Blocking Movement type 122 for T code MBRL

All SAP Gurus,
I want to block the movement type 122 for T code MBRL.
For this I used T code OMJJ, but here it is not showing MBRL as used T code.
If MBRL is not specified in OMJJ for 122, then how MBRL T- code is allowed for movement type 122.
Please give ur valuable inputs.
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Check the all authorization roles you have created for inventory management. In there you can take out MBRL from the list. Then, create a new role for transaction MBRL only, and then you can allow other movement types for this role except 122. Assgin this role to your users.
This is what I have done at two client locations.

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  • Block Movement type 122 for T code MBRL

    All SAP Gurus,
    I want to block the movement type 122 for T code MBRL.
    For this I used T code OMJJ, but here it is not showing MBRL as used T code.
    If MBRL is not specified in OMJJ for 122, then how MBRL t code is allowed for movement type 122.
    Please give ur valuable inputs.
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    Thanks for the reply
    Now I want to block movement type 122 so that it can not be used throuh MRRL, is it posssible and how to do that?
    I have alredy blocked MIGO for movement type 122
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  • Blocking Movement type 309 for perticular user ID

    We want to block Movement Type '309' for perticular user ID.
    How this can be achieved?

    You can do it through autherization  control ,
    For Object
    M_MSEG_BMB     Material Documents: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_BWA     Goods Movements: Movement Type
    M_MSEG_LGO     Goods Movements: Storage Location
    Revove the Movement type 309 , for the particular user.

  • Reason code required for movement type 122

    I am getting the above error and looked up a thread on the forum which applies to my scenario. However there was a mention of defining a text schema and assigning it to the movemnt type. Can someone help me how to do that?
    The thread is as follows:
    We are running SRM 550 with Extended Classic scenario. When I attempt to create a return delivery, I get an error message saying: A reason has to be entered for movement type 122. But there is no way to enter the reason, i.e no fields or indicators.
    <b>The text schema for return delivery is maintained and assigned to the document type for confirmations -</b> as far as I am aware this is all the config which is necessary to activate the reason for return delivery function. Am I missing something??

    Hi Jai
    Text Types Menu Path : SPRO -> SAP Implementation Guide &#8594; Supplier Relationship Management  &#8594; SRM Server &#8594; Cross- Application Basic Settings -> Text Schema -> Define Text Types
    Text Schema: Menu Path : SPRO -> SAP Implementation Guide &#8594; Supplier Relationship Management  &#8594; SRM Server &#8594; Cross- Application Basic Settings -> Text Schema -> Define Text Schema
    Fixed Values: Menu Path : SPRO ->SAP Implementation Guide &#8594; Supplier Relationship Management  &#8594; SRM Server &#8594; Cross- Application Basic Settings -> Text Schema -> Define Fixed Values for Texts
    Best regards

  • BAPI for MIGO - Movement Type 122 - Return deliveries to vendor

    I've been reading about bapi's for migo and the most commom was: BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE
    But I want to do a Movement Type 122, and that is not supported by the BAPI.
    Any idea beside Batch Input ?

    Try this:
    REF_DOC_NO (mandatory)
    MOVE_TYPE = 122
    MVT_IND = B (reference to the document that has the request )
                    MOVE_REAS (mandatory as well)
    Let me know if you need any further help.
    Francisco Coutinho,

  • FI Integration with movement type 122 - Return to vendor

    I have a problem with transactions MBRL, because movement type 122 (return to vendor) impact the 408xxx and not account 409xxx.
    I checked the link between material group and valuation class (OLME), but in OBYC i don't know which transaction select ?
    And, the valuation classe linked to that material group does not exist in any line in OBYC

    For 122 , GI happensds accounting entry is
    Stocl  Cr
    Gr/IR Dr
    It is opposite of Goods recipt . Please maintain BSX for stock with val class and  WRX for Gr/Ir with val class.
    IF freight also there check FR1 for the same . NO GBB off sett required .T code OByc

  • Rejection of goods movement type 122

    hi experts
    my requirment is print out  the quantity os material returned back to the vendor based on   movement type 122 along with
    the reason for rejection using  alv tree with oops.
    plz any body help me which tables i have use.
    if possible send the code.
    thanks advance.

    Check the table.
    MSEG Document Segment- Material 
    Field  BWART Movement Type (Inventory Management)

  • Excise invoice created using J1IS and movement type  122

    Can you please suggest whether we need to run J2IUN for the following process in order to show the debit entries in extracted RG23A PART2 register.
    1. Returning the material with refernce to the original Goods receipt document (101) using MIGO movement type 122. Original GR document posted with capture and Post excise option.
    2. Creaqting the Excise inoivce using J1IS with reference to material document created in Step 1
    3. Releasing to accounting/ Posting the excise invoice in J1IV.
    4. Extracting the Register RG23A PART 2 using J2I5
    5. Print excise register using J2I6....But the debit entry not shown in register
    Can you please confirm whether the debit entries in register will be updated after the Montly utilization J2IUN run ( as this process is a indirect sale process)
    Please confirm
    warm regards

    Hi Rama,
    The accounting entries for 122 is as per standard.
    for the excise invoice
    Cenvat Clearing         Dr.     
    Cenvat Account        Cr.
    for utilization
    Cenvat payable          Dr.
    Cenvat Account         Cr.
    PLA Account              Cr.
    and for MIRO it would be the standard.
    you can refer the note 542862 for cin related accounting entries.
    let me know if this helps you.
    Adwait Bachuwar
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  • How To Block Movement Type

    Dear Experts
    How to Blocked Movement type to do any movement .
    which field in OMJJ for blocking the Posting of Any movement
    Pankaj Agarwal

    Inform your basis personnel to modify the authorization object -
    M_MSEG_BWA Goods Movements: Movement Type
    To ensure that the field BWART does not contain the movement type which you want to block. This will ensure that users will not be able to use this movement type.
    Hope the above answers your query.

  • Movement type 122 & 161

    What is the difference between Movement type 122 & 161?
    Request to provide business process explanation also.

    Hi Raghavan,
    The basic diffrence between these two movemnt types is,
    122: you can return material to the vendor when you know the PO number or GR number. The major advantage here for us is material get returned with same value when GR taken.
    161: Returns PO, here we will retun the material by creating the PO with Returns flag.As soon as you take GR system returns the material with price given in the PO. Here system takes the price given in the Returns PO.
    The business functinality of the both are, If you taken the 100 qty GR from the vendor and 80 got accepted and 20 rejected. Then it is advisable to go for 122.
    But you have procured material from various vendors and 100 Gr qty only 1 pc got rejected and like that in case of other vendors. In cumulative you got some 30 pcs that are not usable. In that case you negotiate with any vendor to take that material at agreed price. In this case we go for Returns PO. Stock get returned with the agreed price.
    Krishna Reddy

  • ME23N - Movement type 122

    HI Guys,
    i have an order xxxx with a net price of 3,29 USD. now the warehous made the movement type 122 and in purch. order history i can see it.
    now the issue is, i have a different amount between local amount and amount.
    for me the local amount is EUR and the Amount is USD.
    it seems that doing the movement type 122 the price 3,29 was taken in EUR and not in USD, how can i check this?
    any suggestion?

    In the PO i have a material with net Price 3,29 USD. The warehouse made mov. type 122 with mb01 to return some of this material to the vendor (50 KG). now if i go to the po history i see movement type 122 quantity 50 amount 199,09 USD as you can see the price has changed.
    i cannot find any document that state that the price has changed. in the fi documents related to that movement there is already 199,09 as amount.
    can this be dependent to the moving avarage price?
    can you please help me?

  • Movement  type 122

         For one of my PO, after doing GR/IR,my system allows material to send back vendor due to quality.I want to control it. How can I do that?
    please any tips?
    With Regards,

    what do you actually want to control here
    not allow the user to return to vendor using 122 movement type
    then in transaction OMJJ select movement type 122 and select allowed transaction
    delete the transaction you dont want the user to use
    but be careful as it is a standard sap setting

  • RTV user status - movement type 122

    We are trying to trigger RTV (Return To Vendor) user status
    automatically from the movement type '122' and vice versa back to AVLB
    with the reversal (movement type '123'). We tried to search for the SAP
    standard business through the IMG for user status (IMG > Plant
    Maintenance and Customer Service > Master Data in Plant Maintenance and
    Customer Service > Basic Settings > Define User Status). The only
    Business Transaction that does the automatic trigger is 'Goods Issues'.
    However, we are already utilizing this 'Goods Issues' business
    transaction for other user status. (ie. 'YARD'). Besides, it does not
    make sense that Goods Issues will trigger RTV user status. Please
    Thanks and regards,
    Hendra Kosasih

    I think its not possible to assign 2 different user statuses for single document. As you are using one status already while doing goods issue, you cant assign another status simultaneously.
    You try to create user fields & assign some value based on your requirement while posting the document.

  • Movement Type 122 and Equipment Master status

    Using Movement type 102 (Reversal Goods Receipt) the Equipment master status is reset to
    AVLB and the stock batch is deleted.
    However movement type 122 (Return Delivery to Vendor) does not do this.
    Is there anyway to modify movement type 122 so that it works like 102 ?

    If it is a Return to vendor - 122 movement type transaction, the reason for the movement is that the equipment is defective or some issues are there and that is the reason it has been returned. Given 122 movement type is designed to reflect such a business scenario, how you are expecting that this should result in Equipment status to become AVLB.
    So the question is why are you posting 122 if it is not real return due some defect ?

  • Movement type 122 Error while GI" Update control of movement type is incorr

    Hai Gurus,
             I am having an errow when doing a GI thru movement type 122. i am getting this error message " Update control of movement type is incorrect (entry 122 X X)" Can any one help me how to fix this.
    I did this transaction using MIGO_GI and selecting Goods issued and other as the options with 122 as movement type.
    warm regards.

    Mov type 122 is return to vendor if the qualtiy of Goods  is Poor / Quality

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