Business Content for Bill Up transaction in CRM system

To all Experts,
I'm currently working on a project that requires Bill Up transactional data ( Source Table: CMSD_BU ) to flow from CRM to BW system. I'm looking for Business Content that can fulfill this requirement. However, till to date, I couldn't find any information of such Business Content. I'm not sure if such BC exist. Can anyone help if you have experience implement this data flow?
When searching for the DataSource / Extractor, I found BW Extract Structure CMST_BU_BW and CMST_BU_BW_C in the CRM system. But couldn't find any DataSource for both extract structure. Not sure if we need to install any support pack in order make the BC available in the system. Please help if you have any idea. 
Thanks in advance.
Hui Pin

Hi Shalini,
The document is replicated from ECC to CRM without any errors.
For this document I just want to create follow up transaction in CRM.(I dont want to change the document in CRM)
The follow up transaction is in display mode. this is my problem.
Hi Rekha:
I have done following setting in CRM to create follow up transaction in CRM for the document which is replicated from ECC to CRM.
1)     Defined the Copying Control for Transaction type
2)     Defined Copying Control for Item categories
3)     Defined Item category determination when copying
Thanks in advance,

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  • Business Content for Billing, Booking

    Hi Experts,
    We are required to activate the Business Content for Billing and Booking areas under SD for our BI Implementation. Where can I get the list of Business Content (Infoproviders, Infosources, Datasource, Reports etc.) for these areas.
    I searched on SAP help, but there are no InfoProviders or reports on Billing or Booking under the 'Sales' or 'Order Fulfillment' tree. Can someone give me a list of Business Content for billing and booking.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks and regards,
    T. N.

    billing is 2lis_13 sources. search for that and you will find lot of information.
    see CRM -> Sales -> Sales Analyse for R/3 SD:

  • Find the std Business content for these objects in CRM..

    Can you please help me in finding
    To identify the standerd BW extractors in the Business Content.
    From the CRM
    Business Content for the following objects
    Product ( New products in CRM and not in R/3)
    Sales Orders à
    à Line items.          
    Quotations            CRM only
    Billing Documents            CRM
    Credit Notes           
    Customers  - àNot fully registered " prospects will be in CRM only.
    Customers will be transported to R/3
    IBASE            àMaster Data Item
    Activities            CRM
    Please help me how can I find the std Business content for these objects in CRM..

    CRM Business content objects:
    0CRM_LEAD_H - Lead Header (Transactional Data)
    0CRM_LEAD_I - Lead Item (Transactional Data)
    0CRM_MIG -  Mail GUID
    InfoObject     Description
    0CRM_LEAGUI     Lead GUID
    0STAONESYS0     CRM status life cycle (One Order)
    0STAONESYS4     CRM status opportunity/lead (One Order)
    0CRM_RCA     Catalog
    0CRM_RG     Code group
    0CRM_RCO     Code
    0CRM_PROSPE     Prospect
    0BP_CONTPER     CRM contact partner
    0BP_RESPPER     CRM owner
    0CRM_SALESP     CRM sales partner
    0CRM_OBJTYP     Business transaction object type
    0CRM_ITOBTP     CRM item transaction type (object type)
    0CRM_MKTELM     CRM marketing element
    0CRMPLEAGUI     CRM preceding lead GUID
    0CRM_LEADCR     Creation date of the lead
    0CRM_OPPGUI     GUID of a preceding opportunity
    0CRM_OPPCRD     Creation date of the opportunity
    0CRM_PREOTP     Object type of the preceding document
    0DIVISION     Division
    0DISTR_CHAN     Distribution channel
    0CRM_SRVORG     CRM service organization
    0CRM_SALOFF     Sales office
    0CRM_SALORG     Sales organization
    0CRM_SALGRP     Sales group
    0CRMSA_OG_R     Responsible organizational unit (sales)
    0CRMSE_OG_R     Responsible organizational unit (service)
    0CRM_PRHIER     Product category ID
    0CRM_PROD     CRM product
    0CRM_ORDPRD     Product name entered
    0MATERIAL     Material (allocation to R/3)
    Time Characteristics
    InfoObject     Description
    0CALDAY     Calendar day
    0CALMONTH     Calendar year/month
    0CALQUARTER     Calendar year/quarter
    0CALYEAR     Calendar year
    0FISCPER     Fiscal year/period
    0FISCYEAR     Fiscal year
    0FISCVARNT     Fiscal year variant
    Key Figures
    InfoObject     Description
    0CRM_NUMDOC     Number of order headers
    0CRM_NUMOFI     Number of order items
    0CRM_LDOQV     CRM: Expected order quantity in VME
    0CRM_LDOQB     CRM: Expected order quantity in BME
    0CRM_DURLEA     Duration of the lead
    0CRM_EXDULD     Expected duration of the lead
    0CRM_NUMACT     Number of activities per lead
    0CRM_NUMCHL     Number of changes in the qualification level per lead
    0CRM_LEAWON     Won leads
    InfoObject     Description
    0SALES_UNIT     Sales unit
    0BASE_UOM     Base unit of measure
    InfoCube 0CSAL_C01 - CRM Activities.
    ODS Object 0SAL_DS01 (ODS for Activities)
    Query (technical name)     Query (description)
    0CSAL_C01_Q0006                    Success/Failure Analysis
    0CSAL_C01_Q0016                    Activity History
    0CSAL_C01_Q0002                     Intensity of Customer Care  (Owner) 12M
    InfoCube  Opportunities - 0CRM_C04 (SAP BW Business Content)
    CRM Opportunities: Header Data - 0CRM_OPPT_H
    CRM Opportunities: Item Data - 0CRM_OPPT_I
    Query (technical name)     Query (description)
    0CRM_C04_Q0100                 Channel Management Sales Forecast
    0CRM_C04_Q001               Win/Loss Analysis for Opportunities
    0CRM_C04_Q002               Sales Volume Forecast
    0CRM_C04_Q003                 Pipeline Analysis per Phase
    Hope it will helps you a lot..........

  • Business content for CRM Interaction center

    Hi Experts,
    I have requirement in BW CRM interaction center.I need to analyse Fit Gap Analysis for CRM interaction center.I need to give the explanation either the client requirement can be implemented with business content or need to customise.I am looking some one can throw light on this topic.I am new to this requirement.I would like to know where can I find the Business content reports and extractors related to CRM interaction center in BW.Please shed some light.

    The same question
    I read documentation and found:
    2) 0CRM_CIC_CTI

  • Problem in installation of Business Content for Solution Manager

    Hi all,
    I have a problem while trying to install the Business Content for Solution Manager. In detail, I cannot install/ see the Process chains. I am not much familiar with Business content installation, so maybe I missed and /or some step.
    Following the instructions from SAP IMG (SPRO/ SAP IMG / Solution Manager / Configuration / Scenario-specific settings / Solution monitoring / BI Reporting / BI Client) , I activated the Datasource 0SM_SMG_ROOT , performed all the steps and installed all the relevant Business Objects  (Infoobjects, Datasources, Infocubes, Infopackages, etc.). All the objects seen from transaction RSA1 seem correctly installed and activated.
    The last step is the installation/activation of the Process chains. This step is executed, but the installation job terminates with messages like  “Infopackage 0SM_XXXX does not exist in D version; activation not possible”. It seems like Process chains are looking for some Infopackage, and these are not present. They are not present indeed, and I don’t know why. The result is that no Process chain is visible from transaction RSPC.
    Am I missing some step, or doing a wrong/ incomplete procedure ?
    Thanks a lot

    HI Saravanan,
                  For Solman Service Desk, the following objects are used :
    Cube : 0CSRV_C01
    DSO  : 0CRM_PROH
    DataSource  :  0CRM_SRV_PROCESS_H
    And apart from this there are some MD datasources, for BPARTNER, USER STATUS, CATEGORY etc.
    Mahesh Kumar

  • XI Business content for MDM - Syntax error in IDOC adapter

    Hi mates,
    I'm trying out the Master Data Harmonization scenario for Vendor data with R/3 as the client system. I'm using SAP delivered XI Business content for MDM. The mapping program is generating ADRMAS and CREMAS IDocs but the IDOC adapter reports that there is a syntax error in ADRMAS IDOC. Find below the details.
      <SAP:P1>Segment 'E1BPAD1VL', segmentnumber '000001' not correct in structure ADRMAS02</SAP:P1>
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack>Error: Segment 'E1BPAD1VL', segmentnumber '000001' not correct in structure ADRMAS02</SAP:Stack>
    Generated ADRMAS IDOC is
    <i>  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf 8" ?>
      <IDOC BEGIN="1">
      <EDI_DC40 SEGMENT="1" />
      <E1BPAD1VL SEGMENT="1">
      <NAME>Swift Transportation</NAME>
      <E1BPAD1VL1 SEGMENT="1">
    Strangely, the control record is blank. I looked at the XSLT program, it is coded that way. I do not understand the reason. Is the error pointing to the control record?
    Look at the code sample from XSLT mapping program
      <xsl:for-each select="IDOC/*/E1ADRMAS">
           <IDOC BEGIN="1">
           <!-- The header data of each single ADRMAS-IDoc needs to be there but does not require specific data -->
                <EDI_DC40 SEGMENT="1"/>
                <xsl:apply-templates select="."/>
    How can an IDOC w/o control record be posted?
    Did anyone come across this error? Whats wrong/missing?
    I appreciate ur inputs.
    thx in adv

    I tried reloading the IDOC metadata from IDX2. Still I get the same error.
    Regd, IDOC w/o control record, can u elaborate on "dynamic value while posting IDOCs". From where, XI message SOAP header with Business System replaced by corresponding logical system names?

  • Error in Installing the Business Content for 2LIS_06_INV data source

    Hi Experts,
    We are trying to install the Business content for 2lis_06_inv. When we replicate the datasource, we are not seeing it in 3.x version. It is only vailable in 7 version. There is no transformation available in Business content for this data source. Please let me know how we need to proceed with this installation. Should we install the 7.0 flow or 3.x flow? Please provide th details if you have implemented th same in your system. Thanks is advance.
    Kavitha Jagannath

    Follow bellow steps:
    1. Goto RSA1.
    2. Select the BI content.
    3. Select the Grouping as' In Dataflow before and after'
    Then,you can get the data flow which are haveing the DS/TR/Data targets.
    4. Select the Install by setting the 'Install in background'.

  • Installing business content for 0MKT_DSO1/0CRM_LEAD_H

    I am getting an error whilst installing the business content for any DSO/Infocube.
    In data flow before.
    Error : Rule (target: 0GN_PAR_LSY, group: 01 Standard Group): Syntax error in routine
    where as same DSO whilst acitivated wiht diff source system has no errors.
    Old source system 199 - No error whilst acitvation business content - (SANDBOX)
    New source system 200- error whilst acitvation business content - (DEV)
    If Grouping
    Only necessary objects are selected above error is not there.
    But when after new transfer rules have been created and when infopackage is run, i get another error
    error : DataSource 0CRM_LEAD_H is not defined in the source system
    Now no data loads for new source system.

    Hi hungryRaj:
        On your source system use Tcode RSA6 to verify if DataSource 0CRM_LEAD_H is active, if not activate it using Tcode RSA5.
    Francisco Milán.
    Edited by: Francisco Milan on Aug 2, 2010 10:00 AM

  • Where to download MDM Business Content for PI 7.0/7.1?

    Hi Everyone!
    I kindly ask for your help on my problem: I am not able to find the MDM Business Content for PI 7.0/7.1 anywhere. I searched in the Service Marketplace for a long time, but without any results... seemed to be a good place for it, as well as in "Software Distribution Center" -> "Support Packages and Patches" -> "SAP Content" -> "ESR Content (XI Content)", but neither supply the adequate file
    Can anyone help me? Thank you very much!
    Best regards

    Christian, thank you very much!
    Call me blind, but I still can't find it.
    After Navigating to Support Packages and Patches --> SAP NetWeaver as suggested, I just have the following options:
    Technology components releases prior to SAP NetWeaver
    When I follow to the first option (SAP NETWEAVER) I just have the options for various releases of SAP NetWeaver, but no MDM in one of them
    Do you have another hint?

  • BI 7.0 Business Content for EH&S

    I've only found "healthcare" business content but it's more related to hospital management.
    Does anybody know if there are bi 7.0 business content for Labor Health in companies which aren´t hospitals or health centers.
    Thank you very much
    Best regards

    Hello again,
    I've found Industrial Hygiene and Safety content:
       Hazardous Substance Inventory
       Accidents: Persons Involved
       Accidents: Safety Measures
       Accidents: Complete View
    But it seems there's nothing about procedures and medical tests made to employees of a company (other than a hospital)...

  • Business Content for Industry Solution Aerospace and Defence (A & D)

    We would like to implement BI for one of the organization where ERP SAP R/3 IS Aerospace and Defence (A & D) is already implemented. I tried to see business content for A & D, but could not find. Could anybody advise me where anything is available for A & D?
    Thanks and Best regards

    All business content is available in the helpfile ( For your IS however, the link in the helpfile seems to be dead.
    This either means there's an error in the online helpfile, or there's simple no business content available...
    Try contacting SAP to verify?

  • Business Content for SAP BW ,WAM work order ans asset management

    Hi All,
    where can i see the business content for sap work order and asset management. can i see it in
    i tried but could not get . any url would be appreciated.

    Thanks AHP for pointing out.
    From BW help link as below
    go to BI Content > Financials > Financial Accounting > Asset Asset Accounting
    for Assets
    go to BI Content > Financials > Controlling > Overhead Cost Controlling > Overhead orders
    for Internal Orders
    Hope this time it is fine.

  • What is the standard business content for BCS on bw3.5?

    Hi all,
    Can anyone let me know the standard business content for Bcs on bw 3.5?

    You can find this in the delivered business content under SEM > Business Consolidation System (BCS).

  • Material master Standared Business Contents for MDM 7.1 sp 06

    I am not able to find standared business contents for material repository on service market place. can some one guide me with exact steps and location I can get it from.
    I am missing some step.

    Hi Deepak,
    Please follow the below link to get MDM Business Content, this zip folder contains every Master including Material: --> click on "Software Downloads" > Click on "Support Packages and Pataches" Under SAP Software Download Center>Browse our Download Catalog>Click on SAP NetWeaver and complementary products>SAP MDM >SAP NETWEAVER MDM 7.1>Entry by Component>Business Content>MDM BUSINESS CONTENT 7.1 and then finally--># OS independent (MDMBC71006_9-20004544.ZIP - MDM 7.1 SP06 Patch9 - Business Content )
    Note: For above, you need SAP User ID access to SAP Service Market Place.
    Other relevant links:
    1. [Note 1355137 - MDM Material Content Information (Release 7.1+)
    Kindly revert if you are looking for something else otherwise mark thread as answered.
    Mandeep Saini

  • Business Content for Product Cost Collector analysis - KKBC_PKO

    I have a user requirement to setup a report that matches the KKBC_PKO report in ECC.
    Is there any business content that can help me do that?
    Many thanks,

    I guess you shoud check out one of the 0CO_PC_* datasources. Check also the business content for applicaten controlling->product cost controlling. [BCT|]
    Edited by: Siegfried Szameitat on Jul 14, 2010 2:47 PM

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