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Presently we are only using BEX Analyzer as a reporting tool (NW 2007s), users are encountering problems when the reports exceeds more than million rows for MS 2007 and we don't have portal in our company but Is there a way to publish BEX Queries in our company Intranet site? Can some one share their knowledge.

Hi Kiran,
You can use BEx broacster to broadcast your queries in different formats like PDF, MHTML, EXCEL and more.
By this you can overcome the million records issue.
Please check the below link for more information:
Ravi Kanth
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  • Query output using BEX and web analyzer

    Hi all,
    I have an issue while designing a query in query designer.......I have a sales cube in which sales for every month is reflecting .....Now i have to design a query to show month wise sales....
    But for some months if there is no sale record in the sales cube for that particular month like Feb 2006, when i execute the query on this month using BEX or web analyzer , it simply says "No data Found"..............
    I want to show 0(zero) in sales quantity instead of this message.....Please guide me that how can i replace this message with zero value.

    Dear Hina Zakir,
    <b>This is the BI 7 Query designer solution...........</b>
    if u want to disply even if the value is Zero then goto the query properties not the single key figures go to the entire quer property and then click the  Row/columns in that Suppres Zeros in that select Do Not Suppress  + Effect on Tab is there in the Select Row or column or both ................then u can ablet to c the values as Zeros..

  • Identify bex or web query

    Is there a system/global variable that identifies if a query has been initiated via bex or web ?
    As an example, in Program: WRITEQUERY_NEU there is a local(?) variable for URL that if populated can help identify if query is web initiated. By the time the query comes to execute FM : EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001 the url value is not available. I am sure there must be some variable that holds the URL value.

    Used the following fm: 'BDS_GET_GUI_TYPE'

  • Is this report feasible either in Bex or web reporting?

    I've following records in cube.
    Material Date Qty
    Mat1 04/30/08 400
    Mat1 05/04/08 500
    Mat1 05/05/08 650
    Mat1 05/06/08 720
    I'm looking for a report as follows. Is it possible?
    Qty in columns restricted with date
              05/04/08  05/05/08  05/06/08
                    100       250         320 
    above derivation is based on  - "qty" in columns restricted with date but also "qty" up-to-date needs to be substracted from ( prior-month-end which in our case is 4/30/2008 qty).
    Material------- 05/04/08  05/05/08  05/06/08
    500-400  650-400    720-400 
    so, for example, 05/05/08 Qty (650) column needs to be substracted from 4/30/08 Qty  (400) for the output of 05/05/08 column which is 650 - 400 = 250
    I've created user exit variable on date to determine prior-month end date so, i'm getting 4/30/08 in our case into this date user exit variable.
    but, my problem is, as long as i put date in columns which is restricted with user-input range as 5/4/08 to 5/6/08, I'm unable to get qty of 4/30/08 into the columns for substraction purpose.
    Is there a workaround to get this? I'm trying either in BeX query or Web reporting (we don't want to use excel macros to achieve this)
    Appreciate any help.
    Hari Immadi
    SEM BW Analyst

    dear Bhuvana,
    please take a look this 'how to hide column' doc,
    using table interface (abap class se24)
    and search with 'more than 60 char' with 'sdn forum' may lead to some thread discuss this
    Concatinating text char
    60 Character Limitation - Dirk Herzog please help
    Bypassing 60 char limit in an InfoObject
    How to show character length > 60 ,If we split and distribute..??
    hope this helps.

  • Multiple Column Header in Report (BEx and Web Reporting)

    Hi All,
            I've a requirement where my reports is having multiple column header.
       To be precise the column header is further divided into many sub-columns (upto 4 levels).
    Structure cannot help in this case since we have more than 2 such columns and we are using web reporting as well.
    Here is how it looks
    Header-B1   |   Header-B2   |   Header-B3    |  Header-Bn
    Hdr-C1 |Hdr-C2 |Hdr-D1 |Hdr-D2 |Hdr-E1 |Hdr-E2 |Hdr-Fn..
    The above is a sample header structure.
    This report will be a Web Based report and I need to know whether its possible to do it in BEx also.
    We are not using Crystal Reports.
    If there is any document related to this, please mail to
    [email protected]
    Thanks & Regards,
    Chandran Ganesan

    Hi Chandran,
    I hope i am getting your problem right.
    If your
    Header-B1 | Header-B2 | Header-B3 | Header-Bn
    Hdr-C1 |Hdr-C2 |Hdr-D1 |Hdr-D2 |Hdr-E1 |Hdr-E2 |Hdr-Fn..
    are a set of key figures, then there is an option.
    For example:
    You drag Header-B1,Hdr-C1 |Hdr-C2
    into column section.Right click on Hdr-C1, Hdr-C2 and select down under. So your Hdr-C1, Hdr-C2 will be under
    Like wise drag Header-B2,Hdr-D1,Hdr-D2
    Right click on Hdr-D1,Hdr-D2 and say Down under and these two will fit below Header-B2.
    You can repeat the above steps for Header-B3... Header-Bn
    The output will be same as the one you have specified above.
    Hope it helps,

  • Formula variables from BEx to WebI

       I have a formula variable(manual input) in a Bex Report, based on this variable only the result output is displayed using conditions.But when i create a webi report on this , the formula variable is coming as a default prompt, but the condition doesnt work.

    Hi ,
        Can anyone please give me suggestions on this
    Praveen Kuamr

  • Query is dispalying different output in BEX and Web

    I am getting the correct output when i am running the standard query 0CQM_PCQMCCSI_Q0001 in the BEX analyzer.I am getting the wrong output if i run the same query through web.
    It is displaying the different key figure and characteristic in the output which is not defined in the query.
    If i copy the same query as Z query and execute it ,it is working fine in both BEX Analyzer and Web.
    Kindly suggest me regarding this.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Check your dataprovider assignments in your Web Query in your web items check charecteristics assignments

  • Problem in Data Extracting from BEx to Webi

    Hi guys..this is sathish, we have a problem in webi reports.Actually we created webi reports from using BEx,the problem is the data in bex is showing correct data but in webi reports some cells are not showing the exact data which is showing the in the BEx.
    How to resolve the problem.please help me.

    BOXIR3.1 we are using..actually webi reports are prepared 3 months the problem is in that particular report some fields are showing wrong information like Ex: in Bex it showing 1200545 but in webi report it showing like is showing like that in 3 to 4 fields only remaining fields are correct. we tried to create new report but it showing correct information.but that particular report itself showing wrong information.
    Thanks for your reply Stratos
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  • BEX vs Web reporting

    I would like to know why the result of a query is quicker using web report than the BEX?.I'am looking for technical information on this topic.
    Thanks for your Help

    Hi Olivier there is a good document on front-end performance on SAPNET (alias /bi) under the <u>Performance</u> Heading entitled <b>Frontend Performance</b>
    Use following link to get there.
    Regards Andrew.

  • Concatenate two infoobject in BeX or Web

    Hi All,
    I have an new request, in which i have characters more than 60 character. Ex: Material which has 80 character.
    So for this i divided them as two infoobject each holding 40 character. Now i would like to know how to concatenate these two chracters either in BeX or in Web report.
    Pls advise.

    dear Bhuvana,
    please take a look this 'how to hide column' doc,
    using table interface (abap class se24)
    and search with 'more than 60 char' with 'sdn forum' may lead to some thread discuss this
    Concatinating text char
    60 Character Limitation - Dirk Herzog please help
    Bypassing 60 char limit in an InfoObject
    How to show character length > 60 ,If we split and distribute..??
    hope this helps.

  • BEx deafult web template

    Hi All,
    I have to desgin a web template. When we first run the query from the Bex analyzer and launch on the browser , I want to maintain the same style. With different tabs for Data Analysis , Graphical display , information and information broadcasting . And links to exception , conditions and on the access to rows , columns and free characteristics.
    On top of that I just want to add the role menu , which I can drag and drop from the web items in the Web App Desginer.
    I want to know , how can I get that default BEx template , so that I can insert this role menu in that and make it work for me.
    I tried the 0QUERY_TEMPLATE , I the code from the system by running a program RS_TEMPLATE_MAINTAIN , but the problem is I only get the toolbar , which is not what I want.
    I want the whole default template. I hope I am making myself clear. Can some one guide me.

    Hi Amanda,
    You can try this link:
    Paste this URL below into the address bar of your browser after you have logged on to SDN.
    Hope this helps...

  • SAP BW BEx query - WEBi MDX query

    Hi Experts, have we had some discussion on this?
    Does MDX query send by WEBi report to BW use the same program to extract data from BW database?
    One of the option for WEBi report source of data is to build Universe on top of BEx query. Could you share how this process actually happen.
    I think
    - WEBi query will pass parameters that is relevant for BEx query filter of the universe
    - the BEx query will then extract the data (following normal process if we run BEx query independently)
    - if WEBi has further filtering, it will then get the BEx result above and filter it further ..??
    So, how is MDX query come into the picture?
    Or is it:
    - WEBi query and the BEx query will determine what MDX query will be generated, and this MDX query will then fetch the data.
    But why BEx query extract data faster then MDX query?
    Sorry, i am new to this. hope someone could share some light here. In the meantime i continue to real those documentation and try to get some more ideas of what is actually happening.

    Hi Thanks a lot for pointing this out.
    Did i understand it correctly that BEx query is using a different set of program (platform) to retrieve data compare to MDX query, and not MDX uses those program that is used by BEx to retrieve data from BW database and have extra steps on top of that?
    Can anyone share what is actually happen WEBi MDX query is executed (how the database is hit with SQL, and what are the tools to evaluate the efficiency of the WEBi (or the used BEx). As for BEx we have RSRT to analyze it right.
    And even to test the MDX query using MDXTEST and try to get the data from WEBi report, i found WEBi report still take considerably a lot longer. Why is this so? just because BO is a different system then BW?
    And as it's shared the BO 4.0 is using the same platform as BEx to retrieve data from BW database, does this mean we don't need to care about MDX usage in BW anymore as far as BO data extraction concern?
    Thank you very much.

  • Changes in Bex and web page when adding a new hierarchy...

    Currently when we add a new hierarchy - we need to make a change to both the hier workbook in BEX as well as the web page.
       can any body help me what are the new changes?..
    Thanks in advance.

    To my understanding only if you use the hierarchy then you have to make changes otherwise it is not necessary.
    Run the Workbooks and Web Pages and check out whether you are getting any problem.

  • BEX verses web use using stats

    Is there a way using technical content queries to report on query use via BEX/Excel verses query use via the web?

    Hi Steve,
    Probably if your BW technical content is configured, to record the data by the Infosource 0BWTC_C05 to pump data into Info Cube 0BWTC_C05 , you can build BEx queries.
    Hope this helps and reward some points if it does.

  • I have an issue with the alignment of my characteristics BEX on web.

    Hi Xperts,
    i have posted this query on 10th of March.But till now i have not received exeact  soluation for this issue.
    *As ther is no more soluation for it or u need more elaboration regarding this issue .
    Currently the texts alignment in my report is in Center but i need all in left alignment.
    i searched in SDN and got to know that we can do it through MIME repository where all the Style sheets are maintained.
    So i went to se80(MIME Repository) and searched the style sheet for my report when i double click on the style sheet it takes me into MS Dev but ther i could not found where i have to do the settings.
    Could any one please tell me the steps how can i do this setting ther?

    Hi Satish,
    In the css file, you should have a 'text-align' property set to 'center' for the BEx Table cell element. I'm not sure of the exact element name, maybe you can check. Also check if you can open the file in notepad if the MS VS format is not ok with you.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I need something with better transition options, but like the simplicity of the user interface. I tried searching in the app store but didn't see any promising plug ins. It would also be a big plus if it had some fx too.

  • Domain name and iweb - masking url?

    i have a domain name and want to use it for my website i created on iweb - is there a way to mask the url so when people type in my domain name they are directed to my iweb site?? thanks

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    Need to Integrate a 2000-X series into an old AT system. Win NT Labview 6.0 Could use help getting started - not sure if this setup will work or what drivers will be compatible with this system?

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    hi guys does any 1 know if the above kit is compatible with the MDA VARIO II (its basicly a PDA) the phones main problem with the unit is that when u press the button to do a voice tag dial the following happens 1. Radio Does not cut off 2. Microphon