Camera Raw 4.1 is a joy to use

and the ACR team are geniuses. The functions added in the 4.1 update to ACR are a major advance. Everything is there, laid out perfectly, for fine-tuning development of RAW images.The RAW controls together with Curves and the Shadow/Highlight filter in Photoshop truly make it easy to concentrate on shaping tonal distribution and bringing out the best in a photo. Just wanted to express my appreciation. Thanks, fellows!

I totally agree with you!

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  • In camera raw, I am no longer able to use the adjustment brush.  This is a recent phenomenon.?

    In camera raw, I am no longer able to use the adjustment brush.  This is a recent phenomenon.

    Well, it worked fine for me as well for the past couple of years. I had not had any problems using it for the past few years. I use a Mac OS X Yosemite.  As far as I can tell nothing had changed. I had not added any new updates, and a week ago the adjustment brush in camera raw simply ceased working. Everything else in camera raw works.  However, the adjustment brush is a critical tool. I have checked my permissions, and even repaired my permissions with no results.  Of course I have also tried several restarts to no avail.

  • CS6+Camera RAW 8.6+D600 = No joy

    I rented a D800, and ended up buying a D600... did a photo shoot with both. I was using Camera RAW 7.0 on CS6, and of course none of the files wouldn't open. I ran the update to Camera RAW 8.6.
    Now the D800 files open, but the D600 files still won't open... complaining about the version. Anyone else have this issue? Help!

    You should have no problem with the D600, as it was supported from ACR 7.3. My guess is that you used old Nikon software to download the images from the D600, and this has altered the images so that they can't be read by Adobe's software.
    You should use the Nikon downloader in their latest versions of ViewNX or CaptureNX (which fixes the corruption problem with newer cameras), or Adobe's own "Photodownloader".
    If this is the case, you might want to try this utility with your problem D600 images:

  • Camera Raw for Canon EOS 6D? I use PSE 9.

    Where can I download a Camera Raw version wich supports Canon EOS 6D? I use PSE9.

    For the EOS 6D you have two alternatives:
    (1) Upgrade to PSE 11. (2) Download and install the free Adobe DNG converter to convert your raw files to the Adobe universal Raw format and the files will open in all versions of PSE (keep your originals as backups and for use in the camera manufactures software) DPP
    Windows download click here DNG Converter 7.3
    Mac download click here DNG Converter 7.3
    You can convert a whole folder of raw images in one click. See this quick video tutorial:
    You Tube click here for DNG Converter tutorial

  • Difference between Camera Raw 8.7.1 and 7.4 using Photoshop Elements 11

    I have been using Elements 11 to edit my pics which are shot in RAW. I've been editing the images first with Camera Raw 7.4,
    very sucessfully and finishing them in Elements 11. Very satisfied.
    I just upgraded to Elementrs 13 which includes a new Camera Raw capability - 8.7.1. I edited few images with the sliders
    and saw no differences. Does anyone know what the difference or improvements might be - 'under the hood - perhaps'???
    Look forward to your input & thanks

    JimHess wrote:
    I agree. But the problem here isn't with Adobe. If the camera manufacturers could agree on a common file format all of this compatibility mayhem could be eliminated. But they insist on maintaining their proprietary raw formats.
    A common file format is not a panacea - somebody has to write the code to translate sensor data to RGB values etc.., and right now:
    Nikon does that for Nikon,
    Canon does that for Canon,
    Adobe does that for Adobe.
    Reverse engineering different raw file formats (to locate raw image and pertinent metadata) is comparatively trivial.
    Yes, I realize that if Nikon and Canon did that for Adobe too (and packaged it in a DNG file for example, with camera profiles.., and did new lens profiles for them too..), then it would be better for Adobe software users, but there is just insufficient incentive for camera manufacturers to do that.
    The bottom line - I agree that the problem here isn't with Adobe, but also: it's unfair to accuse camera manufacturers of being "stubborn or uncooperative..". It just doesn't make good business sense for them, or hasn't yet anyway.
    Fingers crossed for the future and all, but I wouldn't hold breath..

  • Loss of thumbnails of RAW images in Photoshop prior to opening them in Camera Raw

    I recently purchased and started using a Canon EOS 7D Mark II.  I found that with my Photoshop CS6 I was unable to open my RAW files in Camera Raw, so I downloaded an update of Camera Raw, viz. version 8.7.1 from the Adobe website.  Now I can open the RAW images from my new camera in Camera Raw.  However, I have lost the capacity to display a thumbnail image of a RAW file when using the open function of the file drop down menu in Photoshop. Now when I single-click on an ID number of a RAW image from the list of images, I see only a blank thumbnail.  I save lots of time using image thumbnails for selecting images for editing in Camera Raw.  Is there some way to restore the ability to see RAW image thumbnails in Photoshop prior to opening images in Camera Raw?

    Which operating system are you using?
    Are the blank thumbnails only for the files from the canon EOS 7D Mark II camera?
    An alternative is to use Bridge CS6 or Mini Bridge to see the photos before you open them in photoshop cs6.

  • Camera Raw Policy of Writing Back into Input Files

    This came up in another thread, and I think it deserves its own discussion.  I'd hope that we can influence the Camera Raw team's future direction.  I welcome your input and opinions.
    Given:  Under some conditions Camera Raw writes data back into (overwrites) its input files.
    Assuming you use Camera Raw to open your out-of-camera original files as many of us do, Adobe seems to be all over the road on whether to keep its hands off them or overwrite them...
    Camera Raw will not touch a proprietary raw file, such as a Canon .CR2 or Nikon .NEF.  There's a whole process for remembering settings in a separate database or sidecar XMP files.  So far so good.
    If you open a JPEG, TIFF, or DNG through Camera Raw, data WILL automatically be written back into it to tell another run of Camera Raw in the future what settings you used - without the software ever having warned you it will do so.
    Some functions EXPLICITLY rewrite input files.  You can ask the software to write new thumbnails back into DNG files, for example.   This is fine - the user has instructed the software to overwrite the file, and the user is in charge, after all.
    Overwriting/rewriting an input file without being instructed to do so is NON-INTUITIVE BEHAVIOR for an application. No one would expect an input file to be overwritten.
    We do see that it causes people confusion.  I'm sure there are people right now reading this in disbelief.  I recommend you go test it for yourself (on a copy of one of your original files).
    The original file being overwritten is one of the reasons why I don't configure Photoshop to open my out-of-camera JPEGs through Camera Raw.
    Adobe's [mis]handling of input files on the surface seems to be derived from the history of DNG - where no camera actually writes the DNG file directly but it has been generated as an intermediate format through the DNG Converter, and as such can be handled with less "care" than an original camera file.
    It seems to me that Camera Raw should NEVER write back into an INPUT file it is opening without a) letting the user know or b) being directed to do so.
    Please give those of us who don't want our input files overwritten an option for using the database/XMP sidecar instead in EVERY case.

    Noel wrote: >>  If you open a JPEG, TIFF, or DNG through Camera Raw, data WILL automatically be written back into it to tell another run of Camera Raw in the future what settings you used - without the software ever having warned you it will do so.<<
    It depends.
    As far as I can tell:
    When a JPG or TIF file is Locked,
    Camera Raw > Done results in a Write Permission Error.
    When a DNG file is Locked,
    Camera Raw > Done - writes a separate xmp sidecar file.
    The JPG / TIF handling seems to me inconsistent. With a locked file I'd prefer to have a sidecar xmp created as well. Some of my JPG / TIF files are originals for me.
    Windows Vista, CS4 w/ACR 5.7

  • +++ Adobe Camera Raw - Frequently Asked Questions +++

    Q: Is my camera supported by Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)?
    A: Here is the list of cameras officially supported by the current version of Adobe Camera Raw and Digital Negative (DNG) converter. The page also provides links to the current version of ACR and DNG converter for both Mac and Windows.
    Q: what version of Camera Raw should I install?
    A: Photoshop CS6: see first question.
    Photoshop CS5: Camera Raw 6.7 Win | Mac
    Photoshop CS 4: Camera Raw 5.7 Win | Mac
    Photoshop CS 3: Camera Raw 4.6 Win | Mac
    Photoshop CS 2: Camera Raw 3.7 Win | Mac
    Photoshop CS: Camera Raw 2.4 Win | Mac
    For Photoshop Elements, Windows:
    Photoshop Elements 10: (See first question)
    Photoshop Elements 9: Camera Raw 6.5
    Photoshop Elements 8: Camera Raw 6.2
    Photoshop Elements 7 and 6:  Camera Raw 5.6
    Photoshop Elements 5: Camera Raw 4.6
    Photoshop Elements 4: Camera Raw 3.7
    Photoshop Elements 3: Camera Raw 3.6
    For Photoshop Elements, Macintosh:
    Photoshop Elements 10: (See first question)
    Photoshop Elements 9: Camera Raw 6.5
    Photoshop Elements 8: Camera Raw 6.2
    Photoshop Elements 6: Camera Raw 5.6
    Photoshop Elements 4.0.1: Camera Raw 4.6 ( 4.1 under Mac OS 10.3)
    Photoshop Elements 3: Camera Raw 3.6
    Q: What version of Camera Raw started to support my camera?
    A: This page: lists when support for the raw files of your camera was added in Camera Raw. If the version listed is higher than the one supported by your version of Camera Raw, you first need to convert the files to DNG using the latest version of the DNG converter in order to open them in Camera Raw.
    Q: I do not have the latest version of Photoshop, how can I open the Raw files from my new camera?
    A: Only the current version of Photoshop will receive ACR updates that add support for the latest cameras. However, you can download the latest version of the DNG converter, and use it to transform your raw files to the universal DNG format. Camera Raw 2.4 in Photoshop CS and all newer versions of Camera Raw compatible with your version of Photoshop will be able to open the DNG files. Photoshop 7 and ACR 1.0 do not support DNG, therefore you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Photoshop.
    Q: When will the new update of Adobe Camera Raw be released?
    A: Adobe cannot comment on unannounced products, however, it is expected that ACR and DNG converter will be simultaneously updated 3 or 4 times per year (i.e. every 3 or 4 months).
    Q: What does "Unofficial Support" for a camera mean?
    A: Unofficial support means that Adobe's Quality Engineering department has not tested the support to the degree that they want, and thus cannot guarantee the results. So we don't include the camera in our official lists, and don't provide any technical support. Unofficial support means "use at your own risk".
    Q: How do I know that Adobe Camera Raw is installed correctly?
    A: For Photoshop CS customers, the most efficient way to ensure that you have the latest Camera Raw update installed correctly is to choose the Updates option from the help menu. For Photoshop Elements customers the best way to verify that the Camera Raw plug-in is installed correctly is to make sure it appears (only once) in the "About Plug-in" menu (see: Photoshop menu on a Mac or Help menu on a PC). The correct version is displayed when you pick its name and see its about box. If "Camera Raw" is not in this list, you have not installed it correctly.
    Q: Why is the profile listed in the Calibration tab showing a version of Adobe Camera Raw that's older than I am using ?
    A: What you are seeing is normal, and is due to the fact that the built-in profile for your particular camera model hasn't changed between that version of Adobe Camera Raw and the version you're using now. If you see the profile listed as "beta" then your camera has only unofficial support.
    Q: Why is there more than one profile listed in the Calibration tab of Adobe Camera Raw?
    A: The built-in profile for your particular camera model has changed since it was first supported. The profile shown by default identifies the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw in which the profile was updated. Other profiles in the drop-down list identify those included with earlier versions of Adobe Camera Raw, and are available in case you want to maintain compatibility with earlier versions.
    Q: My camera is listed, but Photoshop cannot read its raw files.
    A: Download and install the most recent update to Adobe Camera Raw.
    Q: Where can I download the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw?
    A: Adobe Camera Raw for: Macintosh and Windows
    Q: I am trying to replace my existing ACR plug-in with a more recent version, but cannot find ACR in my Photoshop/Plug-in/File Formats folder. Where is it located now?
    A: As explained in the "Readme", which can be found on the ACR download page, the correct location is:
    Photoshop CS2
    Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS2/File Formats/
    Win: \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-ins\CS2\File Formats\
    Photoshop CS3
    Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS3/File Formats/
    Win: \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-ins\CS3\File Formats\
    Note that "Common Files" is localized in non-english versions of Windows.
    Q: Why do I only see a small generic icon in Adobe Bridge instead of a thumbnail when I browse the folder containing my RAW files?
    A: Bridge occasionally has difficulty with RAW files, but this is usually because the user has installed ACR into the wrong location or browsed the folder prior to installing the ACR plug-in that provides support for their particular camera model. The fix for this issue is usually to make absolutely sure that ACR is installed correctly, then purge the Bridge cache. If you're in the habit of using the Distributed cache (Bridge 1.x) it would be prudent to manually delete the cache files from the folder containing your RAW files.
    Q: Whenever I open an image in Adobe Camera Raw a small explanation mark within a yellow triangle appears in the upper right hand corner of the image.
    A: This symbol indicates that a high quality preview is being generated by Adobe Camera Raw. It should disappear after a couple of seconds.
    Q: How do I turn off Auto Adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw 3.x?
    A: Open Adobe Camera Raw. On the Mac press Cmd+U or on the PC Ctrl+U. This keystroke combination toggles Auto Adjustments On and Off. Alternatively, disable the Auto Adjustments setting from the fly-out menu adjacent to the Setting drop-down menu. If you want the default to be Off for Auto Adjustments simply choose "Save New Camera Raw Default" from the fly-out menu adjacent to the "Settings" drop-down menu then choose Done.
    Q: What about Adobe Camera Raw 3.7 and newer versions?
    A: Camera Raw 3.7 no longer supports per slider auto adjustments. One Auto control at the top of the panel now sets the Exposure, Shadows, Brightness, and Contrast sliders to their auto values. The Default control at the top of the panel sets these same four sliders to their default values. The keyboard shortcut for the Auto control is CMD/CTRL-U.
    The keyboard shortcut for the Default control is CMD/CTRL-R.
    Double clicking on a slider to set that single slider to its default value.
    Shift double clicking on a slider to set that single slider to its auto value.
    Q: Why do I get the the following message: "Unable to create an .xmp sidecar file. The image settings will instead be stored in the Adobe Camera Raw database."
    A: This message means that Adobe Camera Raw is unable to write to the XMP sidecar file. Either the media is read-only (e.g. a CD), or you don't have write access to the folder containing the image, or the existing XMP sidecar file is locked.
    Q: I cannot see all the tools and buttons of Adobe Camera Raw.
    A: Set your monitor resolution to the minimum required for Photoshop CS and higher, i.e. 1024x768.
    Q: Where can I obtain a listing of Adobe Camera Raw keyboard shortcuts and modifiers?
    A: On the Photoshop online help file.
    Q: When I open my Nikon NEF files, all I see is the simple version of the raw dialog.
    A: You are running Nikon's plug-in, not Adobe's. Delete from Photoshop's plug-in folder and all subfolders all copies of the "Nikon NEF plugin". Nikon automatically installs this plug-in in up to two places inside Photoshop's plug-in folder, and both must be deleted. Otherwise it overrides the Adobe plug-in. An alternative to the deletion is adding ~ in front of the Nikon plug-ins names.
    Q: I installed the update. I can now open my raw files, but I still cannot see thumbnails in the file browser.
    A: Purge the file browser cache for the problem folder. Tools > Cache > Purge cache for this folder.
    Q: Is it better to resize my images in Camera Raw, or in Photoshop?
    A: The resampling code is fairly similar to (but not exactly the same as) the "Bicubic Sharper" resampling in Photoshop CS and CS2. It does not make very much difference which stage you do the resampling in. The exception is non-square pixel cameras (Nikon D1x and Fuji S2 Pro), for which it is best to upsample one size step in Camera Raw if you need a larger image.
    Q: What are raw images, and how do they differ from JPEG ones?
    A: Read this whitepaper (1MB PDF) written by Bruce Fraser for a concise answer.

    You can check compatibility yourself:
    1.  Go to this page to see the different releases:
    2.  Navigate into the download link for the appropriate version of Camera Raw.
    3.  Follow the link to the ReadMe (e.g.,
    4.  Look to see whether your camera is supported.
    5.  If your camera is NOT supported, you can use the free Adobe DNG converter to create .dng files that your Camera Raw will be able to open.
    Photoshop CS6 is anticipated to be out in a few months, and Camera Raw is supposed to have a whole new approach, so a lot of us are excited about anticipating that.

  • Can't open a JPEG in Adobe Camera RAW 4.3.1

    I'm trying to open a jpg file from bridge to ACR using the cmnd+r combination and nothing happens.
    I can only view jpg files in ACR when I apply changes to them in Lightroom. Then I just double click on them (or cmnd+o) and they open in Adobe Camera RAW.
    Anyone can help?
    I'm using OS X 10.5.2

    In Bridge > Preferences > Thumbnails I've enabled the checkbox that says:
    "Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG and TIFF files"
    In Photoshop > Preferences > File Handling > File Compatibility I've enabled the checkbox that says:
    "Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for JPEG Files"
    In ACR > Camera Raw Preferences > JPEG and TIFF Handling I have enabled the checkboxes that says:
    "Always open JPEG files with settings using Camera Raw"
    "Always open TIFF files with settings using Camera Raw"
    What I'm I doing wrong?

  • Adobe Camera Raw for Nikon D600

    I have just purchased a Nikon D600 camera and am looking to use it with my Photoshop CS4 and ACR 5.7. Is Adobe going to upgrade ACR 5.7 for the Nikon D600 or do I need to upgrade to CS6 and the latest version of ACR?

    Hi Ivan,
    Yes you will need to upgrade to photoshop cs6 to use the latest version of camera raw (7.2).
    However you can use the free DNG Converter 7.2 to convert the D600 files to dng copies which cs4 should then open in camera raw 5.7.

  • Camera Raw in CS5

    Have CS5, but it wont open .CR2 images from my camera(D650). I tried upgrading the camera raw plugin to 7.1 which will
    work with my camera. The install tells me that I need a new version of Adobe Application Manager. I download a new version of AAM.
    It installs, but when I run it, it tells me that the current version is corrupted and I need to download a new version of AAM. I done this
    several times with the same result. (Wait...thats the definition of insanity!) Anyway...any help on this problem????

    Not sure about your AAM update issue, but as far as Camera Raw goes, ACR 7.x is only for PS-CS6 and will never run in CS5, so either you need to upgrade your PS to CS6 or use current version of the free DNG Converter to convert your new camera CR2 files to DNGs which can be recognized by older ACR plug-ins. 
    You can find the DNG Converter 7.3 on
    Another alternative is to buy the-much-cheaper-than-photoshop Lightroom  4 and use LR 4.3 to do the camera-raw adjustments to your files and then use LR’s Edit in Photoshop (with LR adjustments) to put finishing touches on your photos.

  • Selection in Aperture , processing in ACR ( Adobe Camera Raw )

    I'm trying to figure out if there is some way to see my ratings from Aperture in finder - on original master files.
    I understand "holy raw" policy and I have been following the threads about painfull renaming techniques
    ( obvious workarounds ).
    Seeing my in Aperture rated raw files in finder is crucial for me because I want to use Adobe Camera Raw for processing .
    I might also use DPP or Capture One for this in some situations.
    (I prefere Aperture for selection work , I love loupe )
    So is there som simple way to do it ?
    One way would be for example if you could give a
    color label ( visible in finder ) to selected master files .
    That would be fine for me .
    And as I understand wouldn't make any changes to the original file ( so it would stay "untouched" ).
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Just re-read your first post and realised that you want to apply a Finder label to every RAW file based on rating. This is doable, but would require someone to write an app or script, like Adam Tow's app that moves metadata between Aperture and iView.
    The rating for each image is held in the OriginalVersionInfo.apversion file next to each RAW file:
    If you are only grading into two categories and Bridge is doing what you want, then there is no reason not to use Bridge, it's likely to be faster for you, which is the main thing.
    Time - setting up a hot folder takes about ten minutes, and I'd never done one before. On the other hand I know my way around Automator etc., as should anyone dealing with large numbers of images. Most of the extra steps are to bring the converted file back into Aperture, automatically linked with the RAW file as a version.
    Here's to hoping that the conversion quality gets better fast!

  • Camera Raw 6.7 update (re)offered after 6.7.1

    This is a bug report really. Here is the sequence.
    Install Adobe CS5 Production Premium.
    Install CS5 updates (manually, from downloaded patch files)
    Adobe Application Manager 2.0
    Adobe Media Encoder CS5 5.0.1
    Adobe Player for Embedding 3.1 x86
    Adobe Player for Embedding 3.1 x64
    After Effects 10.0.2
    Bridge 4.0.5
    Camera Raw 6.7
    CS Live Services update for CS5 2.01
    Device Central CS5 3.0.1
    Extension Manager 5.0.1
    Flash CS5 11.0.2
    Illustrator 15.0.2
    Photoshop 12.0.5
    Pixel Bender toolkit 2.5
    Premiere Pro 5.0.3
    XMP Panels CS5 3.1
    Install further CS5 update (again manually)
    Camera Raw 6.7.1
    Check for updates (using Adobe Application Manager 2.0)
    Camera Raw 6.7 is reoffered
    Attempting to re-install version 6.7 fails (unsurprisingly) with error U44M1P7.
    The installation log for the failed update ends as follows:
    Payloads passed preflight validation.
    Call PreSession Custom Hook
    BEGIN InstallOperationsQueue Unordered operations
      {07238EEC-C837-4D4F-BED7-BBB341BC7FE6} Photoshop Camera Raw (64 bit)_6.7_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All-x64  with operation none
      {4E1B59A1-029E-4C16-BBB3-F10D40EBB6EE} Photoshop Camera Raw_6.7_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All  with operation none
    END InstallOperationsQueue Unordered operations
    [    3676] Mon Jul 29 12:48:56 2013 ERROR
    DW028: InstallOperationsQueue: Instruction set is empty
    [    3676] Mon Jul 29 12:48:56 2013 FATAL
    DW028: Unable to open operation queue
    [    3676] Mon Jul 29 12:48:58 2013  INFO
    Total components installed: 0
    Total components repaired: 0
    Total components removed: 0
    Call PostSession Custom Hook
    :: END TIMER :: [Total Timer] took 10571 milliseconds (10.571 seconds) DTR = 39.7313 KBPS (0.0388001 MBPS)
    -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------
    - 1 fatal error(s), 3 error(s), 6 warning(s)
    ERROR: DW023: The extension payload: {CC43F132-5096-41FC-A5C2-69E4202AC114} Camera Profiles Installer_6.7_AdobeCameraRawProfile6.0All requires a parent with following specification:
        Family: Shared Technology
        ProductName: Camera Profiles Installer
        This parent relationship is not satisfied, because this payload is not present in this session.
        This payload will be ignored in this session.
    WARNING: DW016: NOTE: Cannot set action to the payload {07238EEC-C837-4D4F-BED7-BBB341BC7FE6} Photoshop Camera Raw (64 bit)_6.7_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All-x64 as it is already upgraded by the payload {4FE1A8AA-7449-4A5F-A484-D655D863BC66} Photoshop Camera Raw (64 bit)_6.7.1_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All-x64
    WARNING: DW016: NOTE: Cannot set action to the payload {07238EEC-C837-4D4F-BED7-BBB341BC7FE6} Photoshop Camera Raw (64 bit)_6.7_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All-x64 as it is already upgraded by the payload {4FE1A8AA-7449-4A5F-A484-D655D863BC66} Photoshop Camera Raw (64 bit)_6.7.1_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All-x64
    WARNING: DW016: NOTE: Cannot set action to the payload {07238EEC-C837-4D4F-BED7-BBB341BC7FE6} Photoshop Camera Raw (64 bit)_6.7_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All-x64 as it is already upgraded by the payload {4FE1A8AA-7449-4A5F-A484-D655D863BC66} Photoshop Camera Raw (64 bit)_6.7.1_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All-x64
    WARNING: DW016: NOTE: Cannot set action to the payload {4E1B59A1-029E-4C16-BBB3-F10D40EBB6EE} Photoshop Camera Raw_6.7_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All as it is already upgraded by the payload {7B01713A-11C0-40DE-93F7-988A2D8DCA19} Photoshop Camera Raw_6.7.1_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All
    WARNING: DW016: NOTE: Cannot set action to the payload {4E1B59A1-029E-4C16-BBB3-F10D40EBB6EE} Photoshop Camera Raw_6.7_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All as it is already upgraded by the payload {7B01713A-11C0-40DE-93F7-988A2D8DCA19} Photoshop Camera Raw_6.7.1_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All
    WARNING: DW016: NOTE: Cannot set action to the payload {4E1B59A1-029E-4C16-BBB3-F10D40EBB6EE} Photoshop Camera Raw_6.7_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All as it is already upgraded by the payload {7B01713A-11C0-40DE-93F7-988A2D8DCA19} Photoshop Camera Raw_6.7.1_AdobeCameraRaw6.0All
    ERROR: DW028: InstallOperationsQueue: Instruction set is empty
    ERROR: DW028: InstallOperationsQueue: Instruction set is empty
    FATAL: DW028: Unable to open operation queue
    Please search the above error/warning string(s) to find when the error occurred.
    These errors resulted in installer Exit Code mentioned below.
    Exit Code: 7 - Unable to complete Silent workflow.
    Please see specific errors and warnings for troubleshooting. For example, ERROR: DW023, DW028 ... WARNING: DW016 ...
    END - Installer Session
    The errors all make perfect sense--the log describes the situation perfectly.
    So the only problem is that AAM is offering 6.7 after 6.7.1.
    I don't know why this is, of course. But two more observations.
    After installing Adobe CC (including the desktop application, so that AAM is replaced), 6.7 is still re-offered (and still fails of course).
    After installing 6.7.1 (again manually), 6.7 is still re-offered.
    This is all harmless--except that it may be causing a lot of people (not just me) to waste their time, so it would be good if it could be fixed.
    Tim Baigent

    This is indeed confusing, so much so that I've deleted two responses to your OP I had left here because your post had in fact confused me.  My bad, sorry.
    I have just completed the process of reviewing the ACR 6.7.1 update process on one the boot volumes of my 65-lb Mac Pro where I had CS 5.1 (Photoshop 12.1) installed with ACR 6.7.  I downloaded the 6.7.1 update, ran the update installer and successfully completed the update to 6.7.1.
    I relaunched Photoshop 12.1 and ACR 6.7.1 did in fact show in About-Plugin…
    Then I ran the Updates… menu item, and it promptly informed me that I was fully updated.  The older ACR 6.7 update was not offered again.
    So your experience, if consistently reproducible, would appear to be a Windows-only bug.
    I would suggest posting this in the ACR forum as the Camera Raw team is much more active and involved over there, where we often hear directly from Eric Chan and even Thomas Knoll, original creator of both Camera Raw and Photoshop.

  • Camera Raw 8.2

    I have started to get a message since upgrading to LR 5.2. When I want to open a raw file from LR 5.2 into CS5. The messager says "This version of LR may require Photoshop Camera Raw 8.2. Please update using the Photoshop update menu. The message also offers 2 options "Render using LR" or "Open Anyway".
    When I try to up date my software it says all my software is current.
    3 questions
    1) Why am I getting this message?
    2) Why can't I update Cam' Raw if it is needed as the message states?
    3) Which of the two offered options should I use if I can't update Cam' Raw?

    Well, yes, but when I use PS CS5 update from the drop-down menu as instructed by LR, it tells me I need version 12.0.4. I say OK, it tells me installation has failed and it's my responsibility to fix the problem they describe as "installation failed" then try again. On my laptop, it apparently didn't notice that I already have 12.0.5 installed. It just says I need 12.0.4, which it refuses to install. On my desktop, it turns out I have version 12.0 installed and it gives me the same error message, so I guess having 12.0.5 installed is not the problem.
    Also, there's nothing in either version's update function that leads me to install--or try to install--an update to ACR. It's version 6.7 on the laptop, which I got a couple of weeks ago and installed PS and LR on it; it's version 6.0 or something on the desktop, which I suppose I haven't taken the trouble to update until LR recommended I do so; unlike some programs, I guess PS doesn’t notify me that updates are available.
    So I'm getting nowhere and I initiate a chat with Adobe tech support for PS. I start the conversation by saying "I'm having trouble updating PS CS5." 25 minutes later, after I've explained to the technician repeatedly that no, I’m not having a problem with installation, I’m having a problem with updating, and OK, here’s my serial number, etc. etc. etc., he tells me (after lengthy consultation with his colleagues) that the problem is not “within his support boundaries.” When I ask what those boundaries are, he says that he supports CS6 and CC, but not CS5.  Perplexed that he didn’t mention that half an hour ago, I terminated the chat.
    From what I’ve learned from you folks on this forum, I can’t use ACR 8.2 with PS CS5. Makes perfect sense to me once I'm told. Maybe LR is unable to figure out which version of PS I have and just knows I have an outdated version of ACR. If that’s the case, I’m at a loss to know what they consider a “suite.”
    I’ve also discovered, from what you’ve told me and from surfing around myself for a couple of hours, that there is a PS CS5 version 12.0.5 update and that I can use ACR 6.7. I managed to find those and update both computers to those versions, but not by using the update function in PS; I had to download them separately and run them with PS turned off. PS update knew nothing about them.
    I’m told that these difficulties are caused by my ignorance. I say Adobe could do a better job for average people like me who just want to work on their photos.
    Sorry to vent--you've been very helpful and I appreciate it.

  • CS5 won't open RAF files from FinePix HS10 & Camera Raw 6.3- Is there something I'm missing??

    I've bought CS5 Extended and then updated it (including the Camera Raw 6.3 update).
    I am using a MacBook Pro (and an iMac also).
    When I try to open the RAF file I get the message "Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file." Yet the release notes for Camer Raw say that it will open FinePix HS10 files...
    So I then decided to try a manual install of Camera Raw- I get the same message.
    I have checked with other HS10 users and their PS does open them.
    Is there something obvious that I am missing- or is there a problem with the camera raw or the photoshop cs5??
    Hope someone can help!!
    Photoshop CS5 12.0.2 x64
    Adobe Bridge
    Camera Raw
    Mac OS 10.6.6
    2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4Gb 1067 MHz DDR3 Memory

    Deornorth wrote:
    I didn't realise that the Camera Raw won't work in 64bit mode. Converting to 32bit enabled the files to be opened.
    Actually, that's wrong. Camera Raw 6.3 WILL run as a 64-bit plug-in when hosted by Photoshop CS5 if CS5 is running as a 64-bit app. It'll run as a 32-bit plug-in when hosted by Bridge or Photoshop CS5 set to run as 32-bit.
    So, there's something else going on here....
    How are you trying to open the raw files? From within Bridge or the Finder? How did you update Camera Raw to version 6.3? From the updater? Is ACR 6.3 in the correct install location? main Library (not the User but root), Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS5/File Formats/Camera Raw.plugin
    Can you open raw images from within Bridge? Have you tried to view raw files with Bridge before you updated Camera Raw? Have you trashed the cache foe the folder? In Bridge under Tools/Cache/Purge Cache

Maybe you are looking for

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