Bug in cluster drag'n'drop

LV2011, haven't tried in any other. Just crashed LV 3 times in a row when creating a cluster and dragging  in a numeric array. The 3rd time i noticed the array was grouped with a free label, and when ungrouped it all worked as anticipated.
So: Dragging grouped objects into a cluster crashes LV.
LabVIEW 8.2 - 2014
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Hi Yamaeda,
I have been able to reproduce this error in LabVIEW 2013, 2012, 2011 SP1 and 2010 SP1. However, for some reason, LabVIEW 2009 SP1 can handle it. That is, this error does not occur in LabVIEW 2009 SP1, but in all later versions.
I attach an example for the five versions (mentioned above) that I used when trying to reproduce this error. You can try them if you like and verify. The example VI has two newly created empty clusters. The top cluster contains two arrays that are locked within a group. If you move the group of arrays from the top cluster into the bottom cluster, I get an error message saying "Not enough memory to complete this operation." If I move the group back and fourth between the clusters (four times for me was enough), LabVIEW closes abruptly. When I open LabVIEW again, I get a message from LabVIEW saying "Internal Warning 0x9A3507AE occurred in FPDCO.cpp".
I will report a CAR of this at earliest convenience.
cluster_crash.zip ‏17 KB

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  • Drag And Drop operations do not call custom IRM Protector

    We are developing our own custom IRM Protector, 
    So far we have successfuly integrated our IRM Protector into Sharepoint, and download operations and upload operations do protect and unprotect documents. Also move operations between libraries, through Send To ribbon action, call HrProtect and HrUnprotect
    methods as needed. 
    However, in our test environments, when using drag and drop operations between Libraries or folders, the IRM Protector is not being called at all. We have tried to update our test environments to the latest Cumulative Update, without success. Is there any
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    If true, Drag and Drop suposes a great security threat, and we cannot deliver our protection product to our customers, as it would mean document protections could be bypassed by a simple sharepoint operation.

    We are developing our own custom IRM Protector, 
    So far we have successfuly integrated our IRM Protector into Sharepoint, and download operations and upload operations do protect and unprotect documents. Also move operations between libraries, through Send To ribbon action, call HrProtect and HrUnprotect
    methods as needed. 
    However, in our test environments, when using drag and drop operations between Libraries or folders, the IRM Protector is not being called at all. We have tried to update our test environments to the latest Cumulative Update, without success. Is there any
    known bug around the drag and drop functionality? 
    If true, Drag and Drop suposes a great security threat, and we cannot deliver our protection product to our customers, as it would mean document protections could be bypassed by a simple sharepoint operation.

  • Drag and drop - remember answers/do not reset

    Hi there,
    Does anyone know how I can stop the drag and drop from resetting when the user goes back through the course? I have tried changing the attempts options, the reset options and so on in the settings, but it always resets and does not remember the users answers!
    Is this a bug? The drag and drop rarely does anything I want it to. It is so much easier in Articulate!

    If you want the dropped state to be remembered you need to include the Drag and drop interaction in Quiz.Also you can add some marks to the dnd interaction.  If you do not want to add the marks to your total marks of your quiz(if you have any quiz in your course) check off the option "Add to total" option. There is an option for reporting the marks as well. Just check the "Include in quiz" option and let me know this addresses your issue.
    You can find the"include in quiz " option under reporting accordian. Attaching screen shots for your reference(in both Cp7 and Cp8)

  • Bug report: Naming a Bin after creating it with drag'n'drop

    There seems to be a small bug when giving a newly created bin a name after creating it by drag'n'drop of several clips onto the "New Bin" icon. 
    To reproduce:
    Select some clips in your project browser
    Drag them onto the New Bin button
    A new bin is created with the clips in it
    - the bin name for it appears to be selected, and editable - just as if you had created a new empty bin by clicking the New Bin button
    - type in a new name - it accepts the name fine, now press enter.
    - your new name disappears, and *now* you are really in the mode to edit the bin name
    - type your name again, and it works.
    Work around:
    When creating new bins by using drag'n'drop of clips onto the New Bin button, first press enter once to enter into the proper edit mode before giving the bin a new name.
    (is there a better place to file bug reports?)
    Version 6.0.1 (014 (MC: 264587))
    Hardware Overview:
      Model Name:          Mac Pro
      Model Identifier:          MacPro5,1
      Processor Name:          Quad-Core Intel Xeon
      Processor Speed:          2.8 GHz
      Number Of Processors:          1
      Total Number Of Cores:          4
      L2 Cache (per core):          256 KB
      L3 Cache:          8 MB
      Memory:          8 GB
      Processor Interconnect Speed:          4.8 GT/s
      Boot ROM Version:          MP51.007F.B03
      SMC Version (system):          1.39f11
      SMC Version (processor tray):          1.39f11
    OS X 10.6.8

    Er, just answered my question about bug reports by reading the "read this before posting" link above
    But I'll leave this here for the work-around in case anyone else needs it.

  • Drag and drop file to desktop bug

    I have a new fusion drive 27" iMac with Thunderbolt Cinema Display.
    When I drag a file, like an attachment from mail, onto the desktop it does not drop the file where the cursor indicates it will.
    The same thing when dragging from the download folder or a finder window.
    The file is randomly paced on the main iMac desktop in no particluar order, and you can't precisely drop a file where you want.
    File can be dropped behind open windows, making them hard to find.
    If the Thunderbolt display is unplugged, the issue goes away and drag and drop is precise.
    This used to happen on my old iMac aswell, but i put it down to a bug with my system, however, it also happened out-of-the-box on the new fusion iMac before I installed any software or files, as I was specifically testing this - it's very annoying and disruptive to workflow.
    Something with OSX doesn't like the external monitor when it comes to drag and drop to desktop.

    The card reader is apparently stuck in write-locked mode. I don't generally advise do-it-yourself hardware repair, but one ASC poster managed to fix this problem. I haven't tried the fix myself and I can't offer any guidance beyond what's in that discussion. If you cause damage, don't expect your warranty to cover it. I suggest you instead make a "Genius" appointment at an Apple Store.

  • Possible Bug with Drag-and-Drop Being Published via HTML5 - Getting "Undefined" Error When Dragging Object

    I came up with a way to use drag-and-drop interactions that will take advantage of file input so that I may create a drag-and-drop interaction that uses one draggable object over and over allowing multiple scoring/tracking possibilities.  Example use...is having the draggable object be dynamic in that it randomly changes its text so that a learner can drag a term it's possible classification.........thus allowing the possibility of having many terms easily loaded without having to redo a drag-and-drop interaction for each needed terms/classifications updates/changes.
    My Issue: When using a variable to represent the text for a draggable Smart Shape object, I'm getting the error message "undefined" when, clicking/pressing on the object, as well as during the drag of the object. This issue occurs when publishing the project in an HTML5 format.  Flash interestingly enough seems to work perfect...but we are not interested in publishing via Flash any longer.
    To better help you explore this error message, I've set up a test project so that you can see when and how the "undefined" message shows up during a drag-and-drop interaction.  I've also included the Captivate 8 project file used to make the exploration project I'm sharing in this post.
    Link to Captivate project I created for you all to explore "undefined" error message": http://iti.cscc.edu/drag_and_drop_bug/
    Link to this Captivate 8 Project file: http://iti.cscc.edu/drag_and_drop_bug.cptx
    It's pretty interesting how things react in this demo, please try the following actions to see some interesting happenings:
    Drag the Yellow (or variable drag box) to the drag target.
    Drag Black Hello square to Drag target and click undo or reset - watch the undefined message come up on the Yellow (or variable drag box).
    Drag the Yellow (or variable drag box) to the drag target and then use the undo or reset.
    Move both draggable boxes to the drag target and use the undo and reset buttons...
    Anyhow, I know you all are sharp and will run the demo through its paces.
    I'd really be very honored if anyone help me figure out how I could (when publishing out to HTML5) no longer have the "undefined" error message show up when using drag-and-drop with a variable for shape text. This technique has been well received at the college I work at...and I have many future project requests for using such an idea on a variety of similar interactions. I'd love see a solution or see if this might be a bug Adobe may be able to fix!
    I tried to find a solution to the issue documented here for quite some time, but I was not able to find anyone with this problem much less attempting the idea I'm sharing in the help request -  save the darn "undefined" message that comes up!
    Many thanks in advance for any help and/or direction that you all may be able to provide,

    I just wanted to supply a minor update related to my drag-and-drop question/issue stated above:
    I did another test using Captivate 7, and found that the undefined error (publishing as HTML5) does not appear and the variable data remains visible - except the variable data turns very small and does not honor any font size related settings.
    I did go ahead and submit this to Adobe as a possible bug today.
    Thanks again for any help related to this issue.  If the issued documented above is solved, it will allow many amazing things to be done using Captivate's drag-and-drop for both regular type projects as well as interaction development for iBooks! 
    Matter of fact if this issue gets fixed, I'll publish a Blog entry (or video) on way's I've used Captivate's drag-and-drop to create dynamic learning activities for Higher Ed. and for use in iBooks.
    ~ Paul

  • Drag and Drop Layout with items attached to Page 0 Region Bug

    I have a region on P0 (P0_REGION) and multiple page items (not on page 0) are associated to the region. When I go to "Drag and Drop" the page items I see all the Page Items for the given page and all the Page Items that are linked to a P0 Region. For Example:
    Region: P0_REGION
    Items: P100_X, Region: P0_REGION
    Items: P200_Y, Region: P0_REGION
    Now on P200, click on "Drag and Drop" above P200_Y I'll see P100_X and P200_Y.
    This is a bit of an issue if you have a lot of items that are linked to a region on Page 0 but actually belong to another page.
    Is this a bug?
    Thank you,
    Martin Giffy D'Souza

    Look at the following link:
    Drag and drop - like the builder?

  • BUG - Drag and drop an image, only working at the 2nd try

    I use the last version of JDeveloper : 11g R1 :
    I try to drag and drop an image in a facet of a panelsplitter.
    Once the page is loaded, the first time I try to drag the image, it does not work : the image does not follow the mouse.
    When I try to drag the image again, then it works : the image follow the mouse
    So I don't think it's related to the destination/target.
    I feel it's so simple, since it just requires to add <af:componentDragSource/> inside <af:image/>
    that if it does not work, it can only be a bug in the functionality offered by ADF ...
    Or maybe there is something wrong with the generation of the page ?
    I get this message in blue in the "running log of WebLogic" :
    <FormRenderer><setupEncodingContext> Multiple forms detected on viewId: /myPage.jspx. Rich client currently has some limitations in dealing with multiple forms.
    Please note that I use jsp:include inside f:subview to include fragments (.jsff) so that the source and the destination are not in the same file, the source in a .jsff while the destination is on the main .jspx
    The code related to the drag and drop :
    <af:form id="form">
    <af:panelSplitter orientation="vertical" splitterPosition="70" id="psHeader" clientComponent="true">
    <af:panelAccordion id="paPref" discloseNone="true" styleClass="fullSize">
    <af:showDetailItem id="sdiTemp" text="Templates">
    <af:panelGroupLayout id="pglTemp" layout="scroll">
    <af:panelList id="plTemp" rows="2">
    <af:image id="imTemp2up" source="/images/anImage.jpg" inlineStyle="" shortDesc="...">
    <f:facet name="second">
    <af:dropTarget dropListener="#{dropHandler.handleComponentMove}" actions="MOVE">
    <af:dataFlavor flavorClass="javax.faces.component.UIComponent"/>
    Any idea ?
    Thanks in advance,

    no bug that I can detect here as it works for me with the same setup. How likely is it that the image is too small so that you don't grab it probably the first time?

  • Simple drag and drop programme. Bug

    I have a simple drag and drop app for learning English. You hear for eg: banana and have to drag that object to a certain area.
    When my little kid plays it she finds bugs - she's my researcher.
    It's hard to explain the bug as its hard to get it but kids can easily. You click on the target object and drag it a little, then quickly reclick it but not drag ie: release the mouse as it goes back to its initial position. You move the mouse away and and the object follows mouse even though you are now not dragging and you can't drop it.
    I know its hard to imagine this but perhaps this is a know bug for drag and drops.
    private function dragHandler(e:MouseEvent)
                xIni = e.currentTarget.x;
                yIni = e.currentTarget.y;
    The you have the following which has an event listener for the mouse up event.
    private function checkDrag(e:MouseEvent)
                if (this.currentBubble.hitTestObject(this.dragTarget))
                    if (currentBubble && currentBubble == e.currentTarget)
                        currentBubble.visible = false;
                        blnCorrect = true;
                        points = this.points + 10;
                        score.score_txt.text = String(points);
                        if (correct == 10)
                    bubbles.splice(currentIndexArray,1);//you must specify the parameter 1 ie: remove 1
                    sndChannel.addEventListener(Event.SOUND_COMPLETE, soundCorrectComplete)
                    sndChannel.addEventListener(Event.SOUND_COMPLETE, soundIncorrectComplete);
                    TweenLite.to(e.currentTarget, 1, {x:xIni, y:yIni, ease:Strong.easeOut, onComplete:onFinishTween});

    So, the code should be like this:
    private function dragHandler(e:MouseEvent):void
         stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, checkDrag);
         xIni = e.currentTarget.x;
         yIni = e.currentTarget.y;
    private function checkDrag(e:MouseEvent):void
         stage.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, checkDrag);
    Also, i suggest you get into habit to ALWAYS declare datatypes, including what functions return - it is good for memory and performance. In your case, :void should be function return datatype.
    In addition, you don't need to stopDrag() on an object - since only a single object can be dragged at a time - just calling stopDrag() is sufficient.

  • APEX Bug - Drag and Drop

    Hey all
    I've discovered a rather annoying bug in APEX's drag and drop item layout.
    I'm designing a form and putting mainly text fields down in a column.
    Every now and then one of these text fields needs to have a text item (display only) beside it.
    The problem is, say if I add 2 display only items beside 2 different text fields, it "forgets" about one of these items when I press the Next button.
    It just comes up with the next screen - but it's missing one of the display only items!
    Then, seemingly at random, the missing item will (after much editing of the item layout) just appear again at the top of the item list! (when it was positioned somewhere completely different before).
    I've managed to reproduce this multiple times.
    Makes creating and editing pages with items a very annoying chore!

    Oh, ok.
    Well, it happened to me every time on 2 separate item regions.
    I'll just go and try to do it again... See if it still 'works' :)
    ok well it's still doing it...
    I just added 2 display only items to my existing item list, and NONE of them were actually added.
    Here was my display list:
    Region: Collection Details
    186 P2_COLL_DAYS Checkbox
    193 P2_COLL_TIME Text Field
    195 P2_ALLOW_MULTI_TRANS Checkbox
    196 P2_ACC_COUPON_TYPES Text Field
    198 P2_COUPON_OPTIONS Text Field
    200 P2_MESSAGE_1 Text Field
    201 P2_MESSAGE_2 Text Field
    202 P2_MESSAGE_3 Text Field
    203 P2_MESSAGE_4 Text Field
    204 P2_MESSAGE_5 Text Field
    205 P2_MESSAGE_6 Text Field
    22 Itemsand I tried to add a display only item after both of these:
    196 P2_ACC_COUPON_TYPES Text Field
    text: "[e.g. 1,2,3]"
    text: "[e.g. 5 or 5,10,15]"
    And neither of them showed up on the next page (where you confirm and adjust the items).
    I'm using Internet Explorer 7.

  • Possible List Drag and Drop bug

    Hi all,
    I am using a spark.components.List that I wish the user to be able to reorder by dragging and dropping. Therefore I have dragEnabled,dropEnabled and dragMoveEnabled all set to true.
    I have a custom item renderer that has two states ('default' and 'notDefault' for the sake of argument) that the list uses. The currentState of the item renderer is determined by the data it is given.
    When items are moved around they do get reordered correctly, however if I have an item in the 'notDefault' state and drag it somewhere it ends up rendered in the 'default' state after dragging, even if the data it is displaying requires the 'notDefault' state. What is more frustrating is that the item renderer reports its currentState as 'notDefault' even though it is showing 'default'.
    The difference between the two states is that there is a VGroup with controls in it excluded from the 'default' state, and therefore if these are displayed before dragging (ie we are in the 'notDefault' state) they are consequently not displayed after dragging.
    Anybody have any ideas?

    Might be a bug.  File a bug or post a simple test case.
    Alex Harui
    Flex SDK Developer
    Adobe Systems Inc.
    Blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui

  • [svn:fx-trunk] 11574: Drag and Drop - Bug fixes:

    Revision: 11574
    Author:   [email protected]
    Date:     2009-11-09 10:53:35 -0800 (Mon, 09 Nov 2009)
    Log Message:
    Drag and Drop - Bug fixes:
    - Added slight delay before drag-scrolling start.
    - Single selection ctrl+drag fixed.
    - Default drop indicator for List that doesn't have drop indicator specified in its skin. The default DI is specified through the new dropIndicatorSkin List style.
    - Memory leak for the drop indicator dynamic skin part.
    - ListItemDragProxy incorrectly listed in spark-manifest.xml moved to SparkClassess.
    QE notes: None
    Doc notes: None
    Bugs: SDK-24047, SDK-23999, SDK-23871
    Reviewer: Glenn, Deepa
    Tests run: checkintests, mustella (List, ListDragDrop)
    Is noteworthy for integration: No
    Ticket Links:
    Modified Paths:
    Added Paths:

    Just found a reference to a work around to the issue by putting the macbook to sleep & waking it.  Worked a treat !
    This makes it usable again.  Which is lucky as I was preparing to see how far I could toss the macbook !
    Suppose I'll need to wait for a patch.

  • Mail edit drag n drop bug

    Drag and drop to edit text when composing  a message in Mail sometimes does a cut and paste, other times does a copy and paste.  The correct function is to always cut and paste.  This has been confirmed in notes posted by Dee Run and by James WIlson7, although those notes are now archived.  A response to Dee Run by Goldenshoes suggests careful clicking can provide a workaround.  However,  there should be no need for such finess: if drag n drop moves text, it should always perform a cut and paste.  The fact that it sometimes does a copy and paste is a bug. 
    This is a minor problem, but it is an irritating defect which I have observed through several versions of OSX: I don't remember how long, maybe back to 10.4 or earlier.  I suspect the fix will be fairly simple, such as insuring a bit is set properly before the edit is carried out.  I have reported the problem several times and keep hoping, but no fix yet. 
    It is important for the user experience that drag n drop always perform as advertised.  It seems more requests for a fix will be necessary to get this repaired.  It might be helpful if others confirm here their observation of this problem.   Please join me in bringing this to the attention of Apple through the feedback in Mail. 

    Thanks for the reply, Thomas. 
    I don't think I have a problem with my system, nor that I am doing something wrong.  I have seen this intermittently for years through many system upgrades.  I try to keep things in order by frequent scanning with Disk Utilities and occasional full rebuilds with Disk Warrior and cache cleaning with Onyx. 
    Goldenshoes suggested that doing the drag and drop more slowly would reliably lead to cut and paste.  I have not investigated this, but it suggests that perhaps if you did drag and drop more quickly you might see the copy and paste behavior. 
    The posts by Dee Run and James Wilson7 I found by searching for Mail Edit drag drop.  Dee Run said
    Strange drag and drop text editing behavior in Mail
    The response form Goldenshoes is in this thread. 
    Strangely, now I cannot find the post from James Wilson7 even though I found it easily earlier today, and I can find many of his other posts:  James Wilson7's Stuff.  Perhaps the post I am looking for is not present because this is "James Wilson7's Latest Content" and the post I found earlier had been archived. 
    Well, now I have found the post by searching for "Mail drag drop".
    Text drag and drop creates a copy
    Looking at these other posts in more detail, I see that James Wilson 7 observed the problem in Mail/OS X 10.5.2, Dee Run observed it in 10.6, and in a reply the problem was confirmed running 10.6.1 by Michel Chaouli.
    Message was edited by: Tom Ritch

  • Drag and Drop Bug (Flash, AS3)

    Hello! Help, please! I'm making a game that involves dragging and dropping books. (Right now there is only one book.) While testing my game, I discovered by accident that no matter where I drag on the screen, the draggable book responds, moving around on screen despite the cursor not being on top of it. Here is my code. (It also snaps a larger book mc to the small one for purposes I intend to use later.)
    // Making the small book dragable. //
    small_book.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, fl_ClickToDrag_6);
    // when the mouse button is clicked...
    function fl_ClickToDrag_6(event:MouseEvent):void
        big_book_mc.x = small_book.x;///
        big_book_mc.y = small_book.y;///-----> Makes the big book snap to the lil one when clicked.
    stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, fl_ReleaseToDrop_6);
    // when the mouse button is released...;
    function fl_ReleaseToDrop_6(event:MouseEvent):void
        big_book_mc.x = small_book.x;///
        big_book_mc.y = small_book.y;///-----> Makes the big book snap to the lil one when the mouse button is released.
    stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, dragFn);
    // if the mouse is currently dragging....;
    function dragFn(event:MouseEvent):void
        big_book_mc.x = small_book.x;///
        big_book_mc.y = small_book.y;///-----> The big book follows while the mouse is dragging.
    // the small book is now draggable and the big book snaps to it.

    your stage listeners should be added in the mousedown listener functions and then removed in the mouseup listener functions.
    and just to clarify, your small book starts dragging no matter where there is a mousedown?

  • Drag and drop bug?

    while the application get a vertical scroll bar,
    scroll it down
    and try to drag something
    that drag and drop works improperly
    and trace the event.stageX and stageY
    the value isn't right

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx="
    layout="absolute" >
    <mx:TextArea y="10" height="153" id="console" right="10"
    import mx.controls.Button;
    import mx.events.DragEvent;
    import mx.controls.Alert;
    import mx.core.UIComponent;
    import mx.core.DragSource;
    import mx.managers.DragManager;
    private function doDragIt(event:MouseEvent):void{
    var dragInitiator:Button=Button(event.currentTarget);
    var ds:DragSource = new DragSource();
    var BtnProxy:Button = new Button;
    private function doDragEnter(event:DragEvent){
    var target:VBox=VBox(event.currentTarget);
    private function doDragExit(event:DragEvent){
    var target:VBox=VBox(event.currentTarget);
    <mx:Spacer x="0" y="1200"/>
    <mx:VBox id="toClick" y="211" width="50" height="50"
    borderStyle="solid" horizontalCenter="0"
    dragEnter="doDragEnter(event)" dragExit="doDragExit(event)"
    <mx:Button y="223" label="B" height="20" width="20"
    mouseDown="doDragIt(event)" horizontalCenter="-80"/>

Maybe you are looking for