Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0 is stopped with no progress in sight

I am trying to install Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0 on my 15" MBP with OS X Leopard 10.5.7 but it has stopped with no progress at all. Is this a known issue? What should I do to fix this problem?
Thanks in advance,


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  • Issues with Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0?

    I just installed the Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0 as suggested by Software Update, Mac mini early 2009. On restart and login, the Bluetooth Firmware Update started immediately, and I have a beach ball / pinwheel cursor. No other program activity. Only menu bar items are Apple menu, Bluetooth Firmware Update, File, Edit, Window, and Spotlight.
    Machine has been in this state for about 10 minutes (I wrote this on my /other/ Mac).
    The Bluetooth keyboard (Apple wireless) /was/ used to login.
    Anyone else having issues?

    did install .... did restart .... now screen is gray for almost 1 hour .... really upsetting my small window for patience with the great apple gang ... have to race around to find computer to search for why and find nothing so i'll do force restart and see if that helps ....
    the bluetooth update said it could take some time and to have power plugged in but they could have told how long and built in an exit ramp in case of this kinda "you're outta bizniz fellow" mess
    any help out there ? thanks

  • New Bluetooth Apple Keyboard - Bluetooth Firmware Updater fails

    I want to be able to use bluetooth to wake my MacBook Pro, I am told by the instructions I need to use the Firmware Updater, so I installed that off the CD provided but when I launch Bluetooth Firmware Updater and click update, I get this error:
    Missing Firmware
    This version of the updater is missing the firmware file. Cannot proceed.
    Can anybody help me with this? I'm not sure how to proceed from here.

    I have checked the settings and they are correct but it is still not waking up properly - watching the light on the front it does look like it is trying, as it stops pulsating and goes solid but it doesn't wake up, I don't get anything displaying on the external monitor nor can I use the remote to start playing iTunes.
    I wonder if this is a different problem, not just the keyboard failing to wake it up?
    - Dan

  • Get error message when trying to install Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0.1

    I have been having issues installing Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0.1 on both of my Macbook Pro and my Imac. The update downloads but will not install. It comes up with an error code each time. I have not been able to install this on either Macs. HELP!

    both units do list they they require the bluetooth update. I have downloaded it from Software update and from a direct link from Apple. I have experienced since trying to install the update that it will not full install and that it causes problems with bluetooth either being not available or working from time to time. I have not found a way to get it to work properly or going back to the previous version

  • Issues installing Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0.1

    I have been having issues installing Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0.1 on both of my Macbook Pro and my Imac. The update downloads but will not install. It comes up with an error code each time. I have not been able to install this on either Macs. HELP!

    both units do list they they require the bluetooth update. I have downloaded it from Software update and from a direct link from Apple. I have experienced since trying to install the update that it will not full install and that it causes problems with bluetooth either being not available or working from time to time. I have not found a way to get it to work properly or going back to the previous version

  • Any thoughts on the new Bluetooth Firmware Update?

    First of all, happy 2006 to all.
    I just downloaded and installed a Bluetooth Firmware Update upon running the Software Update utility. Right after I decided to see online what should I expect from it. According to Apple's post, such a download is not for our PB model.
    Anyway, it's probably too soon to tell, but after brief testing I feel that at least the connection's kept at a larger distance. I hope to be right because sometimes the connection seems to be quite weak. I use my Bluetooth Sony Ericsson k700i as a remote control with many losses in the connection.

    I too downloaded this updater via Software Update. Upon restart the Bluetooth Firmware Updater application launched and I proceed to try and install. After sitting there for about 10 minuntes I clicked the Quit button since it was not finding any device. It asked if I was sure I wanted to quit because the firmware was not updated yet. After quitting the updater, my powerbook's (1.5GHz 15" Aluminum) bluetooth is no longer available. The preference pane is gone, the menu bar item says "Bluetooth is unavailable".
    I restarted, deleted all the bluetooth preferences, and still nothing. I now have bluetoothless powerbook.
    If anyone has any additional suggestions, please let me know. I am going to try a few other things in the mean time (inlcuding zapping the PRAM).
    15" Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   Just about all other models

  • D-Link and Bluetooth Firmware update

    I am running 10.4.6 on a dual 2.7GHz G5. I have no built in Bluetooth so rely on a D-Link DBT-120 (rev4). I have tried three times unsuccessfully to apply the 1.2 BluetoothFWUpdate to allow use of the bluetooth keyboard in single user mode.
    The updater looks for a device, prepares to update, the candy bars in the progress bar twirl, then again it looks for a device to update, prepares to update, the candy bars in the progress bar twirl and then nothing for a very long time. 2 hours last time. When I try to quit, I'm told the device has not been updated.
    Profiler tells me
    Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 1.7.3f4
    Hardware Settings:
    Address: 00-11-95-0e-17-2d
    Manufacturer: Cambridge Silicon Radio
    Firmware Version: 1.525 (1.525)
    Has anybody had the same problem and if so, how did you overcome it?

    Hi, Allan, AZTrailBlazer, and gordon —
    Sorry to hear that you've joined the company of many who've experienced this frustration. But glad to hear that you succeeded, gordon.
    You're correct, Allan: the firmware version reported for your Mac needs updating. For your configuration, expect to see 2.xxxx or 3.xxxx after the updater has run successfully. Your software version reflects the most up-to-date (updated via the OS X 10.4.6 Combo updater).
    Bluetooth Firmware Updater 1.2 [11/23/04] is the correct package. It is compatible with all versions of Mac OS X subsequent to OS X 10.3.6 — for PPC Macs with Bluetooth chips (internal or in an adapter) that preceded the new Bluetooth 2.0+EDR specification. (There's another version available for folks running 10.3.6.) Also, as the brief description notes, "The Bluetooth Firmware Updater is for D-Link USB Adapters (revision B2 or later), and Apple internal Bluetooth modules on PowerBooks, PowerMacs, iMacs, iBooks, and eMacs."
    AZTrailBlazer, I believe that what you're recalling —  "It seems that Apple has removed a page with the 10.4.3 version of the firware updater, but information on this topic for Tiger users is scarce" —— was related to a version of this updater that was made available last Winter via Software Update. Imho, firmware updates of any kind are best applied from their "stand-alone" download version — because their installation may require following special instructions. That's the case here — and the instructions have proven confusing for many people. (Please send feedback if you agree.)
    I have worked with a lot of folks in this forum to help figure out how they can apply this firmware update effectively — so I'll cite a few threads that I hope will help you, too.  Here is a recent example. ( A ) and ( B ) are examples where several participants provided feedback after succeeding. ( C ) is a recent case involving a D-Link DBT-120 adapter in which jump (the individual posting) explained some fine points that s/he thought might be helpful to others.
    If you do a search — e.g., for [ +("D-Link" OR "DBT-120") +firmware +(update OR updater) ] in the Other Bluetooth Devices forum with results restricted to Alexander Traud — you'll find numerous cases where he has explained this for DBT-120 adapter users who want to utilize a Bluetooth headsets and other BLuetooth-enabled devices. Alexander's post here explains a "tricky" way to confirm whether the updater has been successful.
    Warm regards,
    [2,290 ⊥ 3,685]
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  • Is there a firmware update for burning at 16x with Matshita DVD-R UJ 845E?

    Is there a firmware update for burning at 16x with Matshita DVD-R UJ 845E? I'm trying to burn a DVD using iDVD on my iBook. The blank DVD's are Memorex 16x (I've used Memorex 8x successfully in the past), the DVD drive is specified above. The finder tells me that the drive has reported an error "sense key=medium error/ sense code=0x73, 0x03" I couldn't find firmware updates in either Panasonic Matshita or Apple websites. Am I forever confined to 8x DVD-R's with this laptop?
    ibook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
    ibook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    First, welcome to the discussions.
    Sorry, No Firmware update to allow you to burn at 16X.
    The drive you have is only capable of burning at 8X.
    You will also find that for the most part when you recieve errors that it is more often than not attributed to MEDIA.
    There are so many problems with the cheaper media they are to numerous to cover.
    DVD is not at all like CD burning, in that the technology as well as the Optical Drives used, seem to be touchy, and require the use of good Media. This will allow you trouble free burning without errors.
    You will also find that the reason that DVD-R Media works the best, is because it is the most wirely used and recognised in both Computers and Players.
    If I may suggest. There are several 16X DVD's on the market.
    Take your time and look at the back of the Jewel Cases and read. You will see that the better Media will tell you that it will burn at 1X through and including 16X, if your drive is capable of handleing these speeds. I prefer Maxell 16X DVD-R Media in the individual Jewel Cases. This Media burns at the slower speeds on the older Superdrives that will only burn at 1X or 2X.
    Like many others I have learned my lessons the hard way.
    Cheers Don

  • Deleting old "Bluetooth Firmware Updater" on MacBook!?

    So I just bought an Apple Wireless Keyboard and installed the Bluetooth Firmware Updater on my MacBook. Looks like the updater is way outdated (the installation guide encourages you to install it on newer systems though) and now I can't get rid of it. It sits right under applications/utilities. Can I savely delete it or is there a cleaner approach?

    The updater can be safely deleted if the keyboard is working as intended.

  • How do I DISable the Bluetooth Firmware Update?

    Every time I boot my MBP, once the Finder's getting cranked up, I get the dialogue box to update my Bluetooth Firmware. I don't have any Bluetooth items. I'd like to get rid of this. I've tried:
    1. Having Spotlight search (including System files) for any bluetooth-related files. No .plist comes up. Nothing "Bluetooth" at all.
    2. I manually checked both root and user Library>Application Support folders. No Bluetooth.
    3. Bluetooth System Preference: Nothing on the main panel, nor the advanced settings, is checked.
    Anyone know what I need to know to stop Bluetooth from insisting on getting its firmware installed? I can't recall if it happened with the initial 10.6 install. Maybe it's begun only since the 10.6.1 update.
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    Barry, after restarting, I verified that this did kill it from Software Update. Yet before I can get to that, the accursed 2.0.1 still insists on being installed.
    Worst case, I guess I can just go ahead, install it, make it happy, and get on with life. Maybe even then I'll trash it and see if the Updater returns, demanding another round.
    On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being worst, this ranks maybe 1.5. Still, I'd really like to know what's going on.
    Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  • After firmware update ipod touch not working with my Sony Home Theater DAV HDX287WC any suggestions

    Is there a solution to play music from my iPod touch on my Sony Home Theater System DAV HDX 287WC after recent firmware/software upgrade? However, I am still able to play music through my ipod classic, but I am really missing the the functionality of the iPod touch with my home theater system.

    - Check to see if there is a firmware update for the theater system
    Sometimes this works but sometimes an IOS update breaks compatibility.
    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Unsync all music and resync
    - Reset all settings
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                 
    iOS: How to back up           
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.

  • Firmware Update needed to use DDM with DP 1.2

    As a broadcast to all with the problem of Dell Display Monitor software (produced by "En TechTaiwan") working with DP 1.1 but not recognizing a dell monitor being attached when the monitor I/O is changed to DP 1.2:
    I emailed "[email protected]" with the following request:
    Subject: Dell Display Manager Ver.
     The above software is unable to detect my Dell U 3014 monitor when I have set the mini DP port to DP 1.2.
    If I set the DP to DP 1.1 the DDM software can detect the monitor.
    Please update ver 1554 to fix this problem.
    I received the following response:
    "I'm afraid this is not a software problem, and cannot be fixed thru a software update. It requires a monitor firmware update."
     I have a U 3014 (A04) with this problem but from the many complaints on this forum from dell customers with different monitors this necessary firmware upgrade is not unique to U 3014 monitors.
    I am eagerly awaiting dell's firmware upgrade, but wondering how the firmware can be installed without sending the monitor back to the factory or a service depot. (Although eager I won't be holding my breath).
    ...and Chris, this should relieve you from having to make up excuses and wasting everyone's time and efforts with them - just tell them the truth.

    The U3014 is not equipped to do a firmware flash update in your home. If a firmware update is released, it is installed in our service centers on returned product only. The only way  you could get a different firmware flashed monitor is via used exchange. Even then, there is no guarantee what revision you would get. The only monitor in our entire line that is capable of receiving a firmware update in your home is the U3415W.

  • Firmware update on MBP ruins connection with iMac

    After the firmware update yesterday, the finder on my MacBook Pro is no longer able to transfer files from my iMac to my MBP or vice versa. Most folders on my other mac are visible, but some crash the finder, transferring files gets part of them moved over, but then it stalls and crashes the finder.
    Seems like a serious bug. Or has the firmware update simply removed the file transfer possibility at all?
    Reinstalling Lion wasn't even possible as the recovery program stalled as well. It was not possible to choose a language. Looks like a serious problem.
    Any good suggestions to fix this?

    After several hours of downloading, Lion was reinstalled. I had thought that my recovery stick would be enough to recover Lion, but it took hours and hours of downloading ("additional components") and installing to get it back. Wifi flipped out each time, so that did not work, I had to use an ethernet cable for the connection. And I don't know if the existing problem with the finder (not being able to properly connect to my iMac and transfer files) has been solved now. I'm a bit afraid to check it out. Just imagine the problem still exists!
    Anyway, if this is the future, downloading restored os x and apps from the Apple servers, then I am afraid I'll let this cup pass from me.
    I am still shaking.

  • Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0.1

    Installed the update after updating to 10.5.8.
    Now computer will immediately wake after putting to Sleep from the Menu Bar and the Power button.
    I figured out to turn Bluetooth OFF, which disconnects Wireless Keyboard, in order for computer to Sleep properly.
    I've tried reseting the SMC, zapping the PRAM, and repairing Permissions before and after each updating. I even tried to re-install the Bluetooth update - which says software is up-to-date.
    I hope this Firmware update situation doesn't carry-over when I soon update to Snow Leopard.
    Any suggestions appreciated...thanks!

    Did not register for my 13" uMBP but this morning I have a new Bluetooth logo (white in a black oval) in my menu bar -- one that isn't listed in Apple's, that's just a month old.

  • EFI Firmware update 1.4 was not successful, no progress bar

    I have a MacBook Pro 2.16 Core 2 (MBP22.00A5.B02). Software update prompts me to download and update the Firmware 1.4 udpate. After following the instructuions, shutting down the computer, and restarting holding down the power button, I hear the beeps but nothing comes up but a blank (grey/white) screen. After several minutes (like 10) it restarts and the updater returns and shows not successful.
    I tried to archived and reinstalled the OS with no luck
    I have a 160GB Hitachi HD that came as ordered when I bought the computer new.
    I have verified that the HD is GUID partition scheme
    Only upgrade I have done is an extra 1GB stick of samsung original memory from OWC
    I was hoping the firmware update might help cool down (and quiet down) this noisy "pro" laptop, but no luck. Please help someone.
    Console shows:
    2007-10-18 16:27:08.270 MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update[189] MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update version 1.4
    Run the executable in the Contents/MacOS folder with '-h' option to learn about running remotely.
    2007-10-18 16:27:08.272 MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update[189] OS version is 10.4.10 build 8R2232.
    2007-10-18 16:27:08.275 MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update[189] No AppleEFINVRAM
    2007-10-18 16:27:23.309 MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update[189] EFIUpdaterController::showError:1
    2007-10-18 16:27:23.309 MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update[189] CommonUpdaterController::showError:1

    Hi macinfrance!
    I installed the EFI Firmware update successfully on my computer.
    It seems to me that your list of nvram is lacking an entry telling your bootloader (boor.efi) exists on your normal harddrive partition.
    I suggest the following (i am not quite sure if it will work):
    1. Go to the system preferences and select the startdisk fane. Then, be sure to select your system harddrive.
    2. Then restart your computer.
    3. Make a restore CD in case something goes wrong (instructions at: )
    4. Try the firmware update again.
    When i type nvram i get the following contents:
    084202115164:~ dagdiesen$ nvram -p
    efi-boot-device <array ID="0"><dict ID="1"><key>BLLastBSDName</key><string ID="2">disk0s2</string><key>IOMatch</key><dict ID="3"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="4">IOMedia</string><key>IOPropertyMatch</key><dict ID="5"><key>UUID</key><string ID="6">C68ABA3F-9D52-4699-AA58-69DDF3DCB1FF</string></dict></dict></dict></arra y>%00
    efi-apple-payload0-data %02%01%0c%00%d0A%03%0a%00%00%00%00%01%01%06%00%02%1f%03%12%0a%00%02%00%00%00%00 %00%04%01*%00%01%00%00%00(%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%[email protected]%06%00%00%00%00%00qS%00%00%f2 U%00%00%9eP%00%00%f6U%00%00%02%02%04%04^%00\%00E%00F%00I%00\%00A%00P%00P%00L%00E %00\%00F%00I%00R%00M%00W%00A%00R%00E%00\%00L%00O%00C%00K%00E%00D%00%00M%00B%00P%002%002%00_%000%000%00A%005%00%000%007%00B%00.%00f%00d%00%00%00%7f%ff%04%00
    efi-apple-payload0 <array ID="0"><dict ID="1"><key>BLLastBSDName</key><string ID="2">disk0s1</string><key>IOMatch</key><dict ID="3"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="4">IOMedia</string><key>IOPropertyMatch</key><dict ID="5"><key>UUID</key><string ID="6">00005371-55F2-0000-9E50-0000F6550000</string></dict></dict></dict><dict ID="7"><key>IOEFIDevicePathType</key><string ID="8">MediaFilePath</string><key>Path</key><string ID="9">\EFI\APPLE\FIRMWARE\LOCKEDMBP22_00A507B.fd</string></dict></array>%00
    boot-image %02%01%0c%00%d0A%03%0a%00%00%00%00%01%01%06%00%02%1f%03%12%0a%00%02%00%00%00%00 %00%04%01*%00%02%00%00%00(@%06%00%00%00%00%00`%0b%ef%0d%00%00%00%00?%ba%8a%c6R%9 d%99F%aaXi%dd%f3%dc%b1%ff%02%02%04%04%18%004%00a%00a%006%00e%007%000%000%000%00% 00%00%7f%ff%04%00
    SystemAudioVolume n
    efi-boot-device-data %02%01%0c%00%d0A%03%0a%00%00%00%00%01%01%06%00%02%1f%03%12%0a%00%02%00%00%00%00 %00%04%01*%00%02%00%00%00(@%06%00%00%00%00%00`%0b%ef%0d%00%00%00%00?%ba%8a%c6R%9 d%99F%aaXi%dd%f3%dc%b1%ff%02%02%7f%ff%04%00
    The first entry is referring to the normal system partition where the loader for the Mac OS resides. The second entry is referring to the hidden EFI partition on the harddrive and the new EFI firmware image.
    Hope this helps.

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