Books in iBooks not being removed after syncing

Although I use iCloud, I do back up and sync music, photos, movies, and books to iTunes on my Mac. I just purchased another book on iTunes, connected to iTunes for back up and loading the new book onto the iPad. I also unchecked some books that I no longer want on the iPad and applied the changes.
The old books, or at least their images, remain on the iPad's iBook shelves.
What am I doing wrong?


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    I'm having a problem with the whitebox stamps that I use to white out names on a pdf being removed after the document is secured through a custom batch process. After insterting the stamps that white out what I want I save the document and when I open it again the white box stamps are still there. Once I secure the same document and open it the stamps are removed. Other computers using the same batch process and version of acrobat do not have this issue.
    Any theories would be much appreciated.

    So I have installed Acrobat 8.0 Pro and used the redaction tool which for some reason was keeping a line showing of the white box I was trying to use to remove some content. Also I put the batch process I was using to secure the document doesn't show up when I go into the Batch Processing menu, neither do any of the default ones show up. It just has an option to create a new process.

  • Pictures are not being delivered after saying delivered on iMessage.

    Pictures are not being delivered after saying delivered on iMessage.
    Txting through iMessage works fine. Pic's won't send.
    I turned on and off everything and did all the necessary trouble shooting.
    I'm on a Verizon 4S. and I'm sure Verizon has nothing to do with iMessage system, since it's on its on server.


  • Help! I restored my iphone recently and put all my music back onto my phone that day and it was fine but last night i was putting someother music on got an error music on. I got an error message about not being able to sync and now ALL my music has GONE.

    ahh! .I restored my iphone recently and put all my music back onto my phone that day and it was fine but last night i was putting someother music on got an error music on. I got an error message about not being able to sync and now ALL my music has GONE. deos anyone know why this would have happened?

    Click: Restoring your iTunes Library backup (from an external drive) here >  iTunes: Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive
    BTW, if you are a resident of the U.S, have iTunes 10.3 or later, and iOS 4.3.3, you can re download your iTunes purchases for free.
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store

  • My apps will not open now after syncing to itunes. What do i need to do to use them again?

    my apps will not open now after syncing to itunes.  What do I need to do to get them to work again?

    Sounds like you need to restore the iPhone >  iTunes: Restoring iOS software

  • Number not recognised message after sync of contac...

    Hi all,
    Mobile : Nokia 6500 slide
    Software : Windows XP, Outlook2003, Nokia PC Suite
    First time I've tried anything like this so I may well have missed something obvious - be gentle with me!
    In PC Suite I connected to my mobile using a bluetooth connection. I then used the 'Synchronise' option and chose to just match Contacts from Outlook. The data appears to have been transferred correctly.
    But ... whenever I select a contact to call I get the message 'The number is not recognised, please hang-up and try again'. Any ideas? (Oddly, if I type the number in it will connect and show the correct name in the display!)

    No there aren't any spaces or punctuation added.
    I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the international dialing code (+44 for UK) being added to the numbers but the leading zero for the local area codes not being removed. For example, a Birmingham number has the area code 0121 but if using the international code it would be +44121 (no 0). The numbers in my contacts seem to have both (+440121).

  • IBooks app not refreshing shelf after sync ( iOS 8 )

    On the prior version, iOS 7, I'd sync my ibooks with itunes. And with the iPad connected to the computer, I'd see the iBook appear on the shelf. With the new version I need not to just close the iBooks app, but to close it with double Home button click and kill the app.
    Is there a way to fix this?

    Thanks for your reply King_Penguin
    Re your first point - 'Sync collections' was ticked in both the iPad and Mac versions of iBooks prior to these problems occurring.
    Why have recently purchased or installed books been moved to iCloud and moved off my iPad and iMac when previously they were there in my iBooks library collections? They were books I'd read or were in the process of reading.
    More confusing is that on my Mac in iBooks there are books that are fully downloaded and not in iCloud yet the same books in iBooks on the iPad are not downloaded and are in iCloud. After I sync this hasn't changed. To my mind this means that sync isn't working properly or that maybe iCloud has somehow been activated on one device and not on the other?
    Why should I have to re-download books that were already present in my iBooks library on Mac and iPad prior to my upgrades to Yosemite, iOS 8 and the iBooks  apps?
    I have to reiterate that I do not and will not use iCloud and for 2 reasons: it is not secure and Apple uses push marketing to make it difficult for you to not use it.

  • Batteries not being recognised after update!!

    My OS seems to be messed up! I updated my battery while running on 10.4.3, and it asked me to remove battery and plug it back in and restart.
    I did that, but now my battery is simply not recognised??? I tried plugging in the other battery but that too is not being recognised! Though both batteries run and I am able to use laptop without powerchord.. but once the battery runs out, i need to plug in powerchord and this does NOT charge the battery.
    This is bad, as now I have 2 batteries which are not recognised after the update!?? I even tried updating to 10.4.4. Doesn't help!

    Got it.
    Try running the firmware update for the battery again.
    The first couple of times I tried the firmware update failed. With the firmware update window open but in the "didn't work" mode, remove the battery and replace it and then hit the update button again. Took a couple of times but I got it to work, the computer recognized the battery and all is smiles again.
    Two, 15" pb's
    Two, 17" pb's

  • ASA-5585-X 8.4(6)5 Idle connections are not being removed according to timeout settings

    Just a quick question if anybody has run into a bug where the ASAs "timeout" settings are not being applied to idle connections.
    It seems that our ASA running the software level 8.4(6)5 is not tearing down connections. This mainly seems to be a problem in one Security Context where there are around 300k UDP connections (related to VOIP phones) that are not being torn down. Idle timers on the connections are going as far as 700 hours. Common to all the UDP connections is also the fact that only 19 Bytes of data has been transmitted on the connection built on the firewall. I am not sure what the purpose of these UDP Connections is as both the source and destination port is a random high port.
    I was not able find any Bug ID which description would match the situation I am seeing. I did not see anything in the release notes of 8.4(7) or its interrim release either that would list thing kind of bug.
    - Jouni

    Hi Jouni,
    This caveat seems to be the closest match as 8.4.6 is the affected ASA code.
    Some connection may not removed even after reaching idle timeout.
    You can upgrade to the next stable ASA code as suggested in the referred document.
    Dinesh Moudgil
    P.S. Please rate helpful posts.

  • Not being remove Blank space in Supplier Name

    Actully we have round more than 200 supplier having supplier name with space due to this client face problem especially in parameter while running reprots or sometime occur in oracle application, therefor i have developed this routine to remove space from the left & right side of suppliername, but not being update although some update get performed when package execute showig status sucessfull & error is blank as mentioned below.
    If any know about to update supplier name in Fron-End, right now we update supplier name but it's not wokrin could y please guide how can we upadate supplier name individulay so we can do it fron-end as per needed.
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(' STATUS '||v_return_status||' ERROR '||v_error_msg);
    v_return_status varchar2(100); --OUT NOCOPY VARCHAR2,
    v_error_msg varchar2(100); --OUT NOCOPY VARCHAR2);
    for i in (
    select s.*,par.jgzz_fiscal_code,par.sic_code,par.tax_reference,par.tax_name From ap_suppliers s,hz_parties par
    where ltrim(rtrim(s.vendor_name)) <> s.vendor_name
    and s.vendor_name = par.party_name
    and created_by_module = 'AP_SUPPLIERS_API'
    and vendor_name = 'ABC ' ) loop
    v_return_status := null;
    v_error_msg := null;
    p_vendor_id => i.vendor_id ,
    p_segment1 => i.segment1 ,
    p_vendor_name => ltrim(rtrim(i.vendor_name)),
    p_vendor_name_alt => i.vendor_name_alt ,
    p_summary_flag => i.summary_flag ,
    p_enabled_flag => i.enabled_flag ,
    p_segment2 => i.segment2 ,
    p_segment3 => i.segment3 ,
    p_segment4 => i.segment4 ,
    p_segment5 => i.segment5 ,
    p_employee_id => i.employee_id ,
    p_vendor_type_lookup_code => i.vendor_type_lookup_code ,
    p_customer_num => i.customer_num ,
    p_one_time_flag => i.one_time_flag ,
    p_parent_vendor_id => i.parent_vendor_id ,
    p_min_order_amount => i.min_order_amount ,
    p_terms_id => i.terms_id ,
    p_set_of_books_id => i.set_of_books_id ,
    p_always_take_disc_flag => i.always_take_disc_flag ,
    p_pay_date_basis_lookup_code => i.pay_date_basis_lookup_code ,
    p_pay_group_lookup_code => i.pay_group_lookup_code ,
    p_payment_priority => i.payment_priority ,
    p_invoice_currency_code => i.invoice_currency_code ,
    p_payment_currency_code => i.payment_currency_code ,
    p_invoice_amount_limit => i.invoice_amount_limit ,
    p_hold_all_payments_flag => i.hold_all_payments_flag ,
    p_hold_future_payments_flag => i.hold_future_payments_flag ,
    p_hold_reason => i.hold_reason ,
    p_type_1099 => i.type_1099 ,
    p_withhold_status_lookup_code => i.withholding_status_lookup_code ,
    p_withholding_start_date => i.withholding_start_date ,
    p_org_type_lookup_code => i.organization_type_lookup_code ,
    p_start_date_active => i.start_date_active ,
    p_end_date_active => i.end_date_active ,
    p_minority_group_lookup_code => i.minority_group_lookup_code ,
    p_women_owned_flag => i.women_owned_flag ,
    p_small_business_flag => i.small_business_flag ,
    p_hold_flag => i.hold_flag ,
    p_purchasing_hold_reason => i.purchasing_hold_reason ,
    p_hold_by => i.hold_by ,
    p_hold_date => i.hold_date ,
    p_terms_date_basis => i.terms_date_basis ,
    p_inspection_required_flag => i.inspection_required_flag ,
    p_receipt_required_flag => i.receipt_required_flag ,
    p_qty_rcv_tolerance => i.qty_rcv_tolerance ,
    p_qty_rcv_exception_code => i.qty_rcv_exception_code ,
    p_enforce_ship_to_loc_code => i.enforce_ship_to_location_code ,
    p_days_early_receipt_allowed => i.days_early_receipt_allowed ,
    p_days_late_receipt_allowed => i.days_late_receipt_allowed ,
    p_receipt_days_exception_code => i.receipt_days_exception_code ,
    p_receiving_routing_id => i.receiving_routing_id ,
    p_allow_substi_receipts_flag => i.allow_substitute_receipts_flag ,
    p_allow_unorder_receipts_flag => i.allow_unordered_receipts_flag ,
    p_hold_unmatched_invoices_flag => i.hold_unmatched_invoices_flag ,
    p_tax_verification_date => i.tax_verification_date ,
    p_name_control => i.name_control ,
    p_state_reportable_flag => i.state_reportable_flag ,
    p_federal_reportable_flag => i.federal_reportable_flag ,
    p_attribute_category => i.attribute_category ,
    p_attribute1 => i.attribute1 ,
    p_attribute2 => i.attribute2 ,
    p_attribute3 => i.attribute3 ,
    p_attribute4 => i.attribute4 ,
    p_attribute5 => i.attribute5 ,
    p_attribute6 => i.attribute6 ,
    p_attribute7 => i.attribute7 ,
    p_attribute8 => i.attribute8 ,
    p_attribute9 => i.attribute9 ,
    p_attribute10 => i.attribute10 ,
    p_attribute11 => i.attribute11 ,
    p_attribute12 => i.attribute12 ,
    p_attribute13 => i.attribute13 ,
    p_attribute14 => i.attribute14 ,
    p_attribute15 => i.attribute15 ,
    p_auto_calculate_interest_flag => i.auto_calculate_interest_flag ,
    p_validation_number => i.validation_number ,
    p_tax_reporting_name => i.tax_reporting_name ,
    p_check_digits => i.check_digits ,
    p_allow_awt_flag => i.allow_awt_flag ,
    p_awt_group_id => i.awt_group_id ,
    p_pay_awt_group_id => i.pay_awt_group_id ,
    p_awt_group_name => null ,
    p_pay_awt_group_name => NULL ,
    p_global_attribute1 => i.global_attribute1 ,
    p_global_attribute2 => i.global_attribute2 ,
    p_global_attribute3 => i.global_attribute3 ,
    p_global_attribute4 => i.global_attribute4 ,
    p_global_attribute5 => i.global_attribute5 ,
    p_global_attribute6 => i.global_attribute6 ,
    p_global_attribute7 => i.global_attribute7 ,
    p_global_attribute8 => i.global_attribute8 ,
    p_global_attribute9 => i.global_attribute9,
    p_global_attribute10 => i.global_attribute10 ,
    p_global_attribute11 => i.global_attribute11 ,
    p_global_attribute12 => i.global_attribute12 ,
    p_global_attribute13 => i.global_attribute13 ,
    p_global_attribute14 => i.global_attribute14 ,
    p_global_attribute15 => i.global_attribute15 ,
    p_global_attribute16 => i.global_attribute16 ,
    p_global_attribute17 => i.global_attribute17 ,
    p_global_attribute18 => i.global_attribute18 ,
    p_global_attribute19 => i.global_attribute19 ,
    p_global_attribute20 => i.global_attribute20 ,
    p_global_attribute_category => i.global_attribute_category ,
    p_bank_charge_bearer => i.bank_charge_bearer ,
    p_bank_branch_type => i.bank_branch_type,
    p_match_option => i.match_option ,
    p_create_debit_memo_flag => i.create_debit_memo_flag ,
    p_party_id => 2085 ,
    p_parent_party_id => i.parent_party_id ,
    p_jgzz_fiscal_code => i.jgzz_fiscal_code,
    p_sic_code => i.sic_code ,
    p_tax_reference => i.tax_reference,
    p_inventory_organization_id => NULL ,
    p_terms_name => NULL ,
    p_default_terms_id => NULL ,
    p_ni_number => NULL ,
    p_last_update_date => NULL ,
    x_return_status => v_return_status,
    x_error_msg => v_error_msg
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(' STATU S '||v_return_status||' ERROR '||v_error_msg);
    end loop;
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    Edited by: oracle0282 on Dec 25, 2011 9:51 PM

    Just a thought..
    How about creating a new supplier and then opt for Supplier Merge?
    Using supplier merge you may transfer all the open PO's and invoices of the old supplier to the new
    supplier. By using the supplier merge, the old supplier would be end date automatically by the
    P.S. I am NOT sure whether there exist a datafix to edit the supplier name.

  • Seagate portable drive not being recognized after OSX10.9.2

    After I installed the 9.2 update, my Seagate portable external drive is not being recognized - doesnt show up in Finder, or Disk Utility, but I know the drive is live, as I can feel it vibrating
    Someone please help, all my time machine backup is on that

    I had the same issue - the Seagate drive is in a format that will recognize both Windows and Mac formats and there seems to be a flaw with Seagate.  After working on this for five hours and finally calling Apple, I found out why.  If you reformat to Mac OS extended journaled then they usually start working properly. 
    When I contacted Seagate they said it was best if you are just using a mac to just use the Mac formatting.
    Hope this helps and good luck.  Hope there wasn't any valuable data on the drive.

  • Rules in Mail not being applied after Mavericks update

    Hi everyone, I know there are a lot of threads already discussing similar issues, but so far I've been unable to find one that helps resolve my particular issue. Ever since upgrading to Mavericks my rules are not being applied in Mail. I will give you a screenshot of one of my rules:
    I have about five rules that follow the same pattern: search for particular string in the FROM field and mark it with a color if the string is present. These rules all worked fine in Snow Leopard. All of my rules are still present after the upgrade and all checked as active. When I "select all" messages in my inbox and press Option-Cmd-L the rules are applied properly. However, the rules are not applying themselves when new mail comes in. As far as I can tell this does not have anything to do with the mail not being recognizes “as a new message” like, for example, because the mail was already read on my phone. It happens even if my other devices are offline and the only thing I am using to check mail is my laptop.
    I am using a MacBook Pro 2.3 GHz Intel Core Duo with OS X 10.9.1, in case that matters.
    Thanks for any advice!

    I think I've found at least a partial solution to the Mail - Rules Don't Work problem:
    In "Mail" go to the menu Mailbox and click on Rebuild.
    If you have a lot of stuff, this will take several minutes to finish.
    I also reviewed all my rules and made a few minor changes.
    Mixed results:  I found that running "Apply Rules" didn't work on email already received; but new mail did.  I don't quite understand that, but I call it a partial success.

  • Podcasts not being Removed from my Ipod

    I have several old podcasts that I have deleted from my ITUNES that for some reason, are not being deleted from my ipod...? The podcasts are not showing up in my itunes, so not sure how to clear them out from my ipod?? Thanks in advance for your help.

    The most likely culprit is a playlist that's getting synced to your iPod.
    The big change in this area in 7.7 is that all podcasts, even ones in playlists, appear in the iPod's Podcasts section. Before 7.7 the only episodes that appeared in the Podcasts section were ones that you synced in the Podcasts tab.
    The interesting thing is that this change affects only what shows up in the iPod's Podcasts section, it doesn't affect the files that are actually transferred to the iPod.
    To check this, find one of the episodes with the play count >= 1 in your iTunes library. Right click (or control click) the episode, and in the contextual menu go to Show In Playlist. See what playlists appear in that list. (Show In Playlist is right under Add To Playlist. If I'm wrong, Show In Playlist won't be there at all.)

  • Some client data not being populated after upgrading to NCS

    After upgrading to Cisco Prime NCS some of the client data is not being populated or gathered. The graphs labeled "Client Count By Association/Authentication" and "Client Count By Wireless/Wired" are no longer being updated? Not sure what was changed during the upgrade or where to look to get it to start collecting the data again?                  

    Make sure your WLC, MSE and WCS/NCS code matches the compatibility matrix here:
    Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

  • BSP application not being pulled after the application of support packs

    Hi all,
           Support packs SP 35-42 were applied last week end and after that one of the three BSP applications in production server is not being pulled through SAP gui. If I take the URL and paste it in IE the same application is being pulled. We are suspecting that to be a web dispature issue or firewall issue. The land scape is like this. P20 is our production server and C20 is our QA server.P20 has Sun109 as a web dispature and C20 has Sun108 as webdispature. There is a firewall in between P20 and Sun 109 but there is no firewall in between C20 and Sun 108. We redirected P20 to Sun 108 to test and all the three applications pulled up. so we concluded that it could be an issue with SUN 109 or a firewall issue. I am new to this webdispature stuff. I need help in identifying which files I have to look in to identify any kind of such errors. it is confusing why other two applications are being pulled and only one is not being pulled into SAP gui. We debugged the code and every thing is working fine. this is an urgent issue to be resolved.These application were developed long back and the developer did not leave any documentation how the hand shake is done between the web dispature and the SAP system.We are supporting the production system now. I appreciate any one responding as soon as posible.
    Thank you very much,

    You mustn't have looked very hard.
    Try as a starter.

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    Hi: My configuration is: Developer Server 6; Netscape 4.7 ; Jinitiator My webforms works but woth one problem: when the forms screen displays, a yellow banner appers with the message,: "warning: Applet Window" I try to use the javakey tool

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    hi, I have to display a photo in the PDF form dynamically, hence i have a used an element of type <b>Image Field</b>, where the URL has to be passed to fetch the photo from the location. though all the bindings has been done, the photo is not display