Both  iphones on one itunes account phone calls problem

Hi,i have 2 iphones both with different phone number ,after when upgrade them to ios8 when someone is calling to either of us both of them are ringing

That is correct. They have to be on the same Wi-Fi network.
This will also work if you have an iPad with iOS 8 or a newer Mac computer (i believe Bluetooth 4.1 LE is required) and Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite which is expected to be released October 2014.
You discovered what could be a usability bug. It would be better if there was a way to configure exactly which devices could receive these calls. Right now it appears to be one toggle to turn it on or off for all devices.

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  • Two iphones on one itunes account...problems wanted!!

    My wife and I both have an iphone and are delighted with it except for this problem..
    I bought mine first (phone 1), set up itunes and had no problems, it synced nicely, i downloaded music etc and ll was going well... the App store also work fantastically... my wife, based on my success (and the fact that her nokia N97 was pants) decided to get herself an iphone (phone 2). When signing up the contract in store we were told that "just, plug the phone into the laptop if you already have itunes and itunes will reognise it as a second device and act accordingly...." WRONG!!!
    What actually happened was that the new phone, synced with itunes with all my details and lost all of my wifes phone numbers she had entered onto it, it got worse, after deleting all the numbers that she didnt want and putting her phone book back as she wanted it, she synced it again, this time itunes took the details from her phone and stored them in itself, next i came along and synced my phone and lost all my work numbers, all my music too and ended up with my wifes details.... Now when i access the App store i have to enter her password.. sometimes.. sometimes i have to enter my own and sometimes neither will work and i cannot download anything at all. Its all become one big mess...
    I want an expert to untangle this mess for us as, at the moment i no longer sync my phone at all for fear of losing all the details again so of course im not getting the most from my phone. I phoned teh geek squad and they said... when you start itunes just hold down the CTRL button as you launch it and it will start a second account... it did but im sure that has added to the problem.
    Im no itunes expert but need this sorted to enjoy the device the way it was intended...
    Please help...

    Sorry things haven't worked the way you expected. You can sync as many devices as you want to the same itunes account, selecting under the various tabs what you want on each device and itunes will keep it all straight upon subsequent syncs. It appears you may not have properly selected what content you want on each device. To sort this out, start by reading this article on syncing. Most of your questions will be answered in that article. Post back after reading with specific questions related to specific content.

  • I have 2 iphones on one itunes account. I just upgraded both to ios 8 and now the messages i receive come through to both phones when they used to be seperated. What is going on here?

    I have 2 iphones on one itunes account. I just upgraded both to ios 8 and now the messages i receive come through to both phones when they used to be separated. What is going on here?

    I noticed the same problem after upgrading a few iPhones to IOS 8, all use the same Apple ID.  However, I now notice when I go into Message and instead of selecting a person from my contact list, I start typing their name which brings up a list of people, some of which are not in my contact list and are on one of the other iPhones. There's a circle/exclamation point next to the name which I click on, and one of the options is to "Remove from Recent". How did these names get from one phone to another and how do I remove all "recents"? They do not appear in my contact list. Anyone see this?

  • Synching 2 3Gs iPhones to one iTunes account on one computer

    I have a few questions regarding synching two 3Gs iPhones with one iTunes account on one computer.
    I had synched both phones (mine and my wifes) to our desktop computer but saw that apps were being placed on both of our phones and contacts were being added to both and duplicated.
    1. If I try to synch my wifes iPhone to a her laptop with a new itunes account and it asks about erasing the data, will it get rid of the photos and contacts? I have looked this issue up and no one really seems to know.
    2. If I try to synch both iPhones to the desktop with the original itunes how do I avoid the issues of transposing apps, contacts being added to both? Several answers out on the Net say to make two seperate accounts. Does that mean two seperate "iTunes" accounts? Or two seperate profiles on the desktop computer.
    The main reason I need to do this is because my wifes iPhone is about two or three firmware updates behind. I would like to update her firmware and back up all of her apps and contacts. I am backing up her photos to Shutterfly just in case, because if something happened to those I might not be around to see iPhone 5. hahaha j/k
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Welcome to the discussions,
    1. If you manually backup your wife's phone before you sync for the first time to the laptop, you can save all data and settings of the phone and restore from that backup again after the initial sync.
    Here's how to backup manually:
    Set up the same iTunes account on the laptop, disable autosync in iTunes/Settings/Devices.
    Connect the phone, right click on it in the device list and choose "backup" iTunes will backup your phone without syncing.
    Transfer your purchases the same way, to copy apps and purchased media to the new library.
    When you connect your phone for the first time, all media content will be erased. But you can restore your settings and app data from your manual backup afterwards.
    Don't forget to set up at least one contact and event on your new computer to be able to merge calendars and contacts when you sync the phone for the first time.
    About backups and what's saved:
    How to back up and restore:
    How to download apps for free again:
    2. If you're syncing both phones on one computer, either create a second user account on your computer, log in and do the same manual backup process as described above, or, take the time to set up each phone individually, including the settings for calendars and contacts, which apps to sync, etc.
    iTunes will remember the settings for each phone and you'll only have to do this once.
    You can only use apps on different devices if you're using the same account you did at the time you bought them.

  • How do you move an iphone from one itunes account to a new one?

    How do move an iphone from one itunes account to a new one?  I have a work phone that is linked to my personal itunes acct and want to separate them.  (they will still need to be on the same computer) is this possible?

    You cannot

  • What is best practice for installing husband/wife iPhones on one iTunes account?

    Is there a way to install two iPhones (or iPads for that matter) on one iTunes account in order to share apps, music, books, HOWEVER, keep contacts, calendar events, reminders separate?
    Goal: I want to have my iPad and iPhone and my wife's iPhone on one iTunes account in order to share apps, music, books, etc.  I also want to backup my contacts, calendar events, reminders in the iCloud so synching across my iDevices and PC is easy and seemless.  How do I keep my contacts/calendar events from synching on her iPhone since they're both located in the same iTunes account?

    Yes, you can use two individual Apple IDs for iCloud, iMessage, Facetime, etc. and use the existing iTunes account for setting up iTunes and App Stores to share app and music purchases.
    You can set them up on both devices here:
    Individual Apple IDs
    Settings > iCloud
    Settings > Messages
    Settings > Facetime
    Shared Apple ID for iTunes and App Store
    Settings > iTunes & App Store

  • Hi. We have two iphones and one Itunes account. How do back up each one without getting the others contacts

    Hi. We have two iphones and one Itunes account. How do back up each one without getting the others contacts and without syncing each phone to each other?

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    Ideally you should each have your own iCloud account, providing you with your own contacts, calendars etc, not doing so will result in exactly what you have experienced. The contacts have likely been lost due to the options you have chosen at the login stage on each device.
    Unless you have the missing contacts in a backup file, they won't be recoverable unfortunately. You can add them manually to the contracts that already exist and continue to share the iCloud account if you wish, but I suggest that you each have your own iCloud account.
    Note, you can each have your own iCloud account, but continue to share an iTunes account for purchases of apps, books, music, TV shows etc etc.

  • How do I manage 2 Ipads and 2 iphones on one ITunes account.

    How do I manage 2 Ipads and 2 iphones on one ITunes account.  Each device has a different name. But every time I plug them into iTunes on my Pc all the apps get screwed up. apps disappear etc.  I have "sync apps" selected without automatic updates. I'm thinking I should have this unselected, but that does make sense to me. Shouldn't I be able to have one iTunes account and manage each device independently.  What settings to do I need to apply to itunes so that every time i plug the devices in they don't get all messed up? thanks in advance
    Also, Iphone 4s is possible to rotate pictures without extra hassle of downloading software??

    You can try contacting iTunes Support and ask them if they can remove the balance from your account so that you can change countries : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Purchases, Billing & Redemption

  • HT204053 How do you get everything on an iPhone under one iTunes account to a different iTunes account?

    How do you get everything on an iPhone under one iTunes account to a different iTunes account?

    You cannot

  • Owning 2 iphones with one Apple account has = Sync Problems.

    Owning 2 iphones with one Apple account has = Sync Problems.  iTunes is thinking my old iphone 4 is the same phone as my iphone 5C.  When I plugged in my iphone 5C it auto synced my 5C to iTunes and it wiped my 5C and restored it to the same content as is on my iPhone 4.  This is a big problem since my 5 year old has been using the iPhone 4.  It's all Mickey Mouse and Backyardigans.  (Total photo/app/contacts loss)
    I was able to update the 5C and restore from a 3 month old backup that is actually the content from the 5C but now when I plug in my 5C it wants to "setup as new phone" or "restore from backup"  What's going on?  I'm afraid to choose either option.
    How can I get iTunes to see these devices as 2 and not one?
    Can I use my Apple ID on both phones still or is this the problem?

    They were both displaying the same name in iTunes.  I changed the name of the iPhone 4 before the 5C was plugged in but it still went ahead with syncing it to the 4's data.

  • HT1386 How do I set up two different iphones on one itunes account without loosing contacts in each phone?

    We have a PC and my husband I want to both use one itunes account. I already have an iphone and itunes account that is set up. He just purchased an iphone and he just wants to use my account. Is this possible to do and how can we do this without overriding eachother's iphone contacts etc.

    How to use multiple iPods with one computer

  • Is there a way of having 2 iPhones on one iTunes account and not share phone contacts

    Got my wife an iPhone and would like to share one iTunes account but is there a way of not sharing our contact lists, mine is full of work numbers and dont want to fill up her phone with them!!
    Many thanks

    Hamishanimal wrote:
    Got my wife an iPhone and would like to share one iTunes account
    Much simpler if you each have your own iTunes account with yoru own data

  • Can I sync 2 iphones to one itunes account?

    My wife's iphone arrived before mine. We only have one itunes account so far, mine. Will I have to open an Itunes account for her or can I use mine for both phones?

    You can sync many devices to one itunes account. I, for instance, have two ipods and an iphone on one account. They all have different setting and contents, but still only sync to one itunes account.
    Yes you and your wife can use one itunes account.

  • Easiest way to untangle two iPhones on one iTunes account

    I blame myself for this problem.
    My wife and I have two iPhones. I'm into the music so I set up an iTunes account a long time ago for my multiple iPods. It's now come time to disengage my wife's iPhone from my iTunes account. I know how to set up a new iTunes account. I'll get her a separate e-mail address and create the new iTunes account. The problem is I do not want to lose all her photos, contacts, etc., from her iPhone when I go to link her phone to her iTunes account.
    I'm guessing if I set up the new iTunes account and then back up her phone to the new account's iCloud file I may be able to get around most of these issues.  Is that correct? Please advise if not. Any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks in advance for your advice.

    Wife and I use same iTunes account (log in for iTunes) for our stuff.
    We both sync with same computer.
    However, we have separate logins for the computer thus we each have our own Profiles.
    While you can do it with one profile (iTunes knows difference between phones) it will become a pain if you sync contacts/calendars as you only have one set on the computer thus you may end up mixing your data there. This is why you should have different logins for your computer thus.
    Using one iTunes account does make things easier though as you only need to buy an app once and sync it to both devices (can do that with two accounts as well if both are authorized together in iTunes but becomes a pain).

  • Can you have 2 iphones on one itune account

    My wife and i both have a iphone now and we currently have them both under one itunes account.  We have noticed that both of our contacts show up in each of our phones.  is there a way to keep this from happening?  Or do we need to set up two different itune accounts?

    My spouse and I have one iTunes account but separate apple IDs. Are you sharing apple IDs? That might be the problem. We have two iPads not two iPhones (yet), but seems like it would most likely work the same. I don't see his contacts and he doesn't see mine, so that would be my suggestion. Make sure you each have your own apple IDs but one iTunes account and see if you still have the same issue.

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