Authorizations: On Business Partner, there is no "read only" option

Hi everybody,
I am trying to allow users to see a Business Partner (for example, when creating a sales order, they should be able to search for a customer and to see details about it), but I don't want them to be able to create or update a Business partner.
In SBO, there is no option "Read only" fro Business partner.
We have "addind a business partner"               No or Full authorization
and         "Business partner type"  Customers  No or Full authorization
Do you have a solution for me ?

Thats correct if you give ADD / UPDATE it applies to both Customers and Vendors.
There is no setting by BP type, it applies for all BP's.
I did not understand this "I didn't see that there is an authorization at "chapter" level..."
In the Authorization window when you expand Business Partners you would see
<li>Adding Business Partner
<li> <h3> Business Partner Master Data </h3>
At the Business Partner Master Data   change the setting to Read-Only

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    BP has been defined as employee.

    Use BP_GEN transaction code then go to userlist->Add system select solman system which shows all users in that then select the user by double click then goto Edit->create business parterner. This will create user as BP user automatically with required values. Hope this helps to avoid error. I have tested but working fine when I enter BP number and press enter.

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    Hi user78995,
    We do the executeQuery() after the commit in the taskflow, we see the logging saying that the query has been executed and show the correct number of rows being returned.
    So, I believe we are oke with the rows in bc, it is now only the refresh of the component in JSF.
    I can not do the partialtrigger programmatically, since (in the afterlistener) I do not have access to the bindingcontainer.
    Any other way to perform this partialtrigger, please let me know.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Missing functionality: Business Partner Authorization -Read only is missing

    Version: SAP Business One 2007 A (8.00.177) SP:00 PL:38
    Description of requirements:
    Im missing the functionality -read only- at the authorisation to change the Business Partners
    It should be
    Leads: Full authorisation / no authorisation / read only
    Customers: Full authorisation / no authorisation / read only
    Suppliers: Full authorisation / no authorisation / read only
    Is there any way to implement these feature?
    Ludmilla Hauk
    Edited by: Ludmilla Hauk on Jul 29, 2008 10:34 AM

    I have implemented the same in SAP B1 2005B, what I did is
    I have given the Read Only authorization for Business Partner and I have given the Full Authorization for BP Type (under Busniess Partner) Customer and Lead
    So, when the specific user logs into the system and open the Business Partner Master screen, the Add option will be disabled for the user and in find mode he/she can find only the Customer or Lead.  And after that when he/she chose any BP, he/she can only view.
    Anjan Bhowmick
    New-Age Business Consultants
    Bangalore, India

  • Authorization in Business Agreement Level CRM

    Hi experts
                    I have given authorization on business partner level by using authorization groups.I need to give authorization at business agreement level also.In ISU in FKKVKP table there is one field authorization group but in CRM i am not finding any table or config so that in UI authorization can be given in business agreement.Please guide me how to do that.
    Thanks a lot in advance

    Please reply..

  • Configurations to post 850 from Business partner to our SAP system

    Hey Guys
    i m doing a EDI 850 to IDOC scenario and need to send Functional acknowledgment back to the business partner.
    The business partner sends us the Purchase order via VAN ,we do the message mapping within XI and then post it to our SAP R/3 system as ORDERS05.
    so this scenario is a simple 850->XI->ORDERS05.
    so i configured a Seeburger FTP sender adapter,gave the mapping name under modules tab ,configured a received IDOC adapter and posted the message to SAP R/3 system.
    Now the issue is in sending the acknowledgement 997 back to the business partner.
    My questions are:
    1)How will the acknowledgement be triggered,is it automatically triggered or we need to do something with IDOC STATUS.SYSTAT01?
    2)How will i configure my adapters to send the acknowledgement back to the Business partner.i guess i need to use split997,will it be configured as sender or receiver?
    Pl:I have gone through all the links on seeburger.

    Hi Saif,
    if you have to do a functional ack. This is a standard functionality available in Seeburger.
    If you see your sender communication channel ther will be modules
    Classifer-> BIC>Spliter--->CallAdapter
    the BIC will do the Main mapping (for the fun. ack. 997)  and child mapping ( for your PO) and post two messages into XI server.
    You can map the main mapping payload and send it back to the business partner as a functional acknowledgement (997)
    if you are refering to Orders Ack. ie, the ack. of successfully posted Orders in the backend.
    You have to trigger an outbound ORDERSP  onces the inbound ORDERS05 idoc posted by maintaing the proper Out put types .
    Map this outbound ORDERS idoc to EDI 855 structures and send it to the VAN of business partner.

  • Business Partner Enquiry/Amendments

    I want to be able to allow certain users to use the Business Partner screen to enquire on customers, but not to amend them.
    Could someone give me some pointers, please?

    You can goto Admin-Sys Init-Authorizations-General Authorizations. Find user code and assign Read Only authorization for Business Partner Master Data.

  • Business Partner Number - HRALX-HRAC  problem

      I am trying to configure Service desk in Solution Manager 7.0
    While creating Business partner through t-code ppoma_crm.
    But after creating Business partner, there is no assignment of Business partner number  to business partner.
    I have check entry  HRALX-HRAC  in table T77S0, in transaction sm30, 
    For HRALX-HRAC flag is not set.
    What should I do to set this Flag?
    Should I set manually or there is any procedure for it???
    Kindly guide regarding this.
    Chandresh Pranami.

    Dear Chandresh,
    have you activated the BC sets for service desk?
    You can the following
    Go to the following IMG path: Customer Relationship Management -> Master Data -> Business Partner -> Integration Business Partner-Organization Management -> Set Up Integration with Organizational Management.
    Find the entries starting with HRALX. You should have those entries:
    HRLAX - HRAC with the value u2018X',
    create this entry in the table and Save.
    HRLAX-OBPON with the value u2018ON',
    create this entry in the table and Save.

  • Business Partner Creation ( Master Tenant with Customer Account)

    Hello Experts
    Am trying to create a master tenant with a customer account, but as i save the business partner there is no corresponding creation of the master tenant with a customer account in the company code. The system only generates a business partner created. I have cheked the settings on business partner customer and have the correct FI custmer acount to the business partner, have also checked settings on the assignment of the reconciliation account to the BP and again it is compatible with the customer reconciliation account in Financials. I have also the synchronization data to see whether the synchronization object is activated, and it was not activated and i activated it, but still am not able to create a master tenant with customer account.
    Please Experts help me on this am very very  stranded
    David Mavi

    Hi David,
                  Following activities are to be done to create customer simultaneously while the creation of business partner.
    Business Partner Number Range: IMG>Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX)>Business Partner>Relevant Settings for Business Partner in RE Context>Number Range>Business Partner Number Range
    Define Grouping and number range: IMG>Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX)>Business Partner>Relevant Settings for Business Partner in RE Context>Number Range>Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges
    Also make sure that the customer account group is created with a number range which should be external. The number range for the business partner should be internal.           
    Master Data syncronization: IMG>Cross Application Components>Master Data Synchronization>Customer/Vendor Integration>Business Partner Settings>Settings for Customer Integration>Field Assignment for Customer Integration>Assign Keys>Define Number Assignment for Direction of BP to Customer
    In the settings select the same number range only if the number ranges for the customer account group and BP groups are the same.
    If u have done all these things and still the customer is not getting created then there might be a problem of the mandatory fields. i.e may be in customer account group some fields are mandatory which are not getting copied from the BP. So make all the fields in the customer account group as optional. and try to create new BP again.
    Deepak M

  • E-Recruiting: Business partner - Telephone

    Hi All,
    When ever I create a user in E-Recruiting, by default a BP  will be generated. If we go to BP transaction, in Address independent data - telephone number is empty.
    So how to update the telephone number in BP?
    Please share your ideas.

    unfortunately the first given solution will not work for e-recruiting. E-Recruiting uses fields to tag the telephone numbers which are not available in the standard screen configuration of business partner. Furthermore E-Recruiting creates entries in infotype 5110 (table HRP5110) without these entries the data from business partner will not be read. Once this information is in place it is possible to change the number in business partner directly as the not visible fields stay the same.
    The standard way of maintaining this information is the e-recruiting application itself. The configuration of available communication channels defines which / how many telephone numbers are available. The e-recruting application shows the fields accordingly.
    For internal candidates the new ALE should also allow to transfer telephone numbers from IT 0105 to the business partner. When debugging this coding I saw lines for some subtypes similar as the ones for subtype 0010 email but I have not tried this in real live so far.
    Best Regards

  • Hiding the business partner search parameter from search criteria

    I have business partner search parameter whose value is hardcoded in the lead search..
    I would like to hide the business partner search parameter from displaying only..
    I need to achieve it programatically and not in configuration and all.
    Do I need to write the code in P method or which method?

    The code is as below and I just need to have the functionality of BP search field intact but hide it from display in web UI..if any correction is required let me know..
    ***current date is populated into LV_DATE
      DATA lv_date TYPE string.
      lv_date = sy-datum.
    ***current user login name is populated into LV_SUNAME
      DATA lv_suname TYPE string.
      lv_suname = sy-uname.
    ***Fetching the BP ID of the current user who logged into L_PARTNER
      DATA:l_partner TYPE bu_partner.
          iv_user_id = sy-uname
          ev_bupa_no = l_partner.
    ***structure for BUT051
      TYPES : BEGIN OF ty_data,
               relnr    TYPE bu_relnr,
               partner1 TYPE bu_partner,
               partner2 TYPE bu_partner,
               date_to  TYPE bu_datto,
             END OF ty_data.
    ***work area for BUT051
      DATA wa_but051 TYPE ty_data.
    ***Fetching Dealer BP ID which is 'PARTNER1' field in BUT051
      SELECT relnr
      FROM but051
      INTO wa_but051
      UP TO 1 ROWS
      WHERE partner2 = l_partner.
    ***Geting the dealer BP ID into LV_DEALER
      DATA lv_dealer TYPE string.
      lv_dealer = wa_but051-partner1.
      DATA: lr_qs          TYPE REF TO cl_crm_bol_dquery_service,
            lr_search_node TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_wd_context_node_asp,
            lr_col         TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_col ,
            lr_iterator    TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_col_iterator ,
            lr_param       TYPE REF TO if_bol_bo_property_access,
            ls_selection   TYPE genilt_selection_parameter,
            lv_low         TYPE sy-datum,
            lv_attr_name   TYPE name_komp ,
            lv_value_set   TYPE abap_bool .
      IF iv_first_time EQ abap_true.
    * to initialize the search view.
        CALL METHOD super->do_prepare_output
            iv_first_time = iv_first_time.
    * fetch the search node and its content.
        lr_qs = me->get_current_dquery( ).
        lr_col = lr_qs->get_selection_params( ).
    * check the currently visible search attributes.
        lr_iterator = lr_col->get_iterator( ).
        lr_param    = lr_iterator->get_first( ).
        WHILE lr_param IS BOUND.
    * get the parameters
          lr_param->get_properties( IMPORTING es_attributes = ls_selection ).
          IF ls_selection-attr_name = 'VALID_FROM'.
            ls_selection-low = lv_date.
            CALL METHOD lr_param->set_properties
                is_attributes = ls_selection.
            lv_value_set = abap_true .
          IF ls_selection-attr_name = 'BU_PARTNER'.
            ls_selection-low = lv_suname.
            CALL METHOD lr_param->set_properties
                is_attributes = ls_selection.
                lv_value_set = abap_true .
          lr_param = lr_iterator->get_next( ).
        IF lv_value_set EQ abap_false .
    * it was not part of the visible attributes, then add it at the end.
          CALL METHOD lr_qs->add_selection_param
              iv_attr_name = 'VALID_FROM'
              iv_sign      = 'I'
              iv_option    = 'EQ'
              iv_low       = lv_date.
          CALL METHOD lr_qs->add_selection_param
              iv_attr_name = 'BU_PARTNER'
              iv_sign      = 'I'
              iv_option    = 'EQ'
              iv_low       = lv_dealer.
    * for a proper display of the added / changed attribute.
        lr_search_node = get_dquery_cnode( ).
        lr_search_node->build_parameter_tab( ).
    * non first time call - just delegate to superclass.
        CALL METHOD super->do_prepare_output
            iv_first_time = iv_first_time.

  • Problem with BP. Assignment: Business partner person to user not unique

    I have a problem with a user. They have no BP assigned in PPOSA_BBP. We have found a BP in transaction BP.
    When we try the BBP_BP_OM_INTEGRATE the message BBP_UM_UI048 appear" Assignment: Business partner person to user not unique" .
    Any idea about how solve this??
    Best regards

    Which SAP version are you using ?
    The user needs to be attached to the Org Plan. (PPOMA_BBP)
    Have you maintained the Contact person for this USer in the Org Plan. (PPOMA_BBP) ?
    Please check the consitency of this BP as well.
    Have you read the documenattion of the Transaction -> BBP_BP_OM_INTEGRATE ?
    If no, here it is..
    Transaction -> BBP_BP_OM_INTEGRATE
    Short text
    Object Synchronization and Repair
    This report enables you to run a consistency check for the integration of HR Master Data and Business Partner data. If not all data exists for the business partner, you can first synchronize data. When synchronization is run for organizational units, the basic data (name, description) and the address data is included; when synchronization is run for central persons, bank information is included in addition to the basic data and address data.
    To be able to run this report, integration between Organizational Management and SAP Business Partner must be active.
    This section contains information about the functions you can use to select and output data.
    The following options enable you to restrict the selection of objects:
    Central Person
    In addition to selecting central persons created during integration between HR Master Data and Business Partner data, you can also select central persons who have been created locally. However, central persons created locally are not checked for consistency.
    Employee (object type P)
    This selection option is only available in HR systems. The corresponding central person is displayed together with the person. Both objects are kept consistent in the Basic Data, Address, and Bank Data columns.
    Business Partners (Employee role)
    Organizational Unit(s)
    You can specify specific organizational units for the selection.
    Business Partner (Organizational Unit role)
    The selection objects Position, Business Partner (Employee role), User, and Business Partner (Organizational Unit role) are only available if an implementation of BAdI HRALX_HRALXSYNC_BADI exists.
    Branch as of Organizational Unit
    This option enables you to select all objects in the structure for one or more organizational units. You can also restrict selection according to one of the following object types:
    Central Persons Only
    Employees Only
    Positions Only
    Business Partners Only (Employee role)
    Users Only
    Organizational Units Only
    Business Partners Only (Organizational Unit role)
    Include All Object Types
    Changes Since
    All organizational units and central persons for which changes have been made since the last time all objects were synchronized are read. When all objects have been synchronized successfully, a new change date is set.
    If a selection has been made but the relevant input field remains blank, all objects of a particular object type are read from the database. This condition can lead to a long runtime, therefore, SAP recommends you also enter a restriction.
    The organizational units and central persons that have been found are displayed in a list that includes status data.
    To facilitate navigation, a hierarchical tree structure is displayed on the left-hand side of the object list. The branches are sorted according to the type of action that is to be executed.
    If an implementation of BAdI HRALX_HRALXSYNC_BADI exists, checks from this BAdI are executed in the External Checks branch.
    If you double-click on the folder icon in the navigation tree, all objects are displayed in the list.
    Meaning of status display for data in the Basic Data, Address, and Bank Data columns:
    Icon Message Text Meaning
    Green traffic light Business partner does not need to be synchronized with HR object data All business partner data is consistent with HR object data.
    Yellow traffic light Business partner does need to be synchronized with HR object data Business partner exists. The business partner data is not consistent with the HR object data.
    Red traffic light Object data is new and must first be created for the business partner The business partner does not yet exist or the the business partner data is incomplete.
    No traffic light Object type does not include this type of data Check type is not relevant for this object.
    To integrate business partners or to repair selected objects, you must select the relevant lines in the object list and choose Execute. Any errors that occur are displayed after synchronization.
    Hope this will help.
    Please reward suitable points, incase it suits your requirements.
    - Atul

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