Any way to have an AE layer style applied to a comp NOT effect certain layers inside said comp?

OK... here's my issue.
I have a character AND a cheeseburger made in Photoshop that I then import into AE (two separate .psd files). So I have two compositions in AE... the burger .psd file and the puppet "Burgerman" .psd.
Burgerman needs to hold the cheeseburger, so I have to nest the burger comp WITHIN the "Burgerman" comp so that his hand will go IN FRONT of the cheeseburger. See image:
The problem is... I have a layer style applied to the "Burgerman" composition. It's an Inner Shaodw and it gives the character the pink hue you see outlining him. THE PROBLEM is though... the layer style effects the burger composition because it is nested within the Burgerman comp. As you can see... the burger turns very red, which I do not want.
Is there some way to say.. "DO NOT APPLY the layer style to the burger comp nested within the Burgerman comp"?
running CS5 on Mac OS X 10.7.

Help anyone? I feel like it must be pretty simple and it's something I'm overlooking as a new user.
Here's as short as an explanation for where I'm at....
My master comp is called "Comp1." In this comp, there is one comp called "Puppet Combined." When you double click "Puppet Combined," it takes you to a comp with my original animation, "Puppet," and its duplicate comp "Puppet Duplicate." "Puppet Duplicate" sits on top and is merely the inner shadow (set by making the Fill Opacity to 0%). I created the duplicate by selecting my original animation, "Puppet," and hitting CMD+D to duplicate it. I can tell everything is in order as advised by Mylenium, because if I hide the comp "Puppet," I can see that "Puppet Duplicate" is just the inner shadow.
At this point though... I'm not sure how to handle the comp "Burger" which is the actual cheeseburger. How do I go about adding the "Burger" comp back into my project where it will retain it's original coloring and not be affected by the inner shadow? As I stated above, if I add it back into the comp "Puppet," it also adds it into "Puppet Duplicate," which I don't want as it then applies the inner shadow.

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  • Is there any way to have Mail automatically use our default "Sent" folder?

    We are a small college, with a fair number of users who use Macs and iOS devices, and we run an IMAP mail server. By default, our accounts are configured with Sent, Trash, Drafts, and Junk folders. Apple's insists on "Sent Messages" and "Deleted Messages" rather than "Sent" and "Trash".
    We instruct our users to use the menu command Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For > commands to select our server's folders on their desktops, and on iOS to use the Settings > Mail > Account > Advanced, but this is tedious and annoying. Most users get it about half right, so that some devices use our default "Sent", and some use "Sent Messages". (This happens with Trash as well, but most users are not concerned if their Trash differs device to device.)
    Is there any server setting that can hint to that it should use "Sent" rather than "Sent Messages"?
    Apple has a support document about this issue, "Mountain Lion Mail: If messages aren't stored where expected on the server" ( ).
    However, that doc (and the similar one for Snow Leopard) merely says, "When Mail stores messages on the server, it looks for specific mailboxes, by name, in which to put the messages. If Mail doesn’t find those mailboxes on the server, it tries to create them on the server or, failing that, on your Mac."
    The document does not specify what the "specific mailboxes" are, and certainly does not suggest that there is any way to have it cooperate better with our server, but perhaps there is a way?
    (If I was trying to be a good IMAP client, I might look for any of "Sent", "Sent Messages", or "Sent Items", and use what I found before going to the next step of creating my own folder. Hard to imagine that any IMAP account would be initially configured without some "Sent" folder, so why not try to discover what the user has before pig-headly making your own.)

    Unfortunately, I have not found a consise way to explain this to the general user, just a huge wall of text to work around something that Apple got wrong the first time they created an IMAP client, and has stubbornly persited with. Here's our documentation for this silly problem:
    Special Folders on IMAP
    The basic idea is that all IMAP mail programs keep all your mail on our server, so that, e.g. when you read or reply to a message, all of your devices can then show that message as read and replied to.
    By convention, each IMAP program treats a few folders on the server as "Special", such as a "Trash" folder, that deleted messages get moved to, and a "Sent" folder, where each message you send gets copied. When they all pick the same special folders, all of your devices will show the same view of your mail. However, if different devices use different server folders for their "special" Sent folder, then the mail from these two devices will wind up in two different places, and be harder to find.
    Unfortunately, Apple's Mail programs are particularly obscure and obtuse in the way they treat these folders: They show their special Sent and Trash folders on screen with the obvious names "Sent" and "Trash", but secretly, under the covers, they insist on using folders named, "Sent Messages" and "Deleted Messages" instead. Even if the server already has perfectly usable "Sent" and "Trash" folders, Apple clients will ignore them and create their own special case "special" folders.
    If you only ever use Apple devices to look at your IMAP mail, you might never even notice their deception. But, if you sometimes use another mail client, such as webmail, you will encounter the confusing truth: When we created your account for the very first time, we add a "Sent" folder (actually named "Sent") and a Trash folder, named "Trash", and this is what everything except Apple's mail will use by default, because those folders are already their the first time the client connects to your account. However, even though Apple shows your special sent folder at the top of the list, with a paper-airplane icon, and labels it "Sent", in fact they ignore the existing "Sent" folder and make and use their own "Sent Messages."
    SO, if you send some mail from webmail, it will be in your actual "Sent" folder, whereas if you send it from an Apple mail program, it will be put into your "Sent Messages" folder. If you look into either "Sent" special folder, you'll only find part of your previously sent mail.
    Similarly for Trash, though most users find it more problematic to have two different Sent collections than to have multiple trash buckets.
    To unify things, you can either set your non-Apple mail programs to use "Sent Messages" and "Deleted Items"; OR, you can set all of your Apple devices to use "Sent" and "Trash". Doesn't really matter which way you go, though if a majority of your devices are doing it a particular way, you should change the non-matching devices to agree with the majority.
    (All clear so far? Why did Apple make this so hard? It would have been utterly simple for them to check for an existing "Sent" folder, and to use one if there is one, rather than to always stubbornly create and use a new "Sent Messages" folder. Then, they add to the problem by pretending that their new "Sent Messages" folder is really just named "Sent". Stupidity all the way down.)
    Anyways, to find out what the majority of your devices are doing, check them each to see which of the "sent" folders shows up in the "normal" list of folders rather than in the "special" location, that is, what folder name is in the list at the bottom of the folder area, rather than up at the special "Sent" icon, (because the special one will always be labeled "Sent", not matter what the actual folder name is).
    For example, say that on all-but-one of your mail setups, you see a "Sent Messages" folder down in the normal list, and on the other device, you see "Sent" down in the normal list.
    In that case, you'd want to set the "different" device to make the folder named "Sent" be the special one, instead of the "Sent Messages" that it was currently using.
    Conversely, if all but one showed "Sent" down in the regular folder area, and only one showed "Sent Messages", then you'd want to make "Sent Messages" the special folder on the odd device.
    Once you have decided, see the specific sections below for the procedure to set the "special" folders for Apple's on a Mac, Apple's Mail on an iPhone/Pad/Pod, or for RoundCube webmail, or for Thunderbird.
    Once you have every device using the same sent folder, then you can move any messages from the "extra" version of the folder into your special folder, and then you can delete the extra folder. (If you delete this extra folder and it later re-appears, then it means one of your mail programs is still using it as its "special" folder, and recreating it.)
    Similarly for Trash, though probably you could delete the extra trash folder without moving the files, because they are trash.
    Here are the details for changing the Special Mail Folders on the systems we use:
    A) iPhone, iPad, iPod:
    As a first step, use Settings > Mail to set your device to read your email account, then open the Mail program so that it will read the list of all of your folders from the mail server. After that, go back to Settings > Mail to make sure it is using the desired special mailboxes on the server.
    Select your IMAP account in the settings tool, and then press the button for "Advanced" settings, and find the list of special mailboxes, e.g. Sent, Trash, Drafts. For each, scroll through the list of folders on the server to choose the folder you wish to use for that function.
    Note: iPhones/Pads/Pods also can be set to keep sent mail locally on the device. This is a spectacularly stupid choice for normal IMAP, as none of your other devices will be able to see the messages you send from your phone.
    B) on Mac desktops and laptops:
    Set up mail so that it reads your messages and folders from the mail server.
    Select the "Sent" folder that you wish to use in the list of folders at the lower left of the mail window. (On newer Macs, the folders may be hidden by default. Use the "View > Show Folder List" menu command to display them if necessary.)
    Use the menu command "Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For > Sent" to specify that the selected mail box is the special folder for sent mail, and similarly for your Trash, Junk, or Drafts folders.
    C) RoundCube Webmail (with the standard skin):
    Login to your webmail site , and select the "Settings" icon in the upper right of the window, which has a "Gear" icon. This will display a "Settings" panel with buttons for "Preferences", "Folders", and "Identities" settings. When you first open the Settings panel, the "Section" panel shows a row of buttons for different Preferences.
    Click "Special Folders" in the "Section" list to open a list of "Drafts", "Sent", "Junk", and "Trash". Each special folder is followed by a menu of all your server folders. Select the server folder to use for each special folder.
    D): Thunderbird:
    After you have set up your connection to your IMAP account, click "Get Mail" to fetch your existing mail and list of folders on the server.
    Next, select the menu command "Options > Account Settings…" (Note that on current versions of Thunderbird, the default menu drops down from an icon of three horizontal bars, in the upper right corner of the mail window. You can use the Options command in this menu to display a menu bar at the top of the Thunderbird window if you wish. With the full menu, the menu command to access the special folders settings is "Tools > Account Settings…"
    Select "Copies and Folders" in the list at the left of the Account Settings window. This panel has a section for Sent mail, Archives, Drafts, and Templates. Select "Junk Settings" in the list at left to specify the location of the Junk special folder.
    For each special folder, the default choice is the the folder on the server with the "typical" name, e.g. "Sent" for sent, and "Trash" for trash. To use a different name, select the "Other:" option for the folder, and then choose the desired folder from the list of folders on the server.
    Oof! That's a lot of explaining for a issue that Apple should have gotten right in the first place, or at least should have fixed in their next several tries. It would not break any existing functionality if they merely used whatever folder the server had created, and only made their own if there was none.

  • Any way to have file size included in the first search in finder?

    Is it possible to somehow show file sizes when doing a search in finder?
    On Panther, it was very helpful to have the file sizes listed. This immediately revealed whether the photoshop files I was looking for were full size or reduced.
    But when I run a search in Snow Leopard it only shows name, kind and last opened. Otherwise I have to also add a second search to add in file size.
    Any way to have file size included in the first search?

    Well, I wish I could take credit for knowing it was there before two days ago... but I dropped my laptop a couple months ago and it finally died for good on Friday, and I noticed this on the new laptop when setting up my Finder preferences.

  • 2 iPhones 1 computer – Is there any way to have separate contact list

    My wife and I recently purchased 2 iPhones (One for each of us). We are presently sharing an iBook G4. Is there any way to have separate contact list and separate calendars on the computer? We both use our phones for our individual work, and have different contact. I am trying to move us from pc to mac. I have a newer pc (compared to the G4) that I can hook the phones up too, but as I said I am trying to move away from PC's. We purchased the G4 used from a friend to get started and learn mac. Sorry for the long explanation I just wanted you to know that I am new to mac.

    Just set-up 2 user accounts on the computer, then you effectively have 2 computers in one. All your phone data, and everything else (internet bookmarks, desktop preferences, application preferences) etc. are completely separate.
    You and your wife can then use the computer in exactly the way you both prefer without affecting the other.
    You didn't say what version of Mac OS X you are using, so here are the instructions for:
    You can then use *Fast User Switching* to switch between the accounts:

  • I just bought an new ipad mini with wifi and cellular. Is there any way to send text messages to people and contacts that do not have iphones such as friends with blackberrys or a samsung galaxy smartphone.

    I just bought an new ipad mini with wifi and cellular. Is there any way to send text messages to people and contacts that do not have iphones such as friends with blackberrys or a samsung galaxy smartphone from this ipad. Everytime I try to send a message to a person that does not have an Apple product ( Iphone or Ipad ) it comes up saying contact is not registered for iMessage and wont send it. I can only send them a message from my iPhone 4 instead. Do I have to install a new App from the App store to send these non iMessage cell users a message?

    Complete guide to using iOS 6
    Guide to Built-In Apps on iOS built-in-apps-ios
    You can download a complete iOS 5 iPad User Guide and iOS 6 iPad User Guide here:
    Also, Good Instructions
    Apple - iPad - Guided Tours
    Apple iPad Guided Tours - Watch the videos see all the amazing iPad apps in action. Learn how to use FaceTime, Mail, Safari, Videos, Maps, iBooks, App Store, and more.
    How to - Articles & User Guides & Tutorials
    iPad How-Tos
    You can download this guide to your iPad.
    iPad User Guide for iOS 5
     Cheers, Tom

  • Is there ANY way to have a static widget over the top of a question slide?

    I have a popup reference widget that I made and put it in a master slide and set it to ply on top, BUT if I add it to a question slide, the text from the question shows over it.
    Any way to have a widget always be on the absolute top?
    Click on the MSDS tab at bottom reveals popup, but the question text appears over the widget even though it is in a master slide set to shop on top.

    Once your widget is on the slide, it has complete control over the display tree. So what you can do is to move up the parent hierarchy until you find the slide (parent.parent.parent) and then re-parent yourselft or you popup window on top of the hierarchy by just calling addChild(). That works well for the static widgets. You just need to deal with the position being different on the slide so you'll have to juggle with localToGlobal() and globalToLocal().

  • Is there any way to have OS 10.5.8 mail leave a photo as attachment in the same orientation as it is in Preview?

    Is there any way to have OS 10.5.8 mail leave an attached photo in the same orientation as it is in Preview?

    First, to answer the question, I took the photo with a Canon camera but did not choose to use the Canon software to download the photo to my desktop.  I just did a select and drag to a new folder on my desktop from the sd card.  Canon has some software called Imagebrowser that may be used for this, but I took the simpler route.
    I have not come across what you called the EXIF orientation before and have no idea how to access it.  What software is needed to determine the EXIF orientation?  Sorry I'm so far behind on this.  I usually used Photoshop and iPhoto to enhance photos.
    By the way, I imported the photo into iPhoto then attached it to the email and the orientation didn't change.  It was the same in the attachment in Mail as it was in iPhoto.  I just don't want to have to go through that extra step every time I attach a photo.
    Thanks for your help so far.  How do I get the EXIF orientation?

  • Is there any way to have a COMPLETE list of all samples and loops ( Logic 8

    I'm sure it's been posted previously, but anyway, I'm looking to buy new Apple Loops libraries and I have faced the fact , that many of the sounds and loops produced by third parties manufacturers have been already included in Logic installation discs.
    I have a list of Apple Loops DVD's that have been included with Logic somewhere, the problem is, Apple didn't post ( I believe) the credits of all 3rd party manufacturers that have produced these libraries that are included with Logic or Garage band. Is there any way to have a COMPLETE list of all samples and loops that are included with Apple DAW's so I wouldn't duplicate anything ? I'm pretty much positive that Apple had other companies to sound design and sample all libraries for them, so is there also a way to have a list of those manufacturers? Again, the objection is to start upgrading the sound library without any possible duplication?
    Thanks in advance!

    Chris, I certainly don't mind additional questions and postings.
    I believe there are many issues with Apple Loops and Logic that need to be resolved and people need to be aware of that. Unfortunately, in opposite to the old "german" version of Logic , there's no lifetime tech support, you can't even call and ask the question after 60 days , which isn't right for a professional software of this level, especially considering the fact that many things still remain vague in Logic even for developers and tech support people!( believe me, I've called and asked!)
    Issues like that need to be resolved over the phone with the company, period!
    One thing I also learned over the years as a Mac OSX user, if something doesn't work, don't mess with it. Delete your drive and re-install everything. This is very frustrating , I know, but unfortunately this is the only way to deal with OSX issues, if you got a problem with your system, don't try to fix it. It's never gonna be the same again. I know , it's off the topic a little bit, but if your content is missing from the system files, before installing your new Logic, back up your important files, wipe up your drive and clean install Mac OSX , run updates and then install the Logic. Most likely , everything will be in it's place, at least 90% or more. I gave up trying to make two system in my house to be compatible 100% , but it's OK if they're 90% or more identical. I spent enormous amount of time trying to find out what's missing and where, I visited most of the forums and there's no clean answer.
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  • Issue: I synced my iphone with itunes, I then deleted many songs from the iphone, when I sync to itunes again is there any way to have itunes duplicate what it sees on the iphone rather than the other way around?

    Issue: I synced my iphone with itunes, I then deleted many songs from the iphone, when I sync to itunes again is there any way to have itunes duplicate what it sees on the iphone rather than the other way around?

    so, if I delete all music on itunes then connect my iphone all my music on the iphone will then be deleted?

  • I have just signed upfor family sharing. Is there any way you can get the same app on two devices but not have to share it? My sons both want clash of clans but they don't want to be on the same village and they can't both be on app at the same time?

    I have just signed up for family sharing. Is there any way you can get the same app on two devices but not have to share it? My sons both want clash of clans but they don't want to be on the same village and they can't both be on app at the same time?

    hi, the app is not "shared", it works as if you bought the app twice with different accounts, only you paid it once. they should have 2 different villages since they're on 2 different devices.

  • Any way to have Mail save attachments with proper creation dates?

    Whenever I save attachments from Mail they end up with both creation and modification dates that are the time that I saved them out of Mail. I would rather have it be the original dates of the file (if possible) or at the very least the date the email was received. Any way to do this?

    Thank you Mulder...
    So there doesn't appear to be any way to have saved attachments have the correct date...
    Do you (or anyone else) have a favorite utility for quickly setting creation and mod dates for files in OS X? That way I can save the files and then edit them by hand if necessary.

  • I have Safari on an HP desktop running Windows 7, 64-bit. When I want to clear the history from Safari, the "Reset Top Sites Also" button is always checked. This can cause problems. Any way to have it unchecked all the time?

    I have Safari on an HP desktop running Windows 7, 64-bit. When I want to clear the history from Safari, the "Reset Top Sites Also" button is always checked. This can cause problems. Any way to have it unchecked all the time?

    Welcome to the HP Forums Hinalover,
    I see by your post that you are having issues with the print spooler on the Windows 7 computers.
    I can help you with this issue.
    Download and run the Print and Scan Doctor. It will diagnose the issue and might automatically resolve it. Find and fix common printer problems using HP diagnostic tools for Windows?
    Try running the Microsoft Fix It Tool to see if it will fix the print spooler.
    Diagnose and repair Windows File and Folder Problems automatically.
    You can also run the System File Checker to repair corrupted or missing files.
    System File Checker: Run sfc /scannow & analyze its logs in Windows 7 | 8.
    You might end up having to do a repair of Windows.
    Please let me know the results.
    Have a nice day!
    Thank You.
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos Thumbs Up" on the right to say “Thanks” for helping!
    I work on behalf of HP

  • Just switched from safari on my imac. when using search menu safari gave me the option to "find on this page," which was an incredible help while doing research. Is there any way to have this feature using firefox?

    Just switched from safari on my imac. When using search menu in safari I had the option to "find on this page," which was an incredible help while doing research and looking for specific phrases/words. Is there any way to have this feature using firefox?

    I think Safari has the same keyboard shortcut as Firefox "command+F" on a Mac or "Ctrl+F" on Windows.
    Look in the lower left corner for the Find. There are more likely to be differences in Find Next and Find Previous in the keyboard shortcuts, but continuing at the Find bar at the bottom doesn't matter what browser you use. There is an "X" there to dismiss the Find bar. In Windows the "Esc" key will dismiss the bar if you are within the find text entry area.
    Keyboard shortcuts:
    * [ Keyboard shortcuts | How to | Firefox Help], from Mozilla very limited number of shortcuts but will show correctly for your system
    * [ Firefox and other Browser Keyboard Shortcuts (Comparison Table)], more comprehensive but is oriented to Windows users with some guidelines for Mac and Linux users.
    <br><small>Please mark "Solved" one answer that will best help others with a similar problem -- hope this was it.</small>

  • All I want for Christmas is a mute Icon, a mute icon, a mute icon. Is there any way to haver one? Iphone 4S

    All I want for Christmas is a mute Icon, a mute icon, a mute icon. Is there any way to have one? Iphone 4S And no the tiny metal slide on the side with the tiny orange liver is not the same. I just want to know is there a way to have an icon?

    Succinct and clear. Oh well.

  • Is there any way to have synchronized your phone with your pc

    Hi all, someone could say if there is any way to have synchronized all the time what I have in my z10, with my computer. A sort of back up.
    Some software or something like that?
    If you find this information useful please click like --->
    @mezeitune on twitter

    Just plug the USB cable from your phone to your computer.  You should get instructions in installing Blackberry Link.
    Link does the backup when you sync.  You can set the backup frequency.
    Link also updates your calendar and contact information.

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