BAPI to reverse Goods Issue for movement type 601

Hi Everyone,
Does anyone know of any BAPI that could be use to reverse Goods Issue for Movement type 601?
I tried using BDC of transaction VL09 and was able to reverse the GI document successfully but the return message type was 'E' with unreadable message -
Tabelle 'E' enth#t keinen Eintrag f# 'Ch 004 &'
When I tried using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CANCEL, I get the error message 'E M7 130 Material document cannot be processed'.
Best Regards,

hi, Junwen!
the following code works pretty well:
      fp_vbeln = vbeln_val.
      fp_budat = budat_val.
      fp_tcode = 'VL09'.
      fp_vbtyp = 'J'.
          i_vbeln                         = fp_vbeln
          i_budat                         = fp_budat
        I_COUNT                         =
        I_MBLNR                         =
          i_tcode                         = fp_tcode
          i_vbtyp                         = fp_vbtyp
          t_mesg                          = it_mesg
         error_reverse_goods_issue       = 1
         OTHERS                          = 2.

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  • Post Goods Issue for movement type 351

    Hi experts,
    I need to perform a post goods issue for the movement type 351.
    which bapi we need to use? is it going to be "BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE" or something else.
    What are the information that we require other than movement type for performing post goods isue?
    Any pointers on this will be highly appreciated.

    Hi ,
    Thanks man.. Then where should I do that.
    Idoc is PORDCR102. Message type is PORDCR1.
    My requirement is to create a STO first in the user exit EXIT_SAPL2012_001 and then to perform a Post goods issue in the user exit EXIT_SAPL2012_003.
    Can u please explain it.

  • Goods Issue for Movement Type 281

    Can anyone suggest me how to use MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT to post goods for Mvmt Type 281.
    Please give me Sample data as i'm getting errors with data.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Srinivas,
    Thanks for the answer. It helped in solving the problem.

  • Fld selection for movement type 601/ act 425000 differs for customer goods

    hi all
    When i try to do PGI for delivery, i am getting given below error.
    "Fld selection for movement type 601/ act 425000 differs for customer goods movement (015)" Please guide me to solve this issue. Rgds
    Edited by: Madhavan SR on Apr 14, 2010 3:09 AM

    Please run report RM07CUFA for the movement type and account, and check the field selection for
    "Customer goods movement" if the setting is consistent or not.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Fld selection for movement type 601/ act 425000

    hi all
    When i try to do PGI for delivery, i am getting given below error.
    "Fld selection for movement type 601/ act 425000 differs for customer goods movement (015)" Please guide me to solve this issue. Rgds

    Dear Madhavan,
    For mvt type 601,in OMJJ, customer field is set as optional.
    You can check this in OMJJ - mvt type 601 - field selections - Material management.
    Check in FS00 - the field status group assigned to GL account - 40005900, then open the attributes of that field selection group in OBC4, check customer field is suprresed.
    You can change either (suggest to check with FI consultant to change in field status group).
    Alternatively you can go to t/code se38 & run RM07CUFA program with variants to compare these two settings and make necessary changes.
    Hope this could help you resolve this issue. TQ

  • Field selection for movement type 601 account 894025 differs for cutomer

    While posting goods after saving delivery merror message
    Field selection for movement type 601/aact 894025 differs for customer goods movement
    I tried OMJJ>Mvtmt Type>601>Field selection enjoy>601  KONTO  Optional field
    Now this is only happening in the cases where I have assigned free goods Inclusive 10MT. If the order is less than 10MT (that is if no free goods attached) posting is accepted & billing & account determination is processed successfully.
    I am unable to identify the reason though I have worked a lot on MM/Fico on the system.
    Please provide your valued inputs why this is happening?
    Thanks for your time.

    Hi Raja,
    Thanks for prompt reply.
    I shall appreciate if you elaborate how to check
    check the Field selection goup in control tab for that GL 
    I tried OBC$--> (Is this correct?)
    I checked cost center field G004 -->Addl Act assignemtn -->Cost center which is Optional entry. Should I check any other items on the screen as I am unable to understand which field is applicable on a/c field.
    Profit center, cost object are  in G004 as supressed field.
    So should I make optional? So thing will work.
    Other Q should I also consider G025 Inventory adjustment account? As per error this a/c is not shown. So pl advise me steps or heading which I should consider.
    Thanks for yr time.

  • Error when posting an goods issue of movement type 501: order not contain

    I tried to post an goods issue of movment type 501 to a stock transport order. But I get the error as below.
    Document 4500000130 does not contain any selectable items
    Message no. M7 064
    The document or item entered cannot be adopted.
    Possible reasons for this are:
    The document items have already been processed
    (Suggest zero lines indicator set?).
    the document items have been deleted or are blocked.
    the document items have been created for a different plant.
    (for reservations only) movements are not yet allowed for the reservation items.
    (for reservations only) the document items are retrograde components of the order. These are posted using the order confirmations.
    The document is an R/2 document.
    Make sure your entries are correct.
    If the system has already processed the total quantity, you can set the Suggest zero lines indicator. The system will suggest the quantity zero for the items that have already been processed.
    If you have entered a particular item, cancel the item. If you do not enter an item, the system searches all of the open items in the document.
    If the document is a purchase order, production order or a reservation, you can enter search criteria in the dialog box.
    You access the dialog box by choosing the menu option Enter with reference on the initial screen.
    If the document is an R/2 document, you have to cancel it manually by entering the reversal movement type.
    How can I proceed to post?

    Go to T.code MB1A, enter the required movement type, Plant and storage location and then click,
    The push button of  Reservation on the tool bar for refereing the reservation or
    The push button of  order  on the tool bar for refereing the Production order.

  • How to reverse goods issue for delivery note by using IDoc

    Hi all,
    I would like to reverse goods issue and picking request for delivery note by using inbound IDoc.
    I used message type SHPCON and IDoc type DEVLRY03 for posting goods issue in inbound processing and it's work but I couldn't find solution for posting reverse goods issue.
    Pls let me know which IDoc type or any ways for posting goods issue reversal and cancelling picking request.
    Thanks for your time.
    Su R.

              For this requirements we can actually follow two Approaches that I can think of. Here they are.
    Approach 1
             Little Complex Approach. What we can do is to make use of the Same Function Module (Posting Program) IDOC_INPUT_DELVRY to do the Delivery Updates (Except reversing the Goods Issue). During this,  we can make use of one of the Customer Functions available in the Enhancement V55K0001 and satisfy our Requirement.
    Approach 2
            We can actually code a Custom Posting Program (Function Module) in which the first part will take care of updating the Delivery & if the PGI is done, then we can make use of the Function Module BAPI_GOODSMVT_CANCEL to reverse the PGI.
            I think the later Approach is much easier rather than going for the Standard Function Module (Posting Program), Exits and find a place where we have to find another Enhancement Spot / Enhancement where we can call the above FM to Cancel the Goods Movement.
    Hope these inputs were helpful.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Venkat Phani Prasad Konduri

  • Error during Goods Issue using movement type U61

    Dear All,
    There is this error with respect to goods movement type U61. It states u201C Difference in Object List header data: U61 previously /321 Newu201D
    I get this error when I am doing the Goods issue using the transaction EM10 or MB1A
    Any guidance or help is welcome

    The goods issue movement type is 501, the previous movement type was also 501 only. The status of the device is in ESTO. By doing goods issue using movemenn type U61, I need to make them in to AVLB status.

  • BADI for movement type 601 and COGS GL account

    Hello SAP expert,
    I am searching a solution from SAP enhancements.
    The requirement is to provide different COGS GL account based on the Customer Account Assignment Group value(KNVV-KTGRD) when SAP performs goods issue. for example, movement type 601,
    This means, when company ships goods to differnt customers, then SAP should generate different COGS GL account.
    for example, when company ships goods to customer account assignment group '01' (Domestic customers), then SAP should generate COGS GL account 818100.
    when company ships goods to customer account assignment group '02' (export customes), then SAP should generate COGS GL account 818200.
    when company ships goods to customer account assignment group '03' (Testing - sample customers), then SAP should generate COGS GL account 818300.
    the logic is following:
    KNVV-KTGRD COGS GL account at goods issue
    01 Domestic 818100
    02 Export 818200
    03 Testing - sample 818300
    04 Testing - VOM 818400
    05 Franchise 818500
    Is there any similar BADI available to solve the above?
    Happy New Year!
    Sylvia Chen

    First of all, Happy New Year!
    Thank you for the tip.
    Enhancement LMR1M002 was already implemented in the current SAP environment.
    The text is "Account grouping for GR/IR account maintenance".
    Function "EXIT_SAPLKONT_011" is the component under Enhancement LMR1M002.
    That is all I can see from SAP.
    I am not an ABAP person.
    Can you provide information for the next step?
    Thank you.
    Sylvia Chen

  • How to set for movement type 601 or 641

    For SAP standard, movement type 601 and 641 can post from restriced or block stock. In movement type setting, where can I set, then 601 or 641 can only post from unrestricted stock?
    Many Thanks

    Hello Aries,
    I checked the system & can tell you the following. Only the 601 can book from the restricted (blocked) stock. You can't enter the stock type in the delivery but starting with 470 there's a BAdI, LE_SHP_GOODSMOVEMENT. With this BAdI you can tell the system to post the goods issue from the blocked stock.
    The mvt 641 is a different story: This movement type uses the quantity string MAU2. The quantity strings are defined in T156M. This string isn't able to post the GI from the restricted stock.
    I hope that this description is OK for you.



    see the documentation itself , there u will find what kind of params u have to use.

  • BAPI for Goods Issue (MIGO) movement type 351 with reference to PO

    Is there an BAPI for Goods issue in MIGO with reference to PO movement type 351, i tried using "BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE", but there is no PO field in this, is there any other BAPI's available for the same?
    Thanks in Advance,

    for goods mvt type , the available is that itself . for 351 mvt type Po number is not required .
    if its a must , create a Z bapi with additional field  for PO and make it as reference .

  • Error in Goods issue with movement type 541

    Dear Users,
    I have created a Sub contracting PO. After that when i m issuing the goods to vendor with movement type 541, its giving the following error: Movement type 541 is not planned for this operation.
    Please help me out

    You can provide material to vendor either using Transaction codes :
    1.  MIGO - Transfer Posting - Other - Movement type 541
    2.  MB1B - Movement type 541  or
    3.  ME2O - Mention the vendor & execute
    S. Kumar

  • Sr. Number Management issue for movement type 281

    I have a Material "PART1" with Serial no. profile "0001" and relevant for "back flushing".
    This profile "0001" has the below controls in config:
    MMSL - Maintain goods receipt and issue doc. - 02 - Optional. We cannot maintain "03", since this Material is relevant for "back flushing".
    SDLS - Maintain delivery - 03 - Obligatory
    With this config Serial no. is optional for all the Receipts, Issues and Serial no. is required for Sales Delivery/PGI. PGI will not be able to post without entering Serial numbers. All these are working fine as expected.
    User creates Delivery through T.code  CNS0 for a network (Projects) for the same Material "PART1" and processing the PGI. During PGI, system is not stopping to post PGI without entering Serial numbers (Allowing to post PGI without Serial Numbers.), even though this Material has Profile "0001" - SDLS - Maintain delivery - 03 - Obligatory.
    Movement type issued by system during network related delivery is 281.(No Special Stock).
    During this PGI process System is considering this Business transaction similar to MMSL( Receipt/Issue ) instead of SDLS.
    Options / Solution for this issue u2013 to make this specific MMSL movement type as Serial Number required:
    We can maintain the Serialization Parameter in the below 2 steps specific Movement type(281).
    1.Define flow type groups
    u201C0001u201D  -  MMSL u2013 REQ u2013 03 (Obligatory)
    2. Assignment of Movement Type Group to Movement Type
    281 u2013 u201CREQu201D
    With this Config I can able to get the error for the Delivery movement type 281 (GI to Network), if Serial Number is not entered in the Network delivery, which fixes the Issue.
    I can able to process other receipts/issues (except 281) without Serial numbers, which is also OK.
    But I can able to maintain the Back flush values u201C2u201D in Material master.
    We can NOT able to create new Material with Back flush values u201C2u201D and Serial no. profile "0001".
    We are having lot of materials with Back flush values u201C2u201D and Serial no. profile "0001". For existing Materials we are getting error u2013 Serial number Management is not possible with back flushing, whenever we change any Plant data in Material master.
    Kindly provide the solution to fix this issue.
    Let me know if you need more info .
    In Config T.code u201COPT1u201D can we replace the movement type 281 with 601 to fix this issue, instead of the above config (Movement Type Group step 1 & 2) ?
    Kumar Arcot

    Hi Srinivas,
    Thanks for the answer. It helped in solving the problem.

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