Can I configure my network settings to use two different proxy configurations?

At work, I have a proxy server, but away I do not.  I would like the correct proxy settings to load in each case.  Currently, I use two different locations.  This works acceptably, but I have to open my network settings and manually switch locations when my location changes.  I have experimented with creating multiple ethernet ports.  I can create a location with two ethernet ports, but I can't find a way to cause the correct one to activate.  The first port in the search order is loaded even if the proxy is not found.
Please let me know if you can help with this.  Thank you.

I'm not sure of another way to do what you want, but there should be a Location menu in the Apple menu. You don't need to open the network prefs to change locations.

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    Hey guys,
    I'm having a bit of a problem. I have two computers (windows laptop + windows pc) which I use both for buying apps (my ipad isn't always connected to our internet), recently I bought an app on my pc and then when syncing it asked for me to 'Erase and sync'. So I did this and the app installed fine, but all my other apps were reset.
    Is it possible to use two different computers to buy apps and sync with my ipad without having to erase and sync?

    Thanks for your reply,
    Im a bit disapointed with this though, seems sort of impratical.. I dunno what to do now, what computer to stick with :/

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    Does anyone know of any utility software I can use to configure the network settings of a cRIO without LabVIEW or DAQmx? If not is there some sort of minimal MAX install that can be used to configure it? The last time I tried configuring a cRIO's network settings from a computer without LabVIEW took GBs of downloads to get it to work.
    - Ken

    Hello xkenneth86,
    there actually is no stand-alone installation of MAX, but you can get the latest version by downloading any of the NI drivers, such as NI-DAQmx or NI-VISA, or by downloading NI System Configuration.
    I believe the NI System Configuration package is the smallest, it includes NI Network Browser 1.1.0, NI System Configuration 1.1.2 and NI Measurement & Automation Explorer 4.7.2. Please note that this is not the latest version of MAX.
    You can download the  NI System Configuration package from this page, also please take a look at this page for further details.

  • After updating to iOS 6, I can no longer connect to my schools wireless network. It uses manual http proxy. Now however a blank pop up comes up and it will not connect you. Thanks

    After updating to iOS 6, I can no longer connect to my schools wireless network. It uses manual http proxy. Now however a blank pop up comes up and it will not connect you. Thanks

    Turn off your firewall and antivirus software.

  • How Can i Use two Different Public IP Addresses no my DMZ with ASA Firewall.

    How To Using Two Different Public IP Address on My DMZ with ASA 5520
    Postado por jorge decimo decimo em 28/Jan/2013 5:51:28
    Hi everyone out there.
    can any one please help me regarding this situation that im looking for a solution
    My old range of public ip address are finished, i mean (the 41.x.x.0 range)
    So now i still need to have in my DMZ another two servers that will bring some new services.
    Remember that those two server, will need to be accessable both from inside and from outside users (Internet users) as well.
    So as i said, my old range of public ip address is finished and we asked the ISP to gives some additional public
    ip address to address the need of the two new servers on DMZ. and the ISP gave us the range of
    So my quation is, on reall time world (on the equipment) how can i Use two different public ip address on the same DMZ
    on Cisco ASA 5520 v8??
    How my configuration should look like?
    I was told about implementing static nat with Sub Interfaces on both Router and ASA interface
    Can someone please do give me a help with a practical config sample please. i can as well be reached at [email protected]
    attached is my network diagram for a better understanding
    I thank every body in advance

    So looking at your picture you have the original public IP address range configured on the OUTSIDE and its used for NAT for different servers behind the ASA firewall.
    Now you have gotten a new public IP address range from the ISP and want to get it into use.
    How do you want to use this IP address range? You want to configure the public IP addresses directly on the servers or NAT them at the ASA and have private IP addresses on the actual servers (like it seems to be for the current server)?
    To get the routing working naturally the only thing needed between your Router and Firewall would be to have a static route for the new public network range pointing towards your ASA OUTSIDE IP address. The routing between your Router and the ISP core could either be handled with Static Routing or Dynamic Routing.
    So you dont really need to change the interface configuration between the Router and ASA at all. You just need a Static route pointing the new public IP address towards the ASA outside IP address.
    Now when the routing is handled between the ISP - ISP/Your Router - Your Firewall, you can then consider how to use those IP addresses.
    Do you want to use the public IP addresses DIRECTLY on the HOSTS behind the firewall?This would require you to either configure a new physical interface with the new public IP address range OR create a new subinterface with the new public IP addresses range AND then configure the LAN devices correspondingly to the chosen method on the firewall
    Do you want to use the public IP addresses DIRECLTY on the ASA OUTSIDE as NAT IP addresses?This would require for you to only start configuring Static NAT for the new servers between the inside/dmz and outside interface of the ASA. The format would be no different from the previous NAT configuration other than for the different IP addresses ofcourse
    Of the above ways
    The first way is good because the actual hosts will have the public IP addresses. Therefore you wont run into problems with DNS when the LAN users are trying to access the server.
    The second way is the one requiring the least amount of configurations/changes on the ASA. In this case though you might run into problem with DNS (to which I refer above) as the server actually has a private IP address but the public DNS might reply to the LAN hosts with a public IP address and therefore connections from LAN could fail. This is because LAN users cant connect to the servers OUTSIDE NAT IP address (unless you NAT the server to public IP address towards LAN also)
    Hopefully the above was helpfull. Naturally ask more specific questions and I'll answer them. Hopefully I didnt miss something. But please ask more
    I'm currently at Cisco Live! 2013 London so in the "worst case" I might be able to answer on the weekend at earliest.
    - Jouni

  • How to use two different network cards on RT?

    Hi everyone... I'm currently working on a project where I have to deal with the issue mentioned in the thread's topic: I have a PC with RT LabVIEW that has to be able to establish network connections using two different network cards. One will be used to connect via TCP/IP with a host computer that will show the data transmitted through shared variables; the other will communicate with another PC through Modbus protocol. The key is that each communication is done through a separate network card.
    So far I haven't been able to figure out how to configure both things to happen. Does anyone know how to do this? Any tips will help.
    For the RT communication I'm using a standard RT project, with the RT PC being given one of the IPs, and for the Modbus part, I created an I/O server with a master and a slave. Separately everything works fine, but when I get them together it simply won't work.
    Thanks for your help!
    Go to Solution.

    Sorry it took me so long to answer, I've been busy lately....I've found a solution to the problem I mentioned, and just in case anyone has similar problems in the future, I'll shortly describe what happened.
    As Caseyw suggested, it was necessary to enable both network cards through the Measurement and Automation Explorer. The cause of the connections malfunction was actually that I wasn't using the "right" protocol for the Modbus communication, which ran on the secondary adapter. The solution was to use the URL protocol with the correct path on the field, addressing the right IP address. To avoid making this post a mixture of topics, I won't elaborate futher, but I got the gist of it, so if anyone is having similar problems whether it is working with several network cards or with Modbus communication protocols, feel free to contact me, I'll be glad to help.

  • Can I use two different database with DBSystemLoginModule?

    Finally I can login with Database user id by DBSystemLoginModule on Embedded oc4j server.
    But I confused between [b]jazn-data.xml and system-jazn-data.xml.
    Which xml do I have to edit for jdbcUrl and jdbcDriver?
    Now I would like to use two different database(such as only sid is different).
    In this case I want to show specific database name as realm name.
    What should I do?
    When I use DBSystemLoginModule, I edit JdbcUrl in system-jazn-data.xml.
    So can I pass the parameter for sid programmatically?
    And also I tried to run my application with other database with DBSystemLoginModule on Embedded oc4j server.
    I changed few things(jdbcUrl at system-jazn-data.xml,jazn-data.xml in embedded-oc4j-server/config and database connection for BusinessComponents at Project Properties of Model/ViewController.
    But I got some error.
    Did I miss something?
    ----< my error messgae >------
    500 Internal Server Error
    JBO-30003: The application pool (customer.model.datamodel.CMAppModuleLocal) failed to checkout an application module due to the following exception:oracle.jbo.JboException: JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: java.lang.NullPointerException, msg=null     at oracle.jbo.common.ampool.ApplicationPoolImpl.doCheckout(     Message was edited by:
    Message was edited by:

    I think I understand now, you are modifing the custom login modules configuration within the system-jazn-data.xml file. This is a bit dangerous! Didn't you register the login module in your orion-application.xml? For example, this is the way I do it:
    <web-module id="customProv-web" path="customProv-web.war" />
    <persistence path="persistence" />
    <!--data-sources path="./data-sources.xml"/-->
    <security-role-mapping name="sr_developer">
    <group name="developers" />
    <security-role-mapping name="sr_manager">
    <group name="managers" />
    <jazn provider="XML">
    <property name="custom.loginmodule.provider" value="true"/>
    <property name="role.mapping.dynamic" value="true"/>
    <property name="" value="true"/>
    <!-- Configuring a Login Module in an Application EAR file. -->
    <file path="application.log" />
    <namespace-resource root="">
    <security-role-mapping name="<jndi-user-role>">
    <group name="administrators" />
    <namespace-resource root="">
    <security-role-mapping name="<jndi-user-role>">
    <group name="administrators" />

  • How can I send email using two different email address that both link back to my one exchange account on my Ipad mini

    How can I send email using two different email address that both link back to my one exchange account on my Ipad mini? 
    On my PC I simply have a master return email address and use a POP for the secondary address.  Both are through the one exchange account without a problem.  I need to be able to do the same on my Ipad.

    Ah, I should have made that clear.  My domain didn't come from google.  It was purchased at and is hosted at dreamhost, but I haven't used their email servers in years - I just route everything through gmail.  I actually have a bunch of domains (with websites).
    Gmail has an option that lets someone with custom domains send (and receive) email through gmail using the custom domain once Google confirms proper ownership of the domain (to prevent spammers and such).  Gmail has a setting for "send email as" which allows gmail to be sent using a custom domain as the sender.  I'm pretty sure Apple's old mobileme had this feature too, but I didn't use it.

  • HT204053 If I have set up my Mac with two different users,  can I use two different Apple IDs on the same Mac?

    If I have set up my Mac with two different users,  can I use two different Apple IDs on the same Mac?

    Each user account may have its own Apple ID.

  • Can I use two different devices with different apple ID for backing up data on one machine without losing any data that was backed up with one device earlier?

    Can I use two different devices with different apple ID for backing up data on one machine without losing any data that was backed up with one device earlier?

    The link is to a discussion started on 12/18 in the FiOS Internet forum.  Here's the link I get now, however it is different than the link I pulled a few hours ago.  If this system changes the link again, it may not work.
    You can also look for the topic, "frustration and just confused" in the FiOS Internet forum.
    Here's a link that is in the thread that gives more detail.
    Good Luck!
    P.S.  "Copper Contributor" is my "rank."  gs0b is my user name.
    If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer as Accepted Solution so others can see the solution to the problem.

  • Can I use two different itune accounts on one computer?

    Can I use two different itune accounts on one computer?

    1. Give her a separate user account on your computer. If you have a backup copy of the library, you can restore it.
    2. If you encounter a 90-day waiting period, click here and ask the iTunes Store staff if they'll remove it.

  • How can I use two different ToolTipUIs?

    I want to use two different ToolTipUIs depending (in my case) on the JRadioButton that the Cursor is hovering over. For some JRadioButtons, I want to use the default ToolTipUI, and for others I wish to display a large amount of text over multiple lines. It seems to me that this is not easily possible as ToolTipManager uses the same JTooltip for each component, so setting the UI for JToolTip will affect every tool-tip-text.
    Does anyone know of a simple method to achieve this goal? Or can someone please correct me if my understanding is wrong?!
    And yes, I do realise that I could just use the multi-line ToolTipUI for all tooltips.

    As a point of interest, does anyone know why JToolTip doesn't have a public setUI(ComponentUI) method? Most other JComponents have such a method. This is really annoying because it means you have to do 1 of 2 things:
    1. Subclass JToolTip and subclass the particular JComponent
    public class WrappableToolTip extends JToolTip {
         public void setUI(ComponentUI ui) {
    } //end class
    // and the subclass of the JComponent
    public class WrapToolTipRadioButton extends JRadioButton {
         public WrapToolTipRadioButton(String text) {
         public JToolTip createToolTip() {
              JToolTip toolTip = new WrappableToolTip();
              toolTip.setUI(new WrappableToolTipUI());
              return toolTip;
    } //end class
    2. Rank work around in particular JComponent
    public class WrapToolTipRadioButton extends JRadioButton {
         public WrapToolTipRadioButton(String text) {
         public JToolTip createToolTip() {
              JToolTip toolTip = super.createToolTip();
              ComponentUI oldUI = UIManager.getUI(toolTip);
              UIManager.put("ToolTipUI", WrappableToolTipUI.class.getName());
              UIManager.put("ToolTipUI", oldUI.getClass().getName());
              return toolTip;
    } //end classThis problem is really annoying, because I have to write 2 or 3 (depending on above methods) classes for something simple. If it were a different component, I'd just have to write 1 class - the UI class. Irritating!

  • How can I use two differant iphones on one itunes

    I can i use two differant iphones on one itunes, and keep the content seperate?

    You can sync as many iphones/ipod/ipads as you like to one computer.
    Each is different and is recognized as such

  • SLI - Can I use two different video card versions for SLI?

    Can I use two different generations of MSI video cards that implement the same GPU for SLI?   
    The two video cards are:
    MSI N260GTX-T2D896-OCv2 GeForce GTX 260 896MB <-- What I currently have
    MSI N260GTX-T2D896-OCv3 GeForce GTX 260 896MB
    MSI N260GTX-T2D896-OCv4 GeForce GTX 260 896MB
    The main difference between these three seems to be that the OCv3 has two fans and a different heatsink than the OCv2.  The OCv4 has one fan like the OCv2 and but it is located in a different location and some weird spikey heatsink thing going on.  I already have the OCv2 but I am looking to get another card for SLI and newegg doesn't sell the OCv2 anymore.  The important thing is that I am looking for is stability and it seems that the most ideal setup would be to get identical cards.
    By the way, why are there so many versions (updates?) to this card?  Have there been issues related to the card that necessitate a revision?

    Different coolers(HS and fans) and possibly different makers of vRAM.  But, you should be able to run SLI without issues regardless of the versions.

  • Can I use two different HD's to backup my Mac?

    I was thinking how to make my backups more resilient. At the moment I take one weekly backup from my Mac using Time Machine - I then store the TM hard-disk away somewhere safe. (BTW - the reason I don't leave the TM disk connected all the time and run continuous backups is that I figure if someone breaks into my house, they'll just take the Mac and the hard disk!).
    I'm now thinking what happens if the TM hard disk fails and I can't restore from it? So I thought about maybe getting a second external hard disk, and alernating my backups each week to a different disk. As well as providing extra protection against a failure, I could also store the two backup disks in different places to add further resilience.
    Would TIme Machine get confused however if I use two different disks to run backups from the same Mac?
    Thanks for any advice...

    Time Machine won't get confused if you use it to back up to alternating disks. You have to run a complete, full initial backup on each machine, of course. When you swap disks, use the Time Machine pref pane to "choose" the backup disk that's currently connected.
    The "Preparing Backup" stage takes longer on the first backup after the swap - but it would do that if you had just not used the same drive for a week, too.
    Of course, YOU might get confused with this setup if you're looking for an older version of an existing file and the specific one you want is on the "other" drive, but it sounds like you're just looking for a "restore in case of disaster" solution rather than using the versioning history Time Machine provides.
    (Also - if the drive isn't big - physical dimensions, I mean - it might be easier to unplug it and shove it in a drawer if you think your Mac might be grabbed but the rest of the place not get ransacked.)

Maybe you are looking for

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