Can I install a SATA II drive in my iMac?

Is there a difference between an internal SATA and a SATA II drive? Do both work in an iMac G5?

Hi absarokabeartooth-
Yes, there is a difference. Generally there is a jumper on the drive to set it for SATA speed.
You can check what drives other folks have used here: Mac Drive Upgrades/Compatibility Database

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  • How can i install a sata hard drive in my compaq nx6110

    There is a rediculously small hard drive installe in my laptop 40gb. I want to install at least a 240 gb but only can find sata drives that size. How do I go about installing the sata drive.

    You cannot install a SATA drive, and you can't go up to 240
    because the BIOS is not "48 bit" compatible.
    This limits you to 137 GB or less. There are plenty of 120 GB drives
    on Ebay for pretty good prices; just search this phrase:
    "2.5 PATA 120"
    Good luck

  • Can I use any SATA hard drive with an iMac?

    Hi, I'm a PC user from birth, and want to purchase an iMac, but the 500gb-1tb isn't enough storage for what I currently have on my PC (I have 4x 250gb hard drives, plus I'd need more room for the Mac OS). My question is, can I use any HD in the iMac, or does it have to be a "mac" hard drive? Also, can I hook up any external hd's? If this is the case, I'll buy 5-10 external enclosures for my hd's and build a custom box for them all. (Or put it in a slower PC I have, and run as a server, as I have to sell my good PC to afford a iMac)

    My iMac reports its internal HD as 'WD3200AAJS' (WesternDigital Caviar SE line),
    so it appears to be a standard form-factor HD with a standard SATA interface.
    Google-around for photos of a disassembled Mid-2007 iMac. I ran across
    some pics the other day, but unfortunately, didn't bookmark them. The link
    below shows the insides of a slightly older model. mbly.html

  • How many IDE drives & CDrom can be installed with SATA drives??

    How many IDE drives & CDrom can be installed with SATA drives??
    i have 2 IDE hard disks & 2 CDROM drives: can install SATA hard disk added to these drives or do i have to remove some???
    & if it can be added, can i install 2 SATA drives???
    THX in advance

    The 3 versions of this board that are available are:
    875P Neo-FISR (PCB 2.0)
    875P Neo-LSR (PCB 1.0)
    875P Neo-FIS2R (PCB 1.0)
    All of these boards will have the following ports provider by the chipsets ICH5R south bridge.
    2 x SATA (Supporting 2 SATA HDD drives)
    2 x PATA (Supporting 4 IDE devices)
    All 6 of these can be used at the same time (provided you are using win XP or 2K) you just need to make sure yor BIOS is set right.
    If you set to "legacy mode" S-ATA are set to channel 1 and 2 and P-ATA to channel 3 and 4. If you set to "native mode" P-ATA are channel 1 and 2 and S-ATA 3 and 4. You can only use the raid functionfon SATA in native mode.
    If you have the 875P Neo-FIS2R (PCB 1.0) you will also have the following ports provided by the Promise PDC20378 PCI controller:
    2 x SATA (Supporting 2 SATA HDD drives)
    1 x PATA (Supporting 1 Master IDE HDD drive)
    The PATA port is limited to 1 Master HDD by the lite BIOS. This can in theory be upgraded to the full BIOS supporting a master and a slave, but this may obviously void your warranty.
    So the answer to your origional question is:
    2 x SATA HDDs and 4 x IDE HDD/CDROM if you have 875P Neo-FISR (PCB 2.0) or 875P Neo-LSR (PCB 1.0)
    4 x SATA HDDs, 1 x IDE HDD (2 if you modify the BIOS) and 4 x IDE HDD/CDROM if you have 875P Neo-FIS2R (PCB 1.0)

  • Can I install a bigger hard drive on my HP Laptop dv9230us

    Can I install a bigger hard drive on my HP Laptop dv9230us

    Yes and in fact it can accept 2 hard drives. Any 2.5 inch wide SATA laptop hard drive 9.5 mm thick will work and those are available up to 1.5 TB I believe. To add a second hard drive you need a caddy and connector piece sold here:
    There is a link on the page above which will lead you to installation instructions.
    If you can give us some idea of what you are looking to do, we can link you to specific places to buy drives at good prices. 
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  • Need help in installing a SATA hard drive with 865pe NEO2

    Hello there
    I need a help in installing a Sata hard drive ,it is WD 250 GB , my motherboard is 865PE Noe2 , the bios is the latest one
    already I got another old hard drive ,not a Sata ,a regular IDE one installed as a master hard drive
    I want to install the sata hd as a slave for the IDE hd for now to transfer the files and documents
    I already physically installed the Sata hard drive yet the problem is that it was listed in the bios , I followed some of the steps here in the forum mentioned but all what I got is I found it listed as the fourth IDE master , not as the primary IDE slave
    in Windows Xp Sp2 it is not listed of course in the windows explorer , but it is there in the device manager
    look I am very confused and I tried most of the combinations in the ide configuration in BIOS 
    what should I do coz I am feeling so bad and stupid  ,you can consider me a n00b in this hard drive thing

    1st the sata drive cannot be listed as a slave drive to the ide master [key word=ide-can be configured as master OR slave, master IF only 1 hd, master and slave IF 2 hds], on the sata controler you can have master and slave, the ide cable has two connectors for the hds, sata has only 1 hd connector.
    are you wanting to install the sata as primary master and move the operating sys to that drive, if so you will need an IMAGING software to move an operating system OR you could do a fresh operating system install to the sata drive then install your programs.

  • Can you install Tiger onto a drive with data?

    I would like to ask if you can install Tiger onto a hard drive that already has data files on it. I have a 250 GIG hard drive and it already has 10 GIGs of data on it. Can I install Tiger on this drive or might it corrupt my files?
    Its a long story but here is a quick summary of why I am attempting to do this:
    I have a 350 MHz Blue and white G3 (rev 1) with two hard drives: the original 12 GIG ATA drive and a 250 GIG SATA drive (internal) connected with a 1S2 Seritek SATA controller.
    My 250 GIG drive has two partitions but only one is available to Tiger. You see, by accident I originally formatted my 250 GIG drive with an extremely small partion (32 Megs). I meant to type "30 GIGs" and by accident I typed "30 Megs". Oops That was supposed to be my OSX 10.4 volume. Its too late now - its too small. So I only have two choices for a place for TIger: my 12 GIG drive or the other partition of my 250 GIG drive. I am reluctant to choose my 12 GIG drive because it already has an older OS on it (OS 8.6).
    I was concerned about installing TIger on the data partition of the 250 GIG drive because that is where all my valuable data files are - 10 Gigs of data. I don't want to risk scrambling this data in any way.
    Is it safe to install Tiger onto this partition with my data files? Or is the possibility it might do something to my data.
    Its only a temporary install so that I could burn my 10 GIGs of data files to DVD for backup and then I will start all over again and erase the entire hard drive and reinstall from scratch onto the 250 GIG drive once my data files are safely backed up. (I will not partition the 250 GIG drive i nthe final install - it will be one big partition.)
    One other question:
    When you format a disk in Tiger are there options to "low level format" or "zero all data" or will just a straight "erase" do the job sufficiently? I bought my 250 GIG Hitachi SATA drive new and so I am not sure if it worth the time to re-erase it with "zero all data" (if that is an option in the Tiger Disk Utility). What is the best formatting option to prepare this drive in the most beneficial for Tiger?
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Thanks scb and Jeff,
    Jeff, you have me thinking now. I think I will be safe and try another idea. I have a 4 GIG internal SCSI drive I could use to backup my data in 4 GIG sections at a time via my Adaptec 2430 SCSI card. I could then move this hard drive over to my other G3 onto its 40 GIG hard drive. This would be done three times to take off all my data and essentially provide a backup before I install Tiger. Good idea. You are right. It is better to play it safe.
    By the way 8.6 can handle HFS+. And yes, I should eventually buy an external drive solution - probably an enclosure. I saw one called "coolmax" [1]. It could hold a SATA drive and it had USB, firewire and also an external SATA port.
    And also Jef thanks for the info about formatting drives. I am glad to hear it is not important to zero all data if you don't have to. I am not concerned about havig anything to hide and so yes, I will just click "format" - that should be fine. Zero all data takes such a long time and I would rather avoid using it if I don't need this feature. Thanks for the advice.
    Thanks for the new safer direction.
    [1] Coolmax (CD-311-SATA Combo)
    Coolmax Aluminum USB 2.0 External Case/Enclosure for 3.5" SATA/IDE Hard Drives, USB2.0, IEEE1394a, Serial ATA triple interface input CD-311-SATA Combo f27252cf17a17350cb603e0e
    $53.99 at directron

  • Can i install iCloud on a drive other than C:?

    I am installing i Cloud on a Windows 7  but do not have an option of putting it any where but C drive. How can i install it to another drive? I keeep my operating system on a small partition and install all my programs to a larger partition.

    Install it normally, launch it with the Shift key held down, and create a new library on the desired drive. The iTunes application contains system components and therefore must be installed on the drive or partition containing the OS.

  • Can you install a second hard drive on a Touchsmart320-1130 PC?

    This question was solved.
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    Here are the specs for your HP TouchSmart 320-1130a Desktop Computer. No, you can't install a second hard drive in this computer. The HP TouchSmart and All-in-One computers have more in common with laptops than they do with desktops.
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    HP p6787c - Windows 7, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GT 240

  • Can I install a 1TB Hard Drive into a late 2007 17" MacBook Pro?

    Can I install a 1TB Hard Drive into a late 2007 17" MacBook Pro currently running a 160 GB Hard Drive?

    It depends upon exactly what you want to do with your Mac.  My old Late 2007 17" MacBook Pro only has 4GB RAM and it works fine.  It is a little slow if I am doing anything involving heavy computing (rendering video, compiling programs, etc.) but it works just fine.  In most cases, the increased RAM will help performance, but the cost can be fairly high with an older machine like you have.

  • Can't install a 32 bit driver on my new 64 bit server

    I have a windows 2008 R2 server runing the print server. I have a HP Laserjet 4345 MFP Printer and can't install the 32 bit driver. I have installed the 64 bit but when I try to add the 32 bit driver is states that it is not the correct driver? I have downloaded the PCl 5 Driver (HP_LJ_M4345MFP_PCL5_32bit) But it states it the wrong driver. Please Help
    David Babbel
    System Admin

    Hi broadwater,
    Could you please re-download the package from this link and then install

  • Can I put 1TB SATA Hitachi drives in my Powermac?

    Can I put 1TB SATA Hitachi drives in my Powermac?
    I have a Dual 2.5GHZ PowerPC Power Mac.

    Hi clazz-
    That drive should be fine.
    You may also be interested in checking out the experiences of other users with regard to this topic: Drive Compatibility Database>

  • How can I install Adobe Reader & Flash Drive on Imac 10.8.4 & Firefox?  Both stall at Install Screen

    How can I InstallAdobe Reader XI & Flash Drive XI on Imac 10.8.4 & Firefox?  both stall at Install Screen.

    Download the installers directly
    Reader 11 for Mac OS 10.8
    Flash Player 11 for Mac OS 10.8

  • Creating a Mavericks USB boot drive after the horse has bolted.  Can I create a bootable USB drive from my iMac after installing Mavericks without saving the Install OS X file?  Do I need to re- download the whole 5.29 Gb again?

    Creating a Mavericks USB boot drive after the horse has bolted.  Can I create a bootable USB drive from my iMac after installing Mavericks without saving the Install OS X file?  Do I need to re- download the whole 5.29 Gb from the App Store again?  My problem is my 4Gb/month allowance on a 12 month contract.  I cannot purchase a data block from my ISP and although my speed is theoretically slowed to 64k after reaching my 4Gb, it actually ceases to download in reality.

    HI tasclix, it depends what you mean by an OS X boot drive.
    If you want a recovery disk from which you can reinstall (by re-downloading) or recover from a time machine backup, then nbar is correct.
    If, however, you want to boot and run the OS X installer from the USB drive (so that you don't need to download again), then you will need a copy of "Install OS X"; see this article:
    Before downloading again, search your system to see if the installer is still there - it's usually in the /Applications folder unless it has been deleted, but check your whole system for it anyway, you never know, you might still have it somewhere.
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    I am currently running 10.3.9 on my 450 Mhz G4 which has 640 MB SDRAM but when I try to install my Tiger CD's (actually looking for the Archive and install option) I get a message that I can not "install Tiger on this drive". I own the CD's and actually have installed them on my wife's mac mini, so I know that the CD's are good. Thoughts anyone?

    'Will have to check with the previous owner of the mac mini as I do not know if they were purchased seperate from the mac mini or came with that HD. But, thankyou; as, I believe that you have me going down the right road.

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