Automatic clearing by code

I need to launch F.13 transaction with parameters 'Company', 'Fiscal Year', 'Account G/L' a,d 'Document Number'.
I have tried by 'CALL TRANSACTION'. I have to fill the select-options 'Document Number' with a lot of entries. I think that 10000 entries shouldn't be OK.
Is there another solution by Function Module or BAPI ?
Thank you.
Bernard Pochin.

Ist fill an internal table by which u are selecting in ur selectoption-low.
then use for all enteries IN itab.
Below is also a link. which may be helpful for u
[For All ENteries IN|Re: Inner join with for-all entries]

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  • Program details / T-Code for automatic clearing for AP Check  Encashment

    Hi Friends,
    Please provide me the details of the std program used or (if t-code is there) for the AUTOMATIC CLEARING for AP Check Enchasment) . I am trying in SDN , but could not find.
    Thanks in advance.
    Vengal Rao.

    RFEBCK00 (t-code FF.5)
    Cashed Checks (FCKR)
    with regards,
    ramanuja chary
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  • Automatically clear the open items for a GL account cross company codes

    Hi FICO experts,
    Can anyone help me on the following issue urgently?
    There are journal entries posted to same GL account with different company code. Is there any way to automatically clear the open items sitting in the GL account in company code A to against the open items for the same GL account in company code B.
    The example is below:
    Journal in company code A
    Dr. 840410      $100
      Cr. 111300       $100
    Journal in company code B
    Dr. 111301   $100
      Cr. 840410      $100
    Now I want to automatically clear account  840410 by using assignment or text in the journal entry.
    It will be highly appreciated for any instructions.

    Hello Adele Wang,
    You can enter cross-company code transactions in one step in the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable application components. This function would be used, for example, for centralized procurement or payment.
    Integration:For centralized payments, each individual company code enters its own invoices separately, while a central company code pays them. When you are clearing open items, the system makes clearing entries between the company codes participating in the clearing procedure. These clearing entries represent the receivables and payables that exist between the company codes in centralized payment.
    Prerequisites:You have specified which company codes are to be processed via a single company code. In this specification, you can distinguish between clearing transactions. You can therefore have different combinations of company codes for incoming and outgoing payments.
    You have specified the clearing accounts that record the receivables and payables between the individual company codes. The system posts to these accounts automatically when clearing the open items.
    You need to make  the required settings in the activity Prepare Cross-Company Code Manual Payments in Customizing for Financial Accounting (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable->Business Transactions->Outgoing Payments->Manual Outgoing Payments).
    Features:For each company code, the system generates a separate clearing document. A joint transaction number marks these documents as belonging together.
    Example:For a clearing transaction (incoming payment, outgoing payment), you have agreed in Customizing that if company code 0001 is specified, open items are also selected from other company codes (0002 and 0003).
    Hope I had been able to help you. Please assign points.
    Clearing can then also be carried out if the account to be cleared has not been created in company code 0001. As long as no items have to be posted to this account in company code 0001, it is not necessary to create a master record for the account in company code 0001.
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  • Automatic clearing document  t-code f.13 (CUSTOMER)

    if i want to clear customer advances thorough f.13 automatic clearing document how can i clear customer advances pl. give me the screen shot if available.

    Please try t-code OB74 - maintain criteria and account which need to be automatically clearing GR/IR account.
    Basically, the criteria for matching is PO number and PO line item.
    Hope this help.

  • Automatic clearing document  t-code f.13

    kindly guide me for automatic clearing document stepwise
    T-Code f.13

    This Transaction code helps you to clear all the entries for which debit and credit exists. Ex:- you take the GR/IR Account first you do Good receipt where your GRIR account gets credited later on when invoice received then your GRIR account gets debited. Now your GRIR account has got both debit and Credit. Now if you run this f.13 system will clear this entry and shows only the exact open items for which Invoice should be raised.

  • Automatic Clearing - Open Item GL Account

    Dear Friends,
    We have created the Bank Clearing Account as an open item management account. The account would be credited while making the payment to the vendor thru automatic payment run and debited once the payment has been cleared from the Bank. We would like to do the automatic clearing of the open items like GRIR account. Could you please advise what maintenance is to be done on the Config side and which T Code is to be used.
    Thanks for the help!

    Dear Raj,
    Bank clearing accounts is used to for Bank Reconciliation purpose . If you like to automate this process you have to configure Electronic Bank Statement process. You can check the below links
    Note: There are so many posts with regards to Electronic Bank Statement process, you can search from the forum also.
    Thanks and regards

  • EBS Customer open items automatic clearing within tolerances

    Hi Experts,
    We have already implemented Elecronic Bank Statements automatic uploading functionality.  As part of this process, customer open items need to be cleared automatically. 
    As per the standard process, SAP will be able to clear off the open items ONLY if the collection amount (reflected in MT940) is exactly equal to the invoice amount (reflected in the open item).  But general practical situation is that customers may under / over pay.  For example, if the customer invoice is for USD 100,005 the actual payment from the customer could be for USD 100,000.  In this case, it is normal business practice that open item will be cleared off rather than keeping balance USD 5 in ledger and chasing the customer.
    So tolerances are already set up both at GL account level (Trans OBA4) and customer level (Trans OBA3) with blank tolerance group with permitted payment difference of USD 15.  And no tolerance group is assigned to the customer master.  Also account determination is maintained for the differences with nil reason code.
    Inspite of all these settings, I am getting an error message indicating that the difference is too large for clearing while trying to upload this bank statement.  Here the difference is only USD 5.
    My doubts are:
    1. Does the standard EBS program RFEBKA00 considers the permitted payment difference tolerances set in transaction OBA4 and OBA3 ?  I don't need to post the differences with reason code.  That's why account determination is maintained with blank reason code as well. 
    2. SAP Note 124655 (Point No 3) says that entering reasons for differences is not possible in the standard system through EBS.  Does that mean clearing of open items WITHOUT reason code is possible ?
    3. SAP Note 549277 (Point No 5) says that even though Note 124655 specifies certain functionalities as not supported in standard system, they can be achieved by customer through user exits.  Does that mean it is possible to code in the user exit saying that system should consider the payment difference tolerances for clearing off of the open items ?
    Could you kindly let me know your experience with these questions.  I will be very glad to hear from you.  Thanks for your time.
    Warm regards,

    Hi Experts,
    I got this resolved by using the enhancement FEB00001.  If the field "Distribute by age" is activated through this enhancement, then system will be able to match the paid amount and the combination of open items for automatic clearing.  If there is no exact match, then automatic clearing through FF.5 is not possible as indicated in SAP Note 124655.
    There is no more necessity to use BAdI FIEB_CHANGE_BS_DATA.  Complete relevant logic can be maintained directly in the enhancement itself.
    Have a nice day.

  • F.13 automatic clearing G/L Account in Amount in Local Currency

    Hi gurus:
    I need a lot of help with t-code F.13.
    I need clearing a lot of line items in one GL Account. every one has the same Assignment Number and has in local currency (CLP), but one of them is in USD.
    When i call the transaction, I fill the follow fields, but the system doesn't clear the items and shows follow message "B  No clearing (difference too large)" .
    Company code                    CMF
    Fiscal year                     2009
    Assignment                      2009
    Select GL Accounts        X
    G/L accounts                    21070016
    Clearing date                   30.06.2010    
    Clearing Currency               CLP
    Permit individual line items   X
    Include Suppl Account Assign X
    I tried with the follow configuration in OB74
    S     21070016     21070016     ZUONR     DMBTR
    But system cleared certain items, not everything.
    ¿How can I do a automatic clearing when i have documents with differents document currency? ¿Is it posible to do a residual items from F.13?
    Greetings and anticipated thanks

    Hello Raj:
    Thanks for your reply. Look, the difference that I found between both t-codes is the field: Clearing Currency.
    I've executed many times with that field empty and CLP. But the result is the same "No clearing procedures were carried out".
    Also I've tried with different combinations of this checks:
    F124BVK - Special Processing (Clearing Currency from Assignment Field) (I dont know how to configure this)
    F124ALW - Expiring Currencies
    F124TOLEB - Consider a Single Line Item for Tolerances
    F124NKON - Include Supplementary Account Assignment
    What can I do now?
    Thanks a lot

  • Automatic Clearing of GR-IR Clearing account

    Dear all
    In f.13 i am not able to do automatic clearing of rg-ir clearing account ,i am getting the massage no clearing procedures are carried out despite all selection criterial fulfilled .
    This is needed because i want only credit balances in GR/IR account after clearing which i will get in FBL3. There both the credit and debit entries are coming . Is it possible that if GR and IR is completed for perticular material amount is same then it sould not appear in report fbl3.

    Before performing the GR/IR Clearing, just to ensure that there are no open debit entries in the GR/IR Account, run the report thru the T Code "MR11" - Maintain GR/IR Clearing Account. While specifying the parameters, under the 'Clear Tab' check the boxes for GR/IR Clearing Account as well as Delivery Costs, this will take into account all GR/IR entries, ones meant for materail cost as well those for planned delivery costs. Under the 'Surplus Types' Tab check for Delivery Surplus as well as Invoice Surplus. Since we are just running a report ensure that under the 'Processing' Tab - "Automatic Clearance" is UNCHECKED. In the quantity variance put 100%.  Exececute the report and all cases wherever there is a difference between the Quantity delivered and Quantity Invoiced,  will get reported. Look for the cases where the Difference Quantity appears in minus. These are the cases where the quntatity invoiced is more than the quantity delivered and will result in open debit entries in GR/IR Account, even after the GR/IR Clearing is performed thru F.13. Investigae these cases and take appropriate action.
    Assign points if found useful.

  • How configure GR/IR Automatic Clearing

    Hi Friends,
    How I configure GR/IR Automatic Clearing. Whatu2019s the path in SPRO t-code. Please help me.
    Hemant Maurya

    To set up automatic clearing, follow the path below:
    Financial Accounting-> General Ledger Accounting -> Business Transactions-> Open Item Clearing -> Prepare Automatic Clearing
    Here you can define rules for matching documents while clearing the GR/IR or any other account.  You have the option of setting 5 matching criteria.
    As an example, you can use the following 2 criteria for matching in GR/IR account:
    EBELN (PO number)     EBELP (PO Line item).

  • GRIR Automatic Clearing at the time of GR

    Hi Experts
    In GRIR clearing account system automatically cleared open items when perform following entries:
    1. Entry at the time of GR
         Inventory A/C      Dr
         GRIR A/C          Cr
    2. Entry at the time of LIV
         GRIR A/C           Dr
         Vendor A/C          Cr
    When performing second entry system should automatically cleared open items but in my case it wonu2019t, when I go to FS10n and seeing the GRIR account system shows both debit and credit entries but they are still showing OPEN as red sign, although my balance in GL showing zero, due to this there is a long list of open item showing which is wrong, if any one have an idea please comment or share their valuable input.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Ashfaq,
    You should check the configuration that has been made for automatic clearing of the GR/IR account.  You can search for "automatic clearing" in SPRO or directly use transaction code OB74.
    Here you define as to based on which parameters F.13 will match the Dr. and Cr. and clear the same.
    You can also define and assign tolerances.  For eg if there is a small difference between the Dr and the Cr. you can tell the system to still clear these two items.
    Based on what you mention, I think you are confusing the postings here.  F.13 will not post anything on to the vendor account.
    Are you sure you ran F.13 not in test mode and in production mode?  Please check this to make sure the GL items have been cleared.
    Also when you run F.13, remove the flag from the vendor account.  In the selection parameters only provide the GR IR Account.

  • Automatic clearing of a vendor prepayment

    I am trying to do the following :
    - post a PO
    - post a GR
    - post a down payment or prepayment
    - get it paid through F110
    - post MIRO
    - pay remainder of the invoice through F110
    I found 2 ways of working :
    1) through down payment request process.  BUT this is not what I am looking for as there is no automatic clearing between final invoice and down payment.  This has to be cleared manually.
    2) In Logistics Invoice verification, there is a possibility to use a "prepayment".  This involves a few customizing settings in LIV under "prepayment", and has to be also configured on the vendor master record.  This way of working produces an invoice, related to the original PO, but with no link to the PO items.  When posting this invoice (transaction MIRA), the prepayment document should be automatically created ...  Unfortunately, I do not succeed in getting this prepayment working !!!!
    Does anyone know about this ?
    Or any other idea if using another process ?  Billing plan possibility ?
    Many thanks !

    Use t.code for F-44 for clearing openitems..There you can  enter PO at line item level
    u can give PO as reference to process Invoice which is gateway for Payment

  • Automatic clearing of vendor line after MR8M

    When we reverse vendor invoice (MIRO invoice) using MR8M, SAP does not automatically clear vendor lines. It gives a message as "Invoice successfully reversed, Manually clear FI documents".
    Automatic clearing happens successfully when we reverse FI documents or SD billing documents. Issue is only in MR8M.
    Is there any solution to enable automatic clearing of vendor lines when MR8M reversal is carried out. I do not want to clear using F.13 or using other transaction like F-44.

    Use t.code for F-44 for clearing openitems..There you can  enter PO at line item level
    u can give PO as reference to process Invoice which is gateway for Payment

  • Problem abt automatic clearing for vendor

    Dear all,
    when we do automatic clearing for vendor with F.13, the system promoted that " Company code blocked by payment program (table T042X)"
    whatelse need to do? Anyone know that?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi All,
    I am facing exactly the same problem.
    I checked the table T042X, but the payment run which is mentioned there, is not visible in the drop-down menu for F110. May be it has been marked for deletion...
    Let me know if there is some way to delete such Payment runs which are marked for deletion...May be that will slove the error in F.13.


    제품 : FIN_AR
    작성날짜 : 2004-05-19
    Problem Description
    AR에서 Receipt이 "Remitted" 상태임에도
    "Automatic Clearing for Receipts"프로그램 실행시 아래와 같은
    Error가 발생하면서 처리되지 않음
    ARZACS module: Automatic Clearing for Receipts
    MSG MSG-01000: DEBUG: Before_Report_Procs.Check_GL_Date.
    MSG MSG-05000: DEBUG: GL_Date not within open period.
    ERR REP-1401: 'beforereport': Fatal PL/SQL error occurred.
    ORA-00000: normal, successful completion
    Solution Description
    Period가 open되어 있지 않아 발생하는 것으로,아래의 실제 Test과정을
    Automatic Clearing Test step.
    1. Trx 입력
    GL_DATE 09-JAN-2004
    2. Receipt입력
    GL_DATE 09-JAN-2004
    Maturity DATE 15-JAN-2004
    (Payment Method는 Clearance Method가 "by Automatic Clearing"을 가진
    Receipt Class를 입력)
    3. Remittance 실행
    Receipts -> Remittances 에서 Auto Create
    4. Clearing실행
    Receipts -> Clear/Risk Eliminate에서
    "Automatic Clearing for Receipts" 실행
    Parameter중 Clear Date 11-JAN-2004로 입력
    5. 해당 Receipt이 Clearing안됨.
    6. 다시 Clearing실행
    "Automatic Clearing for Receipts" 실행시
    Parameter중 Clear Date 16-JAN-2004로 입력
    7. 해당 Receipt이 Clearing됨.
    위의 Test결과에서 알 수 있듯이,
    Clear Date는 Maturity Date보다 이후여야 함을 알 수 있다.
    또한, Maturity Date가 같은 Period내가 아닌 그 다음 Period, 예를들어 2월15일이라고
    해도 Clear Date를 2월 15일 이후로 입력해야만 해당 Receipt이 Clearing되었다.

    pl go to OB52 and open the FI posting period for account type S.
    you will find either 1000 or 0001 as the field status variant for which you can select the acccoutn type S. You need to know what is the field status variant for your comp code. You find out by going to OBY6 ( Comp code global settings ).
    at OB52 you can maintain this way.
    1000 S zzzzzzzzz 1 2008 12  2008 13 2008 16 2008.
    sadhu kishore

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