Balance Sheet by Profit Center

Hi Gurus,
Just a clarification for the profit center balance sheet. Let say for example I purchase an item from vendor A for the profit center A. The profit center is then inherited from the expense line item.
Debit    Expense      900                    Profit Center A
Debit    Input tax       100                    Profit Center A
Credit      Vendor A 1000                   Profit Center A
Now, before payment they realized that a portion of 100 should be for Profit Center B. I did a repost of line item, thus creating financial entry also to transfer the Profit Center A to Profit Center B. But this is only for the expense account.
My question is, is there a way to allocate also the portion of 100 for the Vendor and tax line item from Profit Center A to B?
If this is not met, then how can we actually generate balance sheet by profit center.
Thank you.

You can get the balance sheet as well by Profit Center.. New GL's document splitting functionality is very much equipped to provide that
Once you activate it, and specify pr ctr as the doc splitting characteristic, no document will be posted without Profit center populated in the line items.. However, this is possible only for ECC Version of SAP (5.0 or above)
If you are using Classical PCA, then you have to execute transactions like 1KE* at period end to update Pr Ctr in the balance sheet line items
Personally, I appreciate the New GL functionality of Profit center and doc splitting over Classical PCA
Ajay M

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  • Balance sheet at profit center level

    client requirement is balance sheet at profit center level
    we are useing TC: S_ALR_87013340
    In this TC, In balance sheet system show the expenses GL A/c's.
    in Company code level balance sheet  it is show right GL A/c's
    but profit center wise it show the wrong GL A/c's
    Note: we are not active the document spliting & segment for existing system.
    thank you

    Then it will not work as document splitting will split document on the basis of profit center or segment & corresponding debit & credit is posted to zero balance account.If you have not activated document splitting you can not have balance tallied at profit center or segment level so it will not matched .
    System will not show financial statements on profit center or segment basis ,if document splitting is not active.

  • Balance sheet and profit center

    Dear Forum,
    1) Not all balance sheet require profit center. correct? Only vendor, customer, material, asset only?
    2) Why vendor also require profit center?
    3) May I know why balance sheet items require profit center? Normally p&l items with profit center which deriving from cost center.
    Need advice.

    Hi dear,
    Earlier SAP was using business area. But it was not able to derive correct balance sheet.
    So to resolve this new gl is implemented. It has a unique feature of Balancing GL. Here when the debit and credit line items has different profit center, it creates a additional line items with apposite effect to profit center. So u r profit center wise balance sheet always tally.
    Basically all expenses are related to cost and hence they are recorded in cost center. If you ask me before coming to sap I use to use profit center to group cost center for internal reporting. But  sap derives profit center balance sheet where expense comes from cost center to profit center and balance sheet accounts are assigned to profit center.

  • Balance sheet on Profit center level

    Whats  the best option to get balance sheet on profit center level in ECC6.0 ??

    The best option to get balance sheet on profit center level in ECC6.0 is S_PL0_86000028 - FINANCIAL STATEMENT ACTUAL/ACTUAL COMPARISION.
    Before getting this report you must make the new gl settings by making profit center as mandatory field, and activating the neg gl functionality.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Shashi Kanth.

  • ** Balance sheet at Profit center with Inventory valuation at CoCd level **

    Inventory valuation is at CoCd level. Moving Average costing.
    There are 2 plants in CoCd 3000.
    1.     I created material 1234 in plant P1 (profit ctr P1) & in plant P2 (profit ctr P2)
    2.     Then, I received a PO - $1000 (100 qty @ $10) in plant P1 & $1100 (100 qty @ $11) in plant P2
    3.     So the Moving average at CoCd is $10.50
    4.     I created a Sales order to ship out 100 qty from plant P1. The PGI posted at moving average at CoCd level i.e.
            Dr COGS $1050
            Cr Inventory $1050
    5.     Now, Inventory GL account value becomes -ve 50 at plant P1 
    6.     MB52 looks wrong as below. It doesnu2019t show -50 in P1 & 1100 in P2
    Is there any standard way to accomplish Balance sheets at Profit center with Inventory valuation at CoCd level? 
    - We can do custom development to distribute Inventory balance on profit centers upon receipts or Invoice receipts (i.e. anything that updates the Moving Avg at CoCd) eg in step 2, when $1100 (100 qty @ $11) in plant P2 is received, then post +500 to inventory in P1 & -500 in P2, to make both P1 & P2 at 1050.
    However, this would be huge effort on Development, Testing & ongoing maintenance.
    - Another custom way would be to post to Profit centers a periodic entry to correct Inventory balance to (Qty on hand x Moving Avg at CoCd)
    Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

    I don't think so it's happen at valuation at Company code level.
    Inventory Valuation always at plant level only not at Profit center and company code level.
    In your case 2 Plants and 2 Profit centers. There is no chance to different the value at Profit center . Check once in Dev. server with example.

  • Balance Sheet in Profit Center

    Hello All,
    How can you generate balance sheets for Profit Centers when the profit centers are linked to the sales order? so that whenever there is a sales order generated, the line items are all assigned to the profit centers.
    Thanks, Please respond immediately.

    You can use transaction code:
    S_ALR_87013345 - Profit Centers: Customers (Transferred Periodically)
    S_ALR_87013346 - Profit Centers: Vendors (Transferred Periodically)
    S_ALR_87013347 - Profit Centers: Assets (Transferred Periodically)
    S_ALR_87013348 - Profit Centers: Materials (Transferred Periodically)
    If you want to take balance sheet for over all profit center then use program :RFBILA10  and in selection give Financial statement version and ledger of profit center which is 8A.
    PS: If helpfull assign the points.

  • Balance sheet using profit center

    My client require balance sheet using profit centers... I will activate document splitting which should be able to provide the same. The other requirement is that they have profit center division wise eg. manufacturing, refurbishment, etc
    How will profits centers ensure the balance sheet balances down to zero? since historical data and postings to accounts such as share capital would not have profit center assigned?

    For liabilities like Equity, debenture shuold be distributed equally to all profit centers since it does not ensures that raised funds will be deployed for specific profit centers. Ask your business process owner how to distribute those amounts.
    Document spitting will bring you the financial statements based on Profit Centers. Use Tcodes...
    Chintan Joshi

  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet at profit center group level

    my client has "xxxx" as group in standard hierarchy of profit center. under this group there are further two sub groups "01" & "02". under each sub group there is one profit center "0100001" and "0200001" respectively. now the requirement is that the user would like to extract Financial Statement Version (P&L and Balance sheet) at all three levels "Top Group", "Sub Group" & profit center.Now i do know that by activating document splitting on the basis of profit center i can get FSV at profit center level through standard report "S_PL0_86000028" by specifying profit center in selection perimeters. but how can i get the same at two group levels? please help me out here.

    As far as my knowledge it the only way to choose group of profit centers . as per below screen shot .. you are not permitted to choose profit center group.
    Mahmoud El Nady

  • Balance sheet items profit center not updated

    In ECC 6- in 3KEI- we have given profit center derivation for balance sheet items through business area-
    Though derivation rule is given it is not updating profit center at the time of posting to balance sheet items
    it has worked perfectly in 4.7EE-
    How to update profit center for balance sheet items in ECC6
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Joseph,
    Please go through the link. It is cristol clear document for your requirement.
    Satish Muvva.

  • Where to find the Opening Balance Of a Profit Center

    Which report can i use to check the opening balance of a profit center which is carried forward from last year for a balance sheet account?

    In period 0, Balance Carried Foward program ( TA 2KES ) is run in PCA. Note that this carried forward balance will only be updated in GLPCT and not GLPCA. Thus, in period 0, the opening balanes are stored. You may create report painter or SAP query to find out these balance.s

  • Difference between business area balance sheet and profit centre accounting

    Hi all,
    I want to know what are the differences between business area balance sheet and profit centre accounting.
    Please tell the merits and demerits of both.
    If, I want to get plant-wise profitability of a company then which method is more recommendable and why?
    Charu Mahawar

    look to that interesting thread:
    Re: Business Area Vs Profit Center
    pls reward useful answers
    Thank you !

  • Vendor Trial Balance for a Profit Center

    We are on ECC 6.0 and created plants as a profit center. Now, need to develop a custom report for getting vendor trial balance for a profit center. The standard report FK10N does not provide the balance for a profit center. However, while pulling the data from BSEG, system is pulling all the Line Items, when I filter on GL Account Number (BSEG-HKONT), which i can then filter on Profit Center (PRCTR). However, when i fetch the same data on a combination of GL Account Number (BSEG-HKONT) = 304000 and Profit Center (BSEG-PRCTR) = USUR, system shows only certain line items, even though the Line Items are there in the table BSEG. Pl suggest
    Sanil Bhandari

    Use TCOD FGI0 for more drilldown report on GL, Vendor, Customer.

  • What are the data sources for 0FIGL_V10 cube Balance Sheet and Profit& Loss

    What are the data sources for 0FIGL_V10 (G/L (New): Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss) cube. and whether we can install business content regarding this.
    Please help me out.

    Check this:-------
    Urgent: Relevant Master Data Data Sources for FI-GL  & FI-AP
    Edited by: Suman Chakravarthy on Sep 28, 2011 7:33 AM

  • Error - Balancing Line Item Profit Center not filled in Line Item 007

    I am trying to do a transfer posting from one vendor account to another. However, system is giving an error - Balancing Line Item Profit Center not filled in line Item 001. Pls suggest.

    hi  vaibhav
    you go through this Tcode  FAGL3KEH  and maintain default profit centre. in the  error message system shown GL accounts
    hope you userstand

  • Transfer of Vendor Balance from one profit center to other

    Hi All
    I need some help regarding Transfer of Vendor Balance from one profit Center to other profit cneter. I am in ECC 6.0 and activated document splitting.

    Hi Kamal
    You are right. My requirment is to transfer Vendor balance in PC 1000 to PC 2000. If I post using 9KE0 it is not affecting in the respective vendor account. Since we are in ECC 6.0 with document split option we have to post the same transfer entry through any FI transaction only.

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