AppletContext.showDocument() no longer working correctly

I am using appletContext.showDocument(), and it is not working now, I have IE 5.5 sp1, windows 2000 sp2. It still seems to work for others. Here is the code:
String location =
URL url = new URL(location);
When the url gets to the webserver, it appears the params are encoded - "cmd+ADO-Restart". I tried using the URLEncoder to encode the params first, but that did not work. Anyone with an idea?

I found the problem, I did not have the content-type defined in the web page where the applet was located. I added <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"/>
and it started working fine. My best guess is that before IE 5.5 sp1 IE would default to this content type. Thanks for the help.

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    It will periodically stop playing without playing the entire playlist. It is a real hassle and kills the mood as you have to go back to the Mac and click play again. Please fix this issue as it is a very basic function.

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    Remove Office 2008 for Mac using Microsoft deinstall procedure. Reinstall Office 2008 for Mac.  If there are updates, apply them. Using Disk Utility, verify/repair permissions on your boot drive.
    Does Office for Mac 2008 now work correctly? If not, you may want to repeat the above first sentence, and then update to Office for Mac 2011, and apply the latest (14.4.8) update which has Yosemite fixes.

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    galleherjazz, a little research would tell you a lot.  Palm sold the rights to Palm Desktop years ago to a company called "Access" from Japan.  It was their responsibility to come up with a version of Palm Desktop that works with Vista.  They produced one version, then updated it to 6.2.2 to fix some bugs.  After that, they abandoned the project!  Palm Inc. moved on to a wholly new operating system (webOS).
    "Palm programmers" had nothing to do with the decisions made.   Access' version came with no color categorization.  Pleas for improvements and bug fixes have fallen on deaf ears.
    Palm Inc. appears to have no interest in supporting Windows 7 with their legacy (read: discontinued) devices.   Any hope for 64-bit USB compatibility appears to be gone. 
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  • Facebook app no longer works correctly on my iPad. If a you tube video is on fb the safari loads it automatically, Facebook app no longer works correctly on my iPad. If a you tube video is on fb the safari loads it automatically

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    It appears to be a bug with (I assume) Facebook's servers - other people are having the same problem, me included, with the app switching into YouTube in Safari and showing the last video that was posted on the wall. Until Facebook (if it is their bug) fix it, then there is not much that you can do, apart from possibly accessing Facebook via Safari on your iPad and/or on your computer instead. The problem has also been reported on Facebook's help site as well - it may be related to their new 'timeline' feature or the new iPad that they are rumoured to be announcing soon

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    I updated my PC to QT 7.0.3 and now I have a number of MM Director apps which no longer work correctly. These apps have worked for over 5 years with QT3 - QT6, but not now.
    The straingt QT movies play okay, but the MM Dir apps no longer seem to be able to control the QTVR movies, e.g. spin, zoom, etc.
    Anyone else seen this?

    Apparently, this is a known issue (with QuickTime VR hotspots etc) at Adobe / Macromedia. It was noted in November 2005. adid=1083847
    Does ANYONE know if Apple is aware of this issue?
    This is a disaster for one of our main products !

  • After installing the Maverick upgrade my Apple Mail search and flags no longer work correctly?

    after installing the Maverick upgrade my Apple Mail search and flags no longer work correctly? I've already rebuilt the mailboxes with no change in the problem. What else can I do???

    Hi as2020,
    If you are having issues with Mail in Mavericks, you may want to make sure you have updated to the most recent release. You may find the following article helpful:
    OS X: About Mail Update for Mavericks
    - Brenden

  • Audio preview no longer works correctly since AE-CC update

    Hi everyone.
    Since updating AE CC a couple of days ago (now on on OSX 10.8.5, 2.7GHz i7 16GB RAM, the audio and RAM preview no longer functions correctly.
    The steps I follow are:
    Open AE
    Open project
    Press . to preview audio from where I am on the timeline, OR RAM preview workspace
    What happens is my cursor turns into the wheel of doom for a about 20 seconds, then the playback begins but the audio is sped up which is wrong. Video is correct speed.
    If I stop the audio or RAM preview, then preview again, everything is fine and plays instantly. If a RAM preview loops, then the audio reverts to normal speed.
    I can open up any and all of my different project files and audio previews perfectly and instantly as it should. It's just the first time I press the . key on a freshly opened instance of AE that I get this problem.
    I've tried restarting my mac to no avail, and also changing the pref settings away from what the settings have always been and that doesn't work either. I've even trashed my prefs and that also doesn't work.
    I work exclusively at 25fps. Frame rate for RAM preview is set to auto (25) and changing this from auto to 25 doesn't work.
    Memory settings are default since trashing my prefs, 16GB installed, 4GB for other apps, no checked boxes are ticked.
    Any ideas on what has happened please?

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  • I recently downloaded 6.1.2 and am regretting it...for one reason...the search function no longer works correctly. !!

    I personally and professionally rely on text messaging extensively. Since upgrade, the search function doesn't work correctly. It only returns partial results. This has never happened with previous upgrades.  All the old texts are there but it does not search the entire history.  If i compose new text and duplicate the recipients from an old text, it will bring up string...just cant search for it.  PLEASE HELP SOMEONE.

    HarryAustralia wrote:
    I recently updated my ipad wifi only to the new ios 6.1.2 and initially I had the auto cover lock option which can be seen in the Generals tab, but then it stoped working!! Before the update, the auto cover lock worked fine. So after trying all the options, I then did a complete reset on the ipad and now its gone all together from the General tab!! I can no longer see the "auto cover lock" option.
    The iPad cover lock is for when you use a cover with magnets in it to lock and unlock the iPad when you close the cover or open it. Try running a refrigerator magnet along the sides of the iPad and see if that trips the iPad Cover Lock back into the settings.
    That is not the same thing as the iPad Auto Lock setting which allows you to set an allotted time before the iPad goes to sleep.
    You can try resetting all settings to see if the Auto Lock feature retinrs to the iPad.
    Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. You will have to enter all of your device settings again.... All of the settings in the settings app will have to be re-entered. This can be a little time consuming re-entering all of the device settings again.

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    Other affected menus dropdowns are:
    Board Dev / Trustee Development (there should be 4 dropdowns - not just one)
    Communications has Surveys and Elections
    Why is Mozilla not showing our menus correctly anymore?
    Andrea Ashton - [email protected]

    I see this error in the Tools > Error Console:<br />
    <br />
    <blockquote>Error: D.getStyle is not a function
    Source File:
    Line: 279
    It looks that the mootools script is no longer compatible with Firefox 4.<br />
    Google Chrome behaves the same and also doesn't open the sub-menus properly and keep the first entry on display once it is open.
    Did you check if there is an update for that script?
    A good place to ask questions and advice about web development is at the mozillaZine Web Development/Standards Evangelism forum.<br />
    The helpers at that forum are more knowledgeable about web development issues.<br />
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  • Middle click paste no longer works correctly zsh

    After a recent update my middle click to paste no longer works right. Instead or just pasting "x" it will paste "00~x01~". I tried terminator and rxvt-unicode and they do the same. This is a recent issue that just started after an update. Is anyone else experiencing this?
    Edit: This seems to only happen sometimes randomly. Also, when it does my home key and end key does not take me to the beginning and end of the line.
    Edit2: Seems to be related to zsh. When I switch to bash this doesn't occur. Looking into it more. (Edited title). Here's my .zshrc (removed irrelevant stuff):
    Edit3: Seems to be related to this new plugin I'm using "safe-paste.plugin.zsh". Looking into it further. Does anything look wrong with this:
    # Code from Mikael Magnusson:
    # Requires xterm, urxvt, iTerm2 or any other terminal that supports bracketed
    # paste mode as documented:
    # create a new keymap to use while pasting
    bindkey -N paste
    # make everything in this keymap call our custom widget
    bindkey -R -M paste "^@"-"\M-^?" paste-insert
    # these are the codes sent around the pasted text in bracketed
    # paste mode.
    # do the first one with both -M viins and -M vicmd in vi mode
    bindkey '^[[200~' _start_paste
    bindkey -M paste '^[[201~' _end_paste
    # insert newlines rather than carriage returns when pasting newlines
    bindkey -M paste -s '^M' '^J'
    zle -N _start_paste
    zle -N _end_paste
    zle -N zle-line-init _zle_line_init
    zle -N zle-line-finish _zle_line_finish
    zle -N paste-insert _paste_insert
    # switch the active keymap to paste mode
    function _start_paste() {
    bindkey -A paste main
    # go back to our normal keymap, and insert all the pasted text in the
    # command line. this has the nice effect of making the whole paste be
    # a single undo/redo event.
    function _end_paste() {
    #use bindkey -v here with vi mode probably. maybe you want to track
    #if you were in ins or cmd mode and restore the right one.
    bindkey -e
    unset _paste_content
    function _paste_insert() {
    function _zle_line_init() {
    # Tell terminal to send escape codes around pastes.
    [[ $TERM == rxvt-unicode || $TERM == xterm || $TERM = xterm-256color ]] && printf '\e[?2004h'
    function _zle_line_finish() {
    # Tell it to stop when we leave zle, so pasting in other programs
    # doesn't get the ^[[200~ codes around the pasted text.
    [[ $TERM == rxvt-unicode || $TERM == xterm || $TERM = xterm-256color ]] && printf '\e[?2004l'
    Last edited by dodo3773 (2013-05-17 03:35:32)

    youngunix wrote:"Middle Click" does it mean pasting text using the wheel in the middle of the mouse? <<Sorry, never heard of that before, that's why I'm asking>>.
    I don't use zsh, yet when I've used it (or any other shell) to paste text I just use [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[V] and to copy text from shell use  [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[C].
    I hope that helps!
    Yeah. Pasting by clicking the middle button. It works if I do not use this plugin so I will just leave it disabled I guess until I figure this out.

  • TV listing search no longer working correctly

    Has anyone else noticed that the TV listing search doesn't work correctly?  For example, if I'm looking for a football game with a team I want to watch (e.g. Penn State), no matches come up.  The only way to find the game is to look for "College Football" and then read the descriptions for each game.
    Very annoying.  Anyone else have this issue?

    I have found the exact issue you have stated regarding the Penn State games.  Try searching for Nittany for the search word instead of Penn State - this has worked for me.
    I agree there are many weaknesses in the FiOS search algorithm including not listing the HD version during search
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  • Air Play is no longer working correctly from either my Mac Air or iPad.

    Air Play does not appear to be working correctly.
    Yesterday I tried to access my ZEP Air using Air Play from my iPad (3rd Gen), and neither the Zep Air or my Airport Express were shown. I checked that all software was up to date, and that all devices were on the same network, but no joy. I was however able to use Air Play through my iPhone5, which picked up all devices, and I was able to play music through my Zep Air.
    I have now tried to use Air Play with Apple TV using both my iPad and Mac Air. When I select Apple TV on my iPad, and turn on the Apple TV, nothing happens, and I do not get the normal mirroring option. Using the Mac Air, I can switch on mirroring with the Apple TV, and see my screen on the TV, but again I cannot access the ZEP Air or see the Airport Express. Apple TV has '86' in brackets at the side
    My Apple TV device shows both the ZEP Air and Airport Express, and the Airport Utility shows all devices working correctly and software up to date.
    I have Norton for Mac installed, and have just checked with a Norton technician - using remote access - that Norton isn't blocking any access through the firewall, and everything appears to be OK.
    Interestingly, I called in to my local Apple Store (Sheffield UK) as I'm interested in an iPad Air 2, and I asked whether they were aware of any issues following OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. I took my iPad and it didn't show the Air Play icon at all in store, and the representative I saw, wasn't aware of any issues. Before I organise to see a 'genius' at the Sheffield store I wondered whether anyone has recently had experience of this problem? If so, is there a fix I can try?

    CORRECTION: Whenever I click on: "SEND" on my iPhone I DO hear the audio send prompt and I DO see the email listed in the "SENT" folder within the email program soooooooooo it appears to me that the emails ARE sent.  I just do NOT receive them. I have even tried going into the SENT folder and opening an email and trying to forward it to myself WITHOUT any success.
      Maybe this will shed some new light on the problem.

  • Print profiles no longer working correctly with CS6 64bit to my Epson R2880

    Hi, until recently, my print profiles were working correctly  with CS6 64bit (Win 7 ultimate 64) to my Epson R2880, they now print washed out/desaturated  but the same profiles still print correctly using Lightroom 4. has there  been an update that could have affected things or are there any other  suggestion? Thanks, Dave.

    I hope someone can help!
    I recently bought my first Mac, a great MacBook Pro which I love!
    I use Lightroom3 and Photoshop CS5 to edit photos and now want to print from my Epson R1800.
    I found that the prints initially came off very dark & contrasty, so I calibrated both the MBP screen and my Samsung SuncMaster 245B monitor with my Spyder2 and the Colorvision software.
    Even after establishing colour profiles for both screens, the printed image was still far darker and "heavier" than that shown on screen. This was the same whether printing from LR3 or from the Mac Preview app (it was worth trying I thought!).
    So searching for help on the web I came across this thread and now wonder whether I should uninstall my driver (6.57) and reinstall the printer with 6.23.
    Stephen did you find that this worked - did PS CS5 behave after that?
    Of course I'm trying to print some work soon and in desperation could adjust every (edited) image by brightening & reducing contrast, however with dozens to print it seems crazy to do that, not to mention wrong!
    Thanks for any help!

  • Hotspot quiz no longer works correctly!

    I am not sure what happened, but my hotspot quiz question is no longer working as it should.
    Normally, a marker appears right under where you click; that is, when you do not have "Allow Clicks on Hotspots only" selected. At least this is how it worked until today!
    Now, when I click on a spot, a marker appears in a different place on this slide. This also means that it is impossible to click on the actual hot spot.
    Update: This question slide is now working after I updated the hot spot marker type. I just used a different one (but I am sure that just refreshing it fixed the problem).
    Has anyone ever seen this issue?

    you've been doing precisely the right things so far, Skidd. see:
    iPod displays "Use iTunes to restore" message

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