Can 2 remote panels control the same VI without right-clicking to get control?

Is it possible for multiple remote panels to be able to actively interface with a single running VI without having to manually request and release control by right clicking?  I am using Labview 8.2 Professional Version.
Thanks for any help.

No. Only one client can control a remote panel at a time, see LabVIEW Help ->
"Controlling an Application or Front Panel Remotely Using a Browser"
You might create a copy of that VI and provide 2 web pages as a workaround.
Regards, Guenter

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    I've written a program in labview 7.1 to monitor/control a labview application running in the test cell through Remote Panel. I and my coworker can remotely monitor and/or control this labview application individually. But if my coworker has the remote panel displayed on his PC and I try to get the remote panel on my PC, I get a labview error (63) as below:
    "LabVIEW:  Serial port receive buffer overflow.
    LabVIEW:  The network connection was refused by the server."
    My question is: Can multiple PCs access one remote panel at the same time?
    Thanks in advance!

    Sorry I wasn't clear. The remote panel license is separate from the number of LabVIEW development licenses. Pricing information on remote panel licenses can be found here.

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    does anyone know how the cutout filter works and is there a way of achieving the same effect without using filters to get more control over final look?

    Several ways to get similar results.  Image > Adjustments > Posturize with low values similar to what you'd use n Cutout.  This is the most flexible way I can think of as you keep the image in RGB mode with layers intact.  A more radical approach would be to reduce bit depth using Indexed Colour.  You'll need to experiment with settings, try changing Forced to Primaries, and Matte to Foreground Color.  There's no going back from this route, although you can change the mode back to RGB to re-enable layers, adjustment layers etc.
    A nice thing about the Filter gallery filters is that you can change the layer to a Smart object with all the control that gives you.
    Now if only this forum could filter out bizarre content.

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    IIRC, OPTION-click on the Apple icon on the menu bar and select either Restart or Shutdown. Alternatively,
    Quit all applications (after giving you a chance to save changes to open documents), then restart the computer
    Control Option-Command-Eject
    Quit all applications (after giving you a chance to save changes to open documents), then shut down the computer

  • Is there an option to left click and open a bookmark in the same tab and right click to open bookmark in new tab?

    I want to be able to open bookmarks in the same window without having to right click and then select open. I would like it to be like internet explorer where you have the option to open a bookmark in the same tab or new tab. I had downloaded an add on that solved the problem with a simple right click to open in new tab and left click to open in same tab. This makes things soooo much easier. Am I missing an add on or a configuration where I can solve this problem. Thanks for your time.

    Very, very, very confusing!!!!! Exactly which is it that you want to do????? Left-click = same tab or left-click = new tab????
    Your initial subject line:
    '''''Is there an option to <u>left click and open a bookmark in the same tab</u> and <u>right click to open bookmark in new tab</u>?'''''
    Your last post (3rd post):
    '''''Is there a way I can <u>left click and automatically open a bookmark in a new tab</u>...'''''
    '''''''''...rather than having to left click and then select "open in new tab."'''''''''
    Right-click, '''<u>not left-click</u>''', has the "Open in new tab option".
    Easy answer is listed in my initial reply; left-click, same tab; middle-click, new tab!
    What are your Extensions?
    -List them.
    -You obviously set up some extension with some kind of conflict.
    To find out which Extension is causing the problem, <u>'''enable one-at-a-time'''</u>, restart Firefox for the change to take effect (File > Restart Firefox), test. When the problem re-appears, you know the extension causing the problem.
    '''[[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]'''
    '''[[Troubleshooting plugins]]'''
    '''[[Basic Troubleshooting]]'''

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    I just need to know ASAP, can't explain why now.

    You can re-associate the device to the same account. The 90 days is if it is already associated with an account e.g. if you are already in a 90 days countdown with that account then you won't be be able to dis-associate (and therefore be able to re-associate) the device from that account until the 90 days are up

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    Hi everybody,
    With Adobe Reader X Standard, I want to convert word documents I have in a directory.
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    Best regards,

    Moved to from Reader forum.
    Note: There is no Adobe Reader Standard X program. There is Adobe Reader X or Adobe Acrobat Standard X. Reader cannot create pdf files, Acrobat Standard can. Please let us know exactly what software you are running together with OS.

  • [SOLVED] Can I install Arch on the same PC, without a CD/USB/Netboot

    I'm kinda bored, and then I like to reinstall Arch over and over.. but I lack a CD/USB stick and/or another PC to do a PXE install, therefor..
    Can I set up my current installation to boot into a new arch install when I reboot somehow?
    Last edited by valvet (2010-11-08 14:50:16)

    hokasch wrote:Sure.. two examples: … nux_System (use swap for the iso and convert it back later) … ting_Linux
    or extract kernel & initrd from archboot image, save it somewhere and create a grub entry - works fine for net installs
    Ok I thought it was solved, but I was wrong.. here's what I did, hopefully you or someone else can help.
    Downloaded the netinst image (160mb), copied:
    /mnt/iso/boot/archiso.img > /boot/archiso.img
    /mnt/iso/boot/vmlinuz26 > /boot/vmlinuz26-test
    Edited /boot/grub/menu.lst according to /mnt/iso/boot/isolinux.cfg
    # test
    title Arch test install
    root (hd0,0)
    kernel /vmlinuz26-test
    initrd /archiso.img archisolabel=ARCH_201005 tmpfs_size=75% locale=en_US.UTF-8
    Now, whenever I boot this.. it says "Waiting 30 seconds for device /disk-by/uid.. lots of dots here.
    Ideas? I'd like to avoid making a new partition as suggested in the wiki, as it requires me to load a live cd of sorts anyway, so I can shrink one of my partitions.
    Thanks :-)!
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    Check out this Apple article -> iTunes 10.5 for Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store
    If your computer has one of the LSPs listed you may have to reset winsock.
    If not, you may want to give this article a shot -> iTunes for Windows Vista or Windows 7: Troubleshooting unexpected quits, freezes, or launch issues

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    Hi, I've recently updated to Firefox 4.0.1, and with the "tools" menu gone, I can't find out how to view page info anymore without right-clicking. This can be a problem for sites in which right-click is disabled. I have also tried ctrl+I, but this only opens the bookmarks menu. Is there a way of viewing page info in the new Firefox without right-clicking?

    *Page Info Button:

  • Can I Make 2 Remote Calls at the Same Time?

    Can I make 2 remote calls at the same time? For example, if I have the following remote objects:
    <mx:RemoteObject id="myRemote" destination="zend" source="MyData" showBusyCursor="true" fault="faultListener(event)">
         <mx:method name="getData" result="getDataListener(event)"/>
    <mx:RemoteObject id="myRemote2" destination="zend" source="MyData2" showBusyCursor="true" fault="faultListener(event)">
         <mx:method name="getData2" result="getDataListener(event)"/>
    And I call them at the same time:
    public function myFunction():void {
    Will it work? Will Flex "confuse" the results of one call with the results of the other call? Do I need an AsyncToken? If so, how do I use an AsyncToken in the above example?
    Thank you,

    I do this all the time. I call one for the combobox that has a list of the people, a
    and another with that data about the people filling a datagrid. Then use the combobox to filter the datagrid.
    In your sample though mak another  result="getDataListener(event)" and name it getDataListener2, so there is a dataprovider for the first and a seperat for the second.
    If your going to the same event the second one will replace the first one.
    Hope this helps

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    can i run remote memory profiling and remote debugging at the same time .
    i am using jdev9.0.5 and oc4j9.0.4 standalone server.
    how to write the batch file to run both at the same time

    Thanks for your help!
    Another question. How do you turn off the ATT wireless transmitter? Also, there are more computers connected to the 2Wire network. I will have to set up a wireless pc to work with the Base Station after disconnecting the ATT transmitter. Easy answers for both, I hope?

  • Can i run remote profiling and remote debugging at the same time

    can i run remote profiling and remote debugging at the same time .
    i am using jdev9.0.5 and oc4j9.0.4 standalone server.

    i think i am wrong

  • Opening a Remote Panel of the Top Level vi for an executable

    Hello Everyone
    I was wondering how you would open up a remote panel for the top-level vi in an executable?
    I have created a LabVIEW application and have tested opening the remote panel when it is running in the full labview development suite - this all works fine. I simply go operate>connect to remote panel and enter the server address, the port (8000) and the vi name using the path "My Project.lvproh/My Computer/" format.
    However, if I then build this application into an executable I do not seem to be able to open a remote panel - it might be that I am just entering the VI name incorrectly.
    with VI name = ""  or with VI name = "C:\builds\main.exe\" and the exe. running I get the error:
    Connecting to remote panel server...
    Requested VI is not loaded into memory on the server computer
    However I am not sure how else I would enter it.
    The main.ini has the following configuration:
    Both machines have LabVIEW 2011 Profesional Development System SP1 on so I do not think it is a limited remote access licence issue.
    Any suggestions as to where I am going wrong would be much appreciated.
    Go to Solution.

    It appears that you can infact use remote panels within an executable.
    The problem I had was that I had left the web server port for the remote panels the same as the LabVIEW development environment. That meant that the main LabVIEW web server was getting in the way of the web server that was associated with my built application.
    With the application's web server on a different port and the VI in memory (and the file in a library/directory external to the exe if it is not the top level VI), you just need to specify the VI name such as .

  • Using more than one front panel at the same time

    I have a main program where I can call sub vi’s and then the sub vi’s front panel opens.
    I want to use/see/operate more than one front panel at the same time. How I can do it?
    For example when I close the main program it won’t close before I close all the sub vi’s front panels.
    I use event case to call these sub vi’s. Can I close all vi's using one button?

    I wouldn't use subVIs for display, at least not if you plan to have them open all the time. Instead, I would suggest that you have one loop with a FP VI which will talk to the FP all the time and will pass to the data to the other loops through a variable or a functional global.
    Then, you can use a tab control to organize your display. If there is no specific reason for not having the graphs in the same VI, you can use a tab control to organize it. If you can't, you can also use subpanels to display the VIs and put several subpanels in your VI.
    If you still want to display the VIs seperately, you can control their positions and sizes through their proerty nodes, but I don't think there's any reason for this.
    To learn more, I suggest you read the LabVIEW style guide. I think it has some tips about application design.
    Try to take over the world!

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