Bootcamp 'Glowing' windows logo freeze after gfx driver install

Bootcamp 'Glowing' windows logo freeze after gfx driver install
Last week suddenly, after having changed or installed nothing, trying to boot into windows resulted in a frozen glowy window logo 'Starting Windows', which resulted in having to format the windows partition.
Since then I've found out that I can do everything except install gfx drivers.
I've installed firefox, all bootcamp drivers except gfx, swtor (doesn't run of course, but installs fine), quicktime, rebooting is fine after all this...
But as soon as I install any kind of graphics driver and reboot, it freezes at the glowy window logo.
I have tried;
The bootcamp included gfx driver
Windows Update included gfx driver
Official nVidia latest beta driver
Official nVidia latest whql driver
Official nVidia oldest whql driver
nVidia Cuda driver, both versions
All give the same result
I have formatted the entire harddrive and written zeros and made the windows partition in a physically different location to make sure it's not a harddrive issue, no luck.
I have tried both Windows 7 x86 and x64 with matching drivers, same results.
Tried booting with no devices attached, no luck.
This all seems to me like a bust gfx card, were it not that under Lion everything works fine, even gaming (WoW).
Techtool Pro's test machine shows no errors.
My machine is a;
24-inch, Early 2008
Processor  3,06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Geheugen  4 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Videokaart  NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS 512 MB
Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 (11D50b)
Modelnaam: iMac
Modelaanduiding: iMac8,1
Processornaam: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processorsnelheid: 3,06 GHz
Aantal processors: 1
Totale aantal cores: 2
L2-cache: 6 MB
Geheugen: 4 GB
Bussnelheid: 1,07 GHz
Opstart-ROM-versie: IM81.00C1.B00
SMC-versie (systeem): 1.30f1

I am running Lion on a Mac Mini Server wherein I placed a Bootcamp partition and installed Windows 7 Ultimate. I've been testing Windows Media Center using a CableCard Tuner installed in a SiliconDust HomeRun box.
All was well until I received a Windows notification of an NVIDIA driver update. After the update, I now freeze at the same point that you do in the Windows startup splash screen.
I rolled back the driver using the Windows control panel associated with the device. Still freezes.
Windows repair does not have a fix. I can't get windows to start in "safe mode" so I can remove the additional apps that NVIDIA installed during the update.
I'm certain the freeze is associated with the NVIDIA driver.

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    Re: Windows 7 freezes after installing Audigy 2?
    Thanks for your response Freddie. I just do not know how people can expect companies to keep upgrading and writing software for hardware that is YEARS old. Years old.......People (not you) clamor for Windows 7 drivers for devices made for XP, and my god, that operating system came out a long long time ago. Moving on is not just an alternati've, it is a necessity. I would never be using a Gravis sound card from 995 7 or 8 (which sounded really good back then) on Windows 7 and be frustrated as to why Gravis does not have a full suite of Windows 7 drivers. It would be nice, but it is not feasible or reasonable to expect. Creative would literally spend all of their profits writing drivers and applications for stuff that is no longer sold or worth supporting. Microsoft has even changed the sound model of Windows from scratch which means drivers have to be rewritten from the ground up, not just "slightly modified".
    I bought an HP scanner for Windows 98. Great scanner. Loved it. Windows Millenium came out, and that scanner never never worked. Not their fault really, the box it came in said, "Made for Windows 98, 98SE" not "just might be compatible for Windows ME, and whatever else Microsoft may invent."? Well what happened? HP wrote drivers and applications for that scanner for Windows ME and 2000, and that disc cost me $40........Seriously? Yes. Did I buy it? Yes.... I am astonished they are writing drivers for the Audigy's now. But I do hope you find a Windows 7 sound card, and if so, I am curious if you like it. I use my X-Fi Titanium for ) games and 2) movies. and 3) music. It works well, but I had to research which boards it works with.
    Currently Asus is quite the competitor these days, and I see they have Windows 7 drivers out. A few months ago, those drivers wreaked havoc and a lot of people's systems.

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    After the most recent "Lenovo Settings Update", my Windows 8 freezes for a few minutes (minimum of two) anytime the pointer hits one of the hot corners.  The system also freezes for a couple of minutes or less when certain apps are started or the mouse clicks on certain apps.  This is a repeatable error.  I can restore the system to the setpoint previous to the "Lenovo Settings Update" and everything works fine.  re-Install the update and the problem comes back.  The system also freezes for 5-10 seconds when an e-mail message comes in and the notification appears.  Also happens under other different circumstances but the worst is when the mouse pointer goes to any "Hot Corner".  I can reset the system to the last restore point and have everything work fine but anytime I go to "Lenovo Settings", it forces the update which then creates this problem.
    Has anyone else seen this issue?  I have all the updates for Windows 8 and Lenovo installed including all new Bios updates that are published.  The model is  a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S320u (otherwise known as the "Twist". The error is repeatable in all screen modes, tablet modes and multiple monitor modes.
    For now I will go back to the latest restore point but would like to see the issue resolved.

    I had the exact same issue with the same computer (Thinkpad Twist)! Am very happy to have come accross this page through a web search.
    After installing some updates through Lenovo Update App (because of a message that critical updates are available on the Lenovo Support App from Startscreen), my whole system would freeze for about two minutes when moving the cursor over any corner. This is very troublesome not only because it effectively disables the Windows 8 "hot corners" (which I didn't use much anyway, preferring to launch the tasks thus accessible differently), but mostly because it is necessary at times to access the corners, notably to close any document, webpage or other instance of any program that was open in full screen (which usually all of my docs/programs are, considering the Twist's small screensize...).
    Afer reading rbagnall's post I first tried uninstalling updates through the Lenovo Update center. But there, once installed, updates don't seem to be removable. Why Lenovo? You can look at the list of installed updates but not make any change. Now I have followed rbagnall's advice and restored my computer with a restore point, sufficiently far back, as I didn't know exactly which update caused this. It worked! Not exactly pleasant, because I had to reinstall some programs and change some settings again, but the problem got resolved.
    I went further and tried to see which update causes this by installing them one by one and seeing when the problem appears. The culprit seems to be "Display Mode Orientation Update for Windows 8". One needs to install the "Lenovo Power Management Driver" with it (which is actually listed under optional updates, whereas the Display Mode update is shown as a critical one, but the former is selected automatically when the later is chosen, and one cannot unselect it, a message appears then that it is necessary for the other update). So it could be that one as well (haven't checked whether installing it without the Display Mode update creates the same problem). In any case, once these are installed, the problem appears.
    I have now restored my PC again to the restore point, and haven't installed any Lenovo update, not even the other critical one, as I don't know what it's for (Critical patch to fix TVSU UTS issue - I haven't had this issue, and any web entries on this I found dated back to 2009). In the optional updates there is also a BIOS update, which I had installed previously, but I don't know what it's for either. If there is anything terribly useful in either (or other optional updates), please tell me.
    For now I have uninstalled the Lenovo Support Startscreen App (which seems to be more annoying than helpful), and will refrain from updating any Lenovo drivers from now, which seems to do more harm than good (everything was working fine before the update)...

  • Satellite Pro A210 PSAFHE - Windows 7 - freezes after sleep/hibernate

    I have a Satellite Pro A210 PSAFHE running dual boot Windows XP/7
    Using Windows 7 - either 32 or 64 - the system always freezes after sleep/hibernate.
    This never happens with XP which sleeps and hibernates OK..
    There are no drivers at all for this notebook on the site
    I like System 7 and use it on my other computers but without sleep/hibernate I will revert to XP.

    > There are no drivers at all for this notebook on the site
    Sorry mate but you are wrong.
    All Win 7 drivers for Satellite Pro A210 are released on the Toshiba European driver page I recommend checking it again
    Since this issue does not appear using Win XP, I can say for sure that this has nothing to do with the hardware but its a software related issue
    I recommend updating the graphic card driver
    Furthermore there is a new BIOS for Sat Pro A210 PSAFHEits v2.0
    Check if you are using the latest version

  • Problem with Windows XP after a driver instalation

    Hi. I have a Lenovo SL400 with Windows XP. So, today I installed a few drivers from the Lenovo website because the volume and Lenovo Care keys and the bluetooth were not working since I changed to XP. After the installing process, I restarted my laptop and now just when its about to open the window to entet my password I get this blue screen for around 1 second and then it restarts itself, to do the same over and over again. The blue screen shows a four line message saying there is an error and some numbers. I have tried every option in the F8 menu and got nothing. Help me, please, I'm desperate :s

    my friend isten carefully:
    i have a g500,in which i tested a xp clean install(both x64 & x86 versions of xp*)(service pack 3 for the x86 version*).
    all the features work EXCEPT:when i install the wireless/bluetooth i start to receive the bsod(blue screen of death)
    i assume there is a VERY big issue(incompatibility) between the "high speed"(4.0 HS)adapter which is plugged in in this machine(and i also assume you have the same problem on your model).
    thing is........this adapter cannot work on windows xp,because:the intel chipset setup&the intel management engine interface setup have both tell your machine to work with specific "rules"(after the installation of these mentioned packages).
    that means,your system works fine,untill you try to install the bluetooth/wireless driver!
    after this installation,you receive this blue screen because the driver might be supossed/planned to work under windows xp,but the wifi/bluetooth adapter might NOT be working after the specific intel setup!..and that is a huge bug (in my opinion always).
    there is a workarround i think,but it demands that you actually must DOWNGRADE the motherboard setup(intel chipset drivers)or transform it to sth else,rather than what it is.
    the above has a result that the machine "sees" the usb ports as "generic"(...if i remember well)and then you can install the wifi/bluetooth set up normally.
    the whole problem stands on what i just mentioned:the wifi adapter is plugged under "internal usb" WHICH HAS TO WORK AS 3.0, BUT usb 3.0 IS NOT supported under win xp(or vista)!!!!! that's why the driver you(...and me)installed is the CORRECT ONE(according to the manufacturer)but THE MOTHERBOARD ON WHICH it is installed is NOT the suitable one(after the chipset setup installed of course!)
    Hope what i wrote helps everyone(plus Lenovo .....TO FIX IT!)

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    MacBook Pro 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo running 10.8.5.
    I just had a larger hard drive installed by Tekserve. This is to be my first back up since installing the new drive. I have 2 back ups: one to my Time Capsule via WiFi, the other to an external Le Cie via USB.
    Time Machine just gives me preparing to backup but goes no further, just stuck in that mode. I suspect that it can't find my old drive, which it backed up till now. But I cannot find a way to correct this possible snafu. I do not see an option in Preferences.
    Any thoughts?

    Just so we are clear.. were your files all recovered from backup after the install of the disk?? Did you supply one of the backups to the company who did the installation so they could do the recovery?
    You do want to be careful not to damage the old backup.. it might really be better to start over a clean new backup.
    TM should be reset. It sounds like they did recover your settings.. Please check Pondini here.
    Also use A1 to check what the log is saying about TM.. the old backup will need to be fully indexed and checked if you intend to keep using it.. and that will take several hours to the TC if you use wireless.. The problem people expect fast starts but that is not possible unless you are doing a new backup.
    You can also check some of the other help files there eg D1 long preparing for why that happens.

  • Mac Pro refuses to boot after new drive instalation...

    Could anyone shed a bit of light on my problem - Ive just got a new 500gb seagate drive, - when I load it up in order to format, im faced with a blank screen, and os x refuses to even think about booting up - there is also an odd click which Im guessing is the boot drive trying to start.
    The new drive slots into place fine, and I made sure I was earthed out before touching it...
    When the new drive is taken out, the system starts up without a hitch.
    Do I have a duff drive? - or am I missing something blindingly obvious?
    Thanks for any help

    Funny that I saw this message, I am the person that had the exact same problem on the 20th of December.
    After trying to install the HD, I had the problem as well. I ended up taking the computer in to my local Apple store, and they kept the Mac Pro.
    It is now January 5th and I still do not have the system. Called them an hour ago and they said that the part (they didn't mention what it was) was on BACKORDER, so they had to decide if they were going to wait for the part or give me a brand new system. Hmmmm.... Could this be a NEW hidden problem for the Mac Pro now?
    I wanted to purchase an iMac, but was afraid of the lock-up issues. I am starting to regreat my choice and wish I had got an iMac, at least I would have some kind of file server for my network
    All I can suggest is to take it in to your local Apple store and let them check it, and then ask if they could fix it right then, or you two could have a system that's not able to be workable.
    -Dan Uff

  • Windows 7 freezes after iPhone is connected

    I'm using :
    Toshiba Satellite M645 notebook running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1.
    iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.3 (8J2)
    Every time when I connect my iPhone to the notebook (via USB), iTunes will launch automatically where I can do a sync and other stuffs without any problem.  Windows will also pop up with a box asking me whether I wish to download the new photos in the iPhone, which also goes without any problem.  I can see my iPhone under Computer in the Windows Explorer, no issue.
    Everything seems ok, but after some time (can be few minutes to few hours), Windows 7 will freeze and a hard restart is required to continue.
    The following have been tried with the result shown :
    (1) Stop iTunes, but with the iPhone still connected => same result.
    (2) Disconnect iPhone => no problem with Windows 7.
    How should I find out where the problem is?

    You might want to look into reinstalling the drivers for your iPhone; perhaps they were incorrectly installed leading to this error.
    While your iPhone is plugged in go to (in Windows 7):
    Start ---> Control Panel ----> Hardware and Sound ----->Under the category "Devices and Printers" click on Device Manager (This is if you are viewing the control panel by Category) Alternatively, you could do a search for Device Manager.
    Under in Device Manager go to category "Portable Devices" ---> "Apple iPhone" ----->RIGHT click, Properties
    Go into the Driver tab of Apple iPhone, and uninstall.
    Now go back to device manager, and find the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" section, find "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver". Do the same as above, right click and uninstall this driver as well.
    After removing both drivers, remove your iPhone from your computer and restart, then plug in your phone again. It should automatically reinstall the drivers, hopefully solving your problem.

  • Windows 7 freezes after first restart. Any ideas?

    Hello, I've been trynig to dual boot my MacBook pro 13" mid 2010 model (1TB SSHD, 8gb RAM, everything else stock). I set up boot camp (had to download the update software manually to a separate drive). When boot camp boots up from my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit disc, it starts running the installer. I've formatted the hard drive and the installation starts. Everything works fine and the system reboots to complete the installation. At around 70% of the progress the system freezes. My display freezes and the mouse doesn't move. I've removed USB connections and started over and that didn't do the trick. I've deleted the partition and re-made it and that didn't do it either.
    Any insight would be great. Thank you.

    Google is your friend, lots of posts and solutions when I tried completing installation bootcamp
    This looked promising

  • MBP mid-2009 Freezing after Hard Drive upgrade -HELP!

    So, my Apple Care just ended and I was almost always at a full 320GB, so I decided to upgrade my hard drive to 1TB.  I purchased a Western Digital TB drive (9.5mm) at a store recommended by an Apple Genius and followed the instruction on youtube exactly, as well as having another visit to the Genius bar, ensuring I grounded myself often throughout the process. My computer is a 15" MBP originally loaded with Snow Leopard, now running OSX Lion.  I did a Time Machine backup prior to everything and also bought an enclosure for my old hard disk to use and it has yet to be wiped, but Disk Utility says that it's corrupt because 1 program's debug log says the number of files changed (after the time machine processing.) I did a Carbon Copy Clone prior to installing the hard drive as well, so when all was done, I was able to start the computer without issue.  (This program is what told me first that I had an issue with that debug log.  I'd tried to delete a huge folder that was taking up nearly 30GB before the clone, it was backed up on time machine and another backup drive.)
    However, after Vuze re-opened (which I'd just recently upgraded to Pro) it froze the computer, so I got the rainbow disk and even Force Quit did not work.  Since then, I've had to reboot with the top right button dozens of times.  Mail, Chrome and Vuze have all caused freezing and Command Option Escape does not work at all.  My beloved computer is starting to feel like a big brick.  I uninstalled and re-installed Vuze Plus since, but still have the same issues (trashing the program then re-downloading).  As for Disk Utility, it says the drive is just fine.  There are no software updates needed and that's about as far as I can get before things crash again.
    I would really appreciate any assistance that can be provided based on this scenario.  I hope I've provided enough detail, please let me know if more is needed.
    Thank you in advance. 

    The only thing that I can think of is that your SATA cable may be bad... it's the first thing that I would try replacing. DIsk Utility wouldn't be able to detect a bad SATA cable - you'd just have random freezes and crashes.
    I don't know that this is the solution to your problem, but it's the first thing I would attempt. 2009 models are notorious for having bad SATA cables - try PowerbookMedic and order a new one. If it doesn't fix the problem, call back.
    Good luck,

  • Toshiba Qosmio x775 Windows 7 freezes after login

    Recently I've unscrewed the lid on the back of my qosmio, the part with one screw with the sticker on it that says "caution pc base can get hot, etc etc". That one is a smaller little area that could be removed on the bottom compared to the bigger, whole part of the bottom. It just had a RAM or something in there. Anyway, when I opened that, there was a bunch of orangish sticky gunk in around the edges, so I cleaned it off with a clorox wipe, careful not to touch the RAM or anything else in there at all, and closed it and screwed it back. The fact that I didn't even do anything to the RAM or whatever it was, just claned the gunk and screwed it back on, is why I don't think it is what caused it, but immediately after that my computer started to freeze right after I would type in my password and the desktop icons would show. The loading icon next to the cursor would load and it would just freeze until I turned my PC off. Am I going to have to get a new laptop altogether?
    Go to Solution.

    We have solved the issue with the freezing windows. With fixing of Programs and Features and services.
    We diagnosed with Event Viewer Logs
    "Knowledge should be unrestricted and the most important commodity we can offer to help one another."

  • Windows 7 Won't Boot After Nvidia Driver Installed, MSI Gaming N770

    Hi I just bought the MSI Gaming N770 2gb and after installing the nvidia drivers, Windows 7 will not boot after my motherboard POSTs. 
    I bought this to replace an AMD card.  I uninstalled all the AMD drivers before putting in the MSI card.  I've also run the Display Driver Uninstaller in Safe Mode and everything.
    After a few hours of research, I finally came across a thread about flashing a vbios, and something about these cards not working with motherboards with UEFI bios. 
    I'm using a P8Z77-I Deluxe mini-itx board, with a Rosewill 630W psu. 
    I have both 6+2 PCI pins plugged into the two 8pin power ports on the GPU.
    Is this an issue that can be fixed with turning off secure boot? or by flashing a vbios onto the card? Or is the card a dud? Or do I have to re-install Windows. 
    If the vbios is required, are there instructions on how to flash it? I have no idea how to flash a BIOS.  Thank you!!

    Had to update BIOS. All fixed!!!! 

  • [SOLVED] Arch freezes after mounting drives, cannot boot

    Installed Arch maybe a week ago, and everything worked flawlessly until i rebooted today.
    I havent done any major changes during that session that i recall, and after a reboot, my arch "froze" mid boot, after (what i think is) mounting drives (sda3 is OS, sda5 is Data):
    /dev/sda3: clean, 168249/2298240 files, 1485743/9175040 blocks
    [      4.203801] microcode: failed to load file amd-ucode/microcode_amd.bin
    [      4.204249] microcode: failed to load file amd-ucode/microcode_amd.bin
    [      4.204628] microcode: failed to load file amd-ucode/microcode_amd.bin
    [      4.204940] microcode: failed to load file amd-ucode/microcode_amd.bin
    systemd-fsck[248]: /dev/sda5: clean, 5230/3932656 files, 475548/15729635 blocks
    This is all the info that i get.
    If i remember right, this was shown when arch was booting up normally too, but it ussualy just hanged for a second or two at it. I've tried leaving it for almost half an hour now, and it didnt budge.
    And it doesnt actually freeze, since there is a blinking " | " after the last line (no input is being accepted though)
    This might be something stupidly simple, but im completely new to Arch (and linux in general)
    I do have a live cd though, so if there's any conf that you think would help, i can get it.
    Last edited by TolSatha (2012-12-28 01:09:24)

    cfr wrote:
    Welcome to Arch.
    Please search before posting: … lla-search
    Will try resolving that, but ive had that before, and arch booted just fine. I doubt thats the problem.

  • Can I recover lost library from Windows backup file after hard drive crash?

    I'm sure this has been visited before, so I'm sorry if this is redundent.
    My daughters Windows notebook had to be reformatted because of a severe virus. I had all important files including iTunes songs backed up onto portable Hard Drive. Got her notebook up and running and then restored her songs back to her computer (but not into the original location). Plugged in her iPod Mini and now it shows no files at all on the Mini and iTunes will not access or recognize the songs that I restored
    Prior to the restoring she was able to listen to her complete music collection on the iPod Mini.
    I still have access to the backup files either on the Hard Drive or in a separate folder from which I restored the first time. Should I completely erase the songs from the notebook now and then access the backup file?
    And how do I get the Mini and iTunes to recognize the music once and for all?
    Thanks for any advice, help, and suggestions.
    HP Pavilian Notebook   Windows XP   iPod Mini.

    What you will do depends on if you have the "iTUnes Music Library.xml" file on backup. By default this file is stored on
    C (Or the drive windows is on)/documents and settings/............/My Documents/My Music/iTunes
    If you DO have this file on backup, then you will have to set all the music to its EXACT location it was before reformatting

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