Arrears Interest Calculation on AR Balances

I am trying to calculate the Interest on AR Balances and was able to successfully post the entries also.  But the problem is the next month when I am running the interest calculation, I want the system to avoid calculating Interest on the document posted for Interest Charges last month to the customer account.
For example, I have an open item when the first time I calculate Interest.  The programs calculates Interest and posts a document.  Next month, I want the system to calculate interest only on the original invoice or just the invoices, but not on the document posted for Interest, last month.

Took an alternative approach to resolve the problem.  Created a seperate document type for posting the Interest Journal Entries and when executing the Interest Calculation, excluded this document type.

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  • Interest Calculation on customer balance

    I need to calculate interest on customer overdues (on net balance after deducting advance received from there).
    There are three types of interest calculation:
    1. Balance interest calculation
    2. Item Interest Calculation
    3. Arrears Interest
    Please let me know which one i need to select for the same.

    Hi Deepak,
    I will provide you some information about this matter:
    Please, notice that the program RFINTITAR (tr. FINT) isn't used for balance interest calculation. It is used for customer overdue item interest calculation. Please check the documentation available for this program. I believe that this is the option that you should use.
    In case of Special G/L transactions:
    Check IMG- Financial Accounting (New)-  Accounts Receivable and Account Payable- Business transactions-
    Interest calculation - Prepare special G/L transaction interest calculation.
    As described in the documentation of the customizing node, the assigning of new interest indicators according to the special G/L transaction is evaluated by balance interest calculation only.
    Please see the documentation:
    "In this step, you define an alternative interest indicator for special G/L transactions. The specifications only apply to the account balance interest calculation."
    I hope that this answer your inquiry.
    Best Regards,
    Vanessa Barth.

  • Interest calculation on GL balance

    Hi Gurus
    I need a help from your side to calculate interest on GL balance . I have all the configuration required for the same  ,while running the same it used to calculate the depreciation required but processing the batch input session Account 18 can only be posted to internally in company code PC01
    note: 18 is interest on loan account
    I have activated Automatic posting only
    Kindly tell me what are the required configurations to post gl a/c s respectivevly
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Praveen,
    To post interest to you loan account you need not to check the check box of post automatically, if you assigned g/l accounts perfectly in account assignment that is enough to post the interst document.

  • Interest calculation on Open items and cleared items

    Dear Experts
    I am trying to do needful configuration for interest indicator on which interest can be calculated for open items and cleared items as well.  But,  system is calculating interest for open items properly, but not calculating interest on cleared items with same interest indicator,  I am repeatedly getting error "interest calculation indicator is not compatible with this type of interest calculation"
    Is it possible to use same interest indicator for open line items and cleared line items of customer?
    If possible, request you share the needful config steps to do same.
    points will be awarded for usful reply.
    Best regards,
    S. Habib Pasha.

    Hello Habib,
    depending on the requests you can setup a item interest calculation or a balance interest calculation "Define calculation types".
    IIC: check settings (item selection, all cleared items, only items with payment, no cleared items) "Prepare item interest calculation"
    I guess you have setup the item interest calculation - maybe you have mixed some entries with BAIC.
    Check in "Prepare account balance interest calculation" whether you have entries with the indicator you want to use.
    At least check your entries in "Define time-based Terms" If you have entries with Balance account interest calculation the system gives even an error.
    Hope this is helpfull.
    Best regards

  • F.47 Interest calculation on which table these values will be store

    Hi Team,
    I have query regarding Vendor arrear interest calculation after executing the f.47 it will save in sessions but before executing the session i want the print the form. For this purpose i want information after executing the f.47 these values are stoerd in which table kindly help me on this.
    Thanks and Regards,

    For every tranasaction code there will be different tables related to that ,so the valuse will be stored in different tables.
    These are the tables releated to This tcode are
    t056,  t056d, t056u, kna1, knb1, bsid, bkpf, bseg, bsega, blntab, lfa1, lfb1, bsik,  tcurx, *bseg, *bkpf, itcpo, t033e, ikofi, t005, ttxd, b0sg, t056a, t056b, "T056K, t056p,  t056l, t056t, t047i,
    If you want in detail what are the field inserted in this table and check run this program RFKUZI00 and check here all the tables and fields

  • "Interest on Arrears calculation" vs "Item Interest Calculation"

    Hi all,
    Could anyone explain me the difference between "Interest on Arrears calculation" and "Item Interest Calculation" and in what cases they are used.

    Item Interest Calculation
        In this activity you make the general settings for the individual
        interest indicators for the item interest calculation
         These include settings for selecting the items and for
        calculating the interest. You can also enter specifications for interest
        postprocessing, output control, and for posting.
    Account Balance Interest Calculation
         In this step you make general specifications for each interest indicator
         for the account balance interest calculation. These include
         determination of the period, the interest determination, the subsequent
         processing of interest, the output control for printing forms as well as
         the terms of payment

  • Balance interest calculation on vendors

    Is it possible to calculate interest on vendor balances?
    I did all the settings for interest calculation and assigned the interest indicator to the vendor master. When I run the interest calculation program (Free Selection) a batch input session is generated but ZERO transactions are processed in the session. I made a vendor posting as well as a part payment. I want to calculated interest on the open items.
    Please advise.
    Thanks in advance

    Dear Raj,
    are You asking if it is possible to calculate the interest on items (on arrears) on vendors?
    The answer is yes.
    You should use the report RFINTITAP. There is an old one RFKUZI00 but please use the new one; You can use the transaction FINTAP as well.
    There are a lot of steps to do: create an interest indicator linked to P (interest calc. type) --> ITEM INTEREST CALCULATION, then You to define the item selection by IMG -->
    Prepare Interest on Arrears Calculation
    Prepare Item Interest Calculation
    and then customize the following steps:
    Define Time-Based Terms
    Interest on Arrears Calculation (Vendors)
    Then insert the relevant interest indicator into the vendor master data.
    I hope this can help.

  • Bank Interest Calculation on Opening and Closing Balance

    Hi Experts,
    I have quiry on bank interest calculation. when was run F.52, giving one months (01.04.2008 to 30.04.2008) calculation period that time system calculate interest from 01.04.2008 to 30.04.2008.
    System calculate interest on Balance Carryforward amount.
    But why the system do not calculate interest on Closing Banlance ?
    1) We do not want the system to calculate interest on Balance Carryforward Amount.
    2) And we want the System to calculate interest on 30.04.2008 (that is on closing balance).
    How this can be done?
    Reliable answer get huge points

    vlauation is at plant level (MBEW table) the storage location level does not carry values (table MARD).
    You may have to develope your own ZMB5B  program and calculate yourself what is not stored in SAP.

  • Interest Calculation on Arrears

    Hello, I have configured interest calculation for A/R and I am using FINT transaction to run an interest calculation by item.  I have 3 problems:
    1.- Even I mark "Test run" in transaction FINT, it will do the posting.
    2.- Even I select only one item and select the " Process selected item" icon, it processes all items in the run, using FINT
    3.- Even the "only debit" flag is selected in the configuration, when i do the run in FINT, it's bringing credits and debits.
    Would somebody please tell me how to correct these 3 issues.  Thank you!

    Please check the configuration in transaction code OB82, wherein you have 2 different options.
    1. Interest on the open items plus items that are cleared from the last interest calculation date till the time you are running the calculation now.  The item can be cleared either thru a payment or credit memo or adjustments etc.
    2. Similar to option 1, but the cleared items are considered only if the item is cleared against a payment.  This will not consider the items cleared thru credit memo etc.
    Assign points accordingly.
    Madhav Nanduri

  • Inquiry on Interest Calculation using Interest on Arrears for Accounts Rece

    Question:How can we calculate interest on the number of days from the document date, but only start selecting the item for interest after the item is past due?
         Document date - March 18th
         Due date - April 2nd
    Desired results:
    1) When running interest at the end of march the invoice will not be selected (as it is not past due)
    2) When running interest at the end of April, Interest should be assessed for 12 days for March and 30 days for April (if past due, interest is calculated from the original document date and not the past due date).
    In config I tried to set up the Interest Indicator (in Prepare Item Interest Calculation) to have Ref Date as Document Date, but the calculation still returns only 19 days for April (using due date).
    Does SAP support this business requirement?
    Thank you,

    Please make use of the event 2010-Interest: Exclude Items.
    Here all the line items on the account are passed one by one and records which are eligible for interest calculations are retained and rest are excluded by RAISE item_blocked.
    You can put the check in this event on the amount.

  • Balance Interest calculations

    Dear Experts,
    I have a problem to Run the Interest Calculation of term Loan G/L Account the massage is ..
    "No general Int. terms are maintained for the following Int Calculation Indicator (account number"
    Kindly reply very soon

    i encountered the same problem and solved it by unticking the Account number as interest calculation indicator in interest indicator (t code ob46).
    When you check this field this field this means you have to make a general condition for interest scale with that gl which is giving in the error preceding 0
    e.g if your gl is 100500 then you have to create it by 0000100500(with 10 digits) using t code obaa.In addition the point to be noted is when you execute. tcode obaa the coulmn name is Interest calculation indicator or account number.

  • Possibility to restrict interest calculation on open items only

    Hello All,
    How to restrict calculation to Open Items only via configuration when the system calculates interest on arrears. I have checked the options for interest on arrears and there is no option to restrict via customizing.Ofcourse, there is an option to calculate interest on open item in Item interest calculation but looks like the changes made for the item interest calculation (t056UX) will not work here for t056U(calculation on arrears).
    In f.2b , It is possible to exclude the cleared documents via dynamic selections as per the SAP note provided long time back. But this is only a work around.
    Any suggestions to restrict via configuration for int. on arrears for open items only?
    Thanks in advance....

    It's used  for  Customer  Int  Calculations.
    Ob46          Define Interest calculation
    Obaa          Prepare A/c balance interest calculation
    Oba4          Define Reference Interest Rates
    Ob81          Define Time Depend term
    Ob83          Enter Interest values
    F-52          Interest calculation
              To give Effect for floating rate of Int
              Foreign currency balances revaluation
    Ob59          Define valuation methods

  • Interest calculation procedure in Dunning

    How to calculate the Interest in dunning?
    What are the steps needed to be configured for the interest calculation for the dunning process?

    This configuration allows you to charge interest on overdue customer accounts. Interest can be calculated by using the line items or overall account balances. SAP keep tracks of the date of the last interest run and stores it in the customer master record. 
    First create an Interest Indicator. 
    OB46 - Interest Settlement Calculation Type 
    Int Calc. Type 
    P - calculate interest based on line items. 
    S - calculate interest based on account balances.
    Secornd, make it avaliable to the interest run program. 
    OB82 - Interest Terms 
    Third, determine the interest rate that will be used by the calculation. 
    OBAC - Define Reference Interest Rates 
    OB83 - Enter the Reference Interest Rates Value 
    Fourth, assign the interest indicator to the reference interest rate. 
    OB81 - Define Time Dependent Terms 
    Finally, determine the how and to which accounts the interest program will post. 
    OBV1 - Prepare Interest on Arrears Calculation

  • Dunning interest calculation - taking 360 days instead of 365 days

    Dear Friends,
    I have done the dunning customization and forms are generating properly including the days in arrears.  But for the dunning interest calculation, it is taking only 360 days instead of 365 days. Because of this, there is a difference in interest amount in dunning (F150 tcode) and interest calculation (FINT tcode).
    Please guide me how to resolve this issue.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    check the below configuration.
    interest calculations- global settings-
    prepare item interest calculation/prepare balance interest calculations.
    here you select calender type : G(365 days)

  • What are the custimization steps to run interest calculations for customers

    I need a full custimization steps to configure the interest calculations for customers. i created interest indicators, g/l accounts and account determinations also. but no interest is calculating for customers and customers are having no of days to calculate the interest. So please guide me on this regard.

    Configuring the Interest Calculations Procedure
    This configuration allows you to charge interest on overdue customer accounts.  Interest can be calculated by using the line items or overall account balances. SAP keep tracks of the date of the last interest run and stores it in the customer master record.
    First create an Interest Indicator.
    OB46 - Interest Settlement Calculation Type
    Int Calc. Type
    P - calculate interest based on line items.
    S - calculate interest based on account balances.
    Secornd, make it avaliable to the interest run program.
    OB82 - Interest Terms
    Third, determine the interest rate that will be used by the calculation.
    OBAC - Define Reference Interest Rates
    OB83 - Enter the Reference Interest Rates Value
    Fourth, assign the interest indicator to the reference interest rate.
    OB81 - Define Time Dependent Terms
    Finally, determine the how and to which accounts the interest program will post.
    OBV1 - Prepare Interest on Arrears Calculation
    Please check out the following link also:
    Hope this helps.
    Please assign points as a way to say thanks.

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