Can a single Access Point support both bridge mode and Access Point mode at the same time

Hi Guys
Does anyone know which access point can work in both bridge mode and AP mode ?

Well what are you trying to cover. If its really a large outdoor area, then look at the mesh AP. Those require a WLC. Autonomous or stand alone ap can perform bridging on one radio and client access on another. You can also look at AP that support indoor mesh that also controlled by a wlc. If your putting APs outdoors, then look at the outdoor mesh.
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  • TS3280 How can i enable both paired bluetooth and ios keyboard input at the same time?

    How can i enable both paired bluetooth and ios keyboard input at the same time?
    This is needed for the app im working on. Need some user input via keypad as well as scanner input via a paired bluetooth scanner.

    You probably should not be using a keyboard bluetooth profile for a scanner, I am not a developer for apple so do not know the location for you to find out the correct profile you should be using for an input device that is not a keyboard. Sorry,
    I am sure if you navigate the apple developer site you will probaly finmd what you're looking for.

  • How do i connect both my ipad and iphone to wifi at the same time. i can one or the other connected but not both?, how do i connect both my ipad and iphone to wifi at the same time. i can one or the other connected but not both?

    ive just moved out and have just been connected to talk talk broadband today.  Both my ipad mini and iphone are saying they are connected to wifi but only my iphone will connect to online services where my ipad mini won't.  But if i disconnect my iphone from wifi then my ipad will work online and then when trying to connect my iphone back to wifi that won't work with online services.  is this because they are both using the same apple account?  though when i was living at home my mum had sky router and i was able to connect both devices with no problem.  is there anyway of connecting both devices so they work online at the same time??

    There is absolutely no reason why they should not bothe be able to connect to your WiFi network. The easiest place to start would be to reboot your router. Unplug it for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in again. I would also restart both the iPad and the iPhone.

  • Possible to use both optical out AND regular line out at the same time?

    I currently have my computer speakers (logitech z560) hooked up to the mac pro via regular stereo jack in the back. I have an extra receiver that I would love to hook in to supply me with some needed sound for movie watching and what-not.. Is there a way to enable both line out - digital and line out at the same time?

    You can set DVD Player's "Audio output" to "Digital Out" in its "Disc Setup" preference, while other applications use Line Out.
    You could use a splitter on Line Out to feed your current speakers, and analog Line In on your receiver. When you want sound to both systems, set the receiver to Line In. When you want to watch DVDs, set it to Digital In. This will give you surround sound if the DVD has multichannel sound, and the receiver supports more than two channels.
    If you really want the same output on the Mac Pro Line Out, and Digital Out, you can use the "Auxiliary Device Output" effect in Audio Hijack Pro
    It will not support more than two-channel audio.

  • Cannot see BOTH synched library AND iTunes Match library at the same time

    I ran iTunes Match on my library of MP3 files and hit the maximum allowed 25,000 song limit in my paid iTunes Match account. Then I created a new version of my local/PC iTunes library with those 25,000 MP3 songs removed, and synchronized it with my iPhone 4s running IOS7 and iTunes Match turned OFF. So far so good.
    So now I theoretically have no duplication between my 25,000 song iTunes Match library and my local iTunes library that resides on my PC.
    But even though I have the "Show All Music" setting on the phone turned on, the iTunes Match songs don't appear on my iPhone until I also turn the iTunes Match setting on. But as soon as I do that, all of the songs I synched from my local iTunes library on my PC completely disappear- having been completely replaced by my iTunes Match library. If I then turn the iTunes Match setting off again (while still leaving "Show All Music on"), the iTunes Match songs also disappear, leaving my iPhone music library completely empty. Have I misunderstood the meaning of the "Show All Music" setting, or is something malfunctioning?
    My question is: How can I make ALL of my songs (both the ones I have previously captured in ITunes Match AND the ones I synched with my PC via iTunes) appear on my iPhone at the same time?  This scenario seemed to be working just fine under IOS6 on the same iPhone.

    I had a somewhat similar experience.  When I enabled paid iTunes Match on my iPhone 5, iOS7, all of my locally-stored songs on the iPhone disappeared and remained gone even after I disabled iTunes Match on the iPhone.
    A chat session with Apple support revealed that iTunes Match will in fact supersede any synched content on the iPhone.  The suggestion from Apple support was to download on the phone all the previously-synched content via iTunes Match wireless connection.  Of course, that would take hours if not days.  And that crazy workaround won't help you because you want songs other than what you have in the Cloud.
    It appears that various members of this forum have not had this same experience.  I'm not sure what's going on here.  Usually with Apple's tight control of hardware and software these anomalies are avoided.
    And I didn't really need iTunes Match except I wanted commercial-free iTunes Radio (which I think is great, by the way).  At least for now, commercial-free radio (with a paid subscription) can be achieved only by enabling all of the iTunes Match features.  I'm not sure why Apple requires this bundling unless its part of a general push to a streaming model for everything (more revenue opportunities) as opposed to supporting local storage.

  • Can I use DIO 32HS in pattern I/O and Unstrobed I/O in the same time?

    I work with a pci dio 32 HS(programming with labview) and i want to know if it is possible to configure 3 ports in unstrobed output mode (24 static digital lines) and 1 port in pattern I/O mode which can read AND(not "or") write data(using internal clock)in the same VI.moreover in pattern I/O mode am i obliged to use these port combinations (16 bits: (port0,Port1) or (port 2, port 3) , 32 bits: (port 0,1,2,3))and not an other one and can i configure one port in output and input at the same time (for example aquiring and generating data at the falling and rising edge of the internal clock)?? please give me all possibilities of lines, ports and groups direction (input output bidirectionnal) with more de
    tails (i'm not sure of what i can do using the 653X user manual). else, I can't observe with my oscilloscope TEK the internal clock signal(squarewaveform TTL) onthe REQ pin as it is said in the user manual, WHY????
    Thank you for your answers.bye

    No, you cannot configure 3 ports together. On the PCI-DIO-32HS, there are two main port groups, each group consisting of two ports: group 1 (ports 0,1) and group 2 (ports 2,3). You can configure two 8-bit ports (0 and 2), two 16-bit ports (0,1 and 2,3) and one 32-bit port (ports 0,1,2,3); you can configure each group independently.

  • Both thunderbolt display and ethernet stopped working at the same time

    I use recent Macbook pro 13inch retina.  I use both of thunderbolt ports on ethernet and display.
    I was messing around with application, and I found chess game. I played it for while than my display and ethernet suddenly stopped working.
    I do know ethernet and display is working fine because My roommate still have access to the ethernet, and My xbox still works on my display monitor.
    So, I suspected its thunderbolt problem, and I reinstalled Mavericks twice and reseted SMC and NVRAM, which didn't solve anything.
    Do you have any suggestion before I take this computer to Apple store?

    So the ports still work, and the display still lights up when you use it with your xbox? Are you sure about the xbox part, I didn't think the thunderbolt display worked with an xbox.
    Do you have the LED Cinema display? Look at the back, do you have 3 USB ports or 3 USB ports, firewire and ethernet?

  • Can I use my New Imac as a server and a workstation/client at the same time ?

    I havea  brand new (2 months Old) Imac - 4 Gig, fully loaded and want to use it as a server using lion server app.  I want to use it for ical server, Addressbook and fileshareing with a bit more security.  I dont want to buy a new computer, just use the existing one to do these services.  At the same time, I want to still use this computer for my regular work. 
    There will be a few users with low traffic.  At the beggining, there will be only 1 other user for the calander, addressbook and file server.  Later it might grow to 4.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated !!!
    PS - Any advice on how to set this up or tricks would be appreciated
    Thanks Again

    Arik From Tel Aviv wrote:
    great Idea !!  Lets assume I dont want to go virtual - what is your thought on that ?
    Lion Server is a "layer" on top of client. The services run in the background and do consume resources like the RAM, CPU, and HD, while you're using the computer as a client. That said, when running a VM with say VMWare Fusion you dedicate Cores and RAM to VM, even if the VM doesn't need all the CPU horsepower or RAM for your server tasks. So it may be that running a full blown Lion Server as VM along side client is more resource intensive on your computer than just running Lion Server while also using it as a workstation.

  • Can I save both DVD-R and DVD-Video files onto the same DVD?

    Can I save both DVD-R and DVD-Video files onto the same DVD?

    Hi Stan,
    I just want the user to be able to run my video clips either on a 
    computer or on a standard DVD player. It would be nice to include both 
    formats on a single disc. I am new to this and am not sure what format 
    is most widely used for standard DVD players. Thanks for your response 
    and any guidance you can give me.
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    "Re: Can I save both DVD-R and DVD-Video files onto the same DVD?"
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  • Can an Ironport work in both WCCPv2 and L4 Traffic monitoring modes at the same time?

    Hello Ciscoers,
    We have an ironport installed and we use WCCPv2 to redirect the traffic. And as it occurs, I have a need to forward the traffic for another network, that uses another path to the Internet.
    So I was thinking using the L4 Traffic Monitoring.
    To the best of your knowledge, is there a way to have the appliance use both WCCPv2 and L4 Traffic monitoring at the same time? From the configuration, it's one or the other.

    Ok. I'll try.
    As a matter of fact, I plan to use policy-based routing to forward all the "interesting" traffic to the appliance.
    For your TCP-Resets not seen, do you allow ingress on the span session?

  • Is it possible to use both an ILB and an ELB (listening on the same port) in the same Azure cloud service?

    I'm building a test Lync deployment on Azure; yes, I know this is not supported, hence "test".
    Lync Front-End servers expose two set of web services, one for internal users and one for external ones; they listen on different ports (443 and 4443) on the same servers; when external services are published, you need a reverse proxy or a port forwarding
    in order to map port 443 of a public IP address to port 4443 of the Front-End server(s). When you have multiple Front-End servers in a pool, you also need to load-balance them.
    So, a typical Lync deployment looks like this:
           Internal users
              Internal LB
            443         443
              |               |
       Lync FE 1     Lync FE 2
              |               |
          4443        4443
              External LB
           Public IP Address
           External Users
    This should be easily replicated in Azure, as it supports both external load balancing and internal load balancing. They are even supported together in the same cloud service, so this configuration should be easy. However, it looks like "should"
    is the keyword here.
    After creating the external load balanced endpoint (which listens on external port 443 and forwards to port 4443 on the servers), I'm trying to create an internal load balancer and add internal endpoints to is; however, while the ILB can be created successfully,
    adding an internal endpoint listening on port 443 and forwarding to port 443 on the servers fails miserably, with an error stating that port 443 is already in use by another endpoint:
    Update-AzureVM : BadRequest : Port 443 is already in use by one of the endpoints in this deployment. Ensure that the port numbers are unique across endpoints within a deployment.
    For reference, my commands are:
    Add-AzureInternalLoadBalancer -InternalLoadBalancerName "LyncILB" -ServiceName "LyncFrontEnd" -SubnetName "LabSubnet" -StaticVNetIPAddress
    (This completes successfully)
    Get-AzureVM LYNCFE1 | Add-AzureEndpoint -Name "Https-Int" -Protocol "tcp" -LocalPort 443 -PublicPort 443 -LBSetName "HttpsIntLB" -DefaultProbe -InternalLoadBalancerName "LyncILB"
    (This fails)
    The existing external endpoint is configured as such:
    Get-AzureVM LYNCFE1 | get-azureendpoint
    LBSetName : HttpsExtLB
    LocalPort : 4443
    Name : HTTPS-Ext
    Port : 443
    Protocol : tcp
    Vip :
    ProbePath :
    ProbePort : 4443
    ProbeProtocol : tcp
    ProbeIntervalInSeconds : 15
    ProbeTimeoutInSeconds : 31
    EnableDirectServerReturn : False
    Acl : {}
    InternalLoadBalancerName :
    IdleTimeoutInMinutes :
    LoadBalancerDistribution :
    The error doesn't even make a lot of sense; the external load balancer listens on a public IP address, while the internal load balancer listens on a private IP address in the internal network; there
    shouldn't be any conflict here... however it looks like there is one instead.
    Why doesn't this work? Am I doing something wrong, or is Azure networking just being silly as usual again?

    Hello Massimo Pascucci,
    The issue that you are facing when creating an endpoint with internal loadbalancer is the limitation of not allowing same ports to be listening under a single cloud service. This reason for this is that there is a limitation of only one private IP (Also
    known as the Internal load balanced IP) per cloud service.
    There is also a limitation on the Internal load balancer more than one port to be published per load balancer:
    You can leave your feedback by following the link below:
    Refer to this article for more information on Internal load balancer:
    Syed Irfan Hussain

  • Can you use the Airport Express A1264 as an AP and a DHCP server at the same time?

    Can you use the Airport Express A1264 as an Access Point and a DHCP server at the same time?
    I would like to use it as a DHCP server and AP at the same time in my LAN (no internet, just local machines through a few switches). I was lead to belive this could be the case from a few networking friends that haven't been friendly enough to help me out setting it up.

    I need it to act as a dLink/Cisco/Linksys/etc basic wifi router, in the fact that you can access it via wifi, and it will spit out DHCP addresses ( to everything wired downstream of it.
    I want to simultaniously provide a Wifi connection and a LAN connection at the same time

  • Can't i use xml schema and oledb data connection at the same time?

    Hello to all and thanks in advance.I use xml schema and oledb data connection at the same time and the problem is that when I try to export the xml, the outcome is not what i expect.Without the oledb connection everything is ok (just the schema) and the xml complies with the schema.
    Can't i have both schema and oledb and the exported xml be as i want it?

    You can use both at the same time, but not gor Internet access if that's what you're asking.
    Now there is a thing called Link Aggregation, which combines a number of interfaces for speed/redundancy, but it really only works locally, and then only with ALL special equipment in the route, and most likely OSX Server involved.

  • Is there an issue with the hitachi hard drives in the MacBook Pro's ?  Got a 15 inch and a 13 inch at the same time and both drives have failed in under two years. I have heard from a few other people with same issue.

    Is there an issue with the hitachi hard drives in the MacBook Pro's ?  Got a 15 inch and a 13 inch at the same time and both drives have failed in under two years. I have heard from a few other people with same issue. Other drive I have had have lasted at least 5 or more years.

    there is a dylib you can put in the springboard if jailbroken but if not you have to find an apple store

  • Accessing multiple portals at the same time?

    Is it possible to access multiple portals at the same time?
    For example, what I want to achieve is different properties (layout,
    portlets, look & feel) for different groups of users accessing the same
    portal. The Associated Groups part on the Portal admin page is not
    fulfilling our requirements. So we decided to have different portals for
    different groups of users, all working through one portal, and accessing
    their custom portals. Is this achievable?
    What we are thinking is: put the common functionality in the repository
    portal directory, and the custom portlets/jsps in the group-specific portal
    directories. This way we can customize portal behavior for different groups
    of users. Is this achievable?

    You have to user respective DRILL commands present in WAD to configure the drill operations on multiple characteristics...

  • How can I listen to itunes and play a game at the same time on my ipad 4?

    How can I listen to itunes and play a game at the same time on my ipad 4? This means I need to run 2 apps at the same time itunes and my game.  The game has its own sound control so I can turn off its sound while i listen to itunes tracks.  But I don't know how to set it up so the ipad does both.

    Anytime you open an app that has a persistant sound stream - a movie, a podcast, some games - it will overide the music app's stream. nothiong you can do to change it.

Maybe you are looking for

  • I Cal Performance

    My I Cal Widget only shows the date, but not the calendar behind it as it should When I get into I Cal it won't show the dates or month name as I go from the current month (which) is complete to the next. What's wrong?

  • How to sort photo albums by face on the new iPad?

    I noticed at my friends house that he in his photo albums had a face album already built in, I have the same iPad as him but can't figure out how to get it! Someone help plz?

  • PHD troubled with iPhoto Library

    Hi All. I am using Leopard server v. 10.5.4, my client end users have MacBooks (35 total) with Leopard 10.5.4 and sync every eight minutes. The computers are connected via Airport Extreme BS w/ common SSIDs and often do not rejoin the "preferred" net

  • How to use StageBuilder class?

    can you help me? can you get me a demo,My email is [email protected] Edited by: 943761 on 2012-6-30 上午12:32

  • UML to EJB

    Hi all, i am using Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8.1 and i see there is a UML-Tool. Can i model with this UML-Tool an ejb-architecture? if yes, please say me how, or is there anyone tutorial or document to learn that.