Business content installation failed

When i try to install the objects frok the business content, the job is getting cancelled and following msg is displayed in the SM37.
07.05.2008 17:51:28 STDO: Log  could not be written on output device T
07.05.2008 17:51:28 STDO: Log  could not be written on output device T
07.05.2008 17:51:28 STDO: Log  could not be written on output device T
07.05.2008 17:51:28 STDO: Log  could not be written on output device T
07.05.2008 17:51:28 STDO: Log  could not be written on output device T
07.05.2008 17:51:28 STDO: Log  could not be written on output device T
07.05.2008 17:52:07 ABAP/4 processor: SYSTEM_NO_TASK_STORAGE
07.05.2008 17:52:07 Job cancelled
I know this error comes due to lack of resource in the system.
My question here is how do i know what are the resources tat system is using and in which transaction code can i check it.
I have to tell basis guy to fix the issue. To tell him i need to know where the exact prlblem is.

The following is the dump information
Short text
    Unable to fulfil request for 91904 bytes of storage space.
What happened?
    Each transaction requires some main memory sp
    application data. If the operating system can
    space, the transaction is terminated.
What can you do?
    Try to find out (e.g. by targetted data selection) whether the
    transaction will run with less main memory.
    If there is a temporary bottleneck, execute the transaction again.
    If the error persists, ask your system administrator to check the
    following profile parameters:
    o  ztta/roll_area            (1.000.000 - 15.000.000)
           Classic roll area per user and internal mode
           usual amount of roll area per user and internal mode
    o  ztta/roll_extension       (10.000.000 - 500.000.000)
           Amount of memory per user in extended memory (EM)
    o  abap/heap_area_total      (100.000.000 - 1.500.000.000)
           Amount of memory (malloc) for all users of an application
           server. If several background processes are running on
           one server, temporary bottlenecks may occur.
           Of course, the amount of memory (in bytes) must also be
           available on the machine (main memory or file system swap).
           The operating system must be set up so that there is also
           enough memory for each process. Usually, the maximum address
           space is too small.
           Ask your hardware manufacturer or your competence center
           about this.
           In this case, consult your hardware vendor
    abap/heap_area_dia:        (10.000.000 -
           Restriction of memory allocated to the heap with malloc
           for each dialog process.
    Parameters for background processes:
    abap/heap_area_nondia:        (10.000.000 -
           Restriction of memory allocated to the heap with malloc
           for each background process.

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  • Business content installation query

    Hi Experts ,
    i am installing PM Business content installation , while installing 0PM_C03 there is an infoobject 0EQUIPMENT which is existing in present system but of old version   and mst of the attributes are time independent
    now  i  want to install   business content in such away that current 0EQUIPMENT  should not be disturbed  and business content version has attributes that are time dependant
    Question is shall i install 0EQUIPMENT  or not,  and let the old version remain , as 0EQUIPMENT  is under use at few places
    secondly if i dont install in future will there be any problem in loading PM data .
    Please Advise,
    Thanks in Advance,

    use the option Match (X) or copy.
    The Match indicator is set as default in order to prevent the customer version being unintentionally overwritten. If the Content of the SAP delivery version is to be matched to the active version, you have to set the Install indicator separately.
    The active version is overwritten with the delivery version if:
    ¡        The match indicator is not set, and
    ¡        The install indicator is set.
    In other words, the delivery version is copied to the active version.
    If the Install indicator is not set, the object is not copied or matched. In this case, the Match indicator has no effect.
    For more info search in forums or check the sap help.

  • Business Content Installation with Remote Activation

       During Business Content Installation, BI system attempts to do Remote Activation in the Source System
      But in my case, it's searching for the datasources in the ERP source system instead of the CRM system
      How do I get the Business Content to look into the right CRM system
      Also, do I have to manually build the transfer rules of InfoSource to DataSource ? At the moment, I don`t have InfoSource automatically mapped to DataSource

    Hi, before collecting the datasource to the right you have to select the source system by one of the following ways:
    1) press Shift F7
    2) click on the source system icon on top
    3) goto menu Edit->Source system assignment
    About your secod question check if the BI content already has a mapping defined if not you have to manually create the mapping.
    Best Regards,

  • Different Problems during Business Content Installation in BI 7.0

    HI GURUs,
              I'm working on BI 7.0. Here I'm trying to do business content installation and facing the following problems.
    Question 1:
              Let's say when I'm trying to install 0MATERIAL infoobject
    Scenario 1:
    ( with Necessary Objects as Grouping),  the job is finishing succesfully, but when I look for 0MATERIAL in Infoobjects of Modelling it is found in Unassigned characteristics Node where as it should have been in 0MMIC_CHA01 Catalog & secondly it's not in Active state. When I tried to manually activate it I'm getting the error stated in Fig 1b of attachment.
    When I tried for Object Maintanance of 0MATERIAL in Business Content Screen i'm getting the same error (Fig 1a & 1b).
    Scenario 2:
      (_with Dataflow before and afterwards as Grouping_). In this scenario i'm getting the issue shown in fig 2. I would like to understand why this issue is popping up, specially the source system issue.
    Note:  The Figures are found in the file attached with this link.........
               [Bi Content INstallation Error Doc|]
    Question 2:
             Why are many of the infoobjects like 0Customer, 0Material etc getting assigned to Unassigned Characteristics instead of getting assigned to their respective Characteristic catalogs.
    Note:  It would be much more helpful if the solution is provided with reference to SAP Note, though alternate solution is always welcome.
           Hoping for a early optimistic solution.
    Syed Shujaath Ali.

    Maintain the material number length in your BW system, tcode- OMSL. Due to this you are getting error, conversion settings are not found for 0material. Check in your source system, what is the material number length has mantained by functional team.
    It will sove your issue.

  • PM business content installation

    Hi Experts,
    i have to start on Plant Maintanance Business content installation , Could any one provide me the data flow , what are tha data sources, first do i have to activate daatsource and replicate then activate cubes  etc .
    Also could any one provide me details about PM and QM Integration
    Thanks In Advance

    HI ,
    You can find the BI content delivered objects for PM in the below link

  • Re: Business Content Installation

    I intalled cube with as usaual procedure but i can't see in workbench(RSA1). Can i know what is the problem? this is very important for me.

    Hi RK,
    Check that Business content installation job has finished or not in SM37(job overview).
    Once it completed, in RSA1> InfoProvider>InfoArea first Refresh your tree and click FIND to type your infocube name and search it.
    you can get it surely.
    NOTE: Assign points if it helps

  • Error in Business Content Installation

    Hi Guru's,
    I am trying to install the Business Content object InfoCube    0FIAA_C04 where the steps i followed are:
    goto RSORBCT >Infoprovider by infoarea >find 0FIAA_C04 >grouping >In dataflow before & After >Collection Mode >Start Manual Collection > drag and drop 0FIAA_C04.
    After this i am getting list of error message at the bottom in RED as follows:
    Object 0ASSET_ATTR_TEXT (3.x InfoSource,ISTD) could not be collected for object FI-AA-IO (Application,APCO)
    Object '0ASSET_ATTR_TEXT' (ISTD) of type '3.x InfoSource' is not available in version 'D'
    and so on for other objects also related to 3.x
    please throw some light as to how we need to install 0FIAA_C04 without any errors and collect the objects related to 3.x infosource also.
    if you have any document on this pls forward it to skd1982 gmail

    Hai i assume your in BI 7 try to collect the cube independently i mean only necessary objects for cube and then try to install also see to that all infoobjects in cube are installed if missing collect those independently and move.
    Then install datasource with dataflow before .when collecting see those objects which are necessary and then tick it installation ..

  • Business Content Installation

    Hello to all,
      I have a problem while installing Business content.
    As per SAP Documentation...I selected the Cube and selected Before and After grouping option. Ex: 0CSAL_C01.
    I checked the dependent objects under Info Objects for 0CSAL_C01. For some of the objects it's selected MATCH (to prevent overwrite and this is set as default).
    Then I installed in back ground mode option.
    Once the installation is done the 0COSTCENTER is overwritten (even if I selected Match option and it de-selected Install).
    Can any one please explain me why this is happened? Any documentation on it?
    Does background mode not recommended? Does it always overwrite???

      I have found this statement at
    SAP recommends you use the Install in Background option, because installing a large number of objects can take a long time. Modifying objects that are already active can take an especially long time. Make sure that when you install objects in the background, the versions are not matched; the delivery version is always installed. They are not matched against any available customer versions.
    Does it mean that even if I select match, will it overwrite?

  • Short dump in BIW 7.0 business content installation

    Dear Friends,
    I am trying to install business content in BIW 7.0 . In RSA1  ->BI Content --> Object Types > Query Elements> Grouping data flow before ---> Install.
    Once I start this installation process it gives short dump.
    The dump says
    Short text
        Access via 'NULL' object reference not possible.
    What happened?
        Error in the ABAP Application Program
        The current ABAP program "CL_RSD_IOBJ_VERS==============CP" had to be
         terminated because it has
        come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    Error analysis
        You attempted to use a 'NULL' object reference (points to 'nothing')
        access a component (variable: " ").
        An object reference must point to an object (an instance of a class)
        before it can be used to access components.
        Either the reference was never set or it was set to 'NULL' using the
        CLEAR statement.
    Can anybody tell me why this dump occures. Am I missing any step in BI installation.

    Hi ,
    If any one wants to install BIW 3.5 with R/3 4.7 (for extraction) connection in single hard disk, please  call me on 9342820370.
    Installation charge:1000/
    Hard disc req: 160 GB.
    ram: 1 gb
    Laxman rao.
    #551,26 th main,
    BTM ,Bangalore.

  • BI Business Content Installation

    Hi Experts
    I had BI-7 IDES installed in my system, i seee no objects are been installed from business Content.
    Can any one please suggest how to proced to install the objects like infoarea, infoobjects, Data targets...
    which one first and then goes next
    your response is highly appreciated

    for complete flow installation like, SD, MM flows. Install datasources in source system and replicate before installing infosource in Source system.
    in source system (R/3) RSA5 - Install Datasource and check in RSA6. replicate to in BI system.
    In BI system, install objects with Indata flow before.   and after sucessfull installation use Indata flow afterwards options for Quries and workbooks.
    Daya Sagar

  • Business Content installation error in Solman

    Hi All,
    While installing Business Content for the transactional data source "0CRM_SRV_PROCESS_H" in the Solman, I came accross the following error-
    "IC=0CRM_PRI IS=80CRM_CNFI error when checking the update rules"
    Can any one help me regarding this BC installation issue?
    Edited by: S Baruah on Sep 3, 2009 12:12 PM
    Edited by: S Baruah on Sep 3, 2009 12:14 PM

    See the error log for the same...there will be procedure to correct the same...just follow that...
    Also see if IC=0CRM_PRI IS=80CRM_CNFI are active.

  • Business Content  instaletion Failed

    Hi All,
    when i am instating Business Content Object, ofter that i go to SM37 to see the background Job's .
    i saw Object <b>Status is Canceled</b> .
    Thank u All

    Hi, Thank u for response.
    sorry, i did not got result. Eg:- I am trying to install object (Fixed target currency, current date--0HRFIXCUR)using (install->install) as u sad , i followed what u sad.
    i did not got any log but i got These messages
    Installation of: Currency Translation Type(CTRT){under this}
    !--D version of currency translation type 0HRFIXCUR was
    !   successfully activated.
    !--Transferring the 1 objects from type CTRT took 0,3
    Post-processing of Objects after activation
      !--The post-processing lasts 0,0 seconds
    Appreciate if u give u r mail ID, so that I can send screen shorts
    I want one more clarification from u, I did not find data source 2LIS_40_S278 in RSA5.
    Where I can find this DS.
    Thank you,
    My id : [email protected]

  • Business Content Installation Errors

    Hi All,
    I need to Install SD cube : 0SD_C03 through Business content. Before doing this, In ECC I have activated the relevant SD datasource : 2LIS_11_VADHR in RSA5 and then activated the same datasource in LBWE also. Then deleted the setup tables in LBWG. Coming to BI , I have replicated the datasource .
    In Business content tab , I have set Grouping Option as Only necessary Objects , and Collection Mode as automatically and selected the Cube : 0SD_C03 through Object Type in Business Content tab. Clicked on INSTALL option . I am getting many errors like :
    Activation of Objects with Type InfoObject
    Checking InfoObject 0MATERIAL
    Attribute 0RT_SEAROLL from characteristic 0MATERIAL not (actively) available
    Hierarchy characteristic 0CM_CDT1 of characteristic 0MATERIAL is not active
    Like this I am getting 0VENDOR,0PLANT , 0CM_CTAR, 0CM_CDT1...infoobjects not actively available. I have tried Installing individual Infoject , still it is failing with same Issues.
    Also I have tried Installing the cube with all the Options in Grouping Objects , Still I am facing the errors.
    Please do the needful

    Hi Ravikanth,
    I ahve taken all the InfoObjects which were failling and tried Installing with Grouping Option as : Only Necessary Objects . Still I got the same errors .
    My System Version is :
    Software Component : SAP_BW
    Release : 702
    Level : 0009
    Highest Support : SAPKW70209
    Please do the needful.

  • Regading business content installation

    can any one tell me while we installing business content we have a option 'install'  in that we have 'simulate install ' and 'install',
    my question is wht is the difference btn above two options .
    Thanks in advance .
    Thanks & Regards,

    Installation Type
    Simulate installation
    The system runs a test to see whether any errors are likely to occur during the installation. However, not all errors that may occur can be identified during simulation: Some error messages can only be generated when a real A version (and not just a simulation) is available in the system. You should, therefore, only use the simulation function as a rough guide to help you identify and remove basic errors.
    The selected objects are installed immediately.
    Install in background
    The selected objects are installed in the background.
    Install and transport
    The selected objects are installed immediately and then written to a transport request.

  • Error message in Business Content Installation

    Dear All,
    I am getting one error message while install some objects in FI through Business Content.
    Object '0GL_ACCOUNT_T011_HIER_EC1' (ISTS) of type 'Transfer structure' is not available in version 'A
    I have search around but I dont find any related to it.
    Please suggest.

    Exactly what your trying to activate?
    info object or data source?
    Use grouping option as - only necessary object and drag required object form middle pane to right side pane.
    try to install it. If it shows any dependences then those first need to install.
    above mentioned name is GL Account master data source hierarchy.

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