Camera RAW - Crop and save in . NEF format

I know how to use the Crop Tool in Camera RAW and save the picture in the original Nikon .NEF format.
I am unable to set the Crop Tool to a proportion (24x36, for instance) and do not know if this is possible.
It can be done in Photoshop setting the Marquee Tool to the appropriate proportion and cropping the Image-Crop.
However, in this case I am unable to save the result in the original .NEF format (which is not proposed), but must use .TIF, .JPG or others.
My two questions:
1. Is there a way to set the Crop Tool in Camera RAW to a fixed proportion?
2. Is there a way to save the cropped picture in Photoshop in the original .NEF format?
Many thanks for your help.

In Camera Raw, hold down while clicking on the crop tool and you should have a bunch of ratio presets (as well as "custom") available.
To open an "NEF" in PS, hold shift down in Camera Raw, and you'll see "Open image" becomes "Open object". This creates an embedded RAW smart object in PS, which can later be edited using Camera Raw if desired, by double-clicking on the smart object layer icon in the layers panel in PS.

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    I recently upgraded to Nikon D610 and the NEF files were not readable from my old version of Camera Raw, CS6 and Lightroom. So downloaded the recommended upgrades and I now have Camera Raw; Lightroom 5.3; CS6 13.01. But still did not read my D610 NEF's. Please help. Thanks.

    oh wait, i got it. Just in case for those who will have the same scenario. I downloaded the NEF files from my D610 using the old ViewNX 2.1 software and that was the cause of incompatibility. So i upgraded my ViewNX to 2.9 and downloaded my images again. And it worked this time.

  • Adobe Bridge in Photoshop - How to install Bridge and camera raw? And what is it all about?

    Hi everyone! I am actually in love with this adobe photoshop. I used PSCS2 before, but later on upgraded to CS4. But I feel tired in upgrading to CS5.
    One time, I found a tutorial in youtube about camera raw, and would really want to use it. But I was wondering how to install the camera raw. I believe camera raw is a plugin? so I downloaded the plugin here, installed it in my PS. I downloaded a file Camera Raw.8bi and paste it on my C drive - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS4\Plug-ins\File Formats.
    I now am very confused, how will I open it? I do not have adobe bridge!  After I installed the camera raw, I opened my PS. I clicked the file>then browse in bridge. I had an error, it's "error 2 photoshop11 undefined". Which is what I thought, I might have done something wrong with installing it.
    My question is, do you still need adobe bridge installed in order to use camera raw?
    If yes, how does it work? How am I suppose to open camera raw?
    If no, how am I going to open camera raw without bridge?
    And also, where will I download adobe bridge? I cannot find one here for CS4, only adobe bridge for CS5. I am wondering, is it okay to install adobe bridge CS5 and use it with my PS CS4?
    I badly need help!

    WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a set of extensions to HTTP/1.1.
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  • "Save image" button of Camera Raw does not save JPEG with modifications made.

    I am using Bridge CC to process my RAW images and make modifications to some JPEG images as well.  I have no need to further alter images in Photoshop at the moment, so I do all modifications in Camera Raw. After altering my images, I then press the "save image" button at the left bottom corner of Camera Raw and choose the settings to save in JPEG.  However, when I upload these JPEG images to a website or when I email them, the image is uploaded without the modifications I had done!  It seems to me that Camera Raw is saving JPEGs the same way it does for RAW images, in a non-destructive manner, only attaching instructions for the images to be displayed properly on Photoshop. But when I save an image in JPEG, I expect the image to be saved entirely with the modifications I made while still keeping the original RAW file.  What goes on then?  What is Camera Raw doing and how do I get to save a modified image in JPEG with Camera Raw?  Would you please explain?
    Many thanks for your help,

    What version of camera raw and operating system are you using?

  • What steps do I take to edit raw files and save for web use, such as Instagram, Facebook, Websites, and emailing?

    What Steps do I take to edit raw files and save for web use, such as Instagram, Facebook, Websites, and emailing?

    When you open a raw file it will open in Adobe camera raw. That is where you can do most of the editing. Then it will be placed inside Photoshop where you can do more if needed.
    Now you can use the save for web dialog to export your image as a png or jpg to use on those sites.

  • HELP!!!!  How to crop and save an image

    I recently started using iPhoto when I bought a digital camera. I have figured out pretty much how to use it but I would like to crop AND SAVE some of the pictures. I have gone so far as to crop an image and print it but the print comes out like the original shot. Also is there some way to convert these images into smaller file sizes and saving for uploading onto another website? Thanks in advance! .
    G5 2.0 DP and Powmac 7500/200   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   23" Cinema Display
    G5 2.0 DP and Powmac 7500/200   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   23" Cinema Display

    Hi imageconx1,
    I think it will do you good to read the Help file for iPhoto. While iPhoto is open, hit the Help in the menubar.
    You can also find the same info online on the iPhoto Support
    Cropping and saving image:
    Export photos and change size in the export window

  • Output sharpening in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Photoshop CS5

    Output sharpening in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Photoshop CS5
    I want to do two-pass sharpening - capture and output - with output capture done just before I print. I do the initial (capture) sharpening in the ACR Detail/Sharpening panel, with Amount slider set to, for example, 100.  Then, I open the image to PS CS5 as a Smart Object, and use layers and masks for further editting.
    My question is, can I go back to ACR for the final (output) sharpening pass?  When I re-open the file in ACR, the Sharpening Amount slider is back to zero, but the other three sliders are still at the settings I used at the start of the process, i.e., the capture sharpening.  If I again set the Amount slider to a positive value, then again open the image in PS for printing, will my second pass through the ACR Sharpening panel take effect - will it accumulate on top of the initial sharpening?
    By the way, the reason I want do output sharpening in ACR rather than, say, PS Unsharp Mask, is so I can use the Masking slider in ACR, which is much easier than the comparable techniques available in PS.  I am aware that some say you should not do any masking for the output sharpening. I'd like to though.
    Thanks for ideas.

    This is pretty much the way I do it, and I also always found ACR sharpening superior to anything in Photoshop. There is the "sharpen for output" in ACR, but you have little control over it.
    The tricky part is feeding the file through ACR a second time. I don't think re-opening the Smart Object will do anything more than you could have done the first time. I do it with a rendered TIFF, and have an intricate set of actions that I run in the Image Processor Pro. It's a mess, and you don't want to know.
    The frustrating part is how to action ACR. I just can't figure it out. It'll work, and then I have to change some setting and the action stops working. I suspect you need a script, but so far I haven't found any.
    So I've come to a compromise: I first process to TIFF in a temp folder, then I bulk open them in ACR to sharpen, then a second process to finish up.
    For less critical files I have a sharpening action that comes close, involving edge masks and blend ifs, using smart sharpen which tends to preserve edges better than unsharp mask, and with less accumulation of noise.
    Bottom line: I'm also very interested in further comments to this. BTW, I recently bought Lightroom 4, so maybe there is a posibility using that in a mixed workflow.

  • I just did the photoshop camera raw update and now everytime I try to do a text box or change the text the whole program crashes.

    I just did the photoshop camera raw update and now every time I try to do a text box or change the text the whole program crashes.

    All fixed!!!  My Aperture wasn't being recognized because it was in a folder.  OK, now I can use my camera with Aperture. 

  • I accidentally highlighted my camera raw folder and it's contents in my library on my Mac.  Please help me get it back.

    I opened my library on my mac and was looking for my settings file under camera raw and I didn't see it.  As I was looking, I accidentally highlighted the camera raw folder and it's contents, and when I let go, they were gone.
    unfortunately my laptop has been off backup and I can't restore thru time machine.
    any suggestions?

    thank you
    I am downloading it now and have installed it.
    I am trying to install some presets from, and in their instructions it says to do the following:
    open library
    open application support
    open adobe
    open camera raw
    open settings
    I don't have "settings" in my camera raw folder.
    What do I do?

  • Camera raw does not read D7100 nef files [was:Ernied]

    Camera raw does not read d7100 nef files. did update...still no success.

    I suspect that the DNG converter will work for you if you use it properly. It isn't your fault, but Adobe has created a kind of a silly interface in the DNG converter. Notice that it is asking you for the folder. When you are browsing for a location within the DNG converter, choose the folder, but don't open the folder. If you do then the DNG converter will tell you there are no images to convert. If you choose the folder then the DNG converter will convert all the files within that folder.

  • How do you crop and save a cropped image

    How do you crop and save a cropped image in PS Touch?

    This forum does not deal with any of the Touch applications.
    Try here:
    or here:

  • PSE 9 cannot export camera raw edited files to a jpeg format.  Only available save as formats are photoshop and tiff.

    In PSE 9  I am currently unable to save files that have been edited in camera raw as jpeg files.  When I try to export the file using 'save as'  the only listed options are versions of photoshop file formats and tiff - jpeg is not listed.  I did not have this problem previously when using Nikon D3000 camera. I now use a Nikon D7100. I have installed the 6.5 Camera Raw update but this has not solved the problem.  I would appreciate any suggestions for resolving this.

    You have a 16-bit image and jpeg is an 8 bit format. You can set the raw converter to export as 8 bit by using the pulldown menu below the preview area, or you can just go to Image>Mode>8 bits/channel in the editor.

  • Camera Raw crops my image from left and right

    As you can see in the screen cap, camera raw inside AE opens my timelapse images cropped from left and right. I had this problem before in photoshop too, but never tried to fix it. I'm now in serious trouble and need to find a solution ASAP.

    I'm guessing that you cropped in camera and when you shoot RAW the crop is honored but can be removed. I would use Lightroom. Set up a preset that resets the crop and process all of the frames and then export a png or if you want to do some advanced color correcting in AE, select any of the 32 bit image formats and render your resized images to a specific folder. Then import the images as an image sequence in Premiere Pro or AE and do the rest of the work. Importing an image at a time into AE and sequencing the layers in nuts...IMHO
    One other thing, before you shoot any more images with this camera go through the menu and reset it to not crop your images.

  • Purchased new camera nikon d7100 and camera raw will not open any nef files, talked to tech support and they assured me an update would fix issue, did update and have  same issue still

    I have photoshop cs5 and after purchasing a nikon d7100, photoshop will not open any of the nef files like it did with my nikon d90, I contacted support and they assured me after update that issue would be resolved...still not resolved, any suggestions?

    Good day!
    Please check this list to see which version of ACR supports the camera:
    Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras
    Then please check your version (Photoshop > About Plug-In > Camera Raw).
    As you should see your version is not up to the task.
    You can either buy a license for a more current version of Photoshop (CS6 is still available) or switch to the … Cloud License model or use the free DNG Converter.


    I recently installed PS CS 5, and am having a problem with Camera Raw.
    I cannot save any type of image to a different location from Camera Raw.
    I CAN save to the same folder from which I opened the original file.
    Problem exists with any file formats, both original and saved.
    I chose Save in New Location from the Destination Menu, select a new folder, and after the new folder is selected the directory with the destination does not show in the Camera Raw dialogue box.
    When I attempt to save it anyway, I get the :
    "Camera Raw Save Status – The File Could Not Be Created" message. 
    In Preferences – File Handling – Save As To original Folder is unchecked.
    Preferences have been trashed
    Can not save any file format
    Folders both created in Camera Raw and out of Camera Raw
    Folders on desktop or on internal or external  drive
    PS Version 12.1
    No third party of old filters, actions, etc installed.
    The folder properties are the same for all the folders.
    This problem occurs in both the 32 & 64 bit versions of CS5.
    CS4 is still installed, and it does not exhibit this problem.
    Thank you.

    In ACR I select SAVE IMAGE
    The SAVE OPTIONS Dialogue Box opens.
    To the right of the SELECT FOLDER button is the path to  the folder which contains the file that was opened in ACR.
    I change the destination to SAVE TO N EW LOCATION
    The SELECT DESTINATION FOLDER window opens which shows a wndows explorer view of my complete file directory on the left, with an empty pane on thr right.
    I select my new destination folder from the list on the left.
    The selected folders name shows in the botton dialogue box labled FOLDER
    I click the SELECT Button on the lower right corner, which brings me back to the previous windw which is the SAVE OPTIONS Dialogue Box.
    BUT the file path does not show to the right of the SELECT FOLDER button.
    That area is blank.
    It makes no difference if I single click or double click to select my new folder.
    ++++++++++++++++ Here's Some New Information ++++++++++++++++++
    When the SELECT DESTINATION FOLDER windows opens, and my new destination folder is selected, the right window is empty, even though that folder does contain image files, and the dialogue
    No Items Match Your Search is displayed at the top  of that pane.
    It's as if ACR opened a Search rather than allowing me to select a new folder.

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