Boot Camp Vista Sound Not Working

Hi, I am using Boot Camp 3.1 with drivers installed from
Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVD & Apple Software Update.
I am booting to Windows Vista Home Premium on my
MacBook late '09 with upgraded 4gig ram, and Mac OS X 10.6.2.
However, my sound driver is not working on my Windows Vista,
the system tray icon shows a Red X on audio settings.
On Control Panel -> Device Manager, it shows a Yellow Exclaimation Mark
on sound driver Cirrus Logic CS4602 (AB 01).
I have tried reinstalling Realtek and Cirrus drivers from Mac OS X Install DVD,
and downloading the latest HD Audio Driver from realtek website,
but nothing works.
It was working fine a while ago until I installed many Boot Camp updates
and windows vista updates. I don't know what caused the problem.
Please help me.
Thanks in advanced.

I'm having the exact same problem!!! When is apple going to fix the drivers???!!!

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  • HT1899 Installed windows 8 through boot camp ,track pad not working

    I installed windows 8 though boot camp , track pad not working

    The update to boot camp is now available!
    Just installed Windows 8.1 Pro to my MacBook Pro, Retina, Mid 2012, OS X 10.8.5: Memory 16GB 1600MHz DDR3
    After going through the usual process from boot camp, then installed windows and the support drivers... the trackpad rt click did not work. I had to then go download the boot camp again from windows 8 using the url below and ran the set up.exe from the boot camp folder you can download from below. Run it within windows 8.
    Boot Camp Support Software 5.0.5033
    This solved the Trackpad Right Clicking issue (not working) as well as tapping.
    The wireless and network connectivity issues where resolved as well. The Boot camp support software enabled a boot camp control panel available in the windows 8 system tray and from there you can enable the track pad to tap and use the secondary click.

  • Boot camp - internal mic not working

    I've spent hours reviewing various forums and have tried all suggestions I've found, to no avail. That said, I'll detail my steps here in the hope that someone can help, or that I can help someone else, or at least drive someone else nuts.
    This is a 20" iMac (early 2008) running Snow Leopard + Window 7 Professional w/ Boot Camp 3.1 drivers (you know, the ones that fully support Windows 7).
    By default (that is, without Boot Camp drivers installed), Windows recognizes a "High Definition Audio Device." Sound doesn't work, but the internal mic does work, as evidenced by the fact that speaking or tapping on the top of the computer results in movement of the green bars that appear in the Recording Devices dialogue.
    After installing the Boot Camp drivers (or any more recent version of the Realtek drivers, including 2.41 that became available today), the "High Definition Audio Device" becomes "Realtek High Definition Audio." Sound works (poorly compared to OS X, but **** at least something comes out), but the microphone does not. In the Recording Devices dialogue, speaking, tapping, yelling, and swearing doesn't register per the green bars.
    I've reviewed many a post, and have tried the following:
    1. Uninstalled the Realtek driver, leaving only the default Microsoft driver, reboot, updated to the Realtek driver by browsing to the files from Device Manager instead of running Setup, reboot. This installs the driver, doesn't install Realtek HD Audio Manager, sound = yes, mic = no. Crap.
    2. Uninstalled the Realtek driver, leaving only the default Microsoft driver, reboot, installed the Realtek driver by running Setup, reboot. Sound = yes, mic = no. Crap crap.
    3. Uninstalled the Realtek driver, leaving only the default Microsoft driver, reboot, installed the Realtek driver by running Setup as Administrator, reboot. Sound = yes, mic = no. Crap crappity crap.
    4. Uninstalled the Realtek driver, leaving only the default Microsoft driver, reboot, installed the Realtek driver by running Setup in Vista compatibility mode, reboot. Sound = yes, mic = no. Crap crappity crap crap.
    So I'm certain both the microphone and speaker hardware work. The Microsoft driver gets me mic but no sound, and the Realtek driver gets me sound but no mic.
    Any helpful thoughts and comments are MUCH appreciated, and for the love of God if you're going to jump in with "what are you doing running Windows 7 on a Mac anyways" please save it.

    I'm having the exact same problem!!! When is apple going to fix the drivers???!!!

  • RIGHT CLICK in Win 7 - Boot Camp 5.1 not working

    first: Background: MacBook A1278 - fresh install of Yosemate, Then used Boot Camp 5.156 and installed W7 ultimate. A few things does not work right of the bat, but most important to me is the right click (I love it, can not live without it in Windows). Also there is not Boot Camp app in the Win Control Panel so can't do config of the trackpad and probably many other sittings. Note on the OS X side I enabled right click and working fine (almost like windows). So what I've done so far to fix it? Re- installed drivers for trackpad manually from BootCamp 5.1 no change. Also tried drivers from Boot Camp 4.... ( some other post suggested) no change either. In fact even the left click (trackpad) is not perfect. And again not in OS X the trackpad works fine there. In many instances I must click many times or there is a delay to take in effect of clicking. When a Mouse connected right click is fine. Any suggestions?

    FYI - Froze with the modded nVidia driver 197.16. Happened when I moved a window. It's so random. Next day Windows Update notified me of a new graphics update (197.45) installed that but then froze randomly when I had Team Fortress 2 running in the main menu.
    When it first happened I didnt get any errors in the Event Viewer.
    Here's a few I recently got in the last freeze.
    The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition. Please check for updated firmware for your system.
    The previous system shutdown at 10:34:56 PM on 28/04/2010 was unexpected.
    : The embedded controller (EC) did not respond within the specified timeout period. This may indicate that there is an error in the EC hardware or firmware or that the BIOS is accessing the EC incorrectly. You should check with your computer manufacturer for an upgraded BIOS. In some situations, this error may cause the computer to function incorrectly.
    The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
    The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ACPI\ACPI0008\4&23e1a068&0.
    Will keep digging...

  • Boot Camp Assistant does not work

    I just installed leopard (clean install). When I start the boot camp assistant, I just get the error message that I need to upgrade the operating system..... anybody?

    I have the same problem and i have searched EVERYWHERE for an answer to it. The only thing i know is that my firmware is not correct. It does not need to be updated it says but it clearly does if you ask me.
    For me the Boot ROM Version is: MB11.0061.B02 and you need .B03 to use it. I have had this problem for ages when i tried to setup windows on ma mac using the Beta version of Boot Camp, when i was using Tiger. I was hoping when i bought Leopard this problem would have been solved but nope, nothing.
    Is there anyway to go back to original firmware and then update it again? There must be a way!!! Or do we have to wait for the next firmware update from apple?
    I upgraded my mac because of the option to add windows as well and due to my work i would love to have windows also.

  • Boot Camp 5.1 not working with iMac late 2013 3 TB

    I tried to use Boot Camp 5.1 on my new iMac with 3TB FD. I bought a Win 8.1 OEM DVD with key.
    I followed the instructions of Boot Camp (deselcted the first step with ISO because I have the DVD). When it comes to the windows installation I can't select the BOOTCAMP partition because of the used GPT-style.
    I thought this problem was fixed with OS X 10.9 and Boot Camp 5.1.
    Do you have any ideas?

    From MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) - Technical Specifications, you have a built-in Optical drive. Is it functional?
    250GB or 320GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive; optional 320GB or 500GB 5400-rpm hard drive, or 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB solid-state drive6
    8x slot-loading SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
    Maximum write: 8x DVD-R, DVD+R; 4x DVD-R DL (double layer), DVD+R DL (double layer), DVD-RW, DVD+RW; 24x CD-R; 10x CD-RW
    Maximum read: 8x DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-ROM; 6x DVD-ROM (double layer DVD-9), DVD-R DL (double layer), DVD+R DL (double layer), DVD-RW, DVD+RW; 24x CD
    You will need to burn a DVD using Disk Utility (Yosemite): Burn a disk image to a CD or DVD and use it for Windows installation. You will also need a USB2 flash disk for the BC drivers for it to work. Please ensure that the DVD is burnt at the recommend rate for the physical media and verify, otherwise you will end up with an unusable DVD.

  • AUDIODG.EXE hogging 80-100% of CPU and sound not working in Vista . . .

    I posted this on a Microsoft Answers Forum but none of the techs or people reading have been able to help so far.  I'm dying to get to the bottom of this:
    Here is my computer:
    MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
    AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    2GB RAM
    500GB WD HDD in external enclosure via USB2
    NEC ND-3520A 16X DVD±RW Dual Layer DVD Burner
    LG CD Burner
    I've been using Vista Home Premium successfully for some time.  Recently, not too long after I did a clean wipe of my OS, my audio would stop working.  The way it would happen is that everything would work fine until I started iTunes or another audio application and when I would hit play, things would lock up.
    Upon inspection of my system resources, I'm noticing that the audio platform for Vista, via the audiodg.exe, is using close to 100% of my CPU resources, even when the computer is making no sound at all.
    I've had a Sound Blaster Live! card in my computer for some time but I was not using it; I use the Realtek AC'97 audio drivers that are on my motherboard instead.  I thought that the conflict may be the computer wanting to recognize my Sound Blaster, so I took it out of my computer but the problem seems to be worse.
    Are there any BIOS setting that need to be adjusted for my sound to start working again?
    I'm very reliant on the audio processing power of my computer (I'm in the radio industry, part-time) and this is a huge drag on my productivity.
    Any tips would be much appreciated.
    REPLY #1:
    Thank you for using Microsoft Answers forum.  I suggest going to the manufacture of your sound card and download the latest drivers and install them.
    Good suggestion.  The problem is this:
    I am running on-board audio.  I have an MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum motherboard which runs "Realtek ALC Series AC97 Audio Driver" and there is no version for Vista. They have a version for Windows 2K/XP and one for Windows XP 64bit.
    Should I use on of those and if not, then what?
    UPDATE (from me):
    I took a chance and found a Realtek AC'97 driver for Vista.
    I went to install it and the install hung.  So, I closed one of the install windows and then the InstallShield app continued like it was working.  So, I hit "Restart my computer".  Well, the reboot hung too.  So, I reset the PC manually.
    When the computer came back up, the sound worked.  Hard to tell if this will fix it for good but it's promising.  Chaotic.  Unpredictable.  Annoying.
    REPLY #2:
    Before you tried updating drivers, did you try rebooting 1st?
    I'm just trying to determine if rebooting your system is what resolved the issue - thank you
    UPDATE II (from me):
    My computer is behaving the same way it was before.  AUDIODG.EXE taking up 80-100% of my CPU and the sound not working.
    Any other ideas?

    Small update: Despite my intelligence, good looks and vast experience I use Google sometimes. To my surprise this file turns out to be a Windows one. Here is someone who is much happier, and since it is some way in my line of thinking I'll quote it, but you might take my previous advice as well:
    "- Open up msconfig.exe > Manage startup programs.
    - Disable ALL Realtek entries
    - Close msconfig.exe
    - Right-click on the speaker icon > Audio devices > Speakers (properties)
    - Go to the enhancements tab
    - Check the box to disable all audio enhancements
    - Close the menu
    - Right-click on the speaker icon > Recording devices
    - Disable all your microphones (yeah..., the actual problem seems to come
    from voice inputs rendering..)
    - Close the menu
    - Restart your computer"

  • Sound not working in windows vista using bootcamp

    hello everyone,
    i recently installed vista on my imac 24in 2.4ghz 4gb ram and the sounds not working. searched google and this came up.
    they gave a few options but i dont seem to fined a driver. my device manager says its fine. ive looked in thw volume settings and its turned on. i dont know what to do now.
    any suggestions? thanks

    Hey Manuel,
    I myself had the same issue, no sound and nothing indicating a problem. Insert your apple disc and click repair, reinstalls all the drivers, this fixed it for me, although I had several other drivers fail some weeks later, so started from scratch and been good for a month or so

  • Boot Camp Vista

    Ok, I am getting the mid grade macbook (2 Ghz, 2Gb ram, 120 Gig HDD) and I am planning on getting bootcamp for mindless windows tasks. I have acess (legal) to an upgrade to windows vista ultimate. It is the 64 Bit edition, and I want to know if I can up grade my copy of Xp to the vista Ultimate (x64) without any trouble.
    Created PC   Windows XP   Vast Knowledge

    No, im afraid you cant without trouble... its doable but it would be complicated as the boot camp drivers disk that works fine on xp, dosnt work in vista...
    Its not long till leopard is released, this will fully support vista in boot camp.. id just wait and use xp for now.

  • Boot Camp, VIsta with SP1 x64 clean installed. Please help!

    I clean-installed Vista Ultimate 64bit with SP1 (SP1 comes with Vista, not a separate download) on the latest macbook. As expected Boot Camp Application doesn't work (it doesn't even install).
    1.I want to use the function keys (F1, F2, etc) for brightness and volume, which installation program should I run from the Leopard disk? I don't think I can find this "driver" online.
    2.How can I get bluetooth on my macbook working? Which installation program should I run from the Leopard disk?
    3.iSight camera. Is there a driver for iSight camera in 64bit Vista?
    I see there's a "x64" folder in Leopard disk, under folder "drivers". Should I install everything in this folder? I haven't tried yet.
    Thanks for help!

    Hi Bjorne,
    how did you manage to do a clean-install of Windows Vista with SP1 from a slipstreamed media? If I start my Macbook with the Vista SP1 DVD while holding down the "C" key, I will only see the following message:
    Select CD-ROM Boot Type:
    I can't go on any further, because hitting any key won't work.
    The problem seems to the EFI bootloader on the Vista SP1 DVD which is compiled for 64-bit EFI environments (U-EFI 2.0)! The EFI environment used in Apple computers is based on version 1.10 and runs in 32-bit mode. I've found this information on the rEFIt homepage and I've also found the homepage o-boot-from-Vista-x64-DVD-burnt-from-iso-file.aspx from Jowie who has the same problems. He has found out how to make the Vista SP1 DVD booting on an Apple computer by modifying the DVD image which seems to kill the EFI bootloader...
    How did you manage to boot from an unmodified Vista SP1 DVD image?

  • Boot-up keyboard commands not working

    For some reason, when my iMac is booting up, the keyboard commands to affect boot-up (for example, holding Option to pick which drive to boot into) do not work. It wasn't too much of an issue before, since I could access my Boot Camp partition through the Startup Disk preferences pane. But that partition suddenly stopped showing up there, and with holding Option not working, my Boot Camp drive is essentially inaccessible to me. Does anyone know why these keyboard boot-up commands are not working, or any way to fix this? I'd greatly appreciate any help.
    Thanks in advance.

    Please help!
    I picked up a Mac Pro Dual Intel Quad-Core from a partners office. The system has four 750gb drives. It had Tiger on it.
    Here are the steps I tried:
    1. I got leopard and installed it. I installed on drive 1.
    2. Software updates. Installed Flash runtime and Silverlight runtime.
    3. Opened boot camp and split the boot drive equally for windows and mac os.
    4. I then tried installing Vista Business and my monitor freaked out. I started having weird colors displaying after the boot up to the Windows Vista Disk. The Disk is from my MSDN subscription and I've installed with it before. The install failed after Windows install restarted the machine.
    5. Reformatted all the drives and reinstalled Leopard with the OSX boot DVD. I skipped installing updates and just went straight to boot camp after a fresh Leopard install. Same problem on windows install.
    6. I thought the drive might be messed up, so I wiped all the drives again and tried installing OSX on drive 4. BIG MISTAKE :-/
    OSX worked but once I started installing windows Vista it crapped out again.
    Now I can't boot to anything.
    I tried manually putting each drive into bay 1 to boot. No dice.
    None of the boot shortcut commands seem to work: Holding option does nothing at start up. Can't boot into single user mode. Holding c does nothing at start up. It's possible my keyboard is not working correctly because I have had problems with my USB keyboard in the past.
    Any suggestions?? I'm going nuts here and I need this machine set up ASAP for a huge project.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Win 7 in Boot Camp: Drivers will not install from snow leopard cd.

    I have a early 2011 Macbook Pro (8,1). I am loading Windows 7 with Boot Camp, but cannot get any of the drivers to install. (ethernet, video, etc)
    I have tried both the Snow Leopard cd (I think it's Boot Camp 3.2?), and also downloading drivers online, neither work. I have tried reformatting/reinstalling, and even tried loading a old copy of XP and I had the exact same problem there too.
    What happens: I install the drivers successfully, restart, and nothing has changed. I can see the drivers installed in the programs list (when I go to "uninstall programs") but if I go to Device Manager all of the devices (ethernet, video, etc) show a yellow triangle and say they need drivers! It's like I'm installing the wrong drivers or something.
    I can't find any other posts with a problem like this, I have been working on this forever and am kind of at my wits end. Any ideas??

    Don't believe what Apple posts.
    If you don't have EFI64 like 2008 and later Mac Pro, then you will run into a hurdle and have to modify the Windows DVD to get it to boot and install.
    To Apple, and due to the non-standard way they implemented UEFI, and that ours (2006/7 Mac Pro) all there was that we got was the 2005 EFI32 (affects our choices in graphics cards too).
    I installed 32-bit, then installed 64-bit on another partition.
    The DVD can be modified, from Windows, most easy method would be from any of the VMs like VirtualBox. Then use one of the 2-3 Imgburn or other tricks mentioned online (search for "Jowie" and search for the "Select CD-ROM" error you get trying to boot).
    FAQ, Updates, etc
    System Requirements:
    Windows 7 FAQ:
    List 64-bit Compatible:
    Boot Camp 64-bit 3.1
    Boot Camp Vista Upgrade Utility

  • Boot Camp Assistant won't work - keeps asking me to use Software Update.

    I am trying to use Boot Camp to install Windows but my Boot Camp Assistant won't work - it keeps asking me to use Software Update. So, even though I know everything is up to date, I start Software Update and it confirms that indeed everything is up to date. I try Boot Camp Assistant again, but the same message appears. I search every possible Boot Camp upgrade to download from Apple but they are all .exe files and need Windows to run, so those don't seem to be what I need. So I am caught in a circle of nothing working. Figures - the ONE weekend I need to install Windows and use a Windows-based program!!! And of course Apple support is closed over the weekend - another great asset to spending thousands of dollars on a product. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

    I too am having a similar problem. I am trying to install Windows in a newly created Boot Camp partition. I have Windows 7 but Boot Camp Assistant only mentions XP and Vista. I put in my installation disk of Windows 7 but it refuses to install it. My OS is fully up to date.

  • 5.1 sound not working

    I have a X-Fi fatalty titanium champion series sound card with logitech z5500 5. speakers running vista x64 sp. I cannot fully utilize the 5. speakers for some reason. I have updated to the latest drivers, selected 5. speakers from both windows and the creative console launcher but then i get some butchered sound from only the front left and right speakers. I know the other speakers work bc if i only use 2. then i get the sound but it lacks the entire 5. stereo effects. Please [email protected]

    Re: 5. sound not working?
    cedricganon wrote:
    Ive tried all those options but nothing. Device manager also says it is Creative SB X-fi. whats also suspicious is that if i use the sound card built into the motherboard, i get the same problem.
    When testing the speakers i only have sound from the front left and right speakers. the others are silent. thats through both the vista tester and Creative tester
    If that's the case I strongly suggest you test the speaker's connections out, probably on a separate PC if possible!
    Also check this [url="">FAQ[/url] out for more details on connection and settings of the Z5500 speakers when used with a desktop PC.
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  • Soundblaster X-Fi Surround sound not working!!!! HELP!!!!

    9Soundblaster X-Fi Surround sound not working!!!! HELP!
    !!! officially i hate creative to the what was supposed to be simple registration which in itself annoyed me to now the speakers i have been using for a longggg time for the past 4 days has been bothering me..
    Using a Creative Soundblaster X-fi ?sound card with a 7. surround sound speaker set-up and windows vista ultimate (32bit) the sound refuses to come out of all the speakers during the channel test it sometimes picks up certain speakers but never all of them and the sound is pretty much coming out of the left speaker only i've tried uninstalling all the drivers installing every driver i can find together with the console launchers i've changed the config settings in windows itself which doesnt help uninstalled all codecs bought another x-fi card (i was getting frustrated) still nothing the only thing i havent done is re-install windows which i refuse to do because of some creative defect!
    I hope someone has a solution or any advice would help i've also used dri've cleaner and sweeper to clear all data from the registry etc rebooted etc etc etc still no luck....
    Sort it out creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

    **beep** !! a response would be GREAT............
    Admin Notes: I understand that you are frustrated but cursing & swearing is not allowed here. If you need help from customer support, you can contact them through email. Please abide to the rules if you want to participate in this forum.
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