Arch 0.7 Wombat full iso error with logical volumes

I have a 160 GB ide-hd as primary master in my system.
Whenever i create logical partitions through the installer and try to give them a filesystem i get errors.
the installer reports unable to mount /mnt/usr or not enough space to mount.
Checking the partition table with Partition magic 8 dos tells that the extended partition starts above cil. 1024 and should be of type extendedX.
I let PM8 repair the table and go back to the archlinux install that now works fine.
it looks to me like the error is in cfdisk 2.12a.

Nope, cfdisk gave no errors or reboot instructions.
1 time i tested this, used the install cd to create 1 primary and 1 logical volume , rebooted and tried /arch/setup without success.
rebooted with PM8 rescue cd, repair things, rebooted again with arch cd and install went on without problems.
It looks like cfdisk/large HD's / logical volumes don't work well together.
I have switched to using LVM since then, so i don't need physical logical volumes anymore.

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  • Windows Server 2012R2 Failover Cluster error with mounted volumes

    Hi all,
    I've a problem with mounted volume on a WSFC build on top of Windows Server 2012R2, the situation is:
    M: is the volume hosting mounting points
    disk-1, disk-2, disk-3 are volume mounted on M:\SomeFolder
    Theese volumes are used by a SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance, but my problem is related to WSFC. I've set dependencies so disk-1, disk-2, disk-3 depend upon H:
    If I try a failover of the role "SQL Server" I observe that when the disk come online in the other node they fail with this error:
    Cluster resource 'disk-1' of type 'Physical Disk' in clustered role 'SQL Server (ISQL2014A)' failed. The error code was '0xaa' ('The requested resource is in use.').
    Based on the failure policies for the resource and role, the cluster service may try to bring the resource online on this node or move the group to another node of the cluster and then restart it.  Check the resource and group state using Failover Cluster
    Manager or the Get-ClusterResource Windows PowerShell cmdlet.
    If I manually take offline H: and than bring it online and then manually take online all disk (1 to 3) they come online with no error.
    I'm going crazy!

    I've found the root of the problem: the servers are virtual machine on a VMware ESX 5.5 infrastructure, VMware claims that on 5.5 multipath is supported for raw device mapping disks but disabling multipath (I've set to fixed path) the Windows Server Failover
    Cluster stops to get problems.
    Now we have opened a support call with VMware.

  • Disk is too slow or system overload error with Logic 9.1.4

    I have am running Logic 9.1.4 on a MacPro 2 X 2.8 Ghz (Intel) with 8GB of RAM running OS X 10.6.7.
    I recently updated to Logic 9.1.4 and was trying to record one track of vocals on a session on which I had previously worked on a few weeks earlier with no issues.
    But today I got this error over and over again:
    Disk is too slow or System Overload.
    Occasionally I would get the message below with the error, but not always:
    The Sudden Motion Sensor may have parked the hard drive head, or the disk performance is not sufficient to read or write all audio tracks, or the system was not able to process all data in time.
    I don't have a lap top and tried a few fixes found here (buffer size increase ,rebooting etc.). Again, I recorded several tracks of vocals on other days with absolutely no problems. But today couldn't record more than a few seconds at a time without getting this error. The only difference I can think of is that I updated to the latest version of Logic 9 (9.1.4) rather than whatever the previous Logic 9 version was.
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

    So after messing around with this for over 4 hours today, I think I have resolved the issue. 
    The issue seems to have been primarily with my main vocal track, which was frozen while I was recording a harmony vocal.  The main vocal track was actually made up of about 20-30 take folders which I had swiped to make one good take.  I was hoping to take a good hard listen at my swipes during mixing once all recording was done, so I had never merged into one audio track.  Besides, like I said, this track was frozen so I figured it was already playing back as though it was one audio file. 
    So I just merged all the takes in this track into one file.  Counterintuitively, unfreezing about 10 tracks also seemed to improve performance in the meters.  Which makes me wonder whether I should use freezing at all?  Both these things together seem to have made all the difference.
    In the process, I also learned how to run Logic 9 in 64-bit mode, although this (at least by itself) didn't seem to make any difference other than making AmpliTube inoperable.  
    So the lesson here: don't have too many take folders going at once.  And freezing tracks with take folders doesn't seem to come close to being the same thing as playing back one single merged audio file. 

  • Error with Logical System - Long SID - SOLAR01

    We are using Solman Ehp1, stack 25.  We have a problem in using Long SID (same SID) in Solar01
    We are creating a new system in the landscape of a project.  There was a copy of production system (called PCA) into a sandbox system keeping the same SID for both system PCA
    We define a new product system in SMSY and we use a new long SID so that it is called PCAP.  This new system recovered the logical system definition for each client which is the same for both PCA and PCAP system.  Then we create RFCs for the new PCAP long id, no problem.
    Finally we add the new system to the Logical Component Z_ERP with a new role 2 Sandbox system.
    We went to the project SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN and assign the new system role 2 so that is available to use it in some test.
    We go to transaction SOLAR01, switch to the new system role 2, and try to execute any transaction in the new server, it is saying that there is no logical system assigned to PCAP.... which is true, since the logical system is called PCAxxxxx.
    Can you help us with that?
    Esteban Hartzstein

    Hello Fabricius,
    What I did is add the new PCAP system to the current Logical Component with the new system role Sandbox test  so that they can perfomed some tests on that role.  This system is a complete copy of the original PCA system, so internally everything is PCAP, and since I cannot have same SID in SMSY, I created as PCAP.  And that causes a problem with the Logical System definition.
    The actual error message is
    This error message was reported in another post back in 2009
    LIink: Error getting RFC destination for logical system SMD XXX
    Any ideas?? Help required
    Edited by: Esteban Hartzstein on Oct 27, 2011 10:00 AM

  • Full Conductor's score with Logic.  Is it possible?

    I've heard it's possible to create full conductor scores with Logic. Is it truly possible?

    as asher pointed out, making a full conductors score is perfectly possible with logic, but there are issues, little problems, limitations and work arounds that have to be known about to make it a smooth experience.
    also, as asher again pointed out, there are many things that are fast on logic than in other dedicated notators, and in general composing the raw material is easier faster and more flexible than a dedicated notator. at least over on this side of the pond, working in logic and exporting to sibelius for the final result is very standard way of operating. now, there is a PDF to XML application which some of us here (not me though - not tried it) have had great success with. i think william levine who does a lot of orchestrating in logic and recommends it.
    if can pardon the forwardness...i have on line some sample scores that might demonstrate what is possible in logic.
    and go to concert music. 'black ice' or 'devil' are full orchestral scores.
    finally, if you do want to get your feet wet with scoring in logic, aside from j prischls tutorial, my mine bit of advice is to understand to concepts thoroughly - everything else will follow from that.
    1) score styles. you can have as many as you want on a track/instrument
    2) instrument sets. set a KC for their creation. understand what they are and how you can use them to create parts as well as help you edit. incredibly fast and flexible.

  • My iPod touch 4th gen. Keeps giving me the error message "cannot connect to the app store when I sign in. I can open the app store and browse it but I can't download anything. I have full signal strength with my wi-fi and safari is working perfect.

    My iPod touch 4th gen. Keeps giving me the error message "cannot connect to the app store when I sign in. I can open the app store and browse it but I can't download anything. I have full signal strength with my wi-fi and safari is working perfect. I turned it off and restarted it 3 times now. I have an iPad 2 and the app store works flawlessly with it. What is going on?

    Same here on my lpad2. Can access the web just fine from browsers but cannot install new apps or updates in appl store.  Seeing a few others reporting same issue tonight so likely an apple server issue and staff will notice it in network monitors and fix it...sometime this weekend.

  • I want to go back to the previous 2014.2 version.  .3 is much too buggy and full of error messages. Creating problems as I am on a timeline with my client and I don't have time to fool around with all the problems.

    2014 .3 is much too buggy and full of error messages. Creating problems as I am on a timeline with my client and I don't have time to fool around with all the problems.

    You didn't mention what error(s) you've encountered? A workaround for the most commonly hit problem is here Re: error in Muse : Object UID:U6875 has two (or more) owners: U3633 and U3165
    If you have a copy of your .muse file that has not been saved using 2014.3, you can downgrade by uninstalling Muse and then choose Previous Version in the Filters drop down in the Apps panel of the Creative Cloud desktop app. There will be a popup next to Muse where you can select a prior version to install.

  • HT5071 Please Help! how do I fix this error: "The title of the Table of Contents in portrait view is placeholder text : Book Title. Please redeliver your corrected full book file with a custom preview file. "

    I have been not approved of this error
    been back and forth with Apple
    The title of the Table of Contents in portrait view is placeholder text : Book Title. Please redeliver your corrected full book file with a custom preview file. The book will not go live in the store without a matching custom preview file."
    1st, how do you clarify the Table of Contents issue. No idea what I am doing wrong
    2nd what is a customr preview file?  I uploaded a sample book already.
    Please advise ASAP
    my email: [email protected]

    I double check my table of content and I do not have a place holder... so I don't understand the error.

  • Memory full error with printing pdf

    Occasionally I get a memory full error with printing pdf (Cmd-P - then use save PDF on lower left dialog screen). This is when just printing a few pages.
    Why Am I getting this and how can I fix this?

    I am not sure why but I have noticed some Adobe products when used to convert html documents (web pages) to pdf, can produce very large files.
    Try using Apple's Preview to see if those 'memory full' messages still occur.
    I am presuming you have plenty of free hard drive space and also sufficient RAM so suggesting it is an application bug about memory that is at issue and not actually a lack of physical memory.

  • Errors in Sneak Preview SAP NW04 Full Java Ed with EP

    I've found some doubts in the downolad of Sneak Preview SAP NetWeaver 04 - Full Java Edition with Enterprise Portal.
    At first int the downolad page the instructions mention:
    Download all files and unpack them with a RAR file format unpack tool to the same directory.
    There are 3 files , 2 of 1,9 Gb and one smaller.
    I've downloaded this three files but when I've installed I've only needed one of them, and I've observed that the content of the files with the same size is the same.
    Moreover , during the installation the installer ask for two password one for the user SAP System Administrator (j2eadm) and other for SAP System Service Administrator (SAPServiceJ2E), I've writen the same password for both , but when I've finished the installation and I start the J2EE and the portal I can't access to the portal or the J2EE admin. In the J2EE admin case the sistem creates one default connection with the user admin, but the password isn't neither of passwords who I've written in the process.And If I create a new connection and I try to use the j2eadm user with his password I cant login.
    Any suggestion ?
    Thank you in advance.

    For the problem with the installation users I've read that the installation needs to be made whith the OS user Administrator (I had used other user), but I've resolved the problem by activating the SAP* user:

  • Arch-0.7.2-ftp.iso can't handle the new kernel [SOLVED]

    hallo arch mates is there any problem when installer a fresh install from ftp with the new kernel some of my friends need to edit grup after install is it a error or is the arch-0.7.2-ftp.iso not build to handle the new kernel ??
    Over And Out  :?:

    Mh? I don't see a problem using 0.7.2 ftp install cd. Also not when editing grub file.
    But if you get problems you might try this one

  • Compiler errors with most recent update

    I just ran the SoftwareUpdate utility and it installed QuickTime 7.1 and Apple Security Update 2006-003. Now when I compile, I get the following errors:
    ld: Undefined symbols:
    _LLCStyleInfoCheckForOpenTypeTables referenced from QuartzCore expected to be defined in ApplicationServices
    _LLCStyleInfoGetUserRunFeatures referenced from QuartzCore expected to be defined in ApplicationServices
    This error used to be "[blahblahblah] referenced from Quicktime epected to be defined in ApplicationServices" not QuartzCore. I looked at /System/Library/Frameworks/QuartzCore.framework/Versions/A/QuartzCore and sure enough, it has a modifcation date of today.
    The previous error was caused what appears to be QuickTime 7.0.4 being developed/compiled on Tiger and then distributed to Panther users like myself via Software Update.
    I can't figure out whether the QuickTime update or the Security Update changed my QuartzCore, but I'm having trouble figuring out a solution to this problem.
    Find a copy of the old QuartzCore framework? Figure out some way to add a dummy library that will define these symbols? Make sure Apple developers compile stuff on Panther when delivering code for Panther? I had to downgrade from Quicktime 7.0.4 to 7.0.1 to compile, which broke my iTunes 6.0.4. Now that won't even help, because the Quicktime 7.0.1 downgrade package doesn't contain QuartzCore.

    I can't compile anymore after the recent update on PowerMac G5 1.8GHz.
    It still works on iBook G4 1GHz.
    Both running Mac Os X 10.4.6
    Here is an example of config.log from a failed configuration.
    $ ./configure --prefix=/opt/local --infodir=${prefix}/share/info
    ## Platform. ##
    hostname = orca.local
    uname -m = Power Macintosh
    uname -r = 8.6.0
    uname -s = Darwin
    uname -v = Darwin Kernel Version 8.6.0: Tue Mar 7 16:58:48 PST 2006; root:xnu-792.6.70.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC
    /usr/bin/uname -p = powerpc
    /bin/uname -X = unknown
    /bin/arch = unknown
    /usr/bin/arch -k = unknown
    /usr/convex/getsysinfo = unknown
    hostinfo = Mach kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 8.6.0: Tue Mar 7 16:58:48 PST 2006; root:xnu-792.6.70.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC
    Kernel configured for a single processor only.
    1 processor is physically available.
    Processor type: ppc970 (PowerPC 970)
    Processor active: 0
    Primary memory available: 1.25 gigabytes
    Default processor set: 68 tasks, 263 threads, 1 processors
    Load average: 2.71, Mach factor: 0.24
    /bin/machine = unknown
    /usr/bin/oslevel = unknown
    /bin/universe = unknown
    PATH: /opt/local/bin
    PATH: /opt/local/sbin
    PATH: /bin
    PATH: /sbin
    PATH: /usr/bin
    PATH: /usr/sbin
    PATH: /usr/X11R6/bin
    ## Core tests. ##
    configure:1658: checking build system type
    configure:1676: result: powerpc-apple-darwin8.6.0
    configure:1684: checking host system type
    configure:1698: result: powerpc-apple-darwin8.6.0
    configure:1721: checking for a BSD-compatible install
    configure:1776: result: /opt/local/bin/ginstall -c
    configure:1787: checking whether build environment is sane
    configure:1830: result: yes
    configure:1887: checking for gawk
    configure:1903: found /opt/local/bin/gawk
    configure:1913: result: gawk
    configure:1923: checking whether make sets $(MAKE)
    configure:1943: result: yes
    configure:2109: checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles
    configure:2118: result: no
    cclist=gcc cc
    configure:3776: gcc 2>&1 | grep xlc >/dev/null
    configure:3779: $? = 1
    configure:3833: checking compiler gcc -O2 -mpowerpc
    Test compile:
    configure:3847: gcc -O2 -mpowerpc conftest.c >&5
    cc1: internal compiler error: Bus error
    Please submit a full bug report,
    with preprocessed source if appropriate.
    See <URL:<a class="jive-link-external-small" href="http://">> for instructions.
    configure:3850: $? = 1
    failed program was:
    int main () { return 0; }
    configure:4856: result: no
    configure:3754: cc -c conftest.c >&5
    cc1: internal compiler error: Bus error
    Please submit a full bug report,
    with preprocessed source if appropriate.
    See <URL:<a class="jive-link-external-small" href="http://">> for instructions.
    configure:3757: $? = 1
    configure:3776: cc 2>&1 | grep xlc >/dev/null
    configure:3779: $? = 1
    configure:3833: checking compiler cc -O2
    Test compile:
    configure:3847: cc -O2 conftest.c >&5
    cc1: internal compiler error: Bus error
    Please submit a full bug report,
    with preprocessed source if appropriate.
    See <URL:<a class="jive-link-external-small" href="http://">> for instructions.
    configure:3850: $? = 1
    failed program was:
    int main () { return 0; }
    configure:4856: result: no
    configure:5094: error: could not find a working compiler, see config.log for details
    PowerMac G5 1.8GHz (single processor)   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   1.2GB RAM

  • RE: [Adobe Reader] when i open pdf file it open all the pages but some pages give error massage (there was error processing a page,there was a problem reading this document 110) but if i open this page which give me error with google chrome it's work ? i

    HelloThank's for your helpsI hope this document is helpfulBest Regards,
    Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 17:10:17 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject:  when i open pdf file it open all the pages but some pages give error massage (there was error processing a page,there was a problem reading this document 110) but if i open this page which give me error with google chrome it's work ? if you can help me th
        when i open pdf file it open all the pages but some pages give error massage (there was error processing a page,there was a problem reading this document 110) but if i open this page which give me error with google chrome it's work ? if you can help m
        created by Anoop9178 in Adobe Reader - View the full discussion
    Would it be possible for you to share the document?
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    thank's for reply and your help
    i did the step's that you told me but  i still have the same problem
                                     i have the latest v.11.0.7
    i disable the protected mode

  • Errors with Time Machine (not completing backup, and needing to erase the ".inProgress" package)

    I have in a previous discussion been talking about errors with my Time Machine backup.  The errors were with a problem with Indexing a file, it fails and stops the whole backup.  Each time it attemps another backup, it fills my ".inProgress" package with a (nearly) whole backup, filling my Time Machine hard drive, and thus errasing my previous good backups.  The error occurs after about 95% completion.
    In my last post of a similar disscussion, the problem was indexing the Preference Pane files and this caused the whole backup to fail.  This was my last post there:  (below in some additional info of my situation)
    I did exclude the MobileMe.prefPane.  And I got:
    12/16/11 9:24:50.468 PM Starting standard backup
    12/16/11 9:24:50.556 PM Backing up to: /Volumes/3 TB GoFlex Drive/Backups.backupdb
    12/16/11 9:25:14.418 PM Waiting for index to be ready (101)
    12/16/11 9:27:02.366 PM Deep event scan at path:/ reason:must scan subdirs|
    12/16/11 9:27:02.366 PM Finished scan
    12/16/11 9:33:37.119 PM Deep event scan at path:/Volumes/Mac OS Lion GM reason:must scan subdirs|
    12/16/11 9:33:37.119 PM Finished scan
    12/16/11 9:36:15.650 PM 758.92 GB required (including padding), 830.32 GB available
    12/16/11 10:25:14.873 PM Copied 22.8 GB of 630.5 GB, 782749 of 2357620 items
    12/16/11 11:25:15.335 PM Copied 86.6 GB of 630.5 GB, 1167675 of 2357620 items
    12/17/11 12:25:16.227 AM Copied 152.2 GB of 630.5 GB, 1393795 of 2357620 items
    Dec 17 01:25:16 Thomas-P-Kellys-iMac[99858]: Copied 305.2 GB of 630.5 GB, 1413946 of 2357620 items
    Dec 17 02:25:16 Thomas-P-Kellys-iMac[99858]: Copied 457.1 GB of 630.5 GB, 1419190 of 2357620 items
    Dec 17 03:19:07 Thomas-P-Kellys-iMac[99858]: Copied 1736865 files (568.3 GB) from volume Macintosh HD.
    Dec 17 03:25:16 Thomas-P-Kellys-iMac[99858]: Copied 572.1 GB of 630.5 GB, 1848939 of 2357620 items
    Dec 17 03:40:33 Thomas-P-Kellys-iMac[99858]: Indexing a file failed. Returned 200 for: /Volumes/Mac OS Lion GM/System/Library/PreferencePanes/Mouse.prefPane, /Volumes/3 TB GoFlex Drive/Backups.backupdb/Tom iMac/2011-12-14-171406.inProgress/7DB524DD-EFB9-42A6-8A21-0A2A312EDA6D/Mac OS Lion GM/System/Library/PreferencePanes/Mouse.prefPane
    Dec 17 03:40:33 Thomas-P-Kellys-iMac[99858]: Aborting backup because indexing a file failed.
    Dec 17 03:40:33 Thomas-P-Kellys-iMac[99858]: Stopping backup.
    Dec 17 03:40:33 Thomas-P-Kellys-iMac[99858]: Copied 2164998 files (581.1 GB) from volume Mac OS Lion GM.
    Dec 17 03:40:33 Thomas-P-Kellys-iMac[99858]: Copy stage failed with error:11
    Dec 17 03:40:50 Thomas-P-Kellys-iMac[99858]: Backup failed with error: 11
    This time it was the Mouse.prefPane that caused the error.  I'd like to exclude the entire PreferencePanes directory.
    This was my error message this time:
    I just realized this was on my small Developers partition.  Perhaps there is an error with the build, OR an error with the initial restore.  I'd like to perhaps exclude the entire /Volumes/Mac OS Lion GM.  I expect that Time Machine is working fine with my main partition and the error happens when it's almost done with the Mac OS Lion GM partition.
    The problem now is that I only have 265 GB of 3 TB available on my Time Machine HDD.  If attempt another backup, it'll surely erase about 410 GB of my past saved backups.  I've already lost 6 months, and I only have two months left of backups.  I need to erase the ".inProgress" package again.  That'll take time, and it's impossible to do from this main partition, even at root access.  This ".inProgress" has a total of two (nearly) full backups; it didn't cleanup the first full backup attempt while starting the second,perhaps it would have had it finished.  But I fear even if I exclude the whole "Mac OS Lion GM" partition,  It'll create a third full backup before cleanup and erase ~400 GB of previous good backups.  Then, I'll have a total of 4 (nearly) full backups!  3 TB is just enough without any past backups.
    Maybe I'll just copy my documentations of my 'errasing the ".inProgress" package'  last time (from the Mac OS Lion GM partition) and do a full restore of just that partition.  Thus erasing the errors all together.  If it doesn't fix the errors then this could be a bug in the build that doesn't allow Time Machine to work.  I've always included this partition in Time Machine before, even with other Lion builds, so I suspect that it was an error in the initial restore.  (I may be answering my own questions, and that the inital restore (of the small partition) is the problem, and I just need to re-restore the small partition)
    Again, I'm going to have to erase the ".inProgress" file to regain 1.53 TB of space before proceeding.
    Also, I gave myself permission to read the ".Backup.345781513.887697.log", the log that was created last night when I first started Time Machine this last time.  It was interesting, but didn't show the error I could see from the console.
    Right now, mds and mdworker appear to be going crazy even after I just now turned off Time Machine.  I think I'll let it go for the rest of the night.  Then I'll work on erasing the ".inProgress" package from the other partition boot up.
    That was my entire last post.  To add some information, I have two OS X partitons, both Mac OS X Lion.  One is my large main partition, the other is one I don't mind testing with.  I recently replaced my internal hard drive in my iMac and restored from Time Machine both partitions.  This appeared to go smoothly.  But I have yet to create a single successful Time Machine backup since.  At first it was doing a Full Backup, which I didn't like, but now it just aborts around 95% completion.  Each, time, it tries it fills the Time Machine hard drive with duplicate (nearly) full backups errasing my older good backups.  I would like to erase the ".inProgress" file to save space.
    My main question in this new discussion is does anyone know of a good way of erasing the ".inProgress" file? This is so I can preseerve my previous backups.  ACLs and other permissions seem to make it impossible to erase from this startup partition, the one I'm running Time Machine from.  Even at root level, if I give myself permission to change permissions or delete a file, it'll say Operation not Permitted instead of Permission Denied.  I have been able to delete this ".inProgress" package before when booting from the other  partition, but with great difficulty.  I have had much help from another Member in this Support Community when it comes to solving my Time Machine problems.  I think I have found the problem (indexing files in my small OS X partition), as stated in my copy& pasted post above, but I really need to delete this inProgress package first to save space before continuing!

    Pondini wrote:
    Gator TPK wrote:
    Now I'll have to fix the small partition?  How's the best way to do this?  There could be thousands of files that won't index fine.
    See if there's anything you haven't done, that applies, in the pink box of #C3 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting
    Otherwise, since most (or all?) of the indexing errors are in OSX, you might want to just reinstall it.  Something may have gone wrong sometime, that damaged those files.
    I reviewed #C3 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting and I have already done most of those things.  I have just learned something new though:
    When I included my Main OS X partition again, I got an indexing error for the first time for that partition.  I might be interesting to note that the _spotlight process was running, and it's running again (the magnifying glass has a dot and it generically says "Indexing Tom's iMac").  mdworker, mds and backupd processes really are working hard, one moment they used over 500% of my CPU.  It's nice to know for once quad core is good for something other than video encoding.  (Now if they could just get the Finder to do more than 100.1%, only 1 thread is doing 100%, I'd like to see file size calculations 8 times quicker!)
    I never got an indexing error once in the past 2 weeks for that large Mac OS X v10.7.2 main volume, and it had appeared to finish that partition backup before running into problems with my smaller test partition.  Also, I had just updated the smaller test partition with a later build of Mac OS X.  But It appears that the beta builds are clearly not the problem.  I thought I could just restore again (from the December 4th backup) the small partition and both would be fine.
    I'll finish reviewing all the suggestions on Time Machine - Troubleshooting and go from there.  Hopefully, the _spotlight indexing simutaniously was the only problem.  It's strange that the indexing hasn't happened since the original restore last week untill I finally got a good clean complete partial Time Machine backup.  Why would the first Time Machine backup trigger indexing again?
    For now, I'm going to exclude the Main Partition again, and let another good backup run.  And try your suggestions.  (And wait till mds, mdworker, etc. to finish!)
    I have the logs of the first two sucsessful backups and the last two failed backups from the last 3 hours, if that would help.?

  • Error with Loading Device Software on 8700 AT&T phone.

    Hi. I would like some help with my 8700 AT&T refurb blackberry phone.  When I tried to download the device software (v4.5) to my already downloaded DTM (v4.6), it gave me an error message I did not know what to do with.  
    I want to synch my organizer data (calendar, contacts) from older desktop (Outlook 2002) to my new laptop (Outlook 2007, Windows 7).  I am having trouble downloading the supporting device software.  I keep getting an error message that reads "Error with the Application Loader.  Cannot update software using this system as device is currently activated on a blackberry Enterprise Server or professional software.  Contact administrator or check with service provider."  I do not use Enterprise.  I don't have an internet service plan for my phone as I use it only for calendar and contacts.  AT&T gives the software option for AT&T 8700 in English device software as v4.1.0.175 as the only option that is supported by my current platform (  Is this right? 
    All I really want to update my phone with the latest software that supports Outlook 2007 on my new laptop.  What do I need to make that happen? 
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi there!
    Refurbs can be problematic. If a BB was ever activated on BES, then it has an IT Policy. IT Policies are not removed by the standard WIPE actions. Rather, they take additional steps to clean off the Policy.
    Just to check, please go to this screen:
    Homescreen > Options > Security Options > (Information) or (General Settings) or (something similar)
    On that screen will be some selection boxes plus other sections (divided by horizontal lines). If, on that screen, there is any discussion about IT Policy (even if it says "Default"), then you indeed have an IT Policy on your BB. (The screen may also have a section for "Services").
    If you don't have an IT Policy, then something else is going which case, stop here and report back exactly what you found on that screen.
    If you do have an IT Policy, then, in my view, you have two choices.
    1) Since this refurb was provided to you by ATT, they did not deliver to you a "clean" device. You could take it back to them and have them clean the IT Policy off.
    2) You can remove the Policy yourself. The process is 100% destructive to the data on the BB, so you'll want to be sure you've already taken a good full backup. Then use Method 3 in this KB.
    As for what device OS to install, you have more choices than you indicated. See this page:​;jsessionid=0A15EC28AEC181D3F3F9C5235D9F166A.n​...
    Select, from the drop-down, your model (8700). The resulting screen shows that ATT is currently supporting (MultiLanguage) for your BB model. The MultiLanguage pack will include English, so you don't have to fall all the way back to the English only version. So, you have choices. The best advice is to use the most recent version -- bug fixes, enhancements, and all of that.
    What I advise, since you want to use Outlook 2007, is to use that package for your BB and the most recent RIM desktop package ( That way, you will have full compatibility for what you are looking for.
    Good luck and let us know!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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