Assign Scenarios and Customer Fields to Ledgers ?

Hello Sir,
We r using ECC 6.0
Which is right to assign to Scenario  ?
IMG: Financial Accounting (New) => Financial Accounting Global Setting (New) => Ledger => Ledger => Assign Scenarios and Customer Fields to Ledgers
Select 0L (Leading Ledger) => Double click on Scenario
New Entries:   1) FIN_CCA                 Cost Center Update
                      2) FIN_GSBER          Business Area
                      3) FIN_PCA                 Profit Center Update
Why we assign?
What the purpose?
It is related to Document Splitting?     

SAP provides totally 6 Scenarios and you cant increase these scenarios. Generally all the 6 scenarios will be assigned to the leading ledger, for non leading ledgers it depends on your business requirement for attaching the scenario. And coming to the functionality of the scenarios, as you asked yes it is regarding document splitting.
See when you post any document with additional account assignment like profit center, segment or business area. Based on the scenario you assigned to your leading ledger, these fields will be displayed in the general ledger view. If you did not assign the scenarios then that scenario wont be displayed in your general ledger view.
HOpe u understood.

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    Thanks for quick response.
    My concern is this BADI 'BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW' will trigger only in case of creation, not when PO is changes.
    I have to transfer condition types and custom fields to ECC in both the case (create / change)
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    MRP only poulated this fields in case the material master has been set up with a strategy group hich is make to order (normally 20). Otherwise MRP summarizes all the requirements from different Customer orders and creates a production order

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    Could you please advise alternative way of linking MRP generated production orders to the sales orders? thanks

  • Custom Reports and Custom Fields

    When creating a custom report, it seems the only way to include custom fields and Extend CRM database fields is to include ALL of them in the Filter Criteria > Custom CRM Form Filter section. The business owner wants me to create a custom report that includes only a few custom fields but I'm not seeing how this is possible without including all of them from a specific web form.
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    Hi Rajeev,
    To the best of My knowledge i know 3 process to Generate Report in E-Recruitment Pool.
    1) Create an Infoset in SQ02 and assign the Role/UserGroup assignment as ERC_RECR and create Query in SQ01, Combining your E-Rec table & OM tables with variant and generate, you can see the Report in E-Rec(Login as Recruiter)->Reporting->Reporting Select your Custom Report and Execute.
    2) Create a Custom Report with Transaction Code.
        Create a IView in Portal and call the Transaction this is the
         job of portal adminstrator.
    3) Make an RFC (Remote Function Call) enabled Function Module with Importing & export parameters as per client requirements.
    Code the logic and Retrive in Internal table in exporting parameter.
    now Portal Job
    Portal administrator will create a WebDynpro front end application for report selections screen or it can be any other portal development tool, for good look and feel, he will just call your RFC Function Module, by passing import parameters for fetching the internal table data he will display report on portal.
    standard process is via SAP Queries you only define the Querry with variant as defaulting the selections screen what ever the values in the backend,
    only you select the report name from portal E-Rec and execute report their wont be any selections screen will be shown.
    Coming to I-View yes what ever the report selections screen is their in backend it will be appering the same.
    webdynpro your will your can desing like any thing.
    coming to number colums not very sure.
    yes create only OM reports also on E-Rec.
    Cheer Up dear, if this resolves.
    Thanks & regards
    Ravi Kiran Sabba

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    I thought I was on the right track with the style.sfl and style.ufl files, but have been unable to achieve the desired results.
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    I dont have access to SRM system but you can use enhancment concepts to enhance the standard component.
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    I dont have access to SRM system but you can use enhancment concepts to enhance the standard component.
    Refer which is having something simmilar requirment.
    also refer
    I hope this will helpful for you to achive your requirments.

  • BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE and custom fields

    Hi experts,
    I'm using the BAPI "BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE" to create a new contract, but I don't know how to fill the custom fields in the EKKO and EKPO table.
    Can you give me some informations about this question?
    Thanks and regards

    Hope the following threads will help you regarding your problem.
    Re: Creating Contract from Quotation

  • Help BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVE_DATA and customer fields

    Hello all,
    I have a problem updating a customer defined field for mara using the BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVE_DATA. out extension of mara has fields that go over 240 chars in EXTENSIONIN-VALUEPART1. In fact the total length of the customer fields is 258. I put the 18 chars in VALUEPART2. However, the value for the 2 fields that I place in VALUEPART2 is not posted to mara. I checked that the 2 fields are concatenated in the final AMARA_UEB table passed to FM MATERIAL_MAINTAIN_DARK.
    Has anyone had the same problem? I am in a 4.6 environment.

    check this thread
    Urgent Help required please! BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA Extension
    check the notes mentioned in my post, and you need to add some entries to the table T130F
    Edited by: Vijay Babu Dudla on Oct 3, 2008 11:57 PM

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    How can i create start conditions based on the customer fields and ibase which are not present in object type BUS2000116(default) which is currently reffered while i create start conditions.
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    Is there any way of incalculating the customer fields and ibase \component in BUS2000116 ( by default it does not have these) ???
    Assuming that i created new object type, how do i make use of this type while i am configuring conditions.
    Any help would certainly be rewarded.

    hi again,
    Can anybody take some time out and guide me plz...

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    Also, same issue with custom fields I've created for certain contacts. For example, I've created hours of operation for certain businesses. These fields sync into my contacts in MobileMe but it's not pushed to my iPhone. Again, such a waste to have information that cannot be maintained.

    I have been advised by the .Mac team that Address Book Smart Groups cannot be synched between two (or more) computers using .Mac

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    Hi all,
      I have used transaction OXK3 to created customized text fields(ZTXT1) in both CI_COBL and CI_COBL_BI structure and run program RFBIBLG0 to activate custom field in RFBIBL00.
      It works only in 'B' Batch input mode but not in 'D' Direct input mode. In 'B' mode, data has been passed to the field but not in 'D' mode.
      How should I do to make this work?

      Use the BADI "BBP_CUF_BADI_2" for custom fields.
    Pls reward points for useful answers.

  • Infoset based on logical database CRC and customer field wrongly calculated

    I'm building an info-set (SQ02) based on logical database CRC. My requirement is to calculate a value based on the start date of the capacity allocated to a work center (KAKO-BEGZT).
    I defined a customer field (named FIELD1) with data type I, defined in R-KAKO_A with the following coding :
    FIELD1 = R-KAKO_A + 100.
    After having built the query (SQ01), the field returns correctly the value for FIELD1 only if an interval is defined in the capacity of the work center. Without that, FIELD1 is always null.
    Can you help ?
    Thank you

    capacity header data is linked to table KAZY (interval) - if there is no relevant record there, your field1 gets nothing

  • VMD_EI_API and custom fields

    Hello experts,
    I have a requirement to create Vendors and after investigating for a while, i came to this class: VMD_EI_API
    In my tests I've been to create vendors with basic data with no problem, BUT in this client they have lots of custom (Z) fields. I see no way of using this class with these fields.
    In a normal BAPI SAP usually provides a table called EXTENSIONS but nothing like this (that i can see) exists iun this class.
    Maybe appending the fields to the input structure?
    Thanks for reading

    Hi Andrés,
    I have a similar problem where I have Z fields in KNA1 table (Customer General Data).
    I came to the conclusion that in my specific scenario I need to use CMD_EI_API, which is very similar to VMD_EI_AP. The problem is that the methods MAINTAIN and MAINTAIN_BAPI, do not support my Z fields.
    I read in this post about using the BAdI Vendor_Extension (does also exist one for customers - Customer_Extension). However I am not able to find out how to use it.
    Could you, or anyone else please help me in this issue with some detailed steps. I would really appreciate.
    Thanks in advance,

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    I have heard about using Set Types and Attributes in Installed Base.
    I understand that you can assign this settypes to an Object inside the IBase.
    The question is: Which steps do I need to follow to complete this task?
    Best Regards.

    First decide fields you need to add, its type and length. Then follow the steps
    1     Create Attribute - COMM_ATTRSET
    Enter Attribute ID and select Create. Maintain the Attribute type and length.
    2     Create Set Type for Attributes - COMM_ATTRSET
    Enter Set type ID and select Create. Maintain values for Set type.
    Open the Object Category and assign the new set type to it
    Select Object then u201CComponent Detailsu201D
    Hope this helps

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