Available IDoc Types in ECC 6.0

Can anybody please let me know if standard IDoc types available for below documents in ECC 6.0?
If so, please let me know the technical names.
Secial Purpose Ledger (SPL) Outbound
SPL Inbound
G/L Inbound
CCA Inbound
Internal Orders posting Inbound

For G/L Inbound - ACC_GL_POSTING01 (you can use this idoc type)

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  • Pls send step by step procedure to create generated idoc type in ECC 6.0

    pls send me the step by step procedure In ECC 6.0 Version
    1) To create generated idoc type
    2) To extended idoc type
    3) How we can add structure to custom segments
    thanks in advance

    check these likns...
    IDOC Convertion

  • IDOC type for PO

    I am new to SRM and need to send a PO created in SRM 6.0 to a legacy system as an IDOC. I have checked the available IDOC types in SRM and cannot find any types that match a PO.
    Does anybody know if such an IDOC type exists?
    Thank you

    Hi David,
    I don't think there is an Order IDOC in SRM. It would be simpler if it was a SAP sytem (you could use BAPIs)
    I would avoid creating an IDOC from scratch.
    Are you using XI to the integrate with the Legacy System? Is the Legacy System expecting the ECC ORDER05 standard IDOC?
    José Omar

  • How to find out the idoc type required for our requirement

         How to find out the list of available idoc type in SAP. It will be good if i get to know the table name where all the idoc type definitions are gets stored.
    Say i have some requirement and for that requirement how i can find the proper idoc type to be used. (assume functional consultant is not providing that information)
    Points will be given for the useful answers

    Hi prasanna,
                    we can get SAP idoc types in tcode we31.For every requirment there will be different message type.
    For example we want idoc type for account invoice receipt.
    First find out message type for that purpose which can be found in we81-ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT.
    Get this message type and search in we82  where we can find message type and idoc type linkage.
    try this way.
    Reward if it is usful.

  • RSAR2318 : IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available

    Hi all,
    I am working on BI + ECC 6.0. Have created a ODS object using RSA1OLD. While activating the ODS, am getting this error:
    1. Error:
    Object could not be activated
    2. Error:
    IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available
    Error when creating the export datasource and dependent objects
    Error RSAR238 : IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available
    I have already checked trx & dtps, but could not find resolution.
    Kindly help me with this error.
    Thanks and regards,

    M Sharma wrote:
    But how exactly can I create when T90CLNT is not active? Help please.
    Yes, you would need to check with BASIS team how they have created an alternate source system (for debugging) & prepare a RFC b/n these systems. Can you just check the settings in the source system and BI source system...and check the source system for the same BI system. Right click > Check and then do a restore or take the help of basis to fix it. What I think is a possible solution is : RSA1 > Source system > Search System > Right Click > Activate

  • RSAR238 : IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available

    Hi all,
    I am working on ECC 6.0. Have created a ODS object using RSA1OLD. While activating the ODS, am getting this error:
    1. Error:
    Object could not be activated
    2. Error:
    IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available
    Error when creating the export datasource and dependent objects
    Kindly help me with this error.
    Thanks and regards,

    Check the same in SDN..
    Object ZDUMMY could not be activatedMessage no. R7I028
    Re: DSO Activation problem

  • How  can create SEGMENTS and IDOC TYPE in BADI in ECC 6.0 version

    Hi All,
                Can any one help, how  to create SEGMENTS and IDOC TYPE in BADI in ECC 6.0 version.This is my task.
    Given BADI name was----VENDOR_ADD_DATA_BI .

    look at this thread ..may be this helps you.
    Re: 824 IDOC and BADI/User Exit

  • IDoc types supported by ECC 6

    Hi Friends,
    Could you please let me know what are all IDoc types are supported by ECC 6.0?
    Any documents or link would be more helpful.

    Hi Krish,
    Go to Tcode: WE30 and do a F4 on the Obj. Name field this will list all the IDOC Types supported by SAP, to get more information go to WE60(you could do a F4 here too - against Basic Type) and use the IDOC Type to read the documentation for the same.
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  • IDOC types in SAP ECC

    Hi Gurus,
    1) 3rd party->PI->SAPECC
    We have a requirement that the tenant refunds coming from 3rd party system should be sent to SAP ECC system.
    To send this messgae to SAP ECC, is there any separate idoc format for this tenant refunds.
    Should I use any FICO or any other standard module to post these files to SAP ECC.
    2)SAPECC->PI->3rd party
    Also is there any IDOC type for the direct debit details and customer payments or should i run the F110 transaction to execute the customer payments and to send the paymnet files to PI.
    Coould you please advise.

    If you have fair understanding about ECC then you can easily identify which IDoc to use or any extension required for existing IDoc.
    otherwise better to talk with ABAP/Functional team they will help you.

  • IDOC type for interface between SAP ECC and SAP F&R

    Hi Experts,
    I need SAP standatd IDOC type for interfacing between SAP ECC and SAP F&R [SAP Forecasting and Replenishment] using message type u201CFRE_LOC_SITEu201D.
    Please help me in finding the idoc type?

    Hi Denish,
    You have 2 ways of loading data from R/3 to APO.
    1. R/3 to BW cube to APO-BW cube to APO planning area
    2.  R/3 to APO-BW cube to APO planning area   
    BW can be a enterprise BW system ( independent) or you can use the BW inbuilt in APO also referred to as APO-BW.
    The only difference between the 2 BW systems is APO-BW can not take the load of reporting where as the enterprise BW can.
    Unless your company policy requires the enterprie BW system, I suggest using 2nd way.
    You can load the data from R/3 to APO-BW cube using extractors either generic or standard depending on your data. You need to have a RFC connection setup between APO-BW and R/3. ( This is not CIF).
    When you load the data into the APO-BW cube, you just have to load the data from the cube to APO planning area using the transaction /sapapo/tscube.
    Refer to [DP Data Mart|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_scm50/helpdata/en/13/5ada58309111d398250000e8a49608/frameset.htm] for more information about the data transfer between APO-BW and APO.

  • What is the IDOC type for changing PO price in ECC from SNC?

    We have configured the consensus finding tolerance check for date and it is working. When we create confirmation from PO worklist by changing the price and the delivery date, it goes for manual approval if the date change is outside tolerance. Once the confirmation is approved by the buyer we are getting two Idocs in SAP. One is ORDRSP-ORDERS05. This one has the new price, but does not change the price in the PO. It only creates confirmation. The other one is  PORDCH-PORDCH02. This one does not have the new price. It only changes the delivery date in the PO line item. We want one single IDOC which will change price (if price is changed), change delivery date and create confirmation. is that possible? If yes, what IDOC type would that be?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Soumen
    Can you please check whether the below settings are available on ERP side
    select your confiramtion control line
    lets say ZICH, select the confirmation sequence on left hand side
    for your order acknowledgement,XX
    check the field "Price"
    and give the allowed tolerance values in fileds
    Permitted Price Overrun in % (Inbound EDI/SOA)
    Permitted Price Shortfall in % (Inbound EDI/SOA)
    Now resend the data.... it will work
    ORDRSP-ORDERS05 should work this time
    Best Regards

  • Idoc type provided by ECC to hold all project data

    Hi All,
    Please provide me the Basic Idoc type and message type provided by ECC which hold all project data like WBS Elements Info, Network & Activity info.

    Please check if Basic Type PROJECT01and Message Type PROJECT suits your requirement.

  • Flat File IDOC - ECC, segment defn x in IDoc type y CIM type do not exist

    I'm working on idoc flat file > sap scenario.  Everything seems to be working up until the point where I get an error message:
    EDISDEF: Port EDIPORT segment defn E2FINBU000 in IDoc type FIDCCP01 CIM type  do not exist
    I've loaded the meta data, and the file structure is fine.  I believe the issue is related to PI not having the idoc I'm interested in listed in WE30.  How do I reference the standard IDOC type FIDCCP01?  Ideas I've had are around SWCV or transport from another system, the first I'm not sure which SWCV, the later seems a bit of a bodge and I dont like the idea.

    Hmm.. some light for the situation.  Seems that the segments imported are:
    E1FINBU     E2FINBU     31I
    E1FINBU     E2FINBU001     40A
    E1FINBU     E2FINBU002     40B
    E1FINBU     E2FINBU003     45A
    E1FINBU     E2FINBU004     45B
    E1FINBU     E2FINBU005     46A
    E1FINBU     E2FINBU006     46C
    Which indeed does not have E2FINBU000, which the IDOC is most definitely trying to pass.  I can only guess that the middleware producting this IDOC is flawed, and that standard SAP ALE will accept this as E2FINBU (It works into another SAP system without XI).
    Guess I've answered my own question, but feel free to offer light for points

  • IDoc type in GTS to create a sales Order

    Hi Gurus,
    Is there any Inbound IDoc type in GTS that can be used to create a sales order. I Know that sales orders are created in ECC system, but still want to know if there is any Idoc type in GTS that has the segments with fields of a sales Order.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Sam,
    No, there is nothing available as standard.  There would be little point in "hi-jacking" the iDoc for GTS Customs Declarations because it would be unknown in your external system.  You could consider using the very general /SAPSLL/CCEABI01, but it might be easier to build the standard ORDERSP or similar in GTS.  In any case, there is no inbound Function Module available to process the received iDoc, so you would have to write code to parse and process the iDoc.
    The best approach would be to use the API if possible, and employ RFC techniques to call Function Module /SAPSLL/API_6800_SYNCH - the standard call for Sales Orders transferred from the ERP system.
    Sorry that I don't have better news.  Anyone else have suggestions?

  • Segment E1EDP36 not active in the DELFOR02 IDOC type.

    Hi All,
    I have been working with creating extensions for Idoc type DELFOR02  inn ECC 6.0. But for the basic idoc type DELFOR02 , the segment E1EDP36 is not active here.i.e., the idoc generated does not carry data for this particular segement.
    This segment depends on entries in a structure xisautoeklwes ( include LEINMF3S, line 130). The underlying table for this structure would be ISAUTOEKLWES(Last Deliveries for FLAB).
      Could anyone throw light on how this structure will be filled or how it has to be filled if I can make changes to the customer exit available there.
    Savitha Patil

    Hi Gearge,
    To add custom segments, you should create an extension.
    the TCODE is we30.
    Refer this link:

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