Can BIP report have a progress bar/indicator?

I have a BIP report embedded in a dashboard along with the BI answers report.
While processing, the BIP report shows a clock symbol indicating the progress bar where as BIP report is not showing anything.
this gives the end user a wrong impression that whether the report is executed or still processing.
Is there a way to set a text message or a symbol to show progress?
Please reply if you know how to.
Thank you
Narasimha Rao

Sorry about that! We are working on adding this back to Firefox in an upcoming version:

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    In the newest version (14.0) there are no progress bar or percentage on downloads in the notification pulldown. They also don't appear in the Downloads page of Firefox until they are done downloading.
    Is there a way to get either of those back? I've looked at the Extensions for mobile, and with the few that have been made in the short time this version has been out, none of them would help with this. Are there any options that I can't find?
    If there isn't, can you please add this sometime in the future? It's driving me mad not knowing how far my download is.

    Sorry about that! We are working on adding this back to Firefox in an upcoming version:

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    I have written large files for a report. When I open the files in the VI by pushing a button I want to view the progress of the file being opened. My first thought was to get the file size, some how measure the number of bytes comming out and monitor it on the progress bar. I am unsure about how to do this. If you know of a better way to monitor and disply the progress of an opeing file please let me know.

    If I understand you correct the progress bar is not the problem, it's to get a numeric value indicating the progress...right?
    If so then you could read the file size, preallocate a byte array to hold the file, then read it in chunks and put the chunks into the array using replace array elements...(you could concatinate strings, but that would easily become very memory and speed expensive...)until you have read the entire file. If the file is 20 MB and you want the progress bar to have a resolution of about 1% read it in chunks of 256 KB...For each chunk read, increment the progress bar...

  • Can I remove the startup progress bar from a Flex app?

    Hey all,
    I have built a few charts for my companies' website:
    On all of them, I have noticed that there's a delay of 3 or 4 seconds from the time the page loads, a progress bar shows, and then the graph is actually shown.
    The charts in question are all Flex 3 builder built, and I am upgrading now to Flash 4 builder. But, still I see the progress bars.
    I know that Fusion Charts doesn't have this same startup routine, those charts pop right up as soon as the site is loaded. Now Fusion is of course build to JUST be a chart tool and probably doesn't load as much stuff. But, is it possible to get there with Flash 4 builder?

    With flashbuilder you first need to load the swf, then it creates the display objects this is what the loadbar is there for, if you have embedded assets then that bar will stay even longer. Once the application creation sequence is complete the displaybar disappears and then your application is displayed.
    Now imagine removing that bar, on a slow connection with a 'large' app, the user would be faced with a blank screen for several seconds, not the desired end-user experience we are after.
    You can make it more interesting by customising the pre-loader with say a company splash screen which offers a more visually appealling startup
    this is a simple example of a custom preloader, source is included
    One quick note with preloaders there is no flex sdk at that point so preloaders have to comply with the immediate requirements of the flashplayer api. So basically on flash components.

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    You can try to add Canvas3D in some container like JFrame, JDialog or what ever you are using and add JProgressBar to that container as well. You may use appropiate layout as well. JProgressBar cannot be a part of your 3D world. But if u want to use simple components like Label or TextFields then u could use Overlay library at

  • FM10 Progress-bar indicator shows no progress

    I'm using FM10 (v10.0.2.419) on Windows 7 OS.
    When I print to postscript, the pink ribbon that used to show the progess does not display any longer,
    and the percentages indicator remains at 0%.
    Any ideas? My colleague right next to me is using the same SW and HW and does not have this problem.
    Thanks in advance for any ideas....

    Do you see the page numbers increasing below the progress bar (thermometer in FM's parlance)? Does the job "print" to completion? What device are you printing to?
    You could check your maker.ini file to see if the colour definition has been changed to be a background grey. The default setting should be:
    ;-------------------- Thermometer Color Definitions -----------------------
    ThermoDoneColor=255, 0, 255
    ThermoRemainingColor=192, 192, 192
    There are two versions of the maker.ini file. The global one in the %FMhome% folder and the user-specific one in the \Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\FrameMaker\11 folder.

  • Why can I not have the address bar appear when I installed Firefox 3.6?

    Your "pictures" appeared and I had to choose one in order to continue. It would not clear unless I chose one. From then on, I could have no address bar, just Google, Yahoo, and in very dark bqckground which was hard to see. I tried everything; and finally gave up and deleted my Firefox. I have been a user for several years, but this one messed everything up. I could not get my addresses from the Express, and if I am going to have to use Outlook for the address book, I might as well just use Explorer! Give me some help (I have tried filling in the questions) and I will reinstall Firefox, I did like it a lot.
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == I was forced to chose one of your pictures. It took the place of your tool bar and address bar. ==
    == User Agent ==
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; FunWebProducts-MyWay; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)

    Try the Firefox SafeMode. <br />
    ''A troubleshooting mode, which disables most Add-ons.'' <br />
    ''(If you're not using it, switch to the Default Theme.)''
    # You can open the Firefox 4/5/6/7 SafeMode by holding the '''Shft''' key when you use the Firefox desktop or Start menu shortcut.
    # Or use the Help menu item, click on '''Restart with Add-ons Disabled...''' while Firefox is running. <br />
    ''To exit the Firefox Safe Mode, just close Firefox and wait a few seconds before using the Firefox shortcut (without the Shft key) to open it again.''
    If it is good in the Firefox SafeMode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to figure out which one. <br />

  • Can Any One Send Calendar & Progress Bar sample Form fmb

    Any one have calendar and progress bar form code pls send on
    [email protected]

    Unfortunately I not on work, I would send you the form.....
    Example of construction of a tree in manual
    ---(new_node parent, l_node children):
    new_node := Ftree.Add_Tree_Node(htree, Ftree.ROOT_NODE, Ftree.PARENT_OFFSET,
                   c2.firm_name, NULL, c2.firm_name);
    l_node :=Ftree.Add_Tree_Node('B.T', new_node, Ftree.PARENT_OFFSET,
                   ftree.last_child, ftree.leaf_node, c4.MODEL,
                   NULL, c4.MODEL);
    next exemple:
    In properties of a tree " query of data " we write query on which our tree (for example) is under construction :
    SELECT -1
    FROM adm_object
    CONNECT BY PRIOR object_id = object_object_id
    START WITH object_object_id IS NULL
    and then in trigger
    ---it is important to not forget if your populate from tree:
    Ftree.Set_Tree_Property(id_tree, Ftree.RECORD_GROUP, REC_GR);
    v_ignore := Populate_Group(REC_GR);
    or use this procedure:
    PROCEDURE pop_tree (NBT VARCHAR2, REC_GR VARCHAR2, p_val number) IS
    v_ignore NUMBER;
    find_node ftree.NODE;
    ID_tree ITEM;
    ID_tree := Find_Item(NBT);
    Ftree.Set_Tree_Property(ID_tree, Ftree.RECORD_GROUP, REC_GR);
    v_ignore := Populate_Group(REC_GR);
    --find root
    find_node := Ftree.Find_Tree_Node(ID_tree, p_val, Ftree.FIND_NEXT,
    Ftree.NODE_value, Ftree.ROOT_NODE, Ftree.ROOT_NODE);
    if find_node = 0 then
         find_node := 1;
    end if;
    Ftree.Set_tree_selection(ID_tree, find_node, Ftree.SELECT_ON);

  • Why can't I have multiple search bars

    I want to be able to have several search bars in one toolbar, to mimic Opera capability

    Thanks, I've looked at that, but it doesn't replicate the function. What I was aiming for is an actual second search bar, always available, as well as the initial one.

  • How can I remove the Loading Progress Bar that pops-up at the bottom of the screen and relocates its self every time i try to mouse over it ?

    I noticed that the latest beta of Firefox has brought a new feature, namely that grey box that pops up when you load a new page and displays the progress : loading... transferring .. and so on. I find that very annoying. How can I remove it ?
    I have tried from the Customize panel... but I haven't found anything related to that.

    @cor-el: Thank you for your help. Got the issue fixed.
    For those who are interested in a quick fix for this, go under (user profile depending on what OS you are using)\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\chrome , create a css file named userChrome.css (you have an example there... ) and paste in this code :
    @namespace url("");
    #statusbar-display { display: none !important; }
    Not sure if it's really correct, but it removed that annoying Status-bar, so I'm satisfied with it.

  • Can interactive report have 2 "special" columns?

    I have an interactive report on which I have placed a column for redirecting to a detail form. But I want to, also, put a column that will contain a button which will perform an action (update 2 columns in db). This way if the user wants to close the entry on the db they can click this button without having to go to the detail screen. So, they can go to the detail screen and close the entry or they can just click on the button to close the entry. I would love to have it be done with a right-mouse click menu but I suspect that is too much to ask which is why I thought the button might be ok.

    I took a different approach but this might work for you...
    On the interactive report, defined column1 as 'CheckBox' using this syntax:
    Select APEX_ITEM.CHECKBOX(1,c.s_id) "s_id_checkbox", column2, column3 etc. from my table - Note: APEX_item.CHECKBOX can create the checkbox as 1st item on the IR report
    once the item is defined, set the item header in the 'Report Attributes' tab to: <input type="checkbox" onclick="$f_CheckFirstColumn(this)" title="Select"/> and column type: Standard Report column - This will give the each row of the IR check/uncheck facility for the user. Make sure when you run the IR in developer mode, to 'Select' the newly defined 'checkbox' column in the 'Actions' menu and Save the report as 'Public' report. Also, move the newly-defined 'check-box' column as 1st column to display on the IR.
    Introduce a button Item on the IR Page, that will submit a page process. Write your PLSQL procedure or DML calls in this page process, for performing your database operation on your list of 'checked items'
    Page Process upon button submit: Code Example only. You may need to implement as per your reqs.DECLARE
    v_request VARCHAR2(100) := v('REQUEST');
    v_count pls_integer;
    v_selected_item_id pls_integer;
    :P1_PROCESS_MSG := NULL; --This should be set the page processes 'success' and 'error' message properties to &P1_PROCESS_MSG. (Define new item P1_PROCESS_MSG on your page of IR)
    --//Process each user selection via the PLSQL page process api call
    v_count := v_count+1;
    v_selected_item_id := APEX_APPLICATION.G_F02(i);
    --// CALL_YOUR_PLSQL_PACKAGE or Custom DML BY PASSING THE USER SELECTED RECORD_ID TO PERFORM YOUR DATABASE DML and by using the 'v_selected_item_id' as a parameter or DML condition to perform your database DML action.
    END IF;
    User runs the IR, checks on the records he/she wants to do the 'close' then clicks on the new button that does the 'multiple-close' for the records of choice. He/she can select just-1-row and do the same dml operation by clicking on a button that you defined on this IR Report's page.
    Also, if the above approach is not viable, you can create a 'f?p...' column link on your IR's main query to submit the page upon user-click. But, I've seen the above approach lot more liked by users.
    Edited by: VSKumar on Feb 7, 2012 5:45 PM

  • HT4623 My iPhone 4 has become unresponsive during the update. It's showing a progress bar and has not moved for over half an hour can anyone help ?

    My iPhone 4 has become unresponsive during the latest update I have a progress bar about half way through the update and it hasn't moved for about an hour can anyone help???

    Hey Ali.M27,
    Thanks for the question. I understand you are experiencing issues with your iPhone during an iOS update. If your issues persist, you may need to restore your device in recovery mode:
    iOS: Unable to update or restore
    Matt M.

  • OSX 10.10: Is it normal to have a loading progress bar at each startup

    My MBP-13 (Mid 2010) has become very slow on startup and each time I start (from cold or re-start) it has a "process bar" as if an update is loading, on the Grey Screen where previous to the update there was just the Apple Logo. This began when I upgraded to Yosemite. Admittedly, my hard drive is a bit full (51 GB remaining) and that could be partly to blame for the slower startup, I feel like something is not quite right since the update. Earlier today on the left pane of my finder window, there were 5 versions of this MBP under the "Shared" column (5 versions of itself!). I thought this was strange so I did a restart and while it did take care of the 'ghost' shared versions of itself, it was still slow to startup again, and the progress bar was there again during the grey screen part of the startup process, as it is each time the computer starts.
    So My questions are:
    1. Is it normal to have that progress bar during startup with Yosemite when it was never there before the update?
    2. What would cause this computer to show what I like to refer as 'ghost' versions of itself under the shared column on its own finder window left pane?
    Thanks in advance for any wisdom you may impart.
    Capt Ron

    1. Yes, the progress bar replaced the spinning gear. Haven't a clue why, but might be to mimic iOS devices ( I don't have any, so can't check).
    2,  Can't answer, since I share nothing.
    27" i7 iMac (Mid 2011) refurb, OS X Yo (10.10), Mavs, ML & SL, G4 450 MP w/10.5 & 9.2.2

  • How can i add a progress bar to my UIwebview

    i have a page in my application where i have a UIWebview what i want to do is have a progress bar somewhere on the screen to indicate the loading status on the page.

    Go to your xib file or storyboard file, then you should see Progress view in the objects.

  • I continue to have progress bar under Apple logo after installing Yosemite

    I installed Yosemite some time ago. After the installation I continue to have the progress bar under the Apple logo (before logging in) as if something is still being installed. It takes some minutes before I get to the login screen. Current version is 10.10.2. Any suggestions?

    As long as your system does not say Safe Mode in the menu bar, then everything is normal. The loading bar should not normally sit for many minutes; however, this may depend on the system you are using and what you have installed.

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