Billing doc external number range

Hi Guys,
As per my knowledge billing doc uses only Internal number range but when i check table: TVFK i can see No. range external maintained (XX) same maintained my company where shall i config this please give me idea and steps.

Hi Jack
In VN01, number ranges for all will be maintained wherein you can see on the right side a tab "Ext".  If you tick in this box, assign to your billing types in VOFA, then whenever you do billing, external numbers will be generated.
Reward if this helps you.
G. Lakshmipathi

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  • External Number Range for Billing documents in CRM

    In CRM, billing document external number range can only be numeric or alpha, but NOT alphanumeric. Is this a bug or is there some legitimate reason to have this limitation.
    This question stems from a data conversion where the legacy system invoice numbers are alphanumeric. So when we try to convert those invoice numbers, CRM cannot handle the external alphanumeric number.

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    G. Lakshmipathi

  • External number range for Billing Document

    Hi Gurus,
    Can you please let me know how to get the external number for the invoices? I know there is no standard way but if there is a way around to determine it. And the external number should be first 2 places are alphanumeric and dynamic and the next 2 places are also alphanumeric but constant and the rest of the digits should be a serial number of length 7. So, the total length of the number range should be 11. Please let me know if there is way to determine it this way.
    AB + HY + 1000001
    CD + HY + 1000002
    Like wise.....
    Thanks in advance.

    hello, friend.
    you can define your number ranges using VN01.  in here, you can set up alpha numeric ranges and specify external.
    technically, you can assign this set to the billing type using VOFA. 
    however, it is not best practice to assign external number ranges to billing types, as it is possible to 'jump' the sequence of the numbering.  you do want to keep track of the sequence of billing docs.
    a possible exception is if you have an external billing software which generates a number, which you will then capture in SAP.  barring exceptions, it is best to retain internal assignment.

  • External number range for billing document (Invoices)

    Hi guys,
    I have a requirement from one of client to implement external number range for billing documents.
    I can only see a provision for internal number range in customising for Billing document type.
    Please can you assist me with detailson how to set up external number range for billing documents (Invoices).
    Thanks, Felix

    Hi Felix
    I think the similar requirement is in Venezuela also.
    So pl. check the SAP Note 849438 . As per the note :-
    The solution is delivered in the indicated support packages. In case you can not implement the correspondin support package for your release immediately, please follow the procedure described below:
    1. In the Data Dictionary Editor (transaction SE11) please open the definition of domain J_1AOFFNREL, go to the fixed values and add value 'P' with description 'Number Assingment using Prenumbered Forms' in a position so that the possible values remain sorted alphabetically.
    2. In the Message Editor (transaction SE91) please go to message class ICC_CN and add the new message 837 with text '&1: Official doc. numbering is not available for delivery documents!'.
    3. If you are implementing the note in release 4.6C, please create the following function modules:
    o     OFF_NUMBER_LOCAL_ASSIGN_VE in function group FIN2, and then copy the interface (all parameters and exceptions) of the function module OFF_NUMBER_LOCAL_ASSIGN_TW
    o     OFF_NUMBER_LOCAL_NUMBERING_VE in function group FIN2, and then copy the interface (all parameters and exceptions) of the function module OFF_NUMBER_LOCAL_NUMBERING_TW
    o     XBLNR_BUILD_AND_SPLIT_VE in function group IDSDCNUTIL, and then copy the interface (all parameters and exceptions) of the function module XBLNR_BUILD_AND_SPLIT_PECL
    4. Implement the source code corrections as shown below.
    The following customizing actions should be also executed when the solution by delivered by the corresponding support package. If you applied the solution manually, then please use the IMG activities listed in the section Cross-Application Components -> General Application Functions -> Cross-Application Document Numbering -> Taiwan as a reference. After the installation of the corresponding support package the customizing node for Venezuela can be used.
    1. Enable the use of business place for country Venezuela as described in the OSS Note 726537.
    2. Define the necessary document classes and configure the document types you would like to get an official document number as relevant for official document numbering in the desired mode. Please check the OSS Note 571376 for some explanations about the meaning of the different settings.
    3. Define the necessary number ranges and intervals and assign them to the combination of company code, business place, document class and validity period. If you use the customizing activity for Taiwan, then please leave the prefix field empty.

  • SD - Billing - External Number Range

    I have two questions related to SD billing document numbering:-
    1. I am getting error message of [Please specify an internal number range Message no. NR752] while saving a billing document based on the delivery. I have checked only external number range box in VN01. Do I need to use any user-exit for this? If yes then there are 2 user exits available -
                              b) FORM USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE USING US_RANGE_INTERN in program RV60AFZZ
    but both the cases the variable is US_RANGE_INTERN which is not allowing external number range ID to pass. How this external no range works.?
    2. I have a business requirement for our Mexican company code on external alphanumeric number. There would be 3 billing types say, ZF2, YF2 and ZYF2. Mexican government provides Invoice numbers in advance.
    ZF2 Number range would be A001 to A999
    YF2 Number range would be B001 to B999
    ZYF2 Number range would be C001 to C999.
    All these Invoices would be created at same time. i.e. parallel processing. Also all these invoices would be transmitted thru EDI -IDOC. And accounting document should have same number as billing document will carry i.e. external govt provided numbers.
    How do I map this in systems. My experience says alphanumeric number range is not supported by SAP. Anybody may share his solution on this would be simply great.
    Subrata Das

    FORM USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE                                    *
          This userexit can be used to determine the numberranges for   *
          the internal document number.                                 *
          US_RANGE_INTERN - internal number range                       *
          This form is called from form LV60AU02                        *
    Example: Number range from TVFK like in standard
    *{   INSERT         DEVK905392                                        1
    There was a need to check whether all the mandatory pricing
    conditions have been filled before creation of an invoice so that
    the invoice is released to accounting as and when it is created.
    Piece of code written below ensures the same. Field uvprs = 'X'
    in item table indicates that the item is incomplete with respect to
      LOOP AT xvbrp WHERE uvprs = 'X'.
      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
        MESSAGE e073(vf) WITH xvbrp-posnr.
    TABLES : zbd_nr_code.
    data : aa like zbd_nr_code-nr_code.
      IF sy-tcode = 'VF01'.
         FROM tvko
        WHERE vkorg = vbak-vkorg.
       IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
            FROM zbd_nr_code
           WHERE vkorg    = vbrk-vkorg
             AND werks    = vbrp-werks
             AND fkart    = vbrk-fkart.
          IF sy-subrc = 0 .
            us_range_intern = zbd_nr_code-nr_code.
    I feel this will help out.

  • External Number Range for Billing Documents

    Hi Friends,
    Can any pls tell me how to create external number ranges for billing documents. We are trying to Map the Invoice nos from POS system to create and match the billing nos in both the systems. Pls help on how can I do this.

    Check this thread
    [Re: Customize Billing Number Format|Re: Customize Billing Number Format]
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Sd invoices posting with External number range

    i am a fico consultant and dont know the proceedure that how to post SD invoice thorugh Sales orders with external number  range?
    while posting it is giving error like use internal number to over come me

    Good Afternoon Prathima.
    Use tcode OBA7
    Look for Doc type RV Billing Doc trn.
    This doc is generally used for posting Billing doc to accounting.
    Here you would find Number range as external.
    Reason: As per standard, the Accounting doc number is similar to your the Billing account.So, that there would not be any difference in numbers of both, therefore for accounting doc - Billing doc trnsfer (RV) the number range is Internal number but the Billing doc type will havre internal number range.
    And as you are FI consultant, I don't feel I need to explain why or purpose these numbers should be similar from accounting point of view.
    Hope it solved your query. Kindly reward.
    Take care. JP.


    Dear Gurus,
    Plz tell me how do we put external number range for billing documents.
    this option is not there in VOFA.

    Hi Anil,
    Number Ranges are maintained in T.Code: SM30.
    Provide the Table/ View, say Bill_Num for example.
    In Tab: Restrict data Range, Click Radio button: No restrictions and Click Tab: Maintain.
    In new window, maintain all the combinations for Columns: Sales Org, dist. Channel & Bill type and no values in IntNR.
    Save the data.
    I hope this will work.

  • External number range for GR document

    1.  Is it technically possible to create external number range for GR document (material document) - Note, PO is also having ext number range
    2.  Is it adviseable to create ext num range for material docs?

    1. it is possible to create external number ranges for GR document.
    in spro config settings:  use transaction OMBT and in that enter a number range and check that external number range check box.
    2. it is not advisable to have external number range for material docs --> because for every movement of the material end user has to giva an entry for material document.
    hope this may help you,

  • EBP Invoice Use External Number Range is Possible?

    Hi Experts,
    I try to send SUS Invoice to EBP, but I found it seems impossible to create EBP Invoice with external number range. I have set external number range and assign to Invoice Transaction Type in SPRO. But it seems doesn't work.
    Is EBP invoice use external number range possible? Many thanks

    Hello Sudhir,
    This topic has been discussed many times at SDN forum, please search at SDN forum before you post your question !!
    Anyway i have included the below links for your easy referrence.
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  • How to assign numbers in external number range?

    Dear experts,
    Since NUMBER_GET_NEXT can only be used to assign numbers in internal number range, how to assign numbers in external number range?
    So far, I only know the NUMBER_CHECK function module to deal with external number ranges and it only check a number whether it lies in any external number range or not, but it doesn't update any number range status. What I need is a function module like NUMBER_GET_NEXT that supports external number range.
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: harissahlan on Oct 19, 2011 5:44 AM

    With external number range, there is no updating of the number range objectt. The only thing you need to know is whether the number you wish to assign is allowed according to the external number range. And also check if there isn't already an object/document with the same number in the database.

  • Creation of HU in auto mode with external number range

    Dear Experts,
             I'm stucking in a scenario related to HUM
    There are two handling units -
    1. Bag
    2. Pallet
    through T code HU02 , it's possible to create an HU and assign it internal generated number.
    But as per our requirement , we want to assign the external number to the HU (which is barcode number of bag or pallet)
    Can you pls let me know the process of assigning External number range to HU.
    Also we want to create the HU automatically after GR in production (MIGO,101) , instead of manually via HU02.
    Pls explin the process of creation of HU automatically also...
    Thanks in advance..

    Check with FM BAPI_HU_PACK.For packing an item into HU.
    For external number range you need configure external number range
    SPRO>Logistics - General>Handling Unit Management>Basics>Technical Basics-->Define Number Ranges for Handling Units.
    After GR  for production you need to confighre internal number range for perticular packing material type then system will automatically pack and place in HU location.
    Please find some FM info
    HU_BASIC_BAPIS                 Basic BAPIs for HUs                     
    BAPI_HU_CHANGE_HEADER          Change Handling Unit Header Data        
    BAPI_HU_CREATE                 Create Handling Unit with Items         
    BAPI_HU_DELETE                 BAPI for Deleting Handling Units        
    BAPI_HU_DISPLAY_HISTORY        Displays HU History                     
    BAPI_HU_GETLIST                Read Handling Units from the Database   
    BAPI_HU_GET_LIST_MSG           Select Handling Unit Output             
    BAPI_HU_PACK                   BAPI for Packing an Item into an HU     
    BAPI_HU_PROCESS_MSG            HU Output Processing                    
    BAPI_HU_PROCESS_MSG_DIRECT     Select and Process Handling-Unit Outputs
    BAPI_HU_REPACK                 Repack HUs and HU Items                 
    BAPI_HU_UNPACK                 BAPI for Unpacking an Item from an HU   
    BOR_HU_DISPLAY                 Display an HU in Dialog Mode            


    HI ALL

    ok i understood u want the img path for maintaing
    positions ,jobs , Org units
    Path:IMG->Personnel Mgmt->OM->Basic Setting->Maintain Number ranges.
    IMG go to Personnel Management -> Organizational Management -> Basic Settings
    -> Maintain Number Ranges.
    Select subgroup $$O to maintain number range for Org Unit and click on Number range Maintenance. Then click on change Intervals. Now you can create both internal and external number range for Org Unit according to your requirement.
    Similarly for Position select subgroup $$S and follow the same process.
    Edited by: Sikindar on Feb 7, 2008 11:23 AM
    Edited by: Sikindar on Feb 7, 2008 11:28 AM

  • External number range for purchase order response?

    Hi all,
    is it possible to use an external number range when creating purchase order responses (BUS2209, PCO, POR) manually?
    If I transfer the POR from an external system like SUS via XML, can I use an external number range?
    I'm using SRM 4.0 (EBP 5.0) in standalone scenario with Business Connector 4.7 as XML interface.
    Any help is appreciated,

    No need to maintian Internal number range.. Yes you need to use an external number range
    Only the PO, RQ & RS are sync and therefore must correspond with the R/3 number ranges.
    The rest, Shop Cart (SC), Local PO (EBP), Confirmation, Invoice, Bid Inv and Bid, aren't synced and can be assigned to any number range. (FYI- using ECS)
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    Re: Number range config
    Re: config for Number Ranges ? :-(
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    Purchase Order Response BUS2232
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    - Atul

  • Root org. unit with External number range

    Hi all,
    I have a unique requirement.
    We need to create a root org. unit. I used PP0CE to do the same. But it would generate org. unit numbers internally i.e. system generated.
    We would like to assign an external number range to the root org. unit created.
    In case I try to create it using PP01, we have to provide a relationship to other org. unit while creating root org. unit in PP01.
    It would be great if someone can tell me the solution for this issue.

    Hi Bharat,
    You can maintain number range even for org units, as follows:
    01 - plan version
    A, C, O, P etc are object types
    after selecting the respective ie 01O IN Ex ,
    now click on maintain number range where you can clearly specify the number range either internal or external.
    Then u can start with TC PPOCE

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