Anybody ever created multple PO doc type/number ranges in extended classic?

I have searched this forum, and found plenty of useful threads which would help me determine different document types/number ranges for back-end purchase orders in a classic scenario. (And I have done something similar many years ago on a classic EBP 3.0 implementation)
However, I have a customer who has an SRM 5 extended classic implementation, and who (Based on certain simple criteria) requires a different PO number range to identify certain types of indirect orders. (They also have direct materials procured using doc type ECDP, but that's not relevant to this requirement)
This would obviously have to apply to the local PO in SRM, as well as the backend ECC PO.
It would also need to be derived for orders created automatically via approved shopping carts, as well as those orders that are created via sourcing.
I've copied ECPO via define transaction types IMG step, as well as assigned a new number range.
Just to test, I've also added the second doc type in the BSA attribute for a particular test user - just initially see if it was possible to manually choose when creating a PO in sourcing. However, I could only get ECDP and ECPO.
I have looked at various BADIs to see if I can determine doc type or number range somewhere in the PO creation, but as far as I can see, they either:
- Seem to apply only to the object type (PO, requisition, reservation etc) rather than the transaction type within that object.
- Or look like they are too late in the process to influence the doc type and number range (BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI?) ... which doesn't seem to have those doc type or PO number fields available anyway
- Or I doesn't seem to be trigerred at all when turning requirement into Po and ordering via sourcing. (tried break-point & endless loop in implemnetation of BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW, but nothing happened. In any case the PO number was alreadya ssigned)
If anybody has ever managed this before, or can tell me that I am definitely barking up the wrong tree, it would be gratefully appreciated. The document type is actually lesss important than the different number range... and was really just an attempt to trigger a different number. I'm starting to think that this sort of thing may only be possible in a classic implemntation.
What I need ideally, would have been some kind of 'local PO' equivelent of the BADI that enables you to determine transaction type for a bid. 
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Hi. Not sure on this, but I can tell you that with extended classic it is BADI BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI that is called for the backend PO instead of the CREATEPO_BACK BADI.
You can have a look in BBP_ECS_PO_OUT_BADI and see if that helps?
Don't think it will influence the PO in SRM at all though.
Have you tried the number range / grouping BADIs? They definitly work for changing the number range for classic POs.

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    we've activated extended classic scenario for some defined categories (material groups), other will use classic scenario as before. It works, we are able to craete POs in both ways. I've tried to use the same number range for backend POs and for local POs. I've set the same number for both ranges but only the one which is used is getting updated. Is it possible to syncronize these ranges so backend POs will all be created in the same range?

    Hi Hubert,
    Not the best practice that you are following. it might work for some time  but will fail for most of the time . The maintenance is going to be huge and you could expect problem with these.
    I would suggest not to think on the solution of same number range itself.
    Iftekhar Alam


    goodmorning dear friends,
    i am having a material type XXXX and along it a material type number range in created and assigned.
    now i want to delete that number range.
    i am doing this in quality.
    kindly help me in knowing how to delete the number range through spro screen step wise.

    give the last number from the number range. system will undertsand as the number range is exhausted.
    say ur number range is
    300000 to 399999
    give the last number 399999 in the current field number

  • Copy of Internal Number Range of extended withholding tax

    Can any one tell me the transaction code for copy of the Internal Number Range for extended withholding tax from one year to another year
    points will be assigned
    thanks in advance

    use t.code:J1INUMBER
    all the best

  • Billing Type Number range (  Accounting doc not getting generated )

    Hi All,
    I have created some billing types and for them I have assigned some internal number ranges. Now when I create a billing document it is getting saved with the proper number range but no accounting document is getting generated.
    Also when I try to release the invoice I am getting an error which says " *Incorrect 10000009. Select document number between 0090000000 and 0099999999* "
    K I N D L Y suggest as U R G E N T.

    Check with t-code VOFA. Select the Billing document type, and Pick Detail Button.
    Here you can see one field as Posting Block, check whether it is checkedup. If it is Checked you need to release the document manually.  It Indicates whether the system blocks automatic transfer of the billing document to accounting.
    Also check for the AcctDetermProc.
    Hope it may work.
    Award if useful to you.

  • VF11 wrongly created with RV Doc type and with not clear status.

    Hi All
    Issue: There are 2 billing documents which were created(VF01) in March are canceled (VF11) in May. Cancel document is saved with a message (No automatic clearing of billing document XXXXXXXXX) and message diagnosis saying that u201CThe Automatic clearing of billing document and reversal is not possible. This may be, for example, because the line item update is deactivatedu201D
      In the SD document flow cancel billing document is created and it's posted to accounting with Document type RV(which is not configured in the billing  types) and it is in not clear status.
    2 Sales order types are ZNRC(No Rebate u2013 Credit)    second is ZCR (CM Req With Refer).
    Order Type  : ZNRC , Billing type :ZG2, Cancel billing type :Z5, Accounting document in billing type for ZG2: is DG and accounting document in cancel billing type Z5 is :(_) blank.
    Order type:  ZCR Billing type :G2, Cancel billing type :S2, Accounting document in billing type for G2: is DG and accounting document in cancel billing type S2 is :(_) blank.                                                
          FI document type Not maintained in the cancel billing type configuration because this should be determine by reversal document type DA which is maintained in DG document type from FI side. It will be triggered in VF11)
    The above configuration is working with the order created VA01,billing VF01 and cancelling VF11 done in same period. If the order and billing done in old period and canceling(VF11) done in current period than FI document creating with RV document type and with not clear status in the document flow.
    I reviewed similar issues with SAP Note and with below explanation:
              "There are 2 procedures that are possible when Vf11 is posted.
              Old Procedure - An FI "Reversal" document was created that was not connected with the orignal.
              New Procedure - A Real FI reversal was carried out with clearing."
    In this case, our system is following with new procedure except above mentioned orders created in previous period and and canceled in current period.
      My Questions are: How the RV document is getting triggered here? why the cancel document (Reversal FI Doc) is not clearing?
         Appreciate your answers or suggestions.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Thank you Ivano.
      I referred SAP note 1259505 and 339928. But initially we thought of none of the symptoms mentioned in the SAP note are matching with our issue. Then we contacted SAP online support and they suggested checking one SAP note (Mentioned above).
      Our system is following new cancellation procedure, but itu2019s failing only for some few documents.
      Finally we identified several reasons for the issue. One is profitability segment in the billing document and cancelled document is different due to some changes in segment assignments. Another one is consolidation- consolidation document does not exist in the billing document list but it is getting created in Canceled document (VF11).(Consolidation postings are switched off some time back and now itu2019s on)
      After some discussions it is decided to include accounting document type (Reversal) in cancel billing types to avoid default RV document type in canceled billing document accounting document. And non-cleared documents need to be created manually in F-32.
      Thread is closed.

  • Billing doc external number range

    Hi Guys,
    As per my knowledge billing doc uses only Internal number range but when i check table: TVFK i can see No. range external maintained (XX) same maintained my company where shall i config this please give me idea and steps.

    Hi Jack
    In VN01, number ranges for all will be maintained wherein you can see on the right side a tab "Ext".  If you tick in this box, assign to your billing types in VOFA, then whenever you do billing, external numbers will be generated.
    Reward if this helps you.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Order type & Number Ranges

    Dear All,
    Am having A, B and C products. A & B produced in plant and C in other plant. I have used standard order type PP01 for all the products. Now clients wants different number ranges for A , B & C. How to go about it. Should i create three different order types. Is it possible. When am creating new order type its popping up order type already exist. is it possible to have two different order types in one plant. Please put some light on this order type.
    Saravana Srinivas M

    Hi Saravana,
    Please try out this,
    1.In <b>OPJH - Define Order type</b>,As u said you are copying from PP01 type,after copying change the name of the order type and save it.(EG let it be TT01),again carryout the same step to create 2 more order types say TT02 and TT03.
    2.In <b>OPL8 - Define Order type dependent parameters</b>,Enter the settings for the newly created order types for TT01,TT02,TT03 and save it.
    3.In <b>CO82,Define the number ranges</b> for individual order types as explained by our friend ,If you want external number assignment then Include a tick mark agianst the check box for an order type save it.
    I hope now the system allows you to assign number ranges as per you need.
    If useful reward your points
    Thanks & Regards
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  • Document types - number range

    Hi Experts,
    I have following query.
    I am doing project  which has three company codes and each company code has a manufacturing plant.
    I have created document types for P.R., P.O.,Contract,Scheduling agreement and assigned the number ranges for the same.
    Client requires that for each plant whenever any document is created in the system, it should start with the initial number and it shouls appear in sequential manner. Ex. if a P.R. is made for three plant the in each plant the P.R. number should be 1000000.
    It should not be 1000001,1000002,1000003.
    Please guide me how the same can be achieved for document types of P.R., P.O.,Contract,Scheduling Agreement etc.
    I there any customization for the same.
    Thanks & Regards,

    A . Aaditya wrote:
    Hi Experts,
    > I have following query.
    > I am doing project  which has three company codes and each company code has a manufacturing plant.
    > I have created document types for P.R., P.O.,Contract,Scheduling agreement and assigned the number ranges for the same.
    > Client requires that for each plant whenever any document is created in the system, it should start with the initial number and it shouls appear in sequential manner. Ex. if a P.R. is made for three plant the in each plant the P.R. number should be 1000000.
    > It should not be 1000001,1000002,1000003.
    > Please guide me how the same can be achieved for document types of P.R., P.O.,Contract,Scheduling Agreement etc.
    > I there any customization for the same.
    > Thanks & Regards,
    > Aditya.
    Do you mean, for each plant the starting no range should be 100000? pls clarify

  • Material type number range question

    I want to have an interval for which I could have external naming both for numbers and for letters. I want to have the option to name the material eg 111111111 or aabbccddg or aa11bb11nnn.
    I have created a group, I have a for external numbering  - from 00000000001 to 9999999999, but I cannot create another line for 00000000000a to zzzzzzzzzzz.
    How can I do it??
    Is it possible?
    Thank you

    Go to transaction code MMNR create number range depends on ur material type.
    Enter the number range AAAA0000 - Z9999999.
    And select the External number range flag.
    path: img>log general>material master>basic setting>material types>define number range for material types
    For Internal Number range Standard SAP does not support for maintaining "Alphanumeric" number range. For that please consult to the ABAPu2019r.
    Internal number assignment:
    If your company uses nonmnemonic keys, you do not enter a material number when creating a material master record. Instead, the system assigns a consecutive number to the material. This number is visible when you maintain the material master record.
    Further options are provided by the following SAP Enhancements:
    SAP Enhancement MGA00002
    This enhancement contains three customer exits that you can use for the following purposes:
    To modify material numbers entered externally by users, for example, by appending a check digit. To assign material numbers internally by customer programs
    SAP Enhancement MGA00003
    This enhancement allows you to edit the display of material numbers as required. For example, a material is assigned the number 123.
    With this enhancement, you can define that the material number is displayed with, for example, the prefix MAT-, even though the number in the database is still 123.
    I hope it will work for you.

  • Document Type & Number range

    If there is a place where I can list the Document type and the corresponding Number Range for that Document type?
    Currently I have to gointo OBA7 for each document type to get the respective document number range

    Yes OBA7 is right ,please choose the print option then you can see all of the settings for all doc types , from there you can print or export out for reporting

  • Table for document type Number Range interval

    I want to know the number range interval for document type in the production system but I do not have authorisation for SPRO in the prd system.
    Kindly let me know the table name to check this number range interval for the document type.
    Table T003 stores only the number range and not the interval.

    The table which has document types is T003 but the number ranges are stored in a Structure IRDP. The number ranges are maintained directly in the production system.
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  • Document types, number ranges in ECC 6.0

    How r u.
    I have a question in ECC 6.0. When we are defining document types and document number ranges what is “Define Document types for entry view in a ledger”, “define document types for general ledger view” and “Define Document Number Rangers for General Ledger View”
    Please explain clearly

    In New GL functionality introduced by SAP we have the concept of Leading Ledger (used by Classic GL or ledgers used before ECC) and Non Leading Ledger (multiple ledger concept).So the Document Type for these 2 Ledger types needs to be defined seperately
    For Classic GL or Ledger used before ECC use the : Define Document Type for Entry View (Classic GL means GL Functionality available in R/3)
    For Non Leading Ledger use: Define Document Type for Entry View in Ledger or Define Document Type for General Ledger View (Applicable only for New GL Functionality)
    Similarly the above classification is also applicable for Document Number Ranges.

  • DOc. log number range

    Hi friends,
    In Repetatitive mfg backflush , some times i am getting lesser Doc. log no. (BLPK) for confirmation than earlier one.
    What I should do to avoid this?
    Thanks in advance.

    If you change the buffer to Zero system will take number in sequence.
    You can maintain the number range of the repetitive production in Customizing of repetitive production under "Cross-Process Settings" (transaction OSPR), and higher-level access to the Number Range Object Maintenance is carried out using transaction SNRO.
    Please refer this link,

  • Numbers skipped while creating a new position (Internal number range)

    We have internal number range set up starting with 20000001 in PROD for Positions under OM.
    The last number used for position was 20000693. But while creating a new position, the end user got the new number as 20000705. I checked the t-code OONR and it shows the current number as 20000729.
    I have no idea why the numbers got skipped. Can anyone please let me know why this could have happened and how to correct it?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Donnie,
    The solution suggested by SAP lies in the SAP OSS Note 87865 - Buffering number ranges for personnel planning.
    Which says -
    ''During buffering of number ranges, gaps can result during number assignment. If you require a continuous number assignment, you must deactivate the buffering for the number range object 'RP_PLAN' in Transaction SNRO.
    However, this can affect the performance during numberassignment.''
    So the only way to get continuous number range assignment, the buffering option needs to be set to 'No Buffering'. But it can affect system performance and is considered a modification. So we decided to go ahead with the buffering option set in the standard configuration and not to deactivate the buffering for the number range objects.
    Hope this helps.

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