Animated Height and Width

I'm trying to write lingo, that tells a certian object, upon
the mouse leaving, to scale down by x amount. However I want it to
be animated and happen over time. But I want it to all be in Lingo,
within the cast member. I have it looking like this right now, but
this just makes it go from one size, immediately to a smaller size.
Like I said, I would like this to happen over a period of say, .5
on mouseLeave me
sprite(2).height = 438
sprite(2).width = 292
I'm doing this for something like a portfolio. You can roll
over images and they get larger, but when you roll off of them,
they get smaller. I just want them to get smaller over time, and
not immediately. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Since mouseLeave only happens once it can't easily be used to
something... so, you need to set up a system where the
shrinking happens
on an event that happens more often (like enterFrame)
property pShrink
on beginSprite me
pShrink=0 --set it to not shrink when it starts up
on mouseLeave me
pShrink=1 --start shrinking now
on enterFrame me
if pShrink=1 then
if sprite(2).height>400 then
pShrink=0 --now it will stop shrinking
end if
end if
This script kind of assumes that the sprite is square, since
it adjusts
the height and width evenly. Change those lines where the
width and
height are lowered by 2 to a greater number to make it go
faster or a
lower number to make it go slower (it has to be an integer,
so 1 is as
slow as it gets). Also, if the height and width are not
equal, then
adjust those same numbers accordingly. I also chose the
number 400
fairly arbitrarily.. that should be whatever height the
sprite should be
when you want it to stop shrinking.

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    I am trying to dynamically size a movieclip to fit the size of a text's string height and width (This text is inside the movieclip)
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    Format2.size = 36;
    Format2.align = TextFormatAlign.CENTER;
    Format2.font = Font1_.fontName;
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    MessageBox.Text1.defaultTextFormat = Format2;
    MessageBox.Text1.embedFonts = true;
    MessageBox.Text1.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;
    MessageBox.Text1.wordWrap = true;
    MessageBox.Text1.width = 800;
    MessageBox.Text1.height = 400;
    MessageBox.Text1.textColor = 0xFFFFFF;
    MessageBox.Text1.cacheAsBitmap = true;
    MessageBox.Text1.mouseEnabled = false;
    MessageBox.Text1.text = String("Use the Arrow Buttons to move");
    MessageBox.width = MessageBox.Text1.width;
    MessageBox.height = MessageBox.Text1.height;
      MessageBox.x = 400;
      MessageBox.y = 200;
    this isn't working for me.. anyone know the best way to do this?
    I also want the text to be centered in the movieclip, with a border of around 2-4 pixels
    I am also not sure if i should be using text.length? any advice and input is greatly welcomed.
    thanks in advance!

    Essentially, you need to check for a change in .textWidth or .textHeight, which are different from .width and .height.
    This code works for me (assumes a background box called bg and a foreground text instance fg inside a moveclip and an X and Y bounds offset variable to say how far away you want the box from the text and a textFrameNudge to provide a tweak value).
         // Resize background box = thisBox.fg.x - boundsOffsetX + textFrameNudge; // I'm using .4 as the tweak value for textFrameNudge = thisBox.fg.y - boundsOffsetY; = thisBox.fg.textWidth + boundsOffsetX*2 +textFrameNudge*thisBox.fg.getTextFormat().size; = thisBox.fg.textHeight + boundsOffsetY*2;

  • How to resize and maintain height and width ratio IR image column

    Hello, I am upgrading from 3.2 to 4.1 reports that include images in report columns. I have had good success with this except for one thing. If the height and width is fixed it distorts the photos, and if I do not have fixed dimensions the image may be too large depending on the original dimensions of the :P1_PHOTO item which is File Browse... BLOB column. I do not want to restrict users ability to upload large image files, or files with different dimensions, but I want them to display as a thumbnail size proportional to the original dimensions in the report, or maybe I need a different approach? Report region template is No Template. I appreciate any suggestions.
    select decode(nvl(dbms_lob.getlength(photo),0),0,null,'<img src="'||apex_util.get_blob_file_src('P1_PHOTO',id)||'" height="75" width="75"/>') photo from table.
    I tried using percent i.e.: width="10%" that does not work.
    I have tried several variations of <style> in page HTML header to change column width, but the image size does not change.
    td[headers="PHOTO"] {
    #apexir_PHOTO{width: 75px;}

    Try to go with max-width / max-height. However, if you have IE browser, hang on for pain. For some ideas, some links: (ignore object-fit, it is not yet supported on most browser)
    etc. Be sure to try out your chosen solution on the target browser(s)!
    IE is just nasty :(
    What i have done before is not to have my browser scale my images, especially when the images can be large(r) and you expect quite some traffic. All those extra (kilo)bytes won't help it load faster. I just added an extra column in the table, like photo_thumb, and create a scaled version of the uploaded picture when it is being inserted.
    For example, i have the following process on my apex page, and i'm using wwv_flow_files.
    Have some code:
         v_id number;
         v_small_photo blob;
         v_large_photo blob;
         v_mime_type apxt_contacts_img.mime_type%type;
         v_content_type apxt_contacts_img.content_type%type;
          SELECT blob_content a, blob_content b, mime_type, content_type
          INTO v_small_photo, v_large_photo, v_mime_type, v_content_type
          FROM wwv_flow_files
          WHERE name = :P3_FIND_PHOTO;
          IF lower(v_mime_type) NOT IN ('image/jpg', 'image/jpeg') THEN
             raise_application_error(-20001, 'File for upload is not a jpg!');
          END IF;
          -- Rezise the photo so that it is proportionally 125*125
          -- ordimage is an oracle type able to manipulate all sorts of pictures
          ordimage.process(v_small_photo, 'maxScale=125 125');
          -- If contact is of type personnel, then no need to store
          -- a large photo since it wont be displayed
          IF :P3_CONTACT_TYPE_ID = 2 THEN
            v_large_photo := NULL;
          END IF;
          -- Delete previously uploaded picture
          IF :P3_ID IS NOT NULL THEN
             DELETE FROM apxt_contacts_img
              WHERE contact_id = :P3_ID;
          END IF;
          -- Insert the data into the contacts_img table as a
          -- SELECT from WWV_FLOW_FILES
          INSERT INTO apxt_contacts_img
          -- Remove the image from the apex wwv_flows_files table
          DELETE FROM wwv_flow_files WHERE name = :P3_FIND_PHOTO;
    END IF;

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    Hi I am using this peace of code to create a popup. But this popup is not created with
    the specified height and width. It is created with a default size. Please tell me how to
    rectify the problem?
        l_api_main            type ref to if_wd_view_controller,
        l_cmp_api             type ref to if_wd_component,
        l_window_manager      type ref to if_wd_window_manager,
        l_popup               type ref to if_wd_window.
      l_api_main = wd_this->wd_get_api( ).
      l_cmp_api = wd_comp_controller->wd_get_api( ).
      data: l_i_question type STRING_TABLE,
            l_wa_question type string.
      l_wa_question =  'Issue no. xxxxxxxxxxx created succcessfully. '.
      append l_wa_question to l_i_question.
      l_window_manager = l_cmp_api->get_window_manager( ).
      l_popup = l_window_manager->create_popup_to_confirm(
                  text                   = l_i_question
                  button_kind            = '1'
                  message_type           = '1'
                 close_button           =
                  window_title           = 'Information'
                  window_width           = '500'
                  window_height          =  '500'
    l_popup->open( ).

    Hi Mainak,
    have a look to Thread:
    Popup Sizing
    As you can see there is not yet a way to set the Popup size.
    You have to find the good combination of fields and length in order to get a nice UI.
    The WDA engine try to set the best size, help it...

  • Increaseing the height and width of textfield and password fields

    Dear friends in apex 4.1 when we create a application it automatically creates a login page
    with username and password field in it
    So my question is can i increase the height and width of the username and password field in that login page
    If it is possible please help.
    and also i cannot find the html tag like <input type=text............>
    Where to find it?

    You can easily achieve this using css
    <input type="test" class="myclass" size="10">So in APEX you have to edit the textfield > HTML Form Eelement Attributes > put class="myclass"

  • How to resize the calendar height and width

    how to re size the calendar height and width...
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    If the text exceeds the container, which can happen in a scrollable container where you have to scroll to see some of the text, then the values getContentBounds returns are estimated values. This is because we don't want to force the text to recompose all the way to the end of a very long TextFlow in order to return a value. However, if you want to get the exact amount, and don't mind taking the time to recompose, call textFlow.flowComposer.composeToPosition(), before calling getContentBounds. This forces all the text to recompose to the end, and then getContentBounds will return the fully calculated value instead of estimating.

  • Graph Canvas Height and Width

    Hello guys!
    It is any way to set that Height and Width default values in any configuration file? We need set our custom default size.
    Thanks for your time.

    By default its 300*400 (H*W), i don't think we can set default value in any configuration file.
    Please try to change the logic accordingly in js file and redeploy it in the application server.
    Line num : 431 - 439
    if (H == 300)
    tCF.setAttribute('height', H);
    if (W == 450)
    tCF.setAttribute('width', W);
    Remember to do the changes everytime during upgrades and patches.

  • Report Designer - Layout height and width

    Hi Experts,
    Is there an option to adjust the report designer layout height and width? I am able to adjust the individual row and column height. I have a report designed in report designer which will have only 5 rows. when I execute this web template the report item is displayed in one entire page instead of only 5 rows.
    How can I control/adjust the page size in report designer? Is this possible?

    are you starting the report from the portal directly, or do you have it embedded into a web template?  As the Report is a web item, you can set the size of the item.
    At first I was considering posting the reports directly to the portal, but there are some things that I don't like with how it handles them - for example if you have a report based on the query view, when you post it directly to the portal it will execute it with the saved variable values before you can change them.  Thus, I have to put it into a web template and set to prompt for variables at the beginning.

  • What is the maximum height and width for bitmap files in Flash?

    I'm trying to import a huge game race track 8000 x 7000, and I'm having problems.  Any tips?

    Thanks Kglad,
    What is the height and width max for objects on the stage in Flash Pro?  I have a large track I've created, 7728 by 6051, I can't see all of it on the stage, and when I try to set its x and y position i get an invalid error.

  • Chaging Height and Width of POP UP in Webdynpro

    I want to change the height and width of pop up in webdynpro.
    Pop up is designed of view which is embeded in window.
    then i am calling
    lo_window         = lo_window_manager->create_window(
                         window_name                = 'UPLOAD_FILE'
                         title                                   =      'Upload target file'
                         close_in_any_case         = abap_true
                         message_display_mode  = if_wd_window=>co_msg_display_mode_selected
                         close_button                    = abap_true
                         button_kind                      = if_wd_window=>co_button_none
                         message_type                 = if_wd_window=>co_msg_type_none
                         default_button                  = if_wd_window=>co_button_none
                         is_resizable                      = abap_true
    I have also tried
      lo_window->set_window_size(   width = '999px' height = '999px'  ).
    But it is also not working..
    How i will resize the pop up.
    I have also change the view height and weight but the height is adjusted to some standard level.
    Looking for your feedback.
    Moderator message: please have a look and ask again if necessary in the dedicated "Web Dynpro ABAP" forum.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Feb 14, 2011 11:35 AM

    Hi Vedant,
    check the below given thread
    Is there anyway to make a popup window MODAL in APEX using JavaScript
    Hope this will helps you,

  • Dynamically changing the height and width of Stage

              I would like to know how can I change the height and width of stage dynamically. I tried it with the following code:
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                             Stage.width = 250;
    during the run time. Initially the Stage is at a height and width of 370 and 450 respectively. Also when I tried to trace the height and width of Stage after resizing the stage width and height, its showing the old value of width and height. That means the width and height not chnaging. Anybody have any idea about this.

    Hi Ross,
                I could understand something about the problem after making a research on this topic. We can't change the width and height of stage from actionscript itself, right? I will explain the way I am planning to do. I don't know whether its right or not. Anyway you just go through it. First the player need to be resized, according to the specified height and width. Then in the object tag, there are two fields named height and width. We should change these value according to the specified height and width of video controller, dynamically. Am I right? But I am confused with two properties of Stage such as: align and scaleMode. The code was actually developed my trainer. There, the scaleMode is set to "noScale" and no align property is used. My doubt is how should I set align and scaleMode properties of Stage. Hope you understood what I meant.

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