Can I get music back after formating cpu?

Can I get music back after formating cpu?

If the music was RIP'd from CD, then the fastest way is to restore from your backup.
Since it sounds like you did not have a backup, you will need to reRIP them from your CDs. Nothing else you can do.
iTunes purchases you can redownload. Open iTunes, go to the store, click on Purchases on the right side under Quick links.
Then tell the tech who formatted it for you without making a backup or making sure teat YOU made a backup that his rear end has a vacancy sign and your foot is looking for a place to rent.
and you should make a backup right now of your computer and update teh backup after you RIP all the CDs.
And make it a regualr practice, like weekly, depending on how much you want to lose.

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  • Getting music back after formatting computer

    I am a music teacher and use iTunes for all my recorded music. Over the summer, my school upgraded our computers to WIndows 7. Is there a way to get my music back? I spent a ton of money on all of it and would hate for it to all be gone... I have it on my iPod but can't figure out how to get it back on my computer. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks so much!

    Use your backup copy. This is one of the reasons that always maintaining a backup is basic.
    If you have failed to do so, then you can transfer itunes purchases from your ipod:
    File>Transfer Purchases

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    Trying to upgrade iPad software to newest version. It downloads but stops while backing up and says not enough space on hard drive to back up if i continue all media on iPad will be lostor deleted.  Can I get it back after upgrade by just synching or can I set it to backup to an external drive?  Thanks for any help.  I only use the laptop for itunes now as it has such little space left.

    I would recommend deleting contents off your hard-drive to make space (how much is should be having 15% free as a general practice) and backing up the phone prior to upgrading.

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    My ipad tells me that my icloud email is already used.  That is true.  The one whom it is assigned to is me.  How can I get it back after deleting it?

    Deleting an email account for the the mail app will not have any effect on ther AppleId and its use for other services. You need to delete the old ID and set up the new one for other services suxch as FaceTime, App store, etc.
    It sounds like you are trying to set up a new ID rather that just adding your old one back in. Or maybe I'm missing something.

  • How can i get songs back after erase and sync?

    How can i get songs back after pressing erase and sync by mistake?

    If they are no longer stored in your iTunes library and were only on your iPod, I'm afraid you are out of luck.  Sorry.

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    I have a MacBook in Japan. I had to reinstall my system using an older version of the disc that came with my computer because I was locked out and now I can't get back any of my purchased applications, not any of the software updates. On my account it shows the purchases. How can I get them back? None of the websites, such as iTunes seem to explain that...
    Thank you in advance,

    Go to an Apple store or authorized Apple service provider.

  • I need my Norton toolbar, how can I get it back after 4.0 download?

    4.0 disabled my Norton, AOL and Yahoo toolbars without my permission. How can I get them back?

    Symantec need to update their Firefox add-ons so that they are compatible with Firefox 4. They have indicated that for Norton 360 they plan to release an update to Norton 360 to support Firefox 4 in early May -
    I do not know about the time scale for updates for other Norton products. Pending the update by Symantec, if you want to use the Norton add-ons you will need to downgrade to Firefox 3.6.
    To downgrade to Firefox 3.6 first uninstall Firefox 4, but do not select the option to "Remove my Firefox personal data". If you select that option it will delete your bookmarks, passwords and other user data.
    You can then install the latest version of Firefox 3.6 available from - it will automatically use your current bookmarks, passwords etc.
    To avoid possible problems with downgrading, I recommend going to your profile folder and deleting the following files if they exist - extensions.cache, extensions.rdf, extensions.ini, extensions.sqlite and localstore.rdf. Deleting these files will force Firefox to rebuild the list of installed extensions, checking their compatibility, and reset toolbar customizations.
    For details of how to find your profile folder see
    The latest version of the Yahoo toolbar works with Firefox 4, available from
    You can contact AOL to see if they have updated their toolbar for Firefox 4

  • I paid for upgrade on iphoto, now i can not get iphoto back after deleting it

    i lost up grade on iphoto.  now can not get it back.  the computer tells me that my mac system needs to be greater than what i have.  i need iphoto.

    What version of iPhoto? What version of the system? Where did you get the upgrade?

  • Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager can i get it back after a computer crash

    in my hidden icons i had a program for sound effects like EQ, bathroom, concert, pipe ect.   after i crashed windows and reloaded windows  it is gone  any way to get it back ???Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager

    Copy all of your music from your backup copy of your old computer to your new one.
    If for some reason you have failed to maintain a backup copy, then you can redownload some itunes purchases in some countries.
    Download past purchases - Support - Apple

  • How can you get apps back after you restore an iPod?

    Alright so basically I was on my iPod using an app when all the sudden my screen goes black and it wouldnt turn back on, when I inverted colours it went white so my iPod was on, just not responding. I had to restore my iPod and I have all my music back but I just want to know if I can get my apps back too. Please help!!! I NEED THEM BACK!

    Note that you can only redownload the current version from the App store.
    Many developers when they updated their apps to support iOS 5 and 6 dropped compatibility for iOS 4.2.1 and earlier.
    Thus, if yo have a 2G or 1G iPod Your only way is if you have the version that was compatible on your computer such as in the recycle bin/trash or in a computer file backup. In that case delete the current version that is in your iTunes App library and replace it with the older version. Then sync.

  • Can i get everything back after it got erased?

    everything got erased ad wanted to know if there was a way of getting it back without having to buy it all again

    Apps can be downloaded again for free: Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    If you synced to your iTunes on your computer, you should also have the apps and media data that used to be on your ipod in your iTunes library. Other data is also part of the backup you could use to restore from: iTunes: About iOS backups

  • Getting music back after computer goes down.

    The hard drive went out on my computer. I have a new one now. How do I get all my Itunes (including the ones not purchased at Itunes) music files back?

    If the hard drive itself is mechanically dead (not just Windows or the computer making it appear dead) and your not willing to spend over $2000 at a platter level recovery service, then your out of luck basically, you should have made backups of your music.
    If you have a iDevice, (iPod etc) there is third party software that can recover the files off of it and onto your new computer, regardless of the source of the music..
    You'll have to ask at iLounge because we can't recommned software that can be used to violate copyrights here.
    If your hard drive itself is not mechanically dead, you really dont know this unless you pull it out of the computer and use a enclosure or a IDE/SATA to USB adatapor cable to hook it up to another Windows PC, there are ways to recover the files.
    So is the hard drive really DEAD DEAD? or is the comptuer not booting from the hard drive because Windows or the computer is fscked for other reasons (malware, dead power supply etc.)
    Because if the hard drive works, I can post how to recover the files from a dead PC.

  • Computer Crashed Can't get music back onto fixed computer

    My computer crashed and I hadn't backed my music up to a disk. I got my computer fixed but they had to erase everything. When I went to transfer it back on usuing my iPod like the support page says a window pops up and tells me that my library can only be synced to one itunes library. is there anything i can do? i had $100+ in downloads.

    Have a look here for options to getting your content off your ipod onto your PC:

  • Can you get photos back after recovering your ipod touch?

    My iPod touch has been freezing on the apple logo screen and not opening up. I was told I'm going to have to recover or restore to factory settings in order for it to work again meaning, all my data will be gone. The problem is our computer died shortly after getting my Touch so i haven't synched with iTunes before. Does this mean it's a lost cause for my photos and videos? I could care less about the apps and even the music is ok to do without but the photos of my family are more important. Please help!

    Also if you had photos treat, but if you didn't use iCloud then I don't think you will be able to get them back

  • Getting music back after pc crash

    I lost everything on my computer and didn't have any of my itunes backed up, except for on my video ipod. Is there any way to transfer my music from my ipod back to itunes? So far I can't figure it out.

    I found this which seems to have worked...

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