Can AC 5.3 and AC 10.1 plug-in co-exist in the same system

In SNOTE 1662113, it says:
"According to SAP Note 1590030- GRC10 Plug-in & 5.3 VIRSA Plug-in (RTA) Co-Existence, Access Control 5.3 can be used simultaneously with your AC 10.0 plug in systems while you are in the process of completing your migration/upgrade.
In addition, please note that GRCPINW SP04 to SP13 is compatible with any of the following AC 5.3 Java Support Packages: SP15, SP16, SP17, SP18, SP19, SP20 and SP21."
My question is whether this applies for AC 10.1 as well or what can be the recommendation scenario for both plug-ins (5.3 and 10.1) to co-exist.

I am aware of the latest releases of the components along with the plug-ins.
This note is applicable to your scenario but you might face some issues related to organization rule wizard, custom user group creation and EAM DB log collection, as mentioned at the bottom of the note. No matter on what SP level you are with GRCFND_A at 10.1, you would face these issues.
And so far, i don't think there is any more update from SAP on co-existence of plugins of 5.3 and 10.1

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