Apple Support call asked me to hit menu #1; couldn't find 1?

Trying to answer 5c call from Apple Support; told to hit 1 (menu choice) but couldn't find 1-9 menu numbers!  Just joining 21st century w/ smart phone a month ago - Help1? 

Really did not see icon (paper w/ pen) but I haven't gotten many phone calls either . . . yet.
I have ordered ipone for Dummies book.  Hope it helps.  Any other recommendations for basic instructions?  I find the on-line manual difficult at best.

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  • TS2446 Is there such a thing as Apple Support Team asking for my email and password?

    Is there such a thing as Apple Support Team asking for my email and password?

    It's a scam. Delete it.

  • Why isn't apple support calling me?

    I scheduled a phone call with apple support for 9:30 am. I got a phone call at 9:33, with a recorded voice asking me to press 1 to speak to a support person. I pressed 1 and waited on the line. After many minutes of complete silence on the line from Apple, my call was disconnected.
    I scheduled another phone call with apple support for 9:45 am. It's now 10:13 and no one has called me!

    We are not Apple, only your fellow end-users. Anything someone posts here about Apple's support workload and scheduling would be pure speculation.

  • Do you have to pay for apple support calls

    If I call Apple Support, do I have to pay for the call?

    Yes if not within 90 days of purchase or 2 years if yo purchased the option AppleCare extended warranty

  • My iPhone won't connect when apple support calls me

    I am trying to contact apple support regarding resetting the answers to my security questions. I submit my date and time I would like to be called and when the time comes I get automated call-back but when it prompts me to press 1 to speak to the representative, it never goes through.  The automated message thinks that I don't press anything and I get nowhere.  I've made a handful of attempts and each time this is the scenario that plays out.
    Any ideas?

    Hello, 02633. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
    If your iPhone is disabled, you will need to process the steps in the article below.
    iOS: Forgotten passcode or device disabled after entering wrong passcode
    Jason H.

  • Would it charge me if apple support called me?

    It says to put your number in the box and they will call me. Will it charge me?

    If it has been 90 days or less since you purchased this device from an Apple Authorized Retailer, or you have AppleCare (Regular is $69/Plus is $99, and both give you two years of support), then support is free.
    If not, then it will cost $19 for troubleshooting assistance, but if it is determined that your problem relates to the hardware of the device, then that amount is not charged.
    You can always ask for them to grant a one-time exception, and they may offer free troubleshooting for this single issue.
    Of, for totally free troubleshooting, make a reservation at a local Apple Store, use the support article on this website, or post your technical question on this forum.

  • I live in chennai, india.i had purchased macbook air from usa in jan 2011. in feb 2012 suddenly my display went off. i took it to the apple service centre. They informed me that the logic board has do i contact apple support and ask them

    I Live in Chennai. I had purchased a Macbook Air from USA. on 8th Feb, Suddenly the display just went off. I would like to know the following
    1) How and where to contact apple people to make a complaint in usa
    2) Does apple use such substandard products that as soon as one year is over immediately the product fails?
    Kindly help me what to do and get it repaired free of charge.

    Sonal Sanghvi wrote:
    1) How and where to contact apple people to make a complaint in usa
    2) Does apple use such substandard products that as soon as one year is over immediately the product fails?
    Kindly help me what to do and get it repaired free of charge.
    If you didn't purchase the extended warranty, AppleCare, you are not entitled to any repairs free of charge once the 1 year warranty expires.

  • TS2776 I can't find an e-mail address for Apple Support.  I spoke to an Apple Support Advisor named Barbara, on July 7th (over a month ago) and she said Apple was "working on my problem and would call back".  Help!!!!

    See above
    <Title Edited by Host>

    There is no email address for Apple Support, since Apple does not provide support via email (except for the iTunes Store). You will need to call Apple support and ask for further assistance.
    By the way, everyone here is just a fellow user, so posting any personal details here including case numbers is a bad idea.

  • Apple support doesn't return phone call

    Hello everyone,
    I'm trying to contact Apple support to ask them about an accidental iTunes purchase.  I give them my contact info and I get a reply that says they will call my phone in about 5 minutes, but I never receive the call.  About 10-15 minutes later, I get an email saying, "Thanks for contacting us.  If you need more help, you can contact us again."
    Does anyone have a direct phone number to call for iTunes billing questions?

    Hello Harolene,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    How to report an issue with your iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, or iBooks Store purchase
    If you follow the process above, refund will be an option and your issue will be reviewed.
    Contacting Apple
    Best of luck,

  • HT1366 On Apple Support - I put in my serial number, but it says it's not valid. Now what?

    I want to upgrade to Mountain Lion. I have 10.5.8 OS X now. The Software Update says there are no updates.But I need to update to the next level in order to be able to download Mountain Lion.
    So I go to Apple Support - they ask for my serial number - i type it in - it says "invalid".
    So now what? I'm stuck and Apple Support won't talk to me without the serial number.

    There has never been a free upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6 Snow Leopard, so Software Update is reporting the correct information. Snow Leopard was a $30 upgrade, which you may be able to still get by calling Apple, in the US, at 1-800-MY-APPLE. Ask if it's still available from the legacy products list. Since Mountain Lion was released, it's been pulled off the Apple online store site. Or check Amazon or
    You may also want to read this article on the the upgrade from Leopard.

  • Apple support requires my credit card number, cryptogramme, ...

    I'm very surprised by the apple support called from Belgium. To allow the replacement of a broken device, they asked me by phone my credit card number, the expriation date and the cryptogramme (for a bank waranty, they said).
    After that, the man who collected those information by phone can do and buy what he wants after work !!!
    He can even give those information to his friends in a few month or in a few years. It's just hacking my financial capabilities.
    Why does Apple permit such procedure ? It's really not secure.
    Thanks for your feedback,

    The problem with that is if the waiter has a good memory all they need to do is see the number, expiration date, and security code. Or just wait and get it from the companies server.
    There is no way to avoid people, whether it be Apple, the bank, the merchant, etc. from getting this information. The only thing using SSL does in this case is encrypt the data while it is being sent to Apple. Once Apple receives it the information is decrypted and available to a number of Apple employees. As I said in my post are Apple employees who see the information after it comes in through the internet inherenty more trustful than people who take the information over the phone? Unless someone has tapped your land line there is little more risk that it will be intercepted and if that is a concern use a cell phone.
    I've had a credit card replaced twice due to fraud risk. Both times it was after making an in-person purchase at a retail merchant. It was not the cashier it was someone at the central accounting office who made a disk of tens of thousands of credit card information and sold it.

  • Problem viewing these Apple Support pages on my iPhone 4S

    Anyone know if there is an App to view these Apple Support web pages, or is there some setting I need to change here or on my iPhone in order to view these pages on my iPhone without having to use a magnifying glass?
    I don't see "Reader" when viewing these pages on my iPhone 4S with 7.03, and even with Settings / General / Text Size set to maximum (the Safari App won't even follow Dynamic Type?),  its almost impossible to view these pages on my iPhone with pinching them out so far that I have then to move the page from left to write every few paras.
    Any suggestions appreciated.

    Thank you very much guys.  Looking back on how I ended up in this situation in the first place,  I started by google searching "apple support",  clearly I was mistaken and ended up calling one of the google adverts instead of real apple support.  My wholehearted apology goes out to apple whom obviously did not answer my phone call.
    I belive that this is the advertised number that I called and the misleading ad that comes up when I google search apple support:
    Call For Apple Support1 (866) 691 7793
    Get Professional Tech Support. Call Now.
    Boy am I red in the face.  These people are masquerading as genuine apple support people when clearly they are not.  I think tonight I will call them back and simply scream vulgarities at them for as long as they stay on the line.
    A good lesson has been learned by me and hopefully anyone reading this.
    Get your support phone number from the apple website and not a google search. 
    Man do I feel dumb,  although I would feel a lot dumber if I had bought into the pile of garbage these people were trying to feed me.
    Apple I hope you litigate a cease and desist order on these people because they pretend to be the real deal.  They did not even try to correct me when I called them apple support, nor did they properly identify the company that they are truly representing.

  • Today I have disappointed by apple support, can I go for an escalation?

    and for that apple support is asking me to pay Rs.21500/-, which is as good as to buy a new iPad or buy another 2 tab from other company.
    Support team is denied to send any kind of breakup, I want second level support.

    Thanks for the reply. I am from India. I understand this is an accidental damage but my iPad is in working condition only the front glass has little bit broken. So for that I need to pay almost the same amount of a new iPad, if I wish to get support from apple?
    I am getting lots of miscommunication from support team. I was asking if any breakup of the amount, apple can give, support totally denied and said apple will charge whatever amount they said earlier. Also one support person has given me his mailID and finally he says he is not supposed to communicate on mail. Confused! if he can not communicate on mail then why he want to show his apple mail id
    Warrenty does not cover accidental damage rather apple can charges for a new iPad to get this replaced, I am confused here. In this case why I should repaire my current iPad?
    Your friendly reply, not to go for apple support in this case might help me, till the life of my current iPad.

  • This entire Apple Support Community feedback is not user friendly or meant for us oldies.

    Thanks for the 2 replies from different people.  It's taken me 2 hours to try and find a way to respond to my 2 NO avail.  I've tried so much that I can't even remember what I've done or where I've been to repeat the action.  Apple Support Community is too complicated for this old man to find/use or answer back on.  I'll be leaving Apple/itunes for good, and if I loose my purchased and/or personal library of 9,000 songs so be it.  Time to go android.  Perhaps it's easier to navigate than this mess.  This isn't user friendly at all, and doesn't answer very much because I can't answer back with parts of my dilemma I just do NOT understand.  I've tried in my 2nd message to the community to be concise and exact on my issue to no real avail.  It's NOT only my desire to go back to version 9...but the icloud debacle, and the genius issue as well.  AAARGH!!!
    But a huge thank you to my responders.  I'm afraid to use that last bit of help because I have questions upon questions.  That sounds like a band-aid rather than a true fix.  And personally I do NOT find version 11 the same as previous versions.  I really don't want it.  I want what I was comfortable and familiar with for the last 5-6 years...not this mess.
    Best wishes everyone and audios and a huge THANK YOU.

    and find a way to respond to my 2 NO avail
    You don't respond to emailers because no one is emailing you. (looks like I am one of them).
    Apple Support Community (ASC) is emailing you because you subscribed to your topic post.
    When someone rersponds to your post in ASC, ASC will send you an email informing you there was a response to the topic you posted here.
    You then go to that post and review it and respond if you wish.
    To turn off emails from ASC, see this ->
    I'll be leaving Apple/itunes for good,
    Really? Just because you got an email?
    This isn't user friendly at all, and doesn't answer very much because I can't answer back with parts of my dilemma I just do NOT understand.
    You seem to be doing fine here ->
    then you abandoned your first topic and posted again here ->

  • HT3775 Does apple support mpeg player? If so where can I find it?

    Does apple support mpeg 4 player? If so where can I find it?

    This is not an issue with Firefox, your message actually confirms this by the error you listed. "There was an error on the server" Firefox is only an internet browser basically, the connection to the internet & such local configuration is outside external from Firefox, the server is on the host side of the connection. It sounds like you have a bad connection between the server & your computer which Firefox has nothing to do with, rather it is your local network. I would actually check out Windows 7 VPN support, you need to setup a virtual private network VPN which is basically a secure connection stable enough to support the bandwidth required to facilitate the meeting.
    This is why you are also having the problem with Internet Explorer as you need to correctly configure a VPN connection via windows if your connection supports it.

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