Anyone can help me fixed my iphone as I am living in Thailand and bought Iphone from apple store website but there is not any way i can contact apple staff through website! and direct phone!

I just bought new iphone from apple store from few weeks only but now i cant even make a phoen call and everytime i try to open "phone" function, it just error and stop on that page without any response.
So i tried to close that app and re open it but it doesnot woek i couldnt do anything means i have phone but cant use it as phone.
And i couldnt even contact apple staff through internet and phone call.
I need to talk with apple as i didnt bought it from dealer in Thailand so i cant take it to dealer service center, apple, please support me in this case urgently.
Thank you.

Basics from the User Guide are restart, reset, restore from backup, and finally restore as New.  I suggest you try ALL of these steps if your phone continues to have problems.
If after ALL 4 steps your phone still doesn't work, you've no choice but to have your phone serviced by Apple.  As you've found out, the iPhone warranty is NOT and has NEVER been international.  You'll have to send your phone to someone in the country of purchase to bring your phone into Apple--and then to have that person send the phone back to you.

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