Bex dynamic header problem

Hi All,
I have 2 problems..
1) I have to print the vendor statement of account for 1 year. Now for each vendor the vendor code name and address comes followed by other columns of account information related to it. My requirement is that i want the vendor code name and address to appear in header line and then all other information for that vendor comes beneath it. Meaning the vendor name and address comes in 1st line , and from 2nd line all account information related to that vendor comes. then say on 60th line another vendor name and address comes...and from 61st line accoutn information of the 2nd vendor comes.
How to do it???
2) i want to ghet dynamic header in the bex report based on the iunformation filled in the selection option. Eg: if user entered a posting date then that posting date should appear in the report header.
both these are urgent requirements....Plz help soon
Thanks & regards

Hi , thanks for ur reply but the Report designer is not working , givng me error
The main problem is i have to display the name and address of Vendor in a separate row i.e. vendor name and address shud appear in the row and then in following rows the other details.
11000 Shashi Kapoor  Jaipur         31.12.2006     doc no type etc
12000 Kamla Verma    Mumbai      12.10.2006    doc no type etc
Now final putput will be like
Shashi Kapoor
31.12.2006    .................................
Kamla Verma
Thanks .

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  • Dynamic header in oo alv print_top_of_page based on current line

    I would expect this to be a common problem with the solution easily to google/find, but somehow...
    dynamic header generation during alv print_top_of_page:
    - i print an oo alv grid, sorted by kunnr
    - for each new kunnr a new page
    -> now I want during print-out to: at each top of page, read the first (or any) line of the current page, i.e. the current kunnr, and select data on basis of that kunnr to be written to the header.
    My problem is that sy-tabix is not being filled correctly (always 1).
    Strange thing is that in another report with a non-dynamic itab to display, sy-tabix is actuall being filled more or less correctly. (with the minor drawback that on the first page the tabix might not be 1 but more likely to be 2; but that's easy to fix and for the next pages sy-tabix is correct)
    Kind regards, A

    In the handle_print_top_of_page method, use :
    FIELD-SYMBOLS : <lv_line> TYPE ANY.
    ASSIGN ('(SAPLKKBL)G_INDEX') TO <lv_line>.
    if <lv_line> = 0. "First time, G_INDEX is equal to zero
       <lv_line> = 1.
    So in <lv_line> you will always have the good index of your table.

  • SSRS 2008 R2 - Dynamic header data stays the same when exporting

    I have a SSRS 2008 R2 report with a single Tablix.
    The data is grouped by InvoiceID, with each appearing on a separate page.
    I'm displaying some of the detail data in the group header row using Expressions similar to the following:
    ="Invoice # "  & ReportItems!InvoiceID.Value"
    The data referred to by my ReportItems statements are all hidden in the detail row (Advanced Mode, the Hidden Value for the Static Row Group is set to false).
    When I Preview the report in Visual Studio, everything looks as it should - the dynamic header data changes correctly with each group.
    However, whenever I export the results (I've tried all the formats), the header data is the same for every group - its taking the values from the first group and using it in all the groups.
    I've copied the same expressions into my Totals row, and the data is correct when exported; its only happening in my header rows.
    Any help in resolving this is greatly appreciated, thank you.

    Hi Alex,
    According to your description, you have a header with expression contains ReportItems. Now you find it shows incorrect result when exporting to a file. Right?
    In Reporting Services, it has reported some similar issue that the ReportItem returns unexpected result when exporting.  In this scenario, since you just want to show the group name in each page as a header for detail rows. So you can make the
    detail rows group on the Group. Then delete the Group column but still keep the group. After that add a row above detail row (Out side of group) and put in "=Fields!InvoiceID.Value". Now it will show the corresponding Group name
    when you set page break between each group instance. We have tested this case in our local environment. Here are screenshots for your reference:
    field expressions using ReportItem refrences have unexpected results when exporting
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best Regards,
    Simon Hou

  • Variable Text not working as dynamic header in Crystal report

    Dear Experts,
    I'm working Crystal report that connected to Query BEX SAP BW trough SAP integration kit,
    currently i have case that need report dynamic header using variable text from BEX query, but seem the variable text not working in Crystal reports. the header in Crystal report shown as Desription\technical name, not result from the variable text in Query BEX in SAP.
    In stated that the "Text variable" with "replacement path" is supported, but i don't know in my query is not working.
    i already set in Database -> options->  table and fields -> Show Both, but the text variable still not working.
    can you help me
    Crystal Reports 2008
    SAP Integration KIT

    Post your question BEX and B1 and classic SAP data source issues to the Integration Kit forum

  • Dynamic Header for a website.    DOUBLE POINTS FOR ANSWER!!

    I don't even know where to start with this one, let me try explain this:
    I am looking for ideas on how to create some sort of dynamic header for an affiliate website, we have launched a new affiliate program for the affiliate program is done through and each affiliate is given an ID like:
    Once the affiliate signs up they choose their own website URL like:, then we point the affiliate URL to which in turn comes to our main website: now here is where the problem comes in, how do I make the website display Mikes Health instead of African Cures .
    I hope I was able to explain this well enough as it seems to be a bit confusing to me when I write it down. I really hope there is someone out there who has worked on something like this before or if there is someone who thinks they know how to do this.
    Thank you
    So here is something else I was thinking of, but I am not much of a programmer anymore:
    Have a list of all the affiliate ids and their corresponding website names, eg:
    Affiliate ID=812264 Website name= Mikes Health, then when someone comes to the site the jave works out which affiliate id sent them to the site, eg
    Get(AffiliateID)from Refering.URL then Display.Header(AffiliateID) on main page, do you think you could help me now Sabre150?

    I'm still trying to see what this has to do with Java. Each host name such as will need to be registered with name servers with the IP address of Your web server will then need to be configured to perform perform any mapping.
    Again, what has this to do with Java?

  • Dynamic header / footer

    Hi all,
    I created an Adobe Form and defined on the MasterPage a header, a footer and a main area (content are) in-between. The areas were defined with a fixed size (somehow it was the only way because "fit height" and "fit width" was innactive).
    Because the form is used in different countries the amount of information in the different areas is not the same. Therefore I am looking for a dynamic header and footer (and main area). That should help to optimise the space exploitation on a page. The header should grow from top of the page down, the footer bottom up and the main area fill the gap.
    I know that this is a very sophisticated demand. Nevertheless, I hope that someone else had similar ideas and could solve that task.
    I appreciate any help, hints and good advices which leads to a solution of my problem.
    Thanks & regards,

    Hi Andres,
    thanks a lot for your quick answer!
    In your MasterPage, add only the items that will remain static during the execution.
    Every object that will behave in a dynamic manner should go in the BodyPage.
    Very good hint, thanks!
    What you can do is set a Subform with flowed Western Text between your Header/Footer
    (Static) of your MasterPage. Within that main Subform set three more, "Western Text" as well.
    One will be for your Dynamic Header, the middle one for your Main and the bottom one for your
    Dynamic Footer.
    I think I did not really get it! As far as I understand this works for one form - when filled with data - can have more than one page!
    Some questions came up when I read your solution:
    1) why is the flowed content "western text" and not "top to bottom"?
    2) what happens exactly with the area of the static header / footer? It's above the dynamic header and below dynamic footer -> is that space not wasted in the end?
    3) The dynamic footer is directly below the main area - not necessarily at the bottom of the page!?
    4)  How is the "pagination" defined for each of the three dynamic areas (header / main / footer)?
    I hope you'll find the time to answer my question soon!
    Thanks & regards,

  • Dynamic Header help in PDF Portfolio

    Need some help please, to create and load a Dynamic Header when creating a PDF Portfolio in LiveCycle ES2.  Have input parameter of a [name] and an [image file] to place in the Header.  Process flowing out of Assembler (PDF Generator).  Currently other PDFs being inserted within the Portfolio, and Navigation parameter being received ok, and setting up custom navigation.  Any help w/ creating Dynamic Header is very much appreciated.

    By "Dynamic Header" do you mean the PDF cover page, or the interactive portfolio navigator?
    If its the cover page then it should be a fairly easy thing to do.  You can create a form (XDP or PDF template) with a field for the name and one for the image.  Then you would use something like LC Forms or Form Data Integration to merge the data (image and name) with the template.
    The one thing you would have to do is to put the image and data into an XML format before you merge it with the form. That means you will need to convert the image to a base64 encoded format.  Fortunately there is a built in function for doing the conversion in a SetValue operation (its under Document Object Functions).
    If you are talking about the Navigator (portfolio shell) then it gets a bit more tricky.  The navigator is actually a Flex application and not a PDF.  You'll have to code a new one using Flash Builder, then import the resulting .nav file into your LiveCycle application. Merging the data with it is not something I've done before, but it should be possible (the LiveCycle Interactive Statement Solution Accelerator does something similar).
    If it is new navigator you need, check out some of the following links:  (for the development software links)

  • Section Break conflicts with Dynamic Header in RTF which loads XML data

    I have dynamic header in my rtf file which loads data from XML generated by rdf file.
    I have section break on start group of body. but it does not display dynamic header value. If i remove section break then it display dynamic header.
    I have to display dynamic header and section break is also required there.
    Please give me solution of this issue.
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    flyeminent wrote:
    However in my particular case, the dynamic list is not known until the user choose to view a table. Then move the call from the getter to the bean's action method.

  • Dynamic Header (OBI report)

    I have just started working on OBIE. Need some suggestions. Is there a way to put a dynamic header in the report.
    Eg: I want to display a text in the header as "Sales Report for Alabama" where Alabama is the state coming from the State prompt.
    I dont find any formula editor in the edit Title view. Where can i write a formula to display this text.
    I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank You

    You have successfully created your presentation variable in the prompt? I guess it will be something as 'State'
    Now you go to your report and you edit the title view of your report;
    In the title you put @{State} (the name of your presentation variable is case sensitive!)
    Save your report and put it together with the prompt on the dashboard. Once you select a state in the prompt, the report title should change automatically.

  • Dynamic header in oo-alv

    I have a requirement to display  Dynamical  header in ALV.
    I am displaying the SUM of my list in ALV header . This I am able to do , as I can calculate before displaying ALV for the first time.
    But when the user filters the list the SUM should change according to the new entries displayed after filtering .
    How can i do this .
    Line: -
    All the helpful answers will be rewarded for sure.

             fieldname type slis_fieldname,
             tabname type slis_tabname,
             decimals like dfies-decimals,
             intlen like dfies-intlen,
             convexit like dfies-convexit,
             edit_mask type slis_edit_mask,
             lowercase like dfies-lowercase,
             inttype like dfies-inttype,
             datatype like dfies-datatype,
             exception(1) type c,
             no_sign(1) type c,
             or(1) type c,
             order type order,
             cqvalue(5) type c,
             ref_fieldname like dfies-fieldname,
             ref_tabname like dfies-tabname,
             ddic_outputlen like dfies-outputlen,
    The following are the example code for filter settings.
              lv_filter-fieldname = u2018FIELDNAMEu2019.
              lv_filter-valuf_int =  u2018VALUEu2019.
              lv_filter-sign0     = u2018SIGNu2019.
              lv_filter-optio     = u2018OPTIONu2019.
              APPEND lv_filter TO gt_filter_list.
    Where gt_filter_list is of type slis_t_filter_alv.
    This populated internal table is then passed as the import parameter u2018it_filteru2019 of the display ALV FM.
    I hope this help u...!

  • Display a dynamic header

    Dear Vinod,
    IMHO i don't think this is a spec dumping. I did try to search and even tried hands on it. Unfortunately i didn't get any luck with that.
    Morever i'm not asking for any spoon feeding...It's just about some pointer's or any ideas that would help me.
    Hope that clarifies much better.
    Thanks in advance,
    My selection screen has a parameter P_WEEK.
    Suppose if user enter's a week no for ex: 5. My ALV header should display as
    Week5  Week6  Week7  Week8  Week9  Week10
    i.e. Up to next 5 weeks. How to design a ALV that would display a dynamic header?
    Any ideas or suggestion would be of great help.
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    you just try to write below logic in TOP-OF-PAGE routine in your program.
    parameter: p_week(3) type c.
    Form top_of_page .
    do p_week times.
    pass the required data to your internal table and append it.

  • ALV Dynamic header

    Program Title
    Client Name     Run Date/Time :
    Program            : Program Name
    User ID              : Page                  : X of Y
    IC Number:
    RBAF / Reference Number:
    Sub Unit:
    No.|  Position| Leave Taken| From|Leave Taken To| Type of Leave|
    Leave Entitlement| No. Of Leave Taken|     Present Balance of Leave|
    Please help to program dynamic alv header for above format. I have used page break on Pernr but the header is not coming according to pernr. Though I managed
    dynamic header when we press Print Preview. But that is not a solution.

    I did something very similar to your requirement.
    There is a predefined event for Reuse_alv_list_display called 'BEFORE_LINE_OUTPUT'. In the event table, you have to specify the <event>-name = 'BEFORE_LINE_OUTPUT' and the <event>-form = 'ALV_BEFORE_LINE_OUTPUT'.
    Then you need a form like
    FORM alv_before_line_output
      USING ps_lineinfo TYPE kkblo_lineinfo.                    "#EC CALLED
        <prot> TYPE typ_prot.
      READ TABLE gt_prot INDEX ps_lineinfo-tabindex
        ASSIGNING <prot>.
      CHECK g_file_no <> <prot>-file_no.
      g_file_no = <prot>-file_no.
    ENDFORM.                    "alv_before_line_output
    In my program the global table displayed in ALV was gt_prot (of line type typ_prot) and the requirement was to start a new page for each file processed. The form stores the file processed in
    g_file_no. If a new file is processed, a NEW-PAGE will trigger the TOP_OF_PAGE event of the alv. I will not copy the form here because we also issued some statistical values, system and user informations and so on.
    But I hope you get it done.
    The only remaining issue may be that the before_line_output event will cost some time because it is triggered for every output line. But my report was still quite fast.

  • How to display dynamic header title in the report?

    I have a req to display dynamic header title in the report.
    When a id is entered in the prompt text, it will display the user data based on that user_id.
    so similarly....the header title should vary each time when you select different user_id.
    How can we implement this?

    Zack H wrote:
    > Lazaro,
    > It depends on what you want displayed in the heading for each id.
    > Please elaborate.
    > Thanks,
    > Zack H.
    Zack..I have several projects listed under several project id's...
    so when a user selects project id 00164 then it should display something like "Project document for Jon Doe"
    again when the user selects project id as 00192 then it should display something like "project document for Zimmerman"
    Did you get it??

  • Any way to keep faxing/scanning after "Print-head problem"??

    We've got a "Print-head has problem" message.  Ordered new print-head (before seeing another poster's message saying "I did that twice and it didn't help!) but it won't arrive for several days. Meanwhile we'd love to still be able to use this alleged "all in one" to scan and fax.
    Problem is, there doesn't seem to be a way to escape from the "print-head problem" message--none of the "cancel" or fax buttons will work.  Cycling the power just recovers the same message again, and otherwise locked up.
    I'm hoping some old hand at HP may actually read this and know the magic fix.
    So the question:  Is there any way to keep using the 7780's fax and/or scan functions after getting a "print-head has problem" message?
    BTW, we've had several problems with the 7780 in the 3 years we've had it.  Had to send one back, and the auto-feeder has been hit-and-miss.  But we've been able to work thru the problems with HP support--though certainly at a high cost in our time.  Then with the problems getting a new Windoze-7 computer to work with it (certainly not entirely HP's fault but your customers could have used some better planning for the thing), we're starting to look at other manufacturers.
    If any HP managers or execs ever read these boards, you might keep in mind that a reputation, once lost, is extremely hard to recover.
    In any event, any help greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

    Hey Kappy, While my network is the only one in my preferred list, it's not the only one that the airport "sees". When I click on the wireless signal strength icon in the upper right part of the menu, when connected to my network, it says at the top of the pop up list "Airport: Scanning". It then lists about 10 wireless networks that are in range.
    What I want it to do is stop "scanning" for other networks and simply lock on to my network once connection has been established. Is there a way to do this do you know? Thanks, Dan

  • Dynamic Link Problem beim Batchencoden???

    Habe seit kurzem folgendes Problem: Exportiere ich mehrere Videos über den Media Encoder, habe ich bei fast der Hälfte der Filme "kaputte Videos" entweder nur an den Effekten oder beim kompletten Video. Rechne ich die Filme einzeln raus, ist alles ok. Das stinkt sehr nach Dynamic Link Problem. Ich kennen das z.T. schon in der Zusammenarbeit mit After Effects. Hier rechne ich meine Projekte erst, bevor ich sie in Premiere reinhole. Aber auf das Batchencoden kann ich nicht verzichten, da ich teilweise 30 und mehr Clips in verschiedenen Formaten rausrechnen muss und das wirklich nicht einzeln erledigen will.
    Frage: Hat jemand ne Idee (das Problem existiert erst seit kurzer Zeit), ob da irgendwelche caches vollaufen, kann man dynamic link irgendwie "resetten" oder muß ich das ganze Production Premium Paket CS5.5 neu installieren (wollte ich eigentlci vermeiden!!!!!)?
    Ach ja, System Windows 7 64Bit mit CS5.5

    Operator error. Answered my own question. I haven't used Dynamic Link much. It works fine. I was momentarily confusing the import of a PP project vs. a Dynamic Linked Sequence.  

Maybe you are looking for

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    i had firefox i deleted it by mistake now i can't download it at all on my pc why??

  • Admin.jar deploy error

    I am using OC4J standalone version 9.0.3 on Windows 2000. I played around a little with the admin.jar deploy tools but I could not get it to work. The application runs fine if I edit the configuration files manually (but it seems like it would be nic