BCS - Data collection issue

I'm using BCS 4.0. I'm working now in final testing and I have some question regarding to the data collection process using load from data stream method. I ran the task in consolidation monitor for 007.2007 period and for all companies without any error or warnings, but we have differences in financial information for that period.
I reviewed the content in my BCS cube (RSA1) and we don't have any data for that accounts, the only thing that I found was that all docs were created on same date
I deleted the ID request in RSA1in my BCS cube and I executed task again in consolidation monitor, but the result was the same.
Looking at log / source data, in the rows listed, these data is not taking from the infoprovider
Any idea which could be the problem ?

Hi Nayeli,
I had to do this kind of job (reconciliation of data in the source basis cube and the totals cube) during the final testing a lot of times, with an accountant.
The only way to have the first clue what is happening is to compare every particular amount s in both cubes. Comparing and trying to figure out any dependencies in data.
The difference might arise because of ANY reason. Only you may analyze the data and decide what to do.
AFAIU, you compared only reported data and did no currency translation and eliminations?
Then, I'm afraid that you've made a very big mistake deleting the request from the totals cube. You have broken the consistency between totals and document data. For a transactional cube the request is yellow until the number of records in it reach 50000 records. Then it is closed and become green. As you may understand, in those 50000 records maybe contained a lot of data for different posting periods, for example, reported data for the previous closed period. Though, documents still contain eliminations for that period. - Inconsistency.

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  • Performance Report Manager Data Collection Issues

    I have an agent running and collecting data in a circular file.... history.log
    Data Collection has failed approximately 6 days ago without warning. I have tried to find out the issue and have not had any success.
    If I open the Data Collection Window in PRM I see a Yellow triangle beside the hostname:port.
    If you can provide any information as to what to look for, please reply.

    history.log may be corrupted. If you run it through ccat to flatten it does it show any recent (i.e. newer than 6 days) entries?
    If ccat gives errors then just move it out of the way (i.e. rename it to history.log.busted) and restart your Agent. A fresh log will be created. Give it a couple hours to make a couple flushes of data to your SunMC Server and see if PRM works.
    [email protected]

  • LMS 4.2 Topology Data Collection Issue

    Hi there,
    i have an issue with the lms 4.2 Topology Data Collection. After installation the Topology Data Collection was running normaly, but since first server reload the Topo Data Collect under Inventory > Dashboards > Device Status > Collection Summary is "frozen". It only shows the following content from first run:
    Topology Data Collection    193    0    Not Available     Running    Schedule
    Is there any option to stop this process elsewhere? I cannot find anything under jobs in running state or so. Clicking on Schedule only give me the option to start data collection, but lms always returns that the process is running.
    Thanks for help.

    i have reseted the ANI db using NMSROOT\bin\perl.exe NMSROOT\bin\dbRestoreOrig.pl dsn=ani dmprefix=ANI
    Everything is set to 0:
    Topology Data Collection      0 0 Not Available                          Running Schedule
    UT Major Acquisition            0 (0 End hosts 0 IP Phones) 0      Not Available Idle Schedule
    VRF Collection                    0 0                                              Not Available Idle Schedule
    But Topology Data Collection is still frozen to "Running" state....

  • LMS 3.2 Data Collection Issue

    Hi ,
    I have LMS 3.2 and license for adding 5000 devices , my data collection is running continously for the past 2 days, when i try to stop the daemon manager and restart it comes to idle state but after some time it again goes to Running state
    I am not getting the best practices deviations and discrepaqncies report after this issue
    I am attaching the ANIServer.properties , ani.log and ANIServer.log file
    Please help

    this seems to be BugID CSCtd49439:
    also consider to install the patch for BugID CSCtg20882:
    if you have CM 5.2 you should consider to upgrade to CM 5.2.1 which is available here:
    the patches for BugIDs CSCtd49439 and CSCtg20882 are availabel by contacting TAC

  • Interactive PDF created in CS6 InDesign data collection issue

    Created an interactive form from within CS6 InDesign. Uses text fields and check boxes with a submit button to forward the completed form to an email address. When tested in Acrobat Reader, the collected information will not be submitted, just a copy of the form -- blank. Any obvious solutions to this, perhaps a step I missed when creating in InDesign?
    Also, my submit button creates an email to send with form completed data input, and attachements too, can then be included. Is there a way to bypass the attachements step for the email and simply have an Include (browse) for attachements while within the interactive PDF?

    Which version of Adobe Reader are you using for testing purposes? Adobe Reader XI introduced the ability to save filled out PDF forms and submit them. For earlier versions as far as I'm aware you'd need to create a Reader Extended PDF, which is something you can do in Acrobat, not InDesign.
    If you have Adobe Acrobat:
    Open the PDF form you created in InDesign then
    File > Save as Other > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools... and test it in Adobe Reader again.
    To answer your second question, not that I know... (neither in InDesign or Acrobat).
    However, if you have a copy of Adobe LivecycleDesigner, you can add a form object that can be used by users to include attachments.

  • Performance data collection issue

    We are using SCOM 2007 r2.We have some servers not collecting performance data.These servers are up and running fine and generating alerts (Monitoring Working fine). Can any one please suggest us what is the work arround for this.
    Padmaja M.

    Try to clear management server health service cache by stopping the system center management service, renaming the health service state folder and starting the service.
    Juke Chou
    TechNet Community Support

  • Unable to crawl BCS data - Permissions Issue

    The dreaded Error while crawling LOB contents. ( Error caused by exception: Microsoft.BusinessData.Infrastructure.AccessDeniedException Access denied by Business Data Connectivity. )   But its not the Set Metadata Store Permissions
    issue.  I have access to the ECT in lists and the generated profile page.  I've logged on to the indexing server(not the WFE) as the domain\crawler account and was able to access the ECT in the same lists and generated profile pages.  
    The ECT is using a MS SQL server account in the Secured Store account and I've ensured domain\crawler has member access to the target application ID.   The crawler is working fine for actual sharepoint content as well as account profiles.  The
    crawl log only shows the error above.   Other things I've tried: giving the app pool account access to Metadata Store and Secure Sore.   Is there as way to see the account that is being denied during the crawl?  Any helpful steps to
    diagnose this?

    Hi  V115567 ,
    For troubleshooting your issue, please  take steps  as below:
    Grant the permissions for your account to the external content type:
    Add your account  into “Set metadata store permission” :
    Also here is a good blog for Implementing Business Data Connectivity in SharePoint 2013:
    Best Regards,
    Eric Tao
    TechNet Community Support

  • BI7 Admin Cockpit Data Collection Issue

    We are in BI7 SP15.
    When I run my Z query & run Query Runtime Statistics - Delta process chain i don't see any statistics data in 0TCT_C02. I activated all required objects. But if i run query in 0TCT_MC02 & run delta load i see the records in 0TCT_C02.
    I verified 'Tools - BW Statistics for Infoproviders' both 0TCT_C02 and my Zcube (also both quries) has same setting. Am i missing any steps?

    Thanks for the reply.
    After running the delta process chain i can see only the stat data for query from 0TCT_MC21 not for my Zcube. I ran query against my Zcube but i could not see any stat records related to my Zcube queries.
    I set RSA1 - Tools - Statistics for InfoProviders for my Zcube to X & 2.
    Any help is appreciated.

  • BCS Data Collection

    we are implementing BCS 6.0 and are in blueprint.  Does anyone have any Best Practice for loading?  Should you load periodic or cumulative?  Also, we need to do currency translation to group currency.  Do we have to load both transaction currency and local currency to get the correct results, or which one?
    Thanks for your help,

    Did answer these questions?
    For periodic versus Cumulative, each has its merits.
    I prefer loading Cumulative, then the balance you loaded most recently is the correct one and you don't have to worry about loading a periodic value that leave your YTD out because of earleier mistakes.
    How did you get on with the currency decision?

  • Data collection failing

    LMS 4.1 W2k8 R2
    I recently installed 17 stacks of 3560V2 switches at a site and added them to LMS4.1.  What I have found is that data collection is failing for all but the top switch in the stack.  In other workds, in some cabinets I may have 4 switches connected back to a 6500 core.  Data collection succeeds for only the switch connected to the core.  UT info is not collected for the switches that fail data collection.
    If I go to the device status dashboard I see that I have data collection succeeding for 56 devices and failing for 96 devices.  For the devices that fail some are listed as unreachable and others as never-reachable.  In either case, the following is suggested as a resolution:
    Verify the following :
    1. Device is reachable using ping.
    2. Verify that DCR is configured with correct credentials for the device.
    These devices are reachable.  Inventory collection is succeeding.  If I test reachability in device center I get successes across the board - even for SSH, though no username is specified in DCR so I can't see how that works.
    The 17 stacks I just installed are configured as clusters in those cabinets that have more than 1 switch.  However, they are not managed as clusters by LMS.  They all have IP addresses.  I just use clustering to facilitate bouncing around a stack from a telnet command line.
    I deleted one of these switches and re-added.  Now ping, HTTP, SSHv1 & v2 succeed in device center - but everything else fails.  When I run a credential verification job on this switch it reports SNMP read and write success, telnet & enable success, and SSH "no value to test".  The credential verification results are as I would expect.
    I am at a loss at this point.  How do I troubleshoot the data collection issue?

    I found the answer to my particular problem here:
    Campus Manager and cluster-member switches

  • Data Collection

    Hi Experts,
    I am facing issue in Data collection Error in Decentralized environment.
    Earlier Data collection (Standard collection) was working normal but recently I am facing the below issue.
    If I launch Standard collection, it is getting Error out. Log file message (in Data pull Program) is Staging Tables' data is not collected. Please submit the request Planning ODS Load.
    For resolving the above, I tried the below two methods.
    1. 1st launch Planning data collection - purging staging tables then Launching Standard collection, but it is also fails with error in the program "APS Collections Miscellaneous Task". Error message : FDPSTP failed due to ORA-06512: at "APPS.MSC_UTIL", line 1192.
    2. launch Planning data collection - purging staging table, Data pull (manual launch) then Planning ODS load (manual launch). Same error message
    But, I am getting negative result.
    Hence, what is the missing setup. Is this need any profile option. or How to solve this.
    Appreciating your earlier answer.

    Package is Valid (I used the said query "select object_name, object_type, status from all_objects where object_name = 'MSC_UTIL'")
    Data collection issue is not resolving. Below are my tryings
    Try 1:
    1. I launched "Planning Data Collection - Purge Staging Tables" with validation = No (Later I tried with Validation = Yes also) then
    2. I launched Standard Collection (as standard way)
    Planning ODS Load getting Error out, log file showing below error
    Exceptions posted by this request
    Concurrent Request for "Planning ODS Load" has completed with Error.
    Try 2:
    1. I launched "Planning Data Collection - Purge Staging Tables" with validation = No (Later I tried with Validation = Yes also) then
    2. I launched "Planning Data Pull" manually (Completed Normal) then
    3. I launched "Planning ODS Load" manually
    Planning ODS Load Error out because of below
    I am getting below error message in the concurrent program "Generate Trading Partner Keys" log file.
    **Starts**27-FEB-2011 16:20:16
    ORACLE error 6512 in FDPSTP
    Cause: FDPSTP failed due to ORA-06512: at "APPS.MSC_CL_SETUP_ODS_LOAD", line 5094
    ORA-06512: at "APPS.MSC_CL_COLLECTION", line 6862
    ORA-06512: at line 1
    Appreciating your earlier reply

  • Problems with Data collection in CM 5.0.6

    I have installed LMS 3.0.1 and CM 5.0.6, and I have some problems with CM:
    -Although data collection is scheduled, this does not run.
    I try to launch it from CM menu, it asks if I want the collection of all devices or the new ones.
    I try the two options but it does not do anything.
    -I can launch the UT acquisition but it does not collect all the hosts.
    I compare the configuration of the devices that "works" and the others and dont see no difference.
    -The UT acquisition does not discover our Ip phones.
    -In data collection settings there are 5 devices that are included but not managed.
    -When I restart the server the data collection works fine, but the next day it doesn't work.

    As suspected, Campus Manager 5.0.6 hitting a bug as found the following exception in ani.log :-
    2011/03/14 15:05:40 Discovery ani ERROR AniTimeLine: TimeBase Discovery caught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
        at com.objectspace.jgl.HashMap.put(HashMap.java)
        at com.cisco.nm.ani.server.core.PortDetailsXml.populatePortData(PortDetailsXml.java:109)
        at com.cisco.nm.ani.server.core.DiscoveryTimeBaseImpl.generatePortDetailsXml(DiscoveryTimeBaseImpl.java:104)
        at com.cisco.nm.ani.server.core.DiscoveryTimeBaseImpl.postPerformScheduledFunction(DiscoveryTimeBaseImpl.java:81)
        at com.cisco.nm.ani.server.frontend.AniTimeBaseImpl.execute(AniTimeBaseImpl.java:48)
        at com.cisco.nm.ani.server.frontend.AniTimeLine.executeTimeBase(AniTimeLine.java:317)
        at com.cisco.nm.ani.server.frontend.AniTimeLine.runSchedule(AniTimeLine.java:350)
        at com.cisco.nm.ani.server.frontend.AniTimeLine.run(AniTimeLine.java:366)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:595)
    BUG ID = CSCtd49439
    link to view bug at Cisco.com
    You need to contact TAC for the patch.Kindly click on Action --> open Service Request and it will put all these notes and logs of this thread to the TAC case.
    Once the data collection issue will be fixed and the correct number of devices being data collected properly, then you need to make sure to add "Call Manager" to Common Services with the community string credentials and run the data collection and UT Acquisitions to get the IP Phones discovered.

  • Automatic data collection evaluation issue

    We are currently evaluating several automatic data collection applications that we are planning to integrate with our Oracle Applications --- got most of the RFQ constructed using this template, http://www.highjumpsoftware.com/adc/Vertexera062503/
    but we want to make sure that all the system integration issues have been accounted for.
    Does anyone have any success stories/horror stories about integrating automatic data collection products with the ERP system
    Thank you!

    cfhttp is a good place to start.

  • Too many BPM data collection jobs on backend system

    Hi all,
    We find about 40,000 data collection jobs running on our ECC6 system, far too many.
    We run about 12 solutions, all linked to the same backend ECC6 system. Most probably this is part of the problem. We plan to scale down to 1 solution rather than the country-based approach.
    But here we are now, and I have these questions.
    1. How can I relate a BPM_DATA_COLLECTION job on ECC6 back to a particular solution ? The job log give me monitor-id, but I can't relate that back to a solution.
    2. If I deactivate a solution in the solution overview, does that immediately cancel the data collection for that solution ?
    3. In the monitoring schedule on a business process step we sometimes have intervals defined as 5 minutes, sometimes 60. Strange thing is that the drop-down of that field does not always give us the same list of values. Even within a solution I see that in one step I have the choice of a long list of intervals, in the next step in that same business process I can only choose between blank and 5 minutes.
    How is this defined ?
    Thanks in advance,

    How did you managed to get rid of this issue. i am facing the same.

  • IDoc Monitoring: Data collection not getting completed

    I have setup IDoc monitoring in Solution Manager 7.1 SP08 for managed systems which is on ST-A/PI 01Q. There are many IDoc being generated in the managed system but I am not getting any alert for it.
    In the alert inbox I get the message that the data collection has not yet taken place since the last activation. and the last data collection time is shown as of 2009.
    Also in the managed system the BPMon background job BPM_DATA_COLLECTION_2 get cancelled with run time error TSV_TNEW_BLOCKS_NO_ROLL_MEMMORY
    What can be the issue?

    Hi Vishal,
    Please check and implement below notes to fix the first issue:
    1570282 - Advance Corr. BPMon ST-A/PI 01N
    1946940 - ST-A/PI 01Q SP2: Advance Correction BPMon (Infrastructure and
    1869678 - Advanced Corrections for BPmon/Analytics Delivered with 01Q SP1

Maybe you are looking for