like my family deals with problems like this--not the typical way most families will deal with this, but I know it will stop now.

    You can't edit a post after anyone else has responded to it, and you can't ever completely delete it — but during the short time it's available for editing (30 minutes or so, if no one has responded), you can delete all the text from it.
    Maybe you could try prioritizing your questions, so folks here will know which ones are most important to you and focus on those first?

  • My apple id is not working on my ipad mini not allowing me to download ios7 and use some apps that need internet

    my apple id is not working on my ipad mini not allowing me to download ios7 and use some apps that need internet

    You change the name of your ID at  See

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