Can I rename *selected* layers with scripting?

Hello forum,
Let me just start off by saying I know NOTHING about Photoshop scripting.
But I recently encountered a need to rename a whole stack of layers in a certain file, so I went Googling...
I came across this Rename Layers script --
However, I was specifically interested in only renaming the layers that I have got selected in the Layers panel.
This script unfortunately renames *ALL* layers in the document.
Is it even possible to do what I want?

Is it even possible to do what I want?
Yes. And the simplest thing to do is ask Trevor (the author) to tweak the script for you. If he's not slammed with other work, he should be able to help you out.

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    I wrote one for you here... names.html

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    @喜狼_edny – if you are using my script snippet, there is a undo in one go for the whole action.
    Furthermore if used with images anchored, make sure that the anchor settings are appropriate before.
    (The container below is locked and will not scale)
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    I've been having the same issue with CS6
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    You should be able to change it just fine but do realize that you will either have to double click on the new name, use the option key when starting Aperture, or change the Aperture prefs to open the new name.

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    Hello all!
    Some things just happend and I have no idea why.
    1. I can no longer nudge grouped layers. Photoshop complains that it cannot nudge layers in a group. I'm pretty sure I have done this many times before, so I guess I'm doing something wrong here.
    2. When I try to move a layer selected in the layer panel (or selected via ctrl-alt-right click), a click on the layer selects the layer effect above instead.
    It seems like there is some kind of click through enabled. If I click on a transparent part of the layer, the layer below get selected instead.
    My first thought was that this had something to do with "Autoselect layer/group", but it's disabled.
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    1) Is a Selection active?
    What is the exact meassage?
    2) Could you please post a screenshot with the pertinent Panels visible?
    Are Photoshop and OS fully updated and have you performed the usual trouble-shooting routines (trashing prefs by keeping command-alt-shift/ctrl-alt-shift pressed while starting Photoshop after making sure all customized presets like Actions, Patterns, Brushes etc. have been saved and making a note of the Preferences you’ve changed, 3rd party plug-ins deactivation, system maintenance, cleaning caches, font validation, etc.)?

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    Thanks Larry,
    The script came back with an error on this line:
    var ilayer = doc.layers("AuthorLine")
    Error message was:
    "Layers() is not a function."
    (If it matters, I am using Adobe Illustrator CS5.1.   I'm not sure if the functions are substantially different.)

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    Never mind. I managed to do it, script listener did produce the code, i just didnt find it at first. I meant brush style by type.

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    Hi Aylamcguire,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    Make sure “Start New Conversations From” is set to your phone number. If it already is and/or messages continue to be sent with email address, it may be necessary to delete the message thread you already have going and start a new thread after your phone number is selected as the way to start a new message. 
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    Have a great day,

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    Thanks, John T Smith for you suggestion. And its a upcoming feature of BRACKET and ADOBE EXTRACT which is not now available. I've created an issue on GitHub and got responsose there.

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    Am aware there's already scripts to rename selected layers and layer masks. Have attempted to rewrite these to deal with shape layer items, but to no avail.
    Many thanks

    I was able to rename them using these:
    "Path 1"
    app.project.item(1).layer("Shape Layer 1").property("ADBE Root Vectors Group").property("ADBE Vector Group").property("ADBE Vectors Group").property("ADBE Vector Shape - Group").name = "MY NEW PATH NAME";
    "Shape 1"
    app.project.item(1).layer("Shape Layer 1").property("ADBE Root Vectors Group").property("ADBE Vector Group").property("ADBE Vectors Group").property("ADBE Vector Graphic - Stroke").name = "MY SHAPE NAME";
    "Fill 1"
    app.project.item(1).layer("Shape Layer 1").property("ADBE Root Vectors Group").property("ADBE Vector Group").property("ADBE Vectors Group").property("ADBE Vector Graphic - Fill").name = "MY FILL NAME";
    "Group 1"
    app.project.item(1).layer("Shape Layer 1").property("ADBE Root Vectors Group").property("ADBE Vector Group").property("ADBE Vectors Group").property("ADBE Vector Group").name = "MY GROUP 1 NAME";

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    An item can be the "Select list with submit' type so a form has no problem with it. However, when I built a tabular form manually, I couldn't find this type. There are only three types avaiable: "named", "static", and "dynamic".
    Is it possible to have the "submit" type so columns of the tabular form can be dynamically rendered based on the user inputs?
    Another question I have is how to dynamically build the tabular form with decode func. For example, if the value of col_1 is 'val_1', then build a select list in col_2; otherwise null in col_2.
    I tried to use
    select col1,
    decode (col1, 'val_1', select htmldb_item.select_list_from_lov(2, first, 'lov1') from dual, null)
    But it didn't work.
    I'd like to know whether it's feasible to have something like that.
    Message was edited by:

    You could use a region of type PL/SQL function
    returning SQL query to dynamically build this kind of
    tabular form. However if you want to use the built-in
    multi-row insert, update and delete processes, all
    items in a column must have the same display type. Marc, thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate it.
    I got your idea. However, I need to have the javascript 'ToggleAll' as the heading so the form works as same as the built-in one. If I put the query definition into a pl/sql procedure, where I can put this html tab attribute? It can not be inside the checkbox function, otherwise the checkbox of any row would act as same as the header.
    I hope I've made this clear.
    To Vikas: It's our clients who want this, not us. :(

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    and show me all the information. In my form ia have some fields ( select list with redirect ) in this way i store the key but i can see the description.
    I want to control the delete operation in checking the value of some field
    in my form. How can i do that. When i verfy the content with SESSION
    my variable are empty
    Marc Fortin

    Hello Larry,
    You can use a select list with submit and create a branch to the page you want to go to.
    Hope that helps.

  • How to write select statement into SCRIPT editor

    i build a sap script for purchase order printing for exporting.
    now after all po order print fine then our client want some more should be print into layout regarding po header.
    At the soul my q is can i write select query into script editor itself.
    thanks and regards

    You cannot write your select statement inside your SAPscript, to overcome this SAP has provided us an option of calling sub-routines.. go through the below example
    Go through this example
    /: PERFORM <Subroutine name> IN PROGRAM <subroutine prog name>
    /:USING &<field name>&
    /:CHANGING &<field name1&    "It will be returned back from sub-routine
    Then create subroutine pool program(of your own name) and you have to write the code.
    FORM ><subroutine name> tables int_cond structure itcsy
    outt_cond structure itcsy.
    data : value(20), value1(20). "do your own declarations
    Read int_cond table index 1.
    value = int_cond-value.
    value1 = value1 + value.
    *****Write your select statement
    Read outt_cond table index 1.
    outt_cond-value = value1.
    Modify outt_cond index 1. 
    Just rough idea given above.

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