Business content datasource enhancement

Hi Experts,
I am new to HR.
We are implementing HR modules Personnel development and Personnel administration, while I was looking into business content extractors 0HR_PA_0 and OHR_PA_1, I found that there were only few fields in the extract structure but there were many fields in the cube.Do we need to enhance the datasources? how it works?. If anybody did the enhancement to these datasources, please give me the information with examples.

No, it is no necesary to enhance standard data sources. Those datasources extract, basically employee and date. Most infoobjects in cube are calculated from 0PERSON and 0EMPLOYEE attributes, having in count the date and employed extracted, because most in HR is time dependent.
Assign point is usefull

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  • Business Content Datasources -Do i need a down time?

    Hello friends,
    quick question folks
    I am going live in Production soon.I would like to know if i need to know if i need to request downtime in R3.
        Master Data
        Transactional Data
    2) 0CO_OM_CCA_3
    All four datasources mentioned above business content datasources.They are all full load and no lo related.Do i need to request a downtime for them or do i need to fill any tables or clear any ques for them.
    Please advise,
    (Points shall be assigned)

    Hi Ronit,
    none of these datasources mentioned below require downtime.
    You can go ahead and load data online and also no table filling is required.

  • Activation of Business Content Datasources in CRM Source system

          My Requirement is to activate all Datasources in CRM Develoment server.I have select the entire node in RSA5 and click "Activate Datasources".But for each Datasources system is askin for develoment request.Is there any procedure to activate all Datasources with single Development Request.

    This section describes the general settings necessary for BW Integration in CRM.
    If CRM is not involved in your scenario skip this section.
    Transferring Application Component Hierarchy (CRM)
    This step has to be carried out in the CRM system.
    IMG Menu     Integration with Other mySAP Components  Data Transfer to the SAP Business Information Warehouse  Business Content DataSources  Transfer Application Component Hierarchy
    Transaction code     RSA9
    Confirm the security check: Do you want the content application Transfer Component Hierarchy? with YES.
    If a dialog box appears requesting the user to enter a development class, enter a development class in the customers namespace and choose Save or choose Local object.
    If no error message is sent the application component hierarchy has been transferred successfully.
    Cross Connectivity:
    It describes all settings that are necessary to connect the components of the SAP.system landscape with each other. The settings for each combination of two components to be connected are described in a separate structure node. The separate section headings make it possible to identify the activities required to connect certain components with each other. The section headings for components that are not part of the installation can be skipped
    Connecting SAP BI with SAP ERP, SAP CRM
    To carry out the activity, choose one of the following navigation options in the SAP BI system:
    Transaction Code     RSA1
    SAP BI Menu     Modeling  Data Warehousing Workbench: Modeling
    1.     Choose Modeling.
    2.     Choose Source Systems.
    3.     Select SAP in the window on the right.
    4.     Choose the Context menu (right mouse click).
    5.     Choose Create.
    6.     Make the following entries:
    Field     Entry
    Target computer (server)                            Server of the SAP ERP, SAP CRM or SAP SRM system
    System ID     System ID of the SAP ERP, SAP CRM or SAP SRM system
    System number     System number of the SAP ERP, SAP CRM or SAP SRM system
    Background user in source system     RFCUSER
    Password for source system     welcome
    Background user in BI     RFCUSER (can not be changed in this activity)
    Password for BI user     welcome
    9.     On the dialog box Please log on as an administrator in the following screen choose Continue.
    10.     Log on to the Source System with your administrator user. Choose the correct client.
    11.     On the dialog box New Source System Connection choose Continue.
    12.     On the Replicate Metadata dialog box, choose Only Activate.
    The building block CRM Lead Analysis describes the all the required activities to analyze the Marketing Lead Analysis data from SAP CRM in SAP Business Information Warehouse.
    The analysis is carried out with the following queries of the InfoCube 0MKTG_C01 CRM - Lead Management (SAP BW Business Content).
    The Lead Management InfoCube contains all the characteristics and data used for the administration of leads. This InfoCube enables you to execute the following standard queries available in SAP BW:
    1.     Channel Analysis: This query is used to determine the best channels by which business partners are contacted in the context of a marketing campaign. Following each marketing campaign, the lead manager can compare the success of a given channel to those of others.
    2.     Efficiency Reporting: This query is used to analyze the efficiency with which leads are qualified. By navigating to the sales organizations and the responsible employees for the leads, it is possible to assess how efficiently lead teams are working and to identify areas for improvement.
    3.     Historical Evaluation: Use to help analyze and compare leads over different intervals (comparison of different quarters or years for example) to see if general characteristics in the processing of leads can be identified for these periods.
    4.     Lost Leads: Provides an overview of the number of lost leads in a particular period and the reasons (implemented as a navigation characteristic) for the loss of the leads. This query is used to analyze the main reasons why leads might be lost, with a view to developing new strategies for overcoming these weaknesses.
    5.     Channel Mgmt.: Top-n Lost Leads (Current Year): In a Channel Manager Portal, this query provides an analysis of the leads lost by a Channel Manager over the past 12 months. Channel Managers can also view the leads lost by their Channel Partners. In a Partner Portal, this query shows the top-n unsuccessful leads distributed by a Channel Manager to a Channel Partner. Partner Manager can see the lost leads of the Partner Employees over the year. Partner Employee can view his lost leads over the year.........
    Before starting activities in this building block, you need to perform or check the following steps:
    1.     From the BW Connectivity building block the following activities have to be completed:
    a.     Local Settings è SAP CRM: all activities have to be completed.
    b.     Local Settings è SAP BW: all activities have to be completed.
    c.     Cross Connectivity è Connecting SAP BW with SAP R/3, SAP CRM, SAP SRM: Connect your CRM System.
    2.     From the General Settings for BW Integration building block the following activities have to be completed:
    a.     In section General Settings in CRM all activities have to be completed.
    b.     In section General Settings in SAP BW all activities have to be completed.
    Hope it will helps you........

  • Where to find info on 4.71 Business Content (datasources mostly)

    Our R/3 system is still at version 4.71, and we likely won't be upgrading soon.  I've tried looking online for standard BW business content (datasources), but all I seem to find require a higher version of the R/3 system.
    Our BW system is on 7.0, however it appears much of the 7.0 content can't be used with our current R/3 version.  Is there someplace on, or elsewhere, that would have content for 4.71?

    I think following would help you -> SAP NetWeaver -> BI Content
    Release SAP NetWeaver 2004 BI Content 3.5.3 Add-On SP06 
    File Type HTML (PlainHTML)
    Languages English     German
    Material No. 500 732 39 (DVD) (SPS 11)
    Release Date March 2005

  • Reinstallation of Business Content DataSource in SAP R/3

    Hi All,
    For one of the BCT (busines content) DataSource 2LIS_04_P_MATNR, we notice in our system that the Delta process has been changed from 'ABR' in the delivered version to 'D' in the active version due to which we are not able to have delta loads from this DataSource into an ODS.
    We would like to change this back to the BCT delivered version, i.e. revert to the delta process 'ABR'. After we compare the active version with the delivered version in RSA5 the only difference is in the delta process and some field descriptions. Does anyone have any information on:
    1. How we can reinstall the BCT provided DataSource?
    2. How much time would this take?
    3. Would it impact the current delta process whereby this DataSource is feeding various InfoCubes?
    4. Would we need a reinitalization of delta for the current InfoCubes that this DataSource is feeding?
    Appreciate your inputs.

    Hi Ashwin,
    I was looking through many documents in search of answers to my questions so I do not remember which one I had looked at.
    But, I guess I understood what I read incorrectly. I now manually changed the ROOSOURCE setting for delta process in the development system to 'D' (here the active and delivered version were 'ABR') and then did a 'Transfer DataSource', it changed the ROOSOURCE entry back to ABR!
    So I guess you were right, I will go ahead with this approach.
    Many Thanks for your get my points
    BTW, how does one uninstall the BCT DataSource in SAP R/3?

  • Transferring Business Content DataSources  IN BW

    Now, i'm practicing transfering bc datasource following best practice,  but i encount some problems .
    1.   the system prompt me that "Request TRNK900700   (IDADMIN) belongs to a different client"  when i transfer datasource 2LIS_11_VAITM.  i never created the request TRNK900700 , which is default  ,so i ask why defaut request is TRNK900700 ,and which blongs to  a different client, what  mechanism behind which(i'm a fresher)?
    2.  afterward ,i selected another request self-created ,the system prompt me that "2LIS_11_VAITM is locked in request/task TRNK900701",  what logical inside it?
    in a word ,with articulateness and simpleness, which master could make me understand systematicly request mechaniasm in sap! or offer me some infomation,
    thank a lot in advance!

    requests are part of Transport system and are used to manage the changes in the system. That means if you change someting in your system normally we need to change some other depedencies in other systems as well. for example after making the changes in the developement  system you want to make changes in the Qulatiy management sytems and afterwards in producion.
    so notmally we assign them packages which can later be transported to the intended destinations. So when you activate a datasource( a change) this change has may need to take place in other systems as well. so SAP system ask you to select the right package and request which has intended destinations. If you  want this change to takeplace only inthe local system and no where else you can delcare it as local object.
    here is a help link to changemmanagement and transport system help
    with regards

  • Inactive Business Content DataSources in BW DEV

    Dear all.
    I have activated a few FI Datasources in R3 DEV by "transfer dtasources" and checked them in RSA6. RSA3 also shows records in them. Later, when replicated them in BW DEV, the datasources look "yellow" meaning in modified version.
    I know that there is a transaction where we can change the status from modified to active in BW. If anyone knows please share.
    if there is any other reason for this problem ... please share your experience.
    In which server do i have to make changes (R3 DEV or BW DEV)

    I have activated a few FI Datasources in R3 DEV by "transfer dtasources" and checked them in RSA6. RSA3 also shows records in them. Later, when replicated them in BW DEV, the datasources look "yellow" meaning in modified version.
    I know that there is a transaction where we can change the status from modified to active in BW. If anyone knows please share.
    --> Datasource can be activated at RSDS.
    --> If its a BI7 datasource, go in change mode and activate.
    --> While replicating system asks which version(3.x or 7) needed while replicating if these are new datasources.
    if there is any other reason for this problem ... please share your experience.
    In which server do i have to make changes (R3 DEV or BW DEV)
    --> Any changes needs to do at source side(R3).

  • Installation of Datasource from Business content

    Hi Friends,
    While Installing Datasource from Business content in SAP R/3 encounter with following error message. Can some one guide me how to transfer the hierarchy with Business Content. Appreciate your help in resolving this problem.
    Application component FI-GL of DataSource 0FI_TX_4 does not exist
    Message no. R8418
    You tried to assign a DataSource to the application component FI-GL. This application component is, however, not entered in the RODSAPPL table as an application component.
    System Response
    The DataSource is saved, but is not visible in BW under the node NODESNOTCONNECTED.
    You do not have the option yet to transfer the application component hierarchy from the Content.
    You transfer the hierarchy with Business Content.
    Thanks & Best regards

    Sorry if a year has gone by.
    This is because you  didn't heve the Application Component Hierarchy installed in BW itself.  Use rsa6 to do this, in the BW system (not the other source system.  Be careful if you have already somehting there, because it will override the hierarchy with the Business Content hierarchy.
    If you need to transport the active hierarchy, and not reinstall all the Business Content Datasources, the object is :
    So, create a workbench transport, and add the above object.

  • Missing datasources when installing Business Content

    Hi All
    We have a requirement for a number of SBC infoproviders (BI7/ECC6) which are new to us.
    The majority we have installed successfully but we are having problems with 0SLL_C01 / C02 and C03 which relate to Customs and 0BVTSD02 which is a Telephones Sales Acitivity DSO from the Beverage Industries area.
    We have 'successfully' installed all the data flows down to the infosource level but none of the datasources were installed.
    On re-checking in our source system RSA5/RSA6 we realised there were no datasources available for these infosources.
    How do you add business content datasources to your source system so they are available? or have we missed a process?

    Hi Jerry,
    The Datasource you are talking about is related to release of SAP GTS 3.0  pack.
    So please check with you basis team whether they have installed this plug-in in your source system.
    If these release /plug-in are not installed in your sourcce system you wont be able to finf it in the RSA5/RSA6.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Business content Vs LO cockpit

    hi all
    Please dymistify the differences between BC and LO, When we use LO extraction ?

    Actually there's no difference. BC is business content, which is delivered by standard content by SAP. LO datasources are part of the BC. LO is logistics extractors and there is a certain method by which you have to set up the extraction for them.
    If you want to think of differences, BC datasources start with 0 and LO with 2LIS...
    Look at the weblogs below for complete details on LO.

  • Problem with Business Content install in ECC5 IDES

    I am having tough time installing business content.
    After installing ECC5 IDES, I am trying to install Business Content in BW ( Client 800). 
    In SBIW, (under Business Content DataSources), I did Transfer Application Component Hierarchy.
    Then I transfered few DataSiurces ( 0MATERIAL_ATTR)
    Then in BW, I did "Replicate Data Sources". I see all the Datasources in "Data Source Overview"
    But When I try to install Business Conetent ( rsa1>> Business Content >> Select Object Types >> InfoObjects>> Select Objects>> Double click ), I couldn't find any InfoObjects from source system. I tried the same for InfoCubes as well..
    Am I missing anything?? I appreciate your help.

    ECC will have content for 'source system' ie datasource and extractors. On your BW system you need to have the business content add on available before you can see such objects there (infoobjects, cubes).
    BW system (whether in the same IDES or another system) needs to have this BW Content add-on. It is one additional step, just having the BW system (without this addon) will not give you what you are looking for.
    BW content add-on is typically one set of transport files, installed using SAINT transaction. My guess is your system doesn't have it.

  • How to install the Business Content Cube 0PP_C02

      Can you please explain me how to install the Business Content Cube 0PP_C02 .
    What are the nesessary steps involved in this process. How this Standard Cube is available in
    AWB -> Modeling.
    What are the nesessary steps involved in the R/3 side.
    CAn you please help me in this.
    Thanks alot.

    Hi anitha
    TRy this
    To transfer and activate a DataSource delivered by SAP with Business Content, in transaction SBIW in the source system choose Business Information Warehouse à Business Content DataSources or Activating SAP Business Content àTransfer Business Content DataSources.
    The following figure displays the DataSources in an overview according to the application component.
           2.      Select the nodes in the application component hierarchy for which you want to transfer DataSources into the active version. Do so by positioning the cursor on the node and choosing Highlight Subtree.
    The DataSources lying under the subtree and other subtrees are selected.
           3.      To check for differences between the active and delivery versions of the DataSources, choose Select Delta.
    DataSources for which differences were found in the check (for example, due to changes to the extractor) are highlighted in yellow.
           4.      To analyze the differences between active and delivered versions of a particular DataSource, select the DataSource and choose Version Comparison. The application log contains further information regarding the version comparison.
           5.      To transfer a DataSource from the delivery version into the active version, select it in the overview tree using the button Highlight Subtree and choose Transfer DataSources.
    If an error occurs, the error log appears.
    Regardless of whether data has been successfully transferred into the active version, you can call the log by choosing Display Log.
           6.      To provide the active version of the DataSource in the connected BI systems and to enable data extraction and transfer, replicate the DataSource(s) with a metadata upload to the BI system.
    and in RSA1 in businuess content search ur required cube and select all the req fielsds in the next colums and select before and after is a the selection field..
    this will solve ur issue..

  • PlzzHow can we check the version of Business Content in ECC 5.0 version??

    Hello Experts,
    Plz tell me.. How could we check the version of the business content installed for ECC 5.0?  I tried to search for the same in the forum but I couldnt.. plz let me know as I doubt that the business content is not properly installed for ECC 5.0 in my PC. and also I see only Technical content for Object Types under Business Content in AWB.
    I always thank people awarding points!!

    Hi Ajay, Thanks for the Info regarding PI...
    I am using my ECC 5.0 as BW system as it got BW 3.5.. and I am really trying to see the Business Content Cubes like 0PUR_C01,0PUR_C04 etc... and in RSA1>Business Content> Object Types I could see only the Technical Content cubes..(not able to see the SD,MM..etc related cubes)...
    And yeah I have R/3 PI installed with 2004_1_490 Version.. and so I could see all the Business Content DataSources in the source system...
    Is there one more PI for BW?? or the same as above??
    Plz through the light..!

  • How to change Selection Criteria for a Business Content Data Source

    Hi Experts
    I am extracting data using 0CO_OM_CCA_9 Datasource. I would like to be able to select a range of Company Code (BUKRS) to pull in, but I cannot find a way to make certain fields available as selection criteria. When I go into "Change DataSource", I can unselect fields, and even select certain fields, but the option for most is grayed out.
    How can I make this field available as selection criteria in Infopackage?
    Thanks for the help.

    Its not that simple to enable a new selection for a Business Content Datasource, if its not already provided by SAP. Enabling new fields for selection should be accompanied by corresponding extractor code changes to process those field selections and use those selections throughout the extraction process.
    Solution for your problem would be create a custom extractor with all the logic of standard extractor (function module BWOMD_GET_CTRCSTA1 for 0CO_OM_CCA_9) and extra logic to process the new fields for selection.
    Hope it helps!

  • Source System Assignment  while Installing Business Content

      I have a new R/3 source system in BW (one R/3 system already exists). When I'm installing business content for say an Infosource and before, even with a succesful install , the new source system assignment is not taking place in the infosource and neither are the packages (for the new source system) being installed. The datasource (for the new source system) remains unassigned.
    Please Advice

    Hi Shurobhi
    with your new R/3 source system are you able to see the datasources - using right clik on source system & then select datasources overview. IF not then you need to check if the source system connection is done with metadata repository replication or not. If that is also done then ensure that you have installed all business content datasources using RSA5 in your R/3 system.
    On BW side, while installing transfer rules and infopackages, make sure that this new R/3 source system is checked on in source system Box - X icon on business content screen. Then only you would be able to see transfer rules and infopackages & install them.
    Hope this helps

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